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February 2012
Mardis Gras Sunday February 19

Worship in February
Sunday, February 5, 10:00 Holy Communion
Sermon: “Learning to Let Go” Rev. Stan Cook, preaching 11: 15 -- “Souper Bowl” Chili Chowder Cook-Off

Sunday, February 12, 10:00
Sermon: “The Ministry of Healing” Dr. Craig Whitcher, preaching 11:30 -- “Spiritual Gifts” Inventory (Members encouraged to complete the survey-Sanctuary) 11:30 -- Confirmation/Prep for Life Class Fireside Room

Sunday, February 19, 10:00 Mardis Gras Sunday

“Afraid! The Gospel of Mark”
with stage and screen actor Frank Runyeon (75 minutes) 11:30 Meet over coffee with Frank Runyeon for discussion – Sanctuary

ASH WEDNESDAY, February 22, 12:00 Noon & 7:00 A sacred service of
Holy Communion and Anointing with Holy Oils for Healing, Redemption and Reconciliation

1st Sunday in Lent, February 26, 10:00 Holy Communion
Sermon: “Singing the Baptism Song” Dr. Craig Whitcher, preaching 11:30 -- Stewardship Kick-Off/Mission Trip Fundraiser Breakfast. Stewardship Season: “People Reaching People”

Lent is a Season for Finding Time with God!
Opportunities for all ages. Come and join us!
Sunday Lenten Studies start on February 26
Adult Study Groups:
See Below

Sundays – 11:30 am – 12:30pm "A Father's Legacy: Understanding the Six Stages of Fatherhood"
A group study and discussion about fatherhood, for men only, led by the pastor. The group will go on a masculine journey in understanding the six stages of manhood based on biblical teachings: ‘Adam: The Noble Savage; Zakar: The “Phallic” Taskmaster; Gibbor: The Warrior Hero; Enosh: The Wounded Male; Ish: The Mature/Reborn Man; Zaken: The Sage & Fulfilled Man.

ABBA - A Basic Bible for Adults
A survey of the books of the Bible covering major stories and themes. Informal discussion format. Weeks 1 and 2 – Survey of Old Testament Books Weeks 3 and 4 – Survey of New Testament Books Week 5 – Tie it all together led by Bob Meyer – open to all

Midweek Morning Offerings start on February 27
See Below
Mondays 10 – 11am – for women only

“A Clearing Season: Reflections for Lent”
Come and clear a space for God in your heart. This is also offered on Wednesday nights with Cathie Thomas. Led by Barbara Whitcher

Wednesdays 10 – 11am

Prayer Shawl Ministry Contemplative Knitting Opportunity
We will give you the yarn and needles, and teach you to knit! You can experience some quiet, contemplative time and create a gift for someone that will comfort them. Led by Cathie Thomas and Joyce Hills

Church Family Nights on Wednesdays
February 29th thru March 28th 6 – 7:30 pm A sacred time for sharing a meal and sharing our faith. Pizza and salad dinner for all from 6 – 6:30 pm
(free will offering)

Then there are learning opportunities for all ages! Children thru 6th grade– Crafts, music and prayer for children Led by Kris Beezer and Lori Tomko Teens Who is Jesus? Exploring the many facets of Jesus Christ: Jesus the man, Jesus the Lord, Jesus the Servant, Jesus the King, Jesus the High Priest. Led by Jay Downes Adults “A Clearing Season: Reflections for Lent” For women only. Led by Cathie Thomas “The Blessing” -- Giving the gift of Love and Unconditional Acceptance Led by Barbara Whitcher Prayer Shawl Knitting – come and learn the basics. Led by Joyce Hills

Holy Week Worship Services and Events
April 1 – Palm Sunday
10:00 am Special music with trumpets, distribution of palms and blessing of prayer shawls

April 5 – Maundy Thursday
7 pm Traditional Office of Tenebrae Service

April 6 – Good Friday
Noon Worship Service

April 7 – Holy Saturday
10 – 11:00 am Women’s Brunch –“The Blessing for each of us”

