we are forced to rethink and amend our ways of living to become more eco-friendly. There are a range of ways in which activities can be eco-friendly. ways to become eco friendly and conclusion of the paper. developing and underdeveloped countries of this world. guidelines and policies claimed to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment. and green) are terms used to refer to goods and services. no nation can stand against it. Darwin¶s theory of µSurvival of the Fittest¶ has impacted the lives of the human species. What do you mean by ecofreindly? The term ³eco-friendly´ is used to describe activities which are good for the environment. nature friendly. The political tussle continues between different superpowers. In the below paper we are going to see . industries which are eco friendly. Now when our environment fights us back. Companies sometimes use these terms to promote goods and services by making environmental marketing claims and with eco-labels. And when it gets back to us for all our unfavourable deeds.what do you mean by eco friendly . ranging from products which are constructed in . Not many thought that the great scientist was prophesying the future of generations to come. laws. A new trend hence was given birth in our endeavour to become eco-friendly which many define as µBeing Green¶.importance to be eco friendly.´ and you may also hear terms like ³environmentally friendly´ or ³green´ used to describe similar activities.Abstract Through the ages. It is a shortening of ³ecologically friendly. once again ignoring the fact that we are warring against a greater force of nature. Synopsis  Introduction  Importance of being eco friendly  Top companies in India that paint India green  Ways to become eco friendly  Going green  Conclusion Introduction Environmentally friendly (also eco-friendly.

and lines of eco-friendly products can be found in many regions of the world today as a result. the global community has become concerned about the condition of the environment. Over the years. Product packaging. rampant use of natural resources. or recycled metal for electronics. These products are usually made in factories which are environmentally friendly. they . environmental advocates have expressed that most people all over the world are not taking good care of the place that we live in. when people realized that their activities were having a negative impact on the environment. and other materials may also be eco-friendly. Importance of eco friendly industries Currently. such as facilities built from recycled materials which use solar panels for power. and they are made from components which are also good for the environment. Many savvy companies realized that investing in green product development would pay off. and other activities were questioned in light of information about how these activities hurt the environment. advertisements. and people began to look into more eco-friendly ways of living and doing business. In addition to that. like plant-sourced ingredients for environmentally friendly way to making lifestyle changes which are designed to benefit the environment. Environmental issues were first pushed to the forefront of the collective consciousness in the late 1900s. People engage in eco-friendly activities because they are concerned about the health of the environment. Pollution.

One good way of doing that is to use fuel that is more environmentally-friendly. Tata Power group has declared that 25% of the total power it would generate in the next 10 years would be from renewable energy sources. Living in a polluted atmosphere brings a negative impact on the health of human beings. . Suzlon Energy The world¶s fourth largest wind-turbine maker is among the greenest and best Indian companies in India. Since there are readily-available energy sources of this type. people will no longer find it hard to change their traditional energy source with an eco-friendly one. For instance.have emphasised the unfavourable implications of disregarding the importance of Mother Earth. convinced the world that wind is the energy of the future and built his factory in Pondicherry to run entirely on wind power. and so do initiatives that drive green lifestyle in catching the limelight in various arena of life. it is highly recommended for people to do their part in minimising the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Because of that. Tata Steel has set its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at its Jamshedpur plant from the current 1.8 ton to 1. No doubt that µThe early bird catches the worm¶.7 ton per ton of liquid steel made by 2012. Also Tata Motors will set up an ecofriendly showroom with natural building material for its flooring and energy-efficient lights. Tulsi Tanti. Suzlon¶s corporate building is the most energy-efficient building ever built in India. Top Companies that Paint India Green India already has many ongoing initiatives to talk about in the context of µBeing Green¶. the visionary behind Suzlon.

