Oral Communication

Video Self-Evaluation
Review  the  videotape  of  your  speech.  As  you  watch,  answer  the  following  questions.       1. How  did  you  try  to  get  the  audience’s  attention?  How  effective  was  it?  

I asked them a question, but I don't think it was so effective


Did  you  clearly  communicate  your  purpose  (e.g.  “I  am  going  to  inform/convince  you  about/to…”)?  How  did  you   motivate  your  audience  to  listen  to  you?  

I clearly communicated my purpose, but I felt that my audience wasn't impressed or motivated so much, but I thought that my motive for motivation, (if you will), came across rather strong, even if they didn't listen to me.
3. How  was  your  speech  organized?  How  clearly/logically  did  it  progress?  Could  I  stop  paying  attention  to  you  and  read   your  outline  instead  and  still  follow  along  easily?   It was very clearly processed, besides missing a few things, I think generally, the idea came across well and I would say you could have stopped listening and just gotten the gist from my outline.


What  were  some  of  the  transition  words  you  used  in  your  speech?  Did  you  clearly  indicate  movement  from  one  part   of  your  speech  to  another?  Why/why  not?    

In my outline I did, I used "first off," "next," "lastly," things like that. But in my actual speech I didn't really use many transition words.


Explain  why  your  main  points  were/were  not  clearly  presented.    

My speech exception presented with each

was my outline, clear and concise, with the of a few skips, I reckon I did good. I think I all my points clearly and directly in procession other.

Evaluate  your  conclusion.  Did  it  connect  seamlessly  with  the  introduction  and  body?  Did  you  give  a  clear  sense  of   ending?     I actually think my ending was the best part of my speech. I thought I wrapped it up pretty well, and it connected with all of the rest of the speech, introduction and everything.


Evaluate  your  delivery.  Were  you  loud  enough/clear  enough/energetic  enough/varying  your  tone   enough/connecting  to  your  whole  audience  enough?    

My confidence was waring... That was my main problem. I think I spoke loud enough, and I could stop with the hand gestures a bit.


How  did  your  use  of  voice,  gestures,  and  bodily  action  enhance  (or  detract)  from  the  message  of  your  speech?  What   will  you  do  to  enhance  the  message  of  your  speaking  opportunities?  


Like I said, my hand gestures need to be toned down. The whole time I was watching my speech I was like, "what was I doing?" so I think it really detracted from my speech. Just stop moving so much. When I'm nervous I tend to shake, and I can't do that anymore. I need to be chill and compose myself before going on stage, not freak out and forget everything Did  you  appear  sincerely  interested  and  enthusiastic  in  the  topic  (your  classmate)  and  in  your  talking  with  your   audience?  What  did  your  body  language  and  eye  contact  say  to  your  audience?  Give  examples  to  support  your   answers.   My topic wasn't my classmate? And I think I did, I felt like I showed genuine interest in knitting when I did my speech, so much so I felt that I appeared a little bit nerdy... I made eye contact most of the time, but I think people were still focusing on my hand motions rather than my topic. I wrung my hands a lot, which I've heard is a sign of something not good...
Evaluate  the  overall  success  of  this  speech.  What  grade  (A-­‐F)  would  you  assign  this  presentation?  Why?  


I would assign myself probably a B, because I worked hard, and I think it showed, but I need to work on my confidence and do the things I promised myself I wouldn't do last time: i.e. wring my hands, rock from side to side... Things like that
11. Describe  what  you  have  learned  from  this  speaking  opportunity,  and  how  you  will  use  this  information  in  the  future.  

Demo speeches are I think, both hard and easy. You learn how to talk when you're doing something with your hands, and you learn how to focus on two things, your audience and your topic. I had trouble with this, but I think I've done better.
12. What  did  you  learn  from  this  presentation  that  will  help  you  prepare  your  future  speech?  List  at  least  three  things  that   you  plan  on  working  on.  (To  just  “practice”  is  not  a  specific  step  –  exactly  how  will  you  practice?)   a.     When I make something, to talk myself through it out loud, this will

probably help me with multitasking. Multitasking is really hard for me, I mean, reading and writing at the same time isn't a problem for me, but talking and doing something with my hands really is hard, and i think growing up you use your hands while you talk a lot, and i need to learn that.

To go volunteer for going up on stage, for teaching English and stuff, because that helps build confidence.



Continuously practice. I believe the key to a successful speech is to practice practice practice. But not in the way where it gives me a headache and makes me nervous, in the way that if someone ran into my house screaming telling me that I had to say my speech, I'd be able to do it without even thinking..
13. Describe,  in  detail,  the  areas  you  will  improve  your  public  speaking  and  exactly  how  you  will  improve.  Include  a   variety  of  specific  steps  you  will  take  to  improve  your  public  speaking  skills.  

I do have issues with nerves and trouble with confidence, so I'll three of the things stated above myself, and make me stage worthy future.

I have do all to fix in the