April 8 – Easter Sunday
6:30 am 9:30 and 11 am Sunrise Service at Old Saybrook Town Beach Led by Jay Downes Traditional Easter Worship Services with Choir, Organ and Brass Ensemble

DEACONS ORDAINED TO NEW MINISTRIES Kris Beezer, Judy Gardiner, Leigh Gesick, Bob Jensen, Bob Meyer, Pat Moore, Jim Platt and Kathy Sugland were ordained and commissioned to special ministries based on their spiritual gifts and “Calling” on Sunday, January 29 at the 10:00 service of worship. The process of training and ordaining Deacons in the local church for specific ministries is a retrieval of the biblical office of Deacon as described in Acts 6, where disciples were chosen to fulfill ministries beyond the preaching ministry of the Apostles. Pastor and Deacons became partners in the ministry of the church, especially the free church of the Protestant Tradition of which Congregational Churches were a part. But over time and by the 20th Century the role and function of Deacons deteriorated to a simple board or committee of volunteers with many functions but without training or knowledge. The recovery of the Office of Deacon was the doctoral thesis of our pastor and was published among “best practices” in Encouraging Excellence by the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ in 2004.

Craig Whitcher, Jim Platt

Families seeking the Baptism of their children are encouraged to contact the Pastor and arrange a mutually agreeable Sunday worship for this sacrament. Baptisms take place within the context of the community of faith; as it is into the Body of Christ, the Church, the child is baptized. Baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God which is God’s desire to save us from all evil and to reconcile us to God’s self. By this act parents covenant with the church to raise their child in the Christian faith.

From: HOPE PARTNERSHIP For Affordable Housing Thank you so much for sending us your congregation’s generous Christmas Eve Offering. With Ferry Crossing months away from occupancy, we have over 100 families requesting applications for just 16 units. We are reminded that we have a lot of work to do. Your church’s $1393.00 donation will certainly help HOPE make a difference in the lives of many.

Steering Committee Report
Summary of January 18, 2012 Meeting Glenn DeVan presented the motion regarding Legacy Fund withdrawals to be voted at the January 22 Special Church Meeting. Rick Allen presented the Search committee’s proposed job description for the Minister of Children and Families that will also be voted at the Church Meeting. Cathy Logiudice presented the Stewardship plan for the annual pledge campaign scheduled to kick off February 26. Milly Mead and Barbara Whitcher were voted to move as Group Leaders from Ministry Prep to Mission & Outreach. New group leaders for Ministry Prep will be recruited. Pastor Craig reported that Stan Cook will fill the pulpit on February 5. Derrik Kennedy, Chairman Trustees, proposed the development of a capital improvement plan to include long range space and maintenance needs of all church facilities. A short range upgrade of the parsonage is currently underway. Mission Group leaders will be asked to give the Trustees their budget requests for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Barbara Whitcher reporting for the Communications Team reminded teams of the importance of keeping the congregation informed of events and activities. Ann Gamble will post information on the church website, and Sue Liberty will make posters for the Connector bulletin boards.

Jim Platt – Church Clerk
The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 7:00. This meeting is open to all

At the January 22, 2012 Special Church Meeting, 58 church members unanimously approved the two recommended agenda items. 1. Members voted to affirm and approve the direction of the Search Team and include funding for the position of Minister of Children and Families in the upcoming budget. The Search Team will consider both ordained and lay persons for the full time position with an estimated total compensation package of $46,000. Members also voted the Trustees recommended policy for limiting annual withdrawals from the Legacy Fund according to the following guidelines: Value of Legacy Fund Less than $500,000 $500,000 to $750,000 $750,000 to $1,000,000 $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 Greater than $1,500,000 Annual Withdrawal Guideline 1% 2% 3% 4% 5%


The withdrawal policy states that no more than 25% of the annual withdrawal can be used to balance the annual operating budget. The remaining 75% of the withdrawal would be used to support ministry and mission projects nominated by members and approved by the congregation.