Wipro Technologies . A practical example that made everyone sit up and take notice is the company¶s policy to discourage working on Saturdays at the corporate office. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) Adjudged the best performer in the 2009-2010 Green Business Survey.ITC limited ITC strengthened their commitment to green technologies by introducing µozonetreated elemental chlorine free¶ bleaching technology for the first time in India. The result is an entire new range of top green products and solutions: the environmentally friendly multipurpose paper that is less polluting than its traditional counterpart. 17. one of the top green firms in India. The initiatives undertaken by this top green firm in India includes two Clean Development Mechanism projects and a wind farm project that helped generate 2.323 Carbon Emission Reductions earning Rs. Lights are also switched off during the day with the entire office depending on sunlight.30. Tata Metaliks Limited (TML) Every day is Environment Day at TML.40 Crore. TNPL was awarded the Green Business Leadership Award in the Pulp and Paper Sector.

green crematoriums that will soon replace the traditional wooden pyre across the country. HCL Technologies This IT major may be considered as the icon of Indian green initiatives. thanks to the ³go green´ steps taken in solving the problem of toxics and e-waste in the electronics industry. ONGC. . is all set to lead the list of top 10 green Indian companies with energy-efficient. HCL is committed to phasing out the hazardous vinyl plastic and Brominates Flame Retardants from its products and has called for a Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation in India. Despite the global financial crisis. Wipro held fast to its commitment towards energy efficiency and was lauded for launching energy star compliant products in the market.The list of top 10 green Indian companies is never complete without Wipro which climbed to the top five brand league in Green peace¶s 'Guide to Greener Electronics' ranking. ONGC¶s Mokshada Green Cremation initiative will save 60 to 70% of wood and a fourth of the burning time per cremation. Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC) India¶s largest oil producer.

paints India green with its national µUse Mobile. . The company had organized Green Pledge campaigns at Indian cities where thousands came forward and pledged to save paper and trees.IndusInd Bank Green banking has been catching up as among the top Indian green initiatives ever since IndusInd opened the country¶s first solar-powered ATM and pioneered an eco-savvy change in the Indian banking sector. IndusInd solar-powered ATM expects to save around 1.980 Kw of energy annually IDEA Cellular One of the best Indian companies. Save Paper¶ campaign. IDEA. The bank is planning for more such initiatives in addressing the challenges of climate change. IDEA has also set up bus shelters with potted plants and tendril climbers to convey the green message. Eco friendly techniques Seattle Biodiesel So two years ago Plaza started Seattle Biodiesel. which makes an alternative automobile fuel that many experts think could finally ease the nation's addiction to oil.

In fact. who invested his own money and has recruited investors such as Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. almost sweetsmelling emissions. But Plaza and his partner. Biodiesel's obstacles have been its high price and the absence of a nationwide infrastructure to crush and refine oil-rich crops into usable fuel. Whether you are simply installing energy-efficient lighting in a manufacturing plant or rethinking the entire flow of your supply chain." says Tobias. This is especially true when it comes to industrial processes and factories. Going Green: Creating Sustainable Industrial Processes and Eco-Friendly Factories To run a successful business. going green boosts profit.Derived from vegetable oil. For those who follow this advice. But why are so many companies eager to join this changing landscape of global commerce? Simply put: adopting eco-friendly practices increases your bottom line. biodiesel can be blended with regular diesel or poured by itself into any conventional diesel car or truck. plan to turn biodiesel into a viable national alternative. Consider this a rare win-win opportunity that you must take advantage of to bring your business to the next level. multimillionaire dot-com veteran Martin Tobias. Biofanatics usually have to drive to the back of a restaurant and beg for free waste oil to fill up their green machines. overhauls company image. keeps customers happy. It produces relatively clean. it can¶t afford to not go green! For a majority of businesses. "Our mission is to make a gas that is so cheap and plentiful that consumers don't even have to know it's not made from fossil fuels. and protects the future of our planet. So what are the specific benefits you can expect from the adoption of eco-friendly industrial practices? Here are two of the most common: . many experts agree that if a business intends to be successful in the long-term. and protects the health of the environment. it¶s easy to see that one of the most important ongoing trends is a widespread effort to ³go green. it¶s important to pay careful attention to trends within your industry and the global marketplace as a whole.´ Sustainable practices and eco-friendly operations are quickly becoming the standard in every industry. there¶s more than enough room for improvement.

