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ev=event1 ev=event2 ev=event3 ev=event4 ev=event5 gn ch c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 c8 c9 c10 c11 c12 s.hier1 v0 v1 v4 v5 v6 v7 v11 v12 v13

Used For
Custom Pageview Searches App Launches App Installs App Updates Pages Site Sections Search Terms # of Search Results User Agent Carrier Location Full Page Timeparting Site Section Level 2 Content Type Platform App Name App Channel Site Hierarchy Campaign ID Search Terms Carrier Location Full Page Timeparting App Name & Version App Channel App Install date

Reports Populated
Site Metrics > Custom Events > Custom Pageview Site Metrics > Custom Events > Searches Site Metrics > Custom Events > App Launches Site Metrics > Custom Events > App Installs Site Metrics > Custom Events > App Updates Site Content > Pages Site Content > Site Sections Custom Traffic > Search Terms Custom Traffic > # of Search Results Custom Traffic > User Agent Custom Traffic > Carrier Custom Traffic > Location Custom Traffic > Full Page Custom Traffic > Timeparting Custom Traffic > Site Section Level 2 Custom Traffic > Content Type Custom Traffic > Platform Custom Traffic > App Name Custom Traffic > App Channel Site Content > Site Hierarchy Campaigns > Campaign ID Custom Conversion > Search Terms Custom Conversion > Carrier Custom Conversion > Location Custom Conversion > Full Page Custom Conversion > Timeparting Custom Conversion > App Name & Version Custom Conversion > App Channel Custom Conversion > App Install date

Where, When to Set
Search results page set when call to track is made set once per app launch set once per app install set when app is updated All Pages Where applicable Search results page Search results page dynamically set from User-Agent on every page and link All Pages set on first request of the session/visit All Pages All Pages Where applicable On every page and link set on every page and link set on every page and link set on every page and link dynamically copy from prop6 Campaign landing pages dynamically copy from prop1 dynamically copy from prop4 dynamically copy from prop5 dynamically copy from prop6 set by VISTA set on app launch dynamically copy from prop12 set once with the app install date

Setting Example
events="event1" events="event2" events="event3" events="event4" events="event5" pageName="Level1:Level2:Page" channel="Level1" prop1="sitecatalyst" prop2="12" prop3="D=User-Agent" prop4="vz" prop5="84660" prop6="AppName:Platform:Level1:Level2:Page" prop7="timecode" prop8="Level2" prop9="video" prop10="iphone" prop11="stockpicker" prop12="handango" heir1="D=c6" campaign="123456" eVar1="D=c1" eVar4="D=c4" eVar5="D=c5" eVar6="D=c6" set by VISTA eVar11="stockpicker 1.1" eVar12="D=c12" eVar13="4/20/2009"

set once per unique search



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