Jim Platt – Church Clerk


If you would like to help bake or serve during Coffee Hour please contact Liz Cairns (860-388-6122), or Katie Gesick (860-395-0181)

February 5th
Come to our Souper Bowl Cook off and buy something to take home for the Super Bowl Kick off! 11:15am in the Fellowship Hall Come and enjoy a variety of homemade chowders/chilis/soups. Only $1 a taste, $6 for a container to go. Lunch will be provided for children. Desserts and beverages will be available. Vote for your favorite!

12 Entries to chose from!
All proceeds will go to defray the cost of the “Afraid! The Gospel of Mark” performance by Frank Runyeon on February 19th


Flowers for the Sanctuary
If you would like to donate flowers for the Church , please sign up in the Connector. You’ll find a Flower Chart on the Music and Worship Bulletin Board.

Senior Choir
"Calling all Singers"
We always want new members, but we're happy to include those who just want to do something special to mark the Easter holiday. As long as there is sufficient rehearsal participation, anyone who wants to sing in any of the Easter services is welcome. Lolly Bassett


Teen Ministry Team
Our Mission - The Teen Ministry of First Church of Christ in Old Saybrook provides a loving community that leads and supports Jr & Sr High youth on their journey as followers of Jesus Christ and inspires joyful service to God and others.

The 17 Mission Trip teens and their parents have been busy raising the necessary funds to drive to Philadelphia this June. With your support, we have raised approx. $2000 so far! You will see from our LOVE graphic in the connector, that we are closer and closer to reaching our goal!

Join us Sunday February 26th after worship as the Mission Trip teens and parents prepare and serve you a delicious breakfast to kick-off the 2012 Stewardship Campaign. Watch a slide show of last year’s mission trip to North Carolina while enjoying cinnamon swirl French toast, ham, eggs. Tickets will be available in the Connector on Sundays Feb 12th and 19th. Please purchase tickets in advance if possible. $7 adults, teens & tweens; $3 children.
Dan S, Maizie and Jillian work together making pizza at the last Jr Sr High activity!

Upcoming Jr & Sr High activities include: Sunday February 19th, 4:30-6pm in Fellowship Hall Those who cannot hear a shout may strain to hear a whisper." All Jr & Sr High teens are encouraged to come and find out way Jay is quoting Leonard Nemoy - SPOCK! Wednesdays in March 6-7:30pm Lent Series Jesus the Man, Jesus the Lord, Jesus the Servant, Jesus the King, Jesus the High Priest Sunday March 18th, 6-7:30pm MANDATORY Mission Trip Prep meeting

Children’s Ed Team
This quarter, the children in grades 1 – 6 will have more of a chance to delve into their bible lesson. On 1/22, the children started going directly to their classrooms when leaving the worship service. This allows them to enjoy age-specific activities and spend more time learning. We are asking parents to pick up their children in their classrooms at the close of the service. With Bill Gifford’s retirement and the present shortage of assistant teachers, we are unable to monitor the length of the service and hope you will assist us in meeting your children at the classrooms. We have also started a “classroom helper” sign up for each classroom. Please select a Sunday that you can commit to helping in the classroom. No preparation necessary.

Winter blues setting in? Think warm – think sun – think deep blue sea. This year’s Vacation Bible School’s theme is “Operation Overboard”. Join the VBS team and help plan this fun July event. Feeling crafty? We will be putting our heads together in February and using the cold gray months of winter to prepare the decorations that will transform the church into an underwater oasis.

Coming in February - Family Bingo Night!
Lori Tomko, Kris Beezer Co-Directors, Children’s Ministries

Stay tuned for more details.

Adult Education Team
Afraid! The Gospel of Mark February Sunday, February 19th 10 am Worship Mark your calendars and invite your friends!

Frank Runyeon will provide a spell binding performance of the Gospel of Mark as part of our worship service to start our Lenten journey. Take a brochure and pass it along to someone you think would be interested. If you would like to be a financial sponsor of this program, please leave your check in the Church Office noting that the donation is for the Gospel of Mark performance. Thank you! _____________ Studies! Time to sign up for Lenten Studies!

