Analysis For Mining Relational Databases 2. A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying DiseaseTreatment Relations in Short Texts 3. A New Approach for FEC Decoding Based on the BP Algorithm in LTE and WiMAX Systems 4. Analysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods 5. Caching Strategies Based on Information Density Estimation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 6. Clustering with MultiViewpoint based Similarity Measure 2011 Allocation for Wireless E TITLES 7. Dynamic Channel A Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in ZoneBased Multicast and Broadcast Service Natural Scene of Malware Spread in Decentralized 8. Dynamics Images A New Supervised Method for Blood Vessel PeertoPeer Networks Segmentation in Retinal Images 9. Effective Navigation of Query Results Based on An Improved Image Compression Algorithm Using Concept Hierarchies Binary Embedded Extended Visual and Geometric Space Partition Scheme 10. Cryptography Wavelets Schemes An Adjustment by Contrast 11. Interpolated Phase of services avalibility in Fast Simulation Enhancement Algorithm for SAR mesh network with dynamic path restoration Automatic Discovery of Personal Forth Aliases from Name 12. Going Back and Efficient the Web Multideployment and Multisnapshotting on Clouds Boosting Color Feature Selection of Wireless Ad 13. Improving the Performance for Color Face Recognition Hoc Networks Through MAC Layer Design Computerized Classification of Intraductal Breast 14. A Novel 3D Color Histogram Equalization Lesions Using Histopathological Images Method with Uniform 1D Gray Scale Histogram Contactless and Pose Invariant Biometric 15. Intrusion detection An Energy efficient Identification Using Hand Surface approach in Heterogeneous WSN Design Livean Streaming of ErrorTolerance Scheme for Discrete 16. With ReceiverBased Wavelet Transform in JPEG PeerDivision Multiplexing 2000 Encoder Evaluation of DSP based Numerical 17. MANET Routing Protocols vs Relay for Mobility

Overcurrent Protection Models A Performance Evaluation HAIRIS Modeling and Automatic Image Registration A Method for Detection of Camouflaging 18. Through HistogramBased Image Segmentation Worm On Effects of Filterbank Design Users in 19. the Nymble Blocking Misbehaving and Energy Computation on Robust Anonymizing Networks Speech Recognition Performance of Transmission 20. Online Analysis Intrusion Alert Burst Aggregation with Mechanism for IEEE 802.11Based Generative Data Stream Modeling MultiHop Wireless 21. Optimal Bandwidth Assignment for Multiple LANs Text Clustering with Seeds Affinity Propagation Description Coded Video Xray Categorization and Retrieval on the Organ in 22. Optimal Stochastic Location Updates and Pathology Level, Using Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPatchBased Visual Words Automated DetectionCostEffective Interconnection in 23. Scalable and of White Matter Changes of DataCenter Servers Using Dual Server Ports 24. Sketch4Match – Contentbased Image Retrieval System Using Sketches 25. A Dual Framework and Targeted Online Data Delivery Algorithms for

and Information Combining Models TissueSpecific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrastenhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors A Robust And Fast Video Copy Detection System Using Content Based Finger Printing Local Frequency Descriptor for LowResolution Face Recognition Text Segmentationfor MRC Document Compression MultifeatureBased HighResolution Palmprint Recognition Adaptive Coded MIMO Systems with Near Full Multiplexing Gain Using Outdated CSI . Geostatistical.Elderly People Using Fuzzy.