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Sarawali is an ancient and authentic vedic astrology text authored by Sage Kalyan Varma. Thorough reading of Sarawali helps a lot in understanding the concepts of vedic astrology and their application in real life. The results of union of two planets in vedic astrology horoscope of a person are reproduced below as given in Sarawali by Sage Kalyan Varma. Please take note that the actual results of the conjunction or combinations of the planets, mentioned below, will depend a lot upon the functional nature of the planets for the specific horoscope and their placement in specific sign/house of the birth chart. following. If the planets generating the yoga or combination are favorable for the respective horoscope and at the same time are also strong and favorably placed, maximum positive results of the yoga will be there. In contrary situation, only negative results will be there. Sun + Moon: The union of the Sun and Moon in the vedic astrology horoscope of a person makes him vulnerable to get enchanted very easily. He/she will not be polite but have good knowledge and understanding of metals and chemicals. This conjunction also makes a person reasonably wealthy and he/she may have good financial gains in trading of natural products.
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However, the general assessment can be easily made on the basis of the

Sun + Mars: The union of the Sun and Mars in vedic astrology birth chart makes a person extremely courageous, strong and high-spirited, If the conjunction is in negative and/or weak house – the person will be violent and short-tempered. Sun + Mercury: This is the most common union observed in many vedic astrology horoscopes. The person may be polite, famous, intelligence, strong and beautiful. He/she will have favors from the Government and Politics; and can be a good assistant. Sun + Jupiter: This is also very auspicious combination in vedic astrology birth chart, especially when Jupiter is not combust. He will be highly religious and wise. He will have high positions in the Government and will be wealthy. Such persons are best suited for teaching. Sun + Venus: The conjunction of Sun + Venus in the vedic astrology horoscope blesses with good knowledge of arts and culture; and he/she can be more successful in media, movies, acting, dancing, singing etc. He will enjoy good reputation and wealth in society. Though, combust Venus may cause health problems in eyes or liver of the person. Sun + Saturn: The union of Sun and Saturn in vedic astrology horoscope gives mixed results. The person will be skilled in chemical and metal science. He may be religious and God-fearing person. But, the domestic and married life suffers a lot. Moon + Mars: The union of Mars with Moon in vedic astrology horoscope makes a person highly courageous and victorious in battle. He/she may have health issues related to blood and suffer from injuries. He/she will be very diplomatic in nature and may have good knowledge about chemicals and metals. This conjunction may give good success in business/professions related with leather, iron, copper and chemicals. Moon + Mercury: Mercury’s union with Moon is very auspicious, required both are acting favorably in the vedic astrology horoscope. It makes a person very smart, wealthy, jovial in nature and good looking. He/she may be religious and virtuous. This combination makes one vulnerable to be enchanted easily; and if the conjunction is in malefic house/signs – the person can suffer from severe psychological and mental problems. Moon + Jupiter: This union in the vedic astrology horoscope blesses with high profiled relations and social recognition. The person is wealthy and highly religious. He gets respect from his relatives and takes good care of those dependent upon him. If this conjunction is in positive house/sign in the vedic astrology horoscope and
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diligent. The native will earn his livelihood by respectable and profound resources. He/she likes to visit lonely places and may encounter regular financial problems in his/her life. The native is said to be intelligent. He/she may become famous and popular in the society. Jupiter + Venus: The union of Jupiter and Venus in vedic astrology horoscope is said to be very auspicious.Results of Union of two planets in Vedic Astrology Horoscope | Birth Ch.. Mars + Mercury: Mercury’s conjunction with Mars is not very auspicious.horoscopeastrologer. cheating and doing frauds with people. The native is of sharp-intellect and wise. one is usually is wealthy and famous with Mercury and Jupiter conjoined in vedic astrology horoscope.Vedic Astrology Diamond . The native’s wealth is just average and most of the times. singing and other related arts. birth chart. The native may excel in activities like singing. horoscope. He/she is highly learned and educated and very proficient in his speech. the source of livelihood is related to metals and medicines. He/she is well reputed in the society. Generally. He is learned and intelligent. For personal and complete astrology readings of your horoscope. Moon + Venus: The conjunction of Moon and Venus in vedic astrology horoscope blesses with all