Preview the Books in the Connector and sign up for the Lenten Study that interests you. The studies on “A Clearing Season” and “The Blessing” require us to order books, so please sign up by February 5th to make sure that we can get the books on time. Sundays 11:30 am – 12:30pm starts on February 26th : "A Father's Legacy: Understanding the Six Stages of Fatherhood" - led by Pastor Whitcher – for men only ABBA - A Basic Bible for Adults - A survey of the books of the Bible covering major stories and themes. Informal discussion format. Weeks 1 and 2 – Survey of Old

Testament Books. Weeks 3 and 4 – Survey of New Testament Books. Week 5 – Tie it all together. led by Bob Meyer – open to all Mondays 10 – 11am – for women only starts February 27th “A Clearing Season: Reflections for Lent” Come and clear a space for God in your heart. Led by Barbara Whitcher Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30pm – starts February 29th “A Clearing Season: Reflections for Lent” For women only. Led by Cathie Thomas “The Blessing” Led by Barbara Whitcher – open to all

Women’s Ministry Team
Women’s Breakfast on Prayer Saturday, February 25 at 9 am
Lent is a time to choose to devote ourselves to our prayer life. What can we do individually that will help us to create time and space for prayer in our daily lives, to be more intentional in our prayers? And to even enjoy it! We will have a light breakfast and look at ways that we can focus on our own prayer lives during Lent.

Let this Lenten Breakfast be the dawn of a new day in your prayer life! See you there!


Blair Fund Team
The Blair Fund is invested money that was designated by its donor to help Old Saybrook residents in need of financial assistance, regardless of church affiliation. The Blair Team, consisting of four church members, is in charge of administering and disbursing the money to those who seek help. ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL The fund can help relieve the mounting debts that occur when life takes an unexpected turn for the worse. In the past we have helped with medical bills, back rent, mortgage payments, utilities, classes to improve ones position in life, clothing, insurance, child care, car maintenance, and many other areas too numerous to mention here. This is not a loan; it is a grant, a gift of support in hard times, with no financial returns expected. The requirements for requesting this grant are: 1) the completion of a basic application, and 2) a short, private meeting with the Blair Team. The Blair team urges the church family to keep this fund in mind and to refer others to it, or possibly, take advantage of it themselves. Applications for assistance from The Blair Fund can be obtained through the church office (860-388-3008).

The Crafters Team
It is time to start making handcrafted items for our Church Fair this fall! The Crafters meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9:30 to 11:30am in Fellowship Hall. We welcome all who are interested in joining us in creating Christmas gifts and decorations. Please contact Terry Shuttleworth at 860 388-0514 if you have any questions. Bring your ideas to our next meeting!

The Communications Team
Do we have your email address? Or has it changed? Please complete the following and leave it in the Church Office. Thanks!

Name_____________________________________________________________________ Email Address_____________________________________________________________ Please print clearly! We want to be able to contact you!

Photos Needed!
Do you have photos of our church events? We would love to include them in our communications. If you have photos of church events – one photo per event please - email them as follows! Lane Bolton for the Tower- Ann Gamble for our website- Kristin DeCapua for our Facebook page–

Family of the Month Team -- February
Our “Family of the Month” for February is a family that was brought to our attention by thoughtful and caring classmates of the child. This family lives in a motel. Just before Christmas Eve this family was notified that their unemployment benefits had run out and classmates called us when they heard that their friend would have no gifts. We helped this family with Christmas gifts and food and are helping with employment resources but they will need more help for food, clothing and shelter needs until a new job is secured. Please call Susan Consoli, the Social Services Coordinator, at 860-395-3188 if you have any questions. Donations may be left in the Church Office with any checks made payable to “Youth and Family Services”. We very much appreciate your continued support. Thank you.

