Who: The gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha, and the women of Pi Beta Phi cordially invite you to participate in our

joint-philanthropic fundraiser: Hoops for Literacy. What: A fun, but highly competitive 3-on-3 basketball “tournament” with all proceeds going towards gifting underprivileged children with their first, brand-new books! When: February 17, 2012 @ 6:00-8:00 PM. Where: Recreation Center. Why: Raising funds to stop the cycle of illiteracy one book at a time. Cost: $5 dollar pre-sale/$7 at the door – (Players get in for free). We invite you to play hard and play well, but most of all, to have a good time despite the outcome. Event Breakdown: There will be 4 single-elimination “rounds” – each game will be 7-10 minutes (depending on the number of participants). During the “halftime” period of the tournament, we will have a few “shoot-out” type games – a wonderful opportunity to win prizes! Rules and Regulations: * Each game will be played on a half-court. With that said, a regular shot counts for 1 point, and shots attempted beyond the arc will be granted 2 points. * A coin toss will determine who has the first possession. * The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play. * The ball will change possession after scored baskets and all free-throw attempts with the exception of Technical, Intentional or Flagrant fouls * A foul is subject to the discretion of the referee in charge. All fouls will result in 1 free throw attempt, and a change of possession is automatically granted to the opposing team, regardless of the free throw’s success. *Substitutions may only be made during a “dead ball” situation.

All teams must consist of a minimum of 3 players, but no more than 4 players per team. There is an entrance fee of $30. Please have this form and the entrance fee turned in to either Nina or Lisandro by Wednesday, February 15. Thank you! Organization: _______________________________________________________

Team Information:
Player 1: ___________________________________ Phone #: ________________ Email: __________________ Player 2: ___________________________________ Phone #: ________________ Email: __________________ Player 3: ___________________________________ Phone #: ________________ Email: __________________ Player 4: ___________________________________ Phone #: ________________ Email: __________________
For any additional questions, please feel free to contact either Nina Villareal (818) 434-4751 or Lisandro Garcia (650) 218-2090

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