Introduction • • • •

Introduction to small scale/medium scale (depending on the scale of your business). Introduction to your industry (sector) Entrepreneurs profile Approximate Investment

Executive Summary: It should contain a summary of what idea/plan is all about. The proposal should include how the entrepreneurs want to go about the plan what is product/service his along with the basic course of action towards it. • Purpose of selection of business Market Survey • Feasibility of the project • SWOT analysis • The present and future scenario of sector • Competitors • Challenges • Worst case scenario and contingencies Marketing • • • • • • • Target Market 4 P’s/ 7 P’s Advertisement copy Michael porter’s 5 force analysis Product Line USP Positioning

Human Resource Plan • Organization chart • How many members or partners • Number of employees in each department – total headcount • Training procedure and implementation • Management structure

• • • • • • •

Qualification of posts Salary, break up and fringe benefits Working hours and conditions Punctuality, leave policy and Maternity benefit Recruitment sources Retirement policy Loan grant policy

Production and Operations • Floor Plan • Machinery used • No. of production line (if any) • Quality policy (report of ISO, whatever quality certificate) • Maintenance Policy • Location Analysis Financial Plan • Initial investment • Sources of funds • Depreciation • P&L statement and Balance sheet (projected for 3 years) • Break even analysis • Cash flow statement • Pay back period/ IRR • Risk analysis (optional) Executive Plan • Implementation strategy Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY ANNEXURES Format Times new roman – Font size 12, 14 for headings Spiral bound printed report

ED Project Time Schedule Date 7.12.2011 Topics Executive Summary Introduction - Entrepreneur’s profile - Company Profile - Industry Profile - About SSI/ MSI - Purpose of selecting - Appropriate investment • Feasibility study – SWOT Questionnaire ( Market, product, Technical feasibility) Data Analysis Interpretation Marketing 4 P’s / 7 P’s Advertisement Copy – 2 print Ads STP Human Resource - Organization structure - Qualification and conditions required for manpower training - Duties and responsibilities - Working Hours - Leave policy - Loan grant policy - Retirement policy - Recruitment policy - Salary Structure Finance Investment Break up Projected Balance sheet for three years Projected P&L A/C Calculation of fixed assets with depreciation Loan Repayment Cash Flow statement





27.01.2012 10.02.2012 Investment – SSI- 50 lacs MSI- 2 crores Idea

Production and Operation Location analysis Layout Design Quality testing Procedure (ISO certificate, dummy copy) Machinery Process Flow chart (blue – print) Annexure Bibliography Certificate Rough Draft Submission of Final Copy