First Church Book Group will meet on Monday, February 27th at 2 pm in the connector. Our Book to discuss is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. This is available at Acton library or in paperback. New members are always welcome! March: "A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS" By Jennet Conant

Club– Book Club–2012

CROP Walk Team

Please See Below: The Date of the CROP Walk Has Changed

Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty 21st Annual Valley Shore Interfaith

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

May 20, 2012

Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries and World Hunger Relief through Church World Service

Help us fight hunger in the Valley Shore and Around the World Recruit or Join a Team, Walk Alone, or Walk in Spirit
For more information PLEASE contact: Dorothy Nesbitt Email - or Telephone - 860-395-1583.


Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees hopes that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that 2012 brings happiness and success to all members of First Church. Trustees have been very busy lately. Members of the Board have been working extremely hard to search for a new CE Minister, update and revise the Church Office Assistant position, review and finalize a Safe Church Policy, develop an Internet/WiFi policy, transfer church investments to an investment manager, establish endowment fund policies, update and upgrade our waste disposal contract to both save money and include recycling pick-up, and start initial budget discussions. However, one of the most important upgrades that Trustees has made is with regards to cleaning services. The church used to be cleaned once a week on Monday evenings. For many, this was insufficient and many people were embarrassed as to the cleanliness of the facilities. With the retiring of Bill Gifford, the church was at a crossroads. Instead of immediately going out to find and hire a new sexton, the Trustees thought it would better serve the church to re-evaluate the sexton’s duties and search for a new candidate once the job description has been reviewed and updated to a position that better fits the needs of First Church. That process is on-going. On the other hand, the Board found it desirable to increase the responsibilities of the cleaning service that we already employ. Their services will now include: two full-scale cleanings a week (once after service on Sunday and another on Friday), each evening will include emptying of waste baskets and cleaning of window sills and ledges, and all doors and windows to be closed and locked and lights turned off each night. This is a two-fold benefit for the church and its members. Not only will congregants have a cleaner, more user-friendly environment, but there is a substantial savings with the combined services of the cleaning company. Next month will begin budget deliberations and we will be looking for group leaders to meet with their teams and bring recommended group budgets to Trustees. These budgets will be the team’s and group’s responsibilities for developing and the Trustees hope that all groups understand that we can do only so much as the church is willing to afford. As always, please come and speak with any of the Trustees on any issue of concern and it will be rightly discussed at the next meeting. Again, Trustee meetings are on the second Monday of each month if you are interested in attending. Please come and make your concerns known. Sincerely, Derrik M. Kennedy

Legacy Team
Our Legacy Fund received a big boost at the recent church meeting when the congregation voted to support the limited withdrawal proposal from the Trustees. This will allow us to use some of the fund each year without reducing the principal, thereby ensuring continuation of the fund into the indefinite future. Annual withdrawals will be used to fund items not in our regular budget, thereby opening up a new avenue for ministry and mission here at First Church. A special team will be formed to collect and propose ideas for using this new resource. Each year’s proposal will be presented to the congregation at the annual budget meeting. Glenn DeVan Legacy Team

Stewardship Team

Fund Raising Planning Team

We aim to exceed the quite excellent results from our last Holiday Fair this coming November, and an early start will point us in the right direction. So, we’ll collect items starting NOW. We plan to sort, clean, label and pack things on a regular basis, which will facilitate pre-fair set up, and certainly give us a larger array of goodies. We’ve scheduled the first two sorting sessions, so sign up if you can lend a hand; a crew of 4 or 5 will accomplish wonders in short order. Sign up in the Connector, or contact the crew chief to volunteer. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 11:00-2:00 Nancy Chupak, crew chief / 388 2413 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 3-5:30 pm Karen Vradenburgh, crew chief / 526 2322 Please bring donations to the church and park ‘em in the big “Box” in the pantry area. Some exceptions and requests: • Remember that we don’t sell textbooks, bedding, or adult clothing • We will accept donations of electronics (except for computers) • You may donate children’s “church” or “school” clothing, shoes and boots if in very good condition (but no sneakers) • If possible, deliver bulky items and silent auction items in November • Give donations of jewelry directly to Kris Beezer, or save them until November • We’ll try a “curios & collectibles” section in rummage, and welcome oddball items • Check with family and friends—anyone cleaning out or moving? Swoop in! • Check out the “free-cycle” table at the transfer station—more swooping! As always, we view the Fair as more than a fund-raiser, but a chance to work side-by-side with friends and with individuals who may become friends. So, please join in—we need workers now and in November, and donations galore. With thanks, The Rummage Rats: Katie Gesick, Dorothy Nesbitt & Karen Vradenburgh