kind of luxuries including residence..Vedic Astrology Eye Problems .com/2011/03/union-of-two-planets-in. wealthy and famous.Vedic Astrology Anger Management . Venus + Saturn: The conjunction of Venus and Saturn in vedic astrology horoscope of a person blesses a person with artistic abilities and he/she will be well versed in drawing.Vedic Astrology Pearl | Moti . Mars + Jupiter: This union in the vedic astrology horoscope blesses with in-depth knowledge of religion and spirituality. He/she may also have good knowledge about music and arts. he/she will be religious. The negative aspect of this conjunction is that it makes one selfish and inclined towards carnal rajshekharsharma2010@yahoo.Vedic Astrology Emerald | Panna . technical and constructions. people having Moon + Saturn union in their vedic astrology horoscope. math and engineering. The Moon signify mind – and involvement of Saturn with Moon gives a sadistic approach towards life. Mercury + Jupiter: Combination of Mercury with Jupiter. sign and nature of the planet in a respective horoscope. blesses the native with knowledge about classical and ancients arts. This union can also make a person interested in gambling and speculation. http://www. one has to face failures in his life.Saturn transit Mahadasa of Planets-Vedic Astrology Daily Rahu Kaal | Rahu Kalam What is Pitra Dosha | Pitru Dosha? Union of Planets in Vedic Astrology Neech Bhang Raj Yoga | Vedic Astrology Gemstones in Vedic Astrology Ruby | Manik .. unless both are acting favorably in the vedic astrology horoscope. wealth and fame. He/she may not be religious and may have sickly attitude of mind. starts their professional life by working in sub-standard environment. Moon + Saturn: The Saturn’s conjunction with Moon in vedic astrology horoscope is usually not auspicious and favorable.Vedic Astrology Criminal Tendencies in Astrology Planets in Vedic Astrology Ruchak Yoga by Mars Bhadra Yoga by Mercury Hamsa Yoga by Jupiter Malavya Yoga by Venus Shasha Yoga by Saturn Shani Sade Sati . He/she may have deep interest and knowledge in poetry. Mercury + Saturn: The Saturn’s conjunction with Moon in vedic astrology horoscope makes a native very hardworking. dancing. It makes a person suffer in his/her relationships and his/her life partner is usually not trust-worthy.Vedic Astrology Yellow Sapphire . Jupiter. However. The person will be courageous. The results of combination mentioned above are general in nature and their implications may differ on the basis of the house. favorable planetary period is under operation – he visits sacred places and enjoys long lasting health. Mars + Saturn: The Saturn’s conjunction with Moon in vedic astrology horoscope is usually not auspicious and favorable. Jupiter + Saturn: Union of Saturn with Jupiter in vedic astrology horoscope of a person makes him respectable and high profiled in society. jovial and sharp minded. One may have extra marital relationships or more than one relationship at one time. you may visit Birth Chart Astrology or mail me at services@birthchartastrology. This union can cause severe body pains and injuries. This union also makes the person very proficient in trading. science and mathematical subjects. The native may got bad habits like stealing. He may have good command in writing abilities and may excel in writing and poetry.Vedic Astrology Coral | Moonga . fond of travelling and having attitude of a warrior. dancing and playing musical instruments. mars.Vedic Astrology Hair Loss . in the vedic astrology The native may have good command over engineering. Follow Me 2 of 3 1/22/2012 11:12 AM . The wife of the native will also be virtuous and faithful. the wealth gets destroyed and most of the times. The native gets inclined towards old and ill-nature people. intelligence and wealthy. One becomes successful in profession/business related to engineering. astrology. The native holds a prominent position in the society and is popular in the masses.Vedic Astrology Suicidal Tendencies . Mercury.. moon. vehicle and ornaments. Mercury + Venus: The conjunction of Moon and Venus in vedic astrology horoscope gives excellent results in respect of finance and profession. painting and carving images from stones. This union makes a Health and Physique Anxiety Disorder .Vedic Astrology Celebrity Horoscopes | Vedic Astrology Abhinav Bindra Horoscope Alka Yagnik Horoscope Amar Singh Horoscope Bruce Lee Horoscope Elvis Presley Horoscope Hrithik Roshan Horoscope Kiran Bedi Horoscope Mahendra Singh Dhoni Horoscope Mukesh Ambani Horoscope Narendra Modi Horoscope Rahul Gandhi Horoscope Rajini Kanth Horoscope Ross Perot Horoscope Salman Khan Horoscope Sania Mirza Horoscope Saurav Ganguly Horoscope Shakira Horoscope Steve Jobs Horoscope Strauss Kahn Horoscope Tom Hanks Horoscope Virat Kohli Horoscope Cricket World Cup 2011 How may Sachin perform? How may Yurvaj Singh perform? How may Dhoni perform? Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Posted by Raj Shekhar Sharma at 9:16 AM Tagged with: astrologer.Vedic Astrology Blue Sapphire . specifically in matters related to commerce. person polite. Mars + Venus: The union of Moon and Venus in vedic astrology horoscope gives mixed results.

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