What according to you is the biggest challenge that India as a nation is facing?

Before starting to write about the biggest challenge of India, I would like to do an S-W-OT analysis of India as a nation. In an S-W-O-T analysis we analyze the strength, weakness, and opportunities threats to that particular nation. Strength: 1.It has large amount of area (7th largest nation in the world) and it has got around 125 million hectares of cultivable land. 2. It has got good amount of man power (600 million belong to the working age group). 3. It is a Mediterranean climate which is suitable for both human well-beings as well as well as for agriculture. 4. It is democratic country and it seems to be the biggest strength for people. Weakness: 1. it is multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-traditional behavior leads to diversity, which is one of the biggest hindrances to the feeling of nationalism among people. 2. Illiteracy; even though a temporary problem, it has led to problems like poverty, unemployment and over-population which further causes crimes. Opportunity: 1. if rightly used by all the people, the Indian system of governance is one of the best systems in the world. Threats: 1.Corruption 2. Terrorism and Naxalism 3.Poverty 4. Unemployment.

Well in this essay the threats above, are the problems for a nation. The fight against these problems is the challenge a nation faces« Among the four threats above I have mentioned µCorruption¶ is the one, which I feel is the biggest among all others and I am also going to relate the other 3 problems to corruption. Corruption: Definition: It¶s,`Simply not doing the work assigned to a him/her by the country.¶ Examples: Bribery, evasion of taxes, Incompletion of work in the assigned time, etc. Causes: What causes this? Let¶s look at few reasons: The one main reason is lack of feeling of sensitivity to other people. If a cabinet minister causes loss of about 1.73 lakh crores to the government exchequer, he is being insensitive to the crores of people who just live with Rs.15 per day. Had he even once thought or felt about

J. The next cause is a lack of feeling of nationalism.An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and 3 days later on Nagasaki«««19 years later in 1964 Japan hosted the Olympics in Tokyo and was successful in doing so«««But in India the organizing committee chief of the Commonwealth games saw this as an opportunity to make enough money for 7 lifetimes and was involved in a huge Rs.80. but the sad part is.. Abdul Kalam said µDreaming small is crime¶««. If those crores had not taken their flight to Swiss banks or Mauritius banks and if they would have remained in India. August 6th . big car.but if you want your son/daughter to get into the best college in the world tell him to work harder. In that list India has topped the list with $1. why is he using shortcuts like tax evasion for buying a car or a house««««. Well it¶s never bad to have big ambitions. If somebody wants a luxury car.President of India Mr. give him coaching or give him his own time (it¶s always Slow and study who wins the race) but instead they use their lakhs and sometimes crores of money to get a seat in a college. Last year the Switzerland Government just released the amount of foreign money present in their bank accounts. 20 a day. The most important cause: Desire for something. A.P. The thing is the needy are not getting their basic needs«. In the remaining money it allots for some development projects and half of them are eaten by the middle men.their living conditions I think so he wouldn¶t have done that. the countries face would have been a different one. want their sons to study in the best colleges.every man deserves everything in this universe but the only thing is he needs to work in that direction in a proper manner««« These were some of the causes of corruption.) stashed in Swiss Banks.. On the other hand 670 million people live under Rs. he just never thought about them««.. they want a big house. second on that list is Russia with $470 Billion. even our Ex.4 Trillion (I just converted it into Rupees and the answer is Rs. read and I was made to think that India is a poor country«« but after seeing the following statement I doubt it««. 67500000000000 its 67lakh crore«.000 crore scam and brought the nation¶s image down as the whole world laughed as they saw our 11th hour preparations««««. he should work more hours for it or he should be more smart in his work. Now let us see what corruption does: Let me tell you. 1945 . which you don¶t deserve: People want everything. from childhood I¶ve heard..so I say corruption is one of the biggest causes of poverty.. everything they want is best. .this wouldn¶t had happened if everyone¶s blood was filled with love for nation or at least had some kind of patriotism in them.

First and foremost invest in education. right to information bill. It will bring stronger rules which are around 10% of the solution. 10 minutes later he says that there are people in border us who for about Rs.It will be 10 years old this September 11th. Solutions: 1. Let¶s make our farmers more educated and technically sound by instituting new agriculture universities and giving free education to them.10 years later America proudly and confidently say that µNo terrorist group in this world has dared to attack them after 9/11¶ and it is so. In the journey I met an Army man. not even a single blast in such a huge country which has friends and foes all over the world. 09/11/2001 a day that came and shook the world. which in turn needs a lot of investment. where a great sociologist said that the greatest investment that a government can make is investing on its people. Employing people in agriculture removes the problem of unemployment and also you are not degrading the environment with highly polluting industries«. America was shocked and in fact the world was shocked«. If Japanese feed the world with their technology why can¶t India have a aim of feeding the world with food. every citizen has the right and at the same time has means to know about government. Once I was travelling in train from Karnataka to Varanasi.5000 to Rs. I started interacting with him. Deepen the democracy. bring more transparency. At this moment I would like to narrate an incident that may answer the above question. The remaining 90% lies with each and every citizen of the country. The above solutions are for the government to do. Now let¶s see this part of the world««. all that we need to do is converting it into asset. If America has done that I am sure we will also be able to do that if we atop being corrupt«.. It¶s like saying you have too much of money and you have a problem keeping it as all your vaults are full and you are not getting a place to keep it. rather that thinking it as a liability. If capitalists give the reasons of machinery efficiency it¶s completely fine«I say let¶s employ people in agriculture and related sectors. Sometime during the interaction I just asked him with all patriotic people around the border how is it possible that terrorists infiltrate and place bombs and kill 100s of people? He remained silent for few minutes.. I was just reading an article yesterday. if needed have stronger acts. Today we competitive media. After listening to his talks it seemed that he was extremely patriotic .10000 risks the life of thousands of people and let¶s those terrorists inside««this shows that corruption causes Terrorism and other dreadful things like Naxalism. That person used to work in the border areas.. if people are educated nobody can fool them. Well people say that India¶s bigger challenge is over-population. Unemployment is a problem when effective policies are not in place. We have the manpower. taking away more than 3000 people with it..----. Well I hope so you have got what I am talking about. His each and every action should be consciously taken to the betterment of the . 2.

Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of a nation where there is village economy.but as I said it¶s slow and steady who wins the race«.. our company.!!!! . Parents and teachers play a major role in making a man. Let¶s be loyal to our nation. our team and that¶s enough for betterment of all. The responsibility lies with these people. He said that India will be completely independent when a woman will go alone in the streets at midnight without any fear«« It¶s seems a long way to go««..nation.. our family. instead of urbanization we should remain in our villages and work there and develop our economy and instead of mechanization we should use our huge manpower in factories. Finally as a son always indebted to his father¶s dreams a nation is always indebted to its Father of nation¶s dreams«.