The following survey was made available through the church TOWER and for two Sundays in the worship bulletin. Below are the raw figures that combine the degrees of Agreement and Disagreement. Neutrals and blanks are generally disregarded unless commented upon below. The results are based on 50 returns.

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
How do you respond to the following?
1. 2. 3. It means to believe in God the Creator of all, in Christ as our Saviour and in the Holy Spirit whom God sends as our comforter and Guide. It means to draw on religious teachings and beliefs and to be offended whenever media voices pour scorn on religious people. To have deep religious convictions when making judgments about matters of public policy. Neutral 10 Blank 1 It means to know that when we, as people of faith, make a public argument, we must ground our statements in reason and a language of morality that is accessible to everyone—to people of different religions, for example, or of no religion. We recognize that other believers have religious convictions different from our own, and in our diverse democracy, Americans need a common political discourse not dominated by exclusivist theology. It means to understand that a “person of faith” does not only mean the Christian; it is, in fact, an inclusive term, referring to both liberals and conservatives and to Christians and Jews of all persuasions, as well as to Muslims, Hindus and believers from other religious traditions. It means having a basic understanding of scripture. It means to always bring a measure of humility to religious belief. In making our religious judgments, we “persons of faith” draw on the sacred texts of our tradition, but we don’t claim to have the ear of God and we aren’t always sure that we know God’s will without being tested. It means praying each day, giving praise and thanks to God for yourself and others and seeking God’s help in all things. It means being concerned about the poor and the needy, and giving a fair shake to all. When people talk about God and yet ignore justice, it feels downright wrong to us. When they cloak themselves in religion and ignore mercy, it strikes us as blasphemous. It means to believe that sanctity exists in the commitment that gay couples make to each other. Neutral 5 Blank 2 We oppose, absolutely and unequivocally, unprincipled gay bashing and hateful rhetoric that fuels the hell-fires of anti-gay bigotry as well as all prejudice because of race, color or national origin. We are concerned about the coarsening of culture that makes it difficult to raise honorable, decent children. We worry about trashy TV and the erosion of the family. We believe that the public interest does depend, at least in part, on private virtue— even as we know that justice requires not only good individuals but also the actions of government. It means that we welcome dialogue with our fellow citizens who have a more conservative or liberal religious viewpoint. It seems healthy to us for people of faith to talk about how our differing religious perspectives help us understand the issues of the day. We believe that tolerance is an American value. AGREE 43 31 28 DISAGREE 0 14 11










7. 8.

43 44

4 1

9. 10.

44 46

1 2







13. 14. 15.

43 41 44

3 3 1







Volunteers Needed to Work in the Office Lane Bolton will be on vacation March 5 through 9. Please call the office if you would like to help one day that week, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, 9am —1pm (we have people for Tuesday and Friday). Greet people, answer the phone, check email, open/distribute mail.

Grateful thanks to Terry Shuttleworth, Barbara Downie, and Suzanne Otto for preparing the Tower for mailing. Articles for the March TOWER must be submitted to the Church Office no later than February 22. Thank you.
Sign up for email! Receive the Tower by email and help save on paper and postage costs! It is a Word document, in a PDF format, which is easy to download, it comes through instantly, and you can receive it when you are traveling – wherever you are. Contact the Church Office and give it a try!
IF YOU NO LONGER WISH TO RECEIVE THIS NEWSLETTER, please ask to have your name removed by calling the church office or e-mailing us. This will save us postage and save you the inconvenience of receiving unwanted mail

