Crime increasing among teenagers, says Interior Ministry

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Statistics collected by the Ministry of the Interior show that the rate of crimes committed by teenagers and juveniles has increased during the past few years. The most commonly reported crimes include prostitution, ³honor´ crimes, theft, and the use of drugs and alcohol. Sociologists attribute the rise to a number of factors, including increasing social, economic, cultural and psychological pressures, and the break up of traditional family units, while many psychologists attribute inappropriate behavior by teens to feelings of insecurity and a lack of acceptance. ³This stage has its peculiarities and characteristics. It is important to have good environment and good company because it is a time when teenagers become more connected with the world outside their house,´ said an anonymous teacher. Another report issued by the Ministry of the Interior recently states that teenage boys are more inclined to commit theft crimes than girls. The report states that of 980 cases studied, 146 crimes were committed by boys aged 18 years old and below. A field study conducted by the Women¶s Forum for Research and Training shows that the most crimes committed by females occur between the ages 15 and 18. The study also indicates that many females turn to prostitution at an early age. Teacher, Amal al-Solawi believes that the main reason teenagers commit crimes is to escape from poverty. She says the society, the family, and the economic and unemployment problems in Yemen are the main factors behind teenage crime. However, others disagree. ³I disagree with the idea that the family is the last factor. Parents must raise their kids with a clear and a strict Islamic background. It is the fundamental factor which society depends on,´ said teacher Sabah alShoja. Amnesty International has highlighted the disturbing cases of children and teenagers who have been wrongly imprisoned for crimes in Yemen in a report published this year. Mohammed al-Kazami, aged 15, was arrested in February and detained without charge or trial at the Political Security prison in Abyan. The apparent reason behind his arrest was to put pressure on one of his relatives to surrender to the authorities. Saddam Hussein Abu Saba¶a, Naif Abdulah Abu Saba¶a, and Naji Abu Saba¶a were arrested in Sana¶a on July 15, 2007 near the US Embassy, where they were apparently planning to seek asylum. In September, they were charged with ³harming the reputation of Yemen´ and ³insulting the president.´ Ibrahim al-Saiani, age 14, was released without charge in March this year, after being detained in May 2005. Security forces allegedly arrested him while searching for one of his relatives. While in detention, his health gave serious cause for concern.

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Farouq claims that given the hardship the country was going through after a year of popular uprising which led to a meltdown of the country¶s economic and financial institutions. . the Yemeni capital. The Holy Quran clearly stipulates that alcohol is prohibited.‡ Qat diminishes Yemen water resources ‡ Qat depletes Yemen water resources Alcohol sells from hidden points in Yemen Posted in: Reports Written By: Fares Anam Article Date: Feb 4.7:09:21 PM Digg this story! Leave Your Comments! Email This Article Printer Friendly Page Farouq a 28 year old resident of Sana¶a. Farouk recalled how on one instance his friends expressed some concerns over his tense demeanor. 2012 . ³We followed them into a shop and they brought us back several ice cold beers and an array of wines. I bought 1 and my friends. some expensive. some not. They then took somewhere in the Hadda area. Yemenis oppose drinking or trading alcohol. current upheavals made him look for an escape. Although the young man often decline to so much as smell or look at an alcoholic drink. ³Any given person could buy a beer in Sana¶a for YR1000. never thought he would ever in his life drink alcohol since the beverage is strictly forbidden in Islam. Lost the group of friends were asked by local residents if they were looking for ³beers´. through a myriad of back streets.´ Farouq added that he was amazed to hear that there were several points throughout the capital which were selling alcohol at reasonable prices. many people turned to illegal substances to forget their problems and breathe a little easier for a few hours. proving that it was quite a wide spread activity. saying that if he was to drink a beer or two he would feel much more at ease with the world. I was shocked since I had a hard time believing that Yemeni shopkeepers would ever sell the forbidden beverage.

