Sri Rama

Greetings to you all, Today is very auspicious day for the whole world. To understand this we will have to go back and consider the history of humanity. We may have heard a lot of times that our beloved motherland was like the mother, father, friend and Guru and the leader of whole of the world. But owing to the negligence of a few of our rulers and the negligence of the people after the annihilation of the ruling class in the Mahabharatha was that was a world war, slowly the forces that which inimical to the welfare of humanity began to grow and slowly began to enslave humanity under the Adharmic teachings that divided humanity and pitted men against each other and fostered enmity and began to take over the rule of land and this went to the extent of enslaving this holy land of Bharathavarsha that was the source of light and knowledge for whole of the world. Not only india the whole of Europe was also under the influence of evil forces and all education except the bible was considered satanic and hence the persecution of scientists and burning them down was common place. Then the renaissance came and scientific age began. And due to it we were conquered by different people and also the world was also conquered by them and the world became well connected. The material advancement of the west was good but the spiritual life was empty and in India due to the weak ruling class and political awareness and owing to the continuous struggle against the evil forces the material wealth was either exhausted or was looted leaving us materially very poor. But even then the only hope for the revival of knowledge and resultant happiness of the world was with India. And hence there was a great need for some sort of effort to take the knowledge to all the countries of the world again and hence the birth of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa took place on ----- and he generated enormous spiritual power enough to wash away the darkness spread by the evil forces across the world and poured that power into the worthy disciple swami Vivekananda who was born on ---- and due to that power Swami envisaged a plan for the upliftment of india (that is the light of this world so that again the light of knowledge and spirituality and divinity could go forth into the world) on swami Vivekananda rock on ----- they evil forces tried to corrupt that holy sot by planting a cross there but was uprooted by patriotic youth.

After thus meditating he decided to begin his mission and the rest as they say is history. However many times we talk about this Vijaya yatra we still fell unsatisfied. Certain incidents from swamiji life are worth remembering:

love affairs. They hate you so much. parent child problems. Just look how they weakened the janlokpal bill movement. family clashes. class discrimination. such is their operation. Nowhere in the entire history of the world has this happened ever. What do we do in such a scenario? We too should vote enmass and increase our strength. even routine things like disease. A country that we build with our hard work and love they do not care to destroy. They have made the democracy very weak. They have new paitams these days. One sells their vote for benefit to only their community and the other community exploit the weaknesses of our system and sow the seeds of hatred. Otherwise these evil forces will run over us. job. But after the British left India we were again cheated by the evil forces working in various grabs and that resulted in the division of its holy motherland that was the source of the knowledge for the whole of the world.Almost all the freedom fighters have said that they were inspired by swami Vivekananda and educated by his books. They never supported it. We should keep the country forward and ourselves next and then only these forces will run from this country. In every society there are bound to be some flaws and over a period of time that society itself corrects those flaws. The other group hosts the flag of the enemy country when we lose the cricket match. Because of our disunity. Until then they will keep growing in power and again take this country to dogs. Even a school boy can say that if you vote in such a fashion the corrupt politicians will only come to power and destroy the country. The other groups are not concerned about democracy but only mad about their religion and hence they vote enmass after negotiating the terms and conditions. It was not even conceived anywhere but in India due to solely our ignorance and neglect and disunity. But those groups are not at all concerned about the welfare of the country nor do they have any love for this land. They will not accept the prasadam given by you. a mother and those who love its development and want to see the preservation of its age old culture and tradition that has shown the way to the world from the times immemorial should learn to vote enmass. for whom this country is a punya Bhoomi. All the right thinking persons. So he was indirectly responsible for our freedom from British rule. They made it a joke. but none of these activities get reported in the media. But there is one more group that is exploiting the flaws like poverty. Now the cheating started from within the system and in the name of minority rights protection and their religious freedom this country was again driven to dogs. So much so that the scenario today is so dangerous that the same forces that were responsible for the division of this country are indirectly being made to dominate and what domination. because they have not exerted neither they love it so what pain will they feel? . And these are the people who vote enmass and we become victims just because we think straight and vote on the basis of the issues like corruption development national safety etc. and most importantly the superstition and simple belief of the uneducated hindus.

Such a law even Aurangzeb might have not thought of but this government did and is going to table it in the parliament. . The same will happen if we do not use our votes with sense. because at the time of partition too many big people said that country will never be divided but it was done under our very noses. This is not applicable in the only region where the Hindus are in minority that is J&K Yet this govt is saying that this is not against Hindus So lets be united. If you do something they will get a non-bailable warrant against you. Hindus. This is what happens if we are still sleeping. Our ancestors said that in kali yuga only sange Shakti. This is happening because we do not care whom we vote for. mothers and sisters and you won t be able to do nothing. Otherwise how can a fistful of these fellows be able to bring such an absurd bill? If this bill is passed and it most likely be passed.e. Every right thinking person supported that bill but what these groups wanted that alone happened. you will get arrested If you do not purchase from their shop you can get arrested They won t even tell you who has complained Arrest under this act will be non-bailable All your officials even if they belong to your caste or religion will not be able to do anything Even a mere suspicion can land you in jail. Otherwise how dare any government think of such an insulting bill? Let me tell you few points about how dangerous this bill is for majority community i. And in one of his talks he said that it is not sufficient even if we all throw dirt upon you for what you did to our country. Otherwise it s easy for them to again rule us like they did in the past. our culture and traditions. And not only that the 24% Hindu population in Pakistan is now reduced to mere 1-2 %. They can insult your women. Especially in this scenario it is very important hat we walk on the lines taught by swami Vivekananda How he reacted to similar situations we should see. When he went to west he was abused and a lot of bad publicity was made against him. cow. see what they did to janlokpal bill. our festivals. If two people fight. and with the introduction of the bill that is framed by Sonia Gandhi group they will openly spit on our faces and we will not be able to do anything. in spite of what a few jokers are saying.In fact they take delight in insulting whatever we love and revere like our temples and idols.

It is we who have to show the way to the people of the world but unfortunately as such education is not being provided to us we have to take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves and also others to the extent we learnt. How many of you will read it? .And he lifted up one father when that fellow was continuously abusing him on the ship that he was travelling. The progressive living and managing or multitasking and leading a complete and sacrificing life for the benefit of our motherland. This includes being united and meeting daily for some time and talking about the current affairs and also reading the life stories and teachings of mahapurushas who have transformed the lives of so many millions through their ideal living. And also we should imbibe the complete life style of our Rishis and not only concentrate on earning but living a meaningful and progressive life with the earning that we we should we should take a lead to read the life story and the teachings of swami Vivekananda. This is our USP.