Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Your Most Important Investing Decision of the Next 10 Years
-- By Carla Pasternak How you treat this often ignored segment of the market is likely the most important investing decision you'll ever make... (Full Story Below) Also in Today's Issue...

The Nasdaq Composite Index is off to its best start since 1991, up 12% so far in 2012. By comparison, the S&P 500 is up 5% and the Dow Jones is up 7%. -- Research Staff

If You Like Quadruple-Digit Gains, This is Where You Need to Look Gold is up +450% in 10 years. Big whoop. Investments in a group of other commodities -- ones you've probably never heard of -- are soaring over +1,000% in less than 12 months. What's more, triple- and quadruple-digit gains could be the norm in this industry soon. Get the full story here...

Sell These 3 Stocks on the Verge of Bankruptcy Corporate bankruptcy filings set a dizzying pace last year. Experts predict that number to DOUBLE in 2012. We've uncovered 3 popular stocks with serious problems under the surface. Discover the companies topping our 2012 Bankruptcy Watchlist that you should SELL IMMEDIATELY in this urgent research report. It's yours FREE for a limited time - get immediate access now. Your Most Important Investing Decision of the Next 10 Years Join Dividend Opportunities today, and become part of a growing brotherhood of likeminded income lovers who share our love for reliable investment ideas that deliver above-average income and strong capital gains. Read this article now.

Your Most Important Investing Decision of the Next 10 Years Think of where you'd be right now if you'd made this move 10 years ago. The S&P 500 is up only 49% during that time (a 4.1% average annual gain). Meanwhile, Reynolds American (NYSE: RAI) is up 395% during the same span. Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP) has returned 675%. Entertainment Properties Trust (NYSE: EPR) is showing a return of 346%. And those are some of the most boring companies you can think of -- REITs, pipeline operators, and cigarette makers. But they all have one thing in common. They pay solid dividends. As the Chief Investment Strategist behind High-Yield Investing, I'm biased. But I think dividends are the most powerful tool in investing. You don't have to take my word for it. Other investors agree: "I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations." - High-Yield Investing subscriber, William B. Even John D. Rockefeller once quipped that the only thing that gave him pleasure was to see his dividend coming in. The simple fact is that how you treat the dividend -- often the forgotten step-child among investors -- is the most important investing decision you'll make today... in the

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Here's why. the Reaves Utility Income Fund (AMEX: UTG) has returned 340%. It won't be. has returned 28% in the past year. And the Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund (AMEX: JRS) has returned 481% in addition to its 8.. I chose these numbers as they illustrate a choice investors can be faced with -. And here's the best part.including The Best Dow Stock to own for a Recovery Every Investor Should Consider Owning This "Forever" Stock This innovative company's stock may be one you'll want to hold forever. it's the fast-moving names like Apple and Google that get most of the headlines.1%.9% and has a total of return of 98% during the past year (a time when the S&P 500 is up only 5%).6% yield. stodgy securities. and stocks to avoid.a difference of more than $200. but they won't grow enough to really make a difference.892 with the growth-only portfolio. and coming off of multi-year lows. Altria (NYSE: MO). the difference is more dramatic.. But in the sizzle of the mainstream financial media. The Best Dow Stock to own for a Recovery Are you missing out on StreetAuthority's most profitable articles? Every week we publish dozens of articles filled with investing ideas. Read On. They might pay a few percent. The misconception is that dividend payers are boring. Let me show you what I mean.. high-yield plays. . it may just be the dividend-payers that are most important to your success. The second one earns half that amount in capital gains -. Click here for all the details on this special offer.096 -. The first one earns 8% in capital gains each year. That couldn't be further from the truth. Take two portfolios... Good investing! And now. Wait 20 years and your dividend portfolio would be worth over $702.000. As you can see.you'll end up earning more with the dividend. while paying monthly dividends that now equal a 5.only 4% each year -... but they've returned 635% since the March 2009 market low.. In fact.next year.000. you can get our top articles sent to you for free each day in one convenient email. each worth $100. and typically have fewer ups and downs as you would with a riskier growth stock. and get our top articles . Here's the best news -. But that's during a strong market rally. which pays a 5. Shares of Sun Communities (NYSE: SUI) yield 6. During the same time.089 if you went with the dividendpaying holdings. and I wouldn't listen to anyone who says they can guarantee a stock's gains.. in 10 years your portfolio would be worth $265.invest in a faster-growing stock that doesn't pay a cent in dividends. versus $215.000 compared to $466.7% dividend yield. or earn a nice yield and see slower growth. Over even longer..0% yield. even the next decade.but earns a 6% dividend that's reinvested. What about in different conditions? Terra Nitrogen (NYSE: TNH) is paying 7. That's not to say every dividend payer will be a big winner.

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