and other intangible benefits While it may be easy to observe and measure benefits like lower operating costs and increased market share. health. This market demographic is expected to grow dramatically in the future .Increased bottom line due to lower costs and access to new markets.claim your piece of the pie early on. . happier employees. start simple. Just remember that making your industrial processes greener pays off tenfold in the future. How to Green Any Industrial Environment Lots of companies never get started with their plans to go green because the scope of the process seems intimidating. A more profitable operation is the number one reason why most businesses decide to go green. You¶ll also enjoy the benefits of an enhanced reputation as a socially responsible business committed to protecting the environment and people it depends on to succeed. Your business may also become more profitable thanks to an increased market share among consumers who desire to work with environmentally-conscious companies. there¶s plenty of ways your business can keep more cash in its coffers. Here are some of the most effective greening practices for industrial processes and factories. If the process seems daunting. Whether you are saving money by cutting the costs of energy. For those who have done business a certain way for a number of years. going green also provides intangible benefits that are equally important. You may notice that employee morale. it may be difficult to summon the energy to change. water. Enhanced company image. and resource consumption or taking advantage of tax breaks for energy efficiency. and participation increases as you make eco-friendly improvements to factory working environments.

These are the basics that are often overlooked and should be taken care of before embarking on more ambitious energy projects. Make use of renewable energy and green power. A good starting point is to conduct an energy audit to see where improvements can be made.Adopt energy efficient practices to cut costs instantly. Check window seals and use caulking and weather stripping to insulate buildings. Make use of programmable thermostats to reduce energy waste. . Depending on your yearly consumption. Do your HVAC filters need to be replaced? Are you using outdated incandescent lighting? Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL fixtures is an easy way to save money on energy. these savings can reach significant levels. Start simple and consult an expert for larger projects.

hydro.Green energy is quite literally the future of business. reuse. consistent source of clean on-site energy is an excellent way to achieve true sustainability. and businesses may even receive compensation for energy they generate and contribute back to the grid. If necessary. Expect a spike in productivity as you streamline the process and eliminate excess waste. Another common area of improvement is product packaging. If you can get your power from wind. Less waste means less money spent on waste removal. Reduce. rethink and redesign your current packaging to get rid of any excess or wasteful materials. use inexpensive post-consumer recycled raw materials and participate in recycling programs when the manufacturing process is complete. or biomass sources. . solar. lower costs on raw materials. you can purchase green energy from an external source at rates slightly higher than traditional fossil fuel power. Whenever possible. Another way to keep cash in your pockets is to cut down on the amount of waste produced by your industrial processes. your business will be instantly transformed into a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation. Many states offer tax breaks and incentives for businesses who choose this route. A reliable. One option is to build your own source of renewable green energy on the premises. and recycle whenever possible. If building an on-site energy source isn¶t an option. and higher levels of efficiency overall.

For many factories and industrial processes. Then purchase technology that will help to conserve water and minimizes discharges to sewers and wastewater. Expect to see instant savings. and disposing of it. Cut back on pollution . But how much water are you paying for and not using? By making a commitment to conserve this invaluable resource. water bills can escalate quickly due to high levels of consumption. Have your local water department or water agency conduct an audit and make efficiency and conservation recommendations. heating. cooling.Conserve water A water efficiency program is a smart way to conserve water as well as your budget. you¶ll find yourself spending less money on buying. treating.

Donate or recycle used equipment instead of sending it to simmer in a landfill. Pollution costs your business money. Use in-process recycling to get the most out of the materials you buy without wasting a dime¶s worth of your investments. . Everything that comes out of a process or factory has to be handled. and properly disposed of ± so why not staunch the flow of waste at its source and eliminate the need to deal with it? Purchase high-quality technology that will last without requiring a frequent upgrade.The environment isn¶t the only thing that¶s hurt by pollution. Make the Commitment to Go Green Hopefully by now the ³why´ and the ³how´ of going green are clear. in addition to larger waste management programs that can be coordinated with help from special agencies like the EPA ± at no cost to you. Once you and your employees make sustainability a part of your mission statement. treated. These are some basic actions you can take. All that¶s left is for you to make a solid commitment to modernizing your business and getting it prepared for the future of 21st century global commerce. but the real reward is the promise of a healthy planet for generations to come. eco-friendly practices will trickle down into every corner of your operation. It won¶t take long for the benefits to start piling up. Eliminate raw materials from the manufacturing process that aren¶t needed in the final product.

. The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy´ .Conclusion Being Green is becoming a big trend. if not all. Nowadays many. have developed a need to redesign their lifestyles and get on the green mode. India has enrolled herself to join this new trend and pass out with the best result possible. the trend is fast spreading all across the globe. Invented by our need to become eco-friendly and to survive in harmony with our environment.