Church Staff
The Rev. Dr. Craig M. Whitcher, Senior Pastor Jay Downes, Director of Teen Ministry Lolly Bassett, Choir Director and Organist Lane Bolton, Church Administrative Assistant Lori Tomko and Kris Beezer, Co-Directors Children’s Ministries Leigh Gesick, Treasurer and Director of Handbell Choirs Ken Hartley, Financial Assistant Bill Gifford, Sexton Lori Tomko, Christian Education Music Director

Sunday Monday Tuesday
1 10:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry 12:15 Alanon


2 W Watchers: 9:30 , 11:00, 6:00 12:30 Bridge 6:00 Breast Cancer 7:00 Choir 7:00 Search 7:30 Narcotics 8:00 Alanon 9 W Watchers: 9:30 , 11:00, 6:00 12:30 Bridge 7:00 Choir 7:00 Scouts 7:00 Search 7:30 Narcotics 8:00 Alanon 16 W Watchers: 9:30 , 11:00, 6:00 12:30 Bridge 6:00 Breast Cancer 7:00 Choir 7:00 Search 7:30 Narcotics 8:00 Alanon 23 W Watchers: 9:30 , 11:00, 6:00 12:30 Bridge 7:00 Choir 7:00 Search 7:30 Narcotics 8:00 Alanon 3


4 8:00 WWatchers 9:30 WWatchers

5 10:00 Worship Boy Scout Sunday 11:00 Lay Readers Mtg. 11:15 Chowder/ Chili/Soup Cookoff

6 8:00 Heat ‘n EatCooking 9:00 SSKP 1:00 Heat ‘n EatPackaging 3:00 SSKP 3:30 Bible Explorers 7:00 Stewardship 13 8:00 Heat ‘n EatCooking 1:00 Heat ‘n EatPackaging 3:30 Bible Explorers 4:15 Scouts 7:00 Trustees 20 8:00 Heat ‘n EatCooking 1:00 Heat ‘n EatPackaging 3:30 Bible Explorers

7 1:00 SSKP 3:00 Food Pantry 5:00 WWatchers 6:00 Scouts 6:30 Bell Choir 7:00 & 8:00 Alanon 7:30 Narcotics 14 3:00 Food Pantry 5:00 W Watchers 5:00 Scouts 6:30 Bell Choir 7:00 & 8:00 Alanon 7:30 Narcotics

8 12:15 Alanon Lunch 6:00 Cub Scouts 7:00 Teen Ministry 7:00 Steering Committee 15 10:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry 12:15 Alanon Lunch 5:30 Scouts


11 8:00 WWatchers 9:30 WWatchers

12 10:00 Worship 11:30 Confirmation Class


18 8:00 WWatchers 9:30 WWatchers

19 10:00 Worship Mardis Gras Sunday AFRAID! Gospel of Mark, Frank RunyeonSanctuary 11:15 Blair Team 4:30 JR Sr Hi Fellowship 26 10:00 Worship 11:15 All Church Breakfast 11:30 Adult Classes: - “A Father’s Legacy” Understanding the Six Stages of Fatherhood” - ABBA

21 3:00 Food Pantry 5:00 W Watchers 5:00 Girl Scouts 6:30 Bell Choir 7:00 & 8:00 -Alanon 7:30 Narcotics

22 ASH WEDNESDAY 10:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry 12:00 Healing Service 12:15 Alanon 7:00 Healing Service 29 10:00 Prayer Shawl 12:15 Alanon 6:00 Lenten Supper and Classes


25 8:00 WWatchers 9:30 WWatchers 9:00 Women’s Breakfast on Lenten Prayer

27 8:00 Heat ‘n Eat10:00 Women’s Study: “A Clearing Season” 1:00 Heat ‘n EatPackaging 2:00 Book Group 3:30 Bible Explorers

28 9:30 Crafters 3:00 Food Pantry 5:00 W Watchers 6:30 Bell Choir 7:00 & 8:00 -Alanon 7:30 Narcotics