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Zap fire is one of the fastest growing suppliers of security systems integrators and solutions across the industry.The company has a trained & experienced team of Engineers & Management Professionals who have a successful track record of running and leading large Electronic Companies in India. During the past so many years Zap fire has designed, implemented and supplied Electronic Security, Fire Protection & Detection solutions to several customers in India. ZAP FIRE today, offer to its esteemed customers, the latest technology in CCTV Surveillance systems, IP based Remote Surveillance Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Fire Safety Systems, Public Address Systems, Perimeter Security Systems, Home Security Systems, Boom Barriers, Automatic Sliding Gates, Parking Management Systems, Time Attendance Systems, Biometrics Security Systems, Wireless Home Security Systems, Video Door Phones Systems and Vehicle Security Solutions In addition, the company supplies Automatic Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems, Perimeter Protection systems and Access Control system

We have translated them into actionable points for our people so that they are able to make them reality in their everyday work.zapfire. Our nationwide operational and performance standards translate the corporate values into specific management expectations. . Attaining Leadership – We will grow the skills and capabilities of all our team members to deliver superior services Competence – We will be recognized by our customers as “best in class” for our technical expertise and execution excellence Team work – We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions.org COMPANY PHILOSOPHY:Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system. This work ethic of ACTION is what inspires our team to give off better than their best and help us maintain our unique position in the industry. We preserve a high level of business ethics characterized by integrity and honesty in all our business actions. we haven’t stopped at merely defining our corporate values. VALUES:Integrity: To build trust and integrity Transparency: To empower our customer and business partner with the information they need. Respect: For individual contribution and team work.www. ACTION:Translating our Values into our Daily Work At Zap Fire. High quality: To consistently exceed our customer’s expectation.org systems@zapfire. We will realize our achievements not just as individuals but also as a team Integrity – We will show integrity in thought and action in all our interactions Ownership – We will act as owners treating the company as our own.

Varifocal. Wireless Home Security Systems. E. School and Education Institutes security. CCTV Systems includes Cameras [IP. Fire Safety Systems. Parking Management Systems. Public Address Systems. Palm. Time Attendance Our Products Systems. Perimeter Security Systems. Hospital Security.M. Wireless. Hardware compression I. Company deals in CCTV Surveillance systems. Night Vision. Zoom. CCTV & Remote Surveillance System CCTV Systems Access Control System Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems are most widely used Electronic Surveillance System. Spy. IP based Remote Surveillance Systems. Network Video Recorders (NVR) Switchers. Pay Roll and Visitor Management System Intruder Alarm . Cameras with Human Motion Detection Digital Video Recorders (DVR).]. These systems are used for Airport Security. Boom Barriers.org systems@zapfire. Time Attendance System Access Control System & Time Attendance System Proximity card. Intruder Alarm Systems. Stand alone IP Enabled Triplex DVR High Resolution Color CCTV Monitors. Shopping centre security. PTZ. Time Attendance. Outdoor Type etc. Access Control Systems.www. Multiplexers. Locks. Biometrics Security Systems. Dome. Infrastructure Project Security. Office Security. Home security and Security of Commercial and Industrial Undertakings. Video Door Phones Systems and Vehicle Security Solutions. Automatic Sliding Gates. Home Security Systems. Enabled DVR.3 Cards. Face Recognition.zapfire. Discreet. Matrix Switchers.org PRODUCTS We offer Electronic Security and System Integration Solutions for all types of security systems.P. Smart card based Access Control Systems Bio Metric: Finger.

Twin Beam.Intruder Alarm System Wired / Wireless. 4 149 Zone Expandable Control Panels. for industrial and Commercial applications Perimeter Security System Home Security System Homes Security System is a combination of equipments used in providing Best security to your home. Exit glow signs. Tamper – Proof Cabling. home. Vibration. amplifier and loudspeakers. used to support a sound source. Smoke detectors. Panic Buttons Our Products Fire Safety System Fire Safety System Micro Processor Based Control Panel. Break glass. Heat detectors. Auto – Dialing. Outdoor Area and Assets from intruders. Glass Brake. a person giving a speech and distributing the sound throughout a venue or building. office. We design and Install unique Home Security Solutions for every customer Home Security System Parking Management System Parking management is the system to secure your premises from non permitted people into your parking area inside your mall. PIR. Remote Key Pads. apartment etc. Central Monitoring Station. Public Address System Perimeter Security System This system is used to secure your business area. Intelligent / Analogue or Digital Control Systems. tapped off and released in the form of a jet through a nozzle to extinguish fire. We design & install custom based Perimeter Security and Intruder Detection Solutions. Sensors Magnetic.g. Remote – Arming /Disarming. Manual call point. home. Public Address System (PA System) A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system with a mixer. e. Output Hooters. Parking Management System Fire Hydrant System / Sprinkler System Hydrant system is a mechanism where water is pumped. factory.. Fire Hydrant System/ Sprinkler System FM200 /NAF /Inergen and CO2 Fire Suppression FM200 / NAF/ . Shutter. Hooters with flasher. Response – Team.

is no small matter.to revert to you faster than you expect  Proactive .zapfire.org WHY ZAP FIRE Managing and executing over 41 projects simultaneously. knowing that they enjoy the support of senior management  Focused on getting the job done – to ensure that the work is completed on time and to specified standards.to think on their feet and move with their decisions. You will find that our professionals are more  Responsive .to anticipate your needs and meet them  Empowered . www. At Zap Fire we are able to achieve this because of our culture of customer orientation that permeates every level of our organization and defines the way we work. even in a crisis situation And in addition to that –  No Automated Telephone service . in vastly different domains.It is process of suppressing fire by reducing the Concentration of atmospheric oxygen by adding other gas.  Specialized Technical department  Demonstrations of our security equipments available  Fire Audit & Risk Assessment  65 % of our Business through referrals .  Offer a one stop shop for all your security requirements. spread across the country.Just friendly well informed staff  Free Quotations providing you with a full report of our recommendations.org systems@zapfire.

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