Mohammed Saleh. tipping them on the content of the truck. The Yemen Observer reported that a source at Hodeidah customs confirmed that the shipment belonged to some western embassies in Sana¶a and that the ³load´ had been cleared for entry in Yemen. fresh fruit and vegetables. In Yemen Import licenses are not required. Farouq is sadly part of a worrying trend ion Sana¶a. And because alcohol is being legally shipped to Yemen. The Islamist party immediately ordered its men to stop the vehicle and destroy its shipment. then started smashing the alcohol bottles onto the street for 4 hours shouting AllahuAkbar ³God is Great´. ³I wanted to forget my worries. Eyewitnesses told the Yemen Observer that several Islamic extremists stopped the truck in Hodeidah. ³The spread of those restaurants was scary. . narcotics. Although alcohol is forbidden for Public comsumption in Yemen. but the import of pork and pork products. seized hundreds of bottles of alcohol. Custom officials said that informants in the sea-port called on al-Islah members. as depressed and harassed people are turning to those alcoholic points to escape their problems. After destroying all the bottles the extremists and Navy officers burnt the truck. according to Muslim Trade Network. the driver having long ran away from the site by fear of reprisal against his person. swearing that he would never do it again. Al-Sabeen local council authority launched a campaign against Chinese restaurants and closed tens of Chinese restaurants and clubs. as the men used their influence to deliver the contraband to resellers. Large quantity of all kinds of alcohol was seized and confiscated by the local authority. Alcohol is prohibited in Yemen. high class hotels and foreign restaurants are issued special licences by the government allowing them to serve alcohol to their customers and staff as long as there are not Yemeni nationals. myself. Eight restaurants were opened in less than six months and no one knew who owned them or who gave them licenses. explosives and rhinoceros horn are prohibited. alcohol. and my miserable life. coffee. He however said that he felt truly guilty of having so bluntly disobeyed God. Last week. Farouq said that although he felt ³cozier´ he did not feel much of a difference.´ recalled Farouq. In 2009. The Yemen Observer also unveiled that the group accused the hotel administration of practicing prostitution. Last month extremist militants who believed to be al-Qaeda fighters raided Lyali Dubai ³Dubai Nights´ hotel in Aden killing 2 people and wounding several others for they suspected the hotel to be selling alcohol. smugglers are using this crack in the system to unlawfully supply a network of resellers. An enquiry into the matter of illegal alcohol selling points revealed that officials and members of a mafia-like organization were behind the trend. and arrested several people working in these places. a shopkeeper on Hadda Street said that the restaurants had brought all sorts of trouble to the neighborhood. embassies. weapons. extremists and officers of the Yemeni navy seized a truck loaded with dozens of bottles of wines and spirits in Hodeidah city as it was heading towards the capital.´ After he finished his drink.It tasted just like Mousi ginger [non-alcoholic beer] but this time with the alcohol content.

5 million deaths a year attributed to the harmful use of alcohol. Tough measures were then taken to ensure that alcohol would never play a role in the country¶s future. Research shows that the risk of having a stroke increases dramatically within the first hour of drinking an alcoholic beverage. especially in older adults.´ said Saleh. With more than 2. gained fame and spread like wildfire. Now. from fetal alcohol syndrome to liver damages and cancer. Even modest amounts of alcohol consumption can cause blood pressure to increase. it was during the British Occupation in the southern part of Yemen that beer. according to the website alcoholism. The use of alcohol to repress the effects of pain is as old as the fermentation process itself. wine.If they have licenses to sell alcohol. the first and only beer factory in Yemen. Those clubs and restaurants returned back to work after the raids but this time more carefully. A British study finds that even moderate drinking may be detrimental to life expectancy. Many alcohol drinkers think that it the beverage hold health benefits. Excessive drinking can cause a variety of health problems. the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a global strategy aimed at reducing alcohol abuse was burned to the ground by northern troops during the North-South civil car. can someone really argue that hardship justifies one¶s disobedience to one of Allah¶s most sacred commandments or is it just a pathetic attempt to alleviate one¶s guilt? Working to reduce crime among youth By: Web Staff . Twelve years ago. however. or the Seera beer factory.about. contrary to studies showing that moderate drinking may be helpful. Researchers have definitively linked drinking three or more glasses of liquor a day to an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. A study from Denmark suggests alcohol consumption may increase men¶s risk of developing atrial fibrillation . Alcohol is believed to be one of the oldest used drugs in the world. it would represent a disaster for our country. Yemen has a history of alcohol trade. and other irregular heartbeat. the National Brewing Company. Every bottle of beer was broken. according to two recent studies conducted in Japan. but medical studies are proving the contrary.

y Email this Story to a Friend y Print this story Rising crime blamed on youth violence. gangs . but he was a work at the time of the fire. They need to be accountable for the actions of their children if they are committing crimes. Then come back here and refresh the page. "Making parents accountable. but community service. Learn how. -. N. The fire happened around 11:30 Saturday night on Saratoga Street. She died of smoke inhalation. KINGSTON.Kingston residents gathered at the Boys and Girls Club for a meeting to discuss ways to reduce juvenile crime and violence. Make the parent and the child together have community service. One local mom says people need to start getting involved and donating their time to help come up with ways to keep kids off the streets. but it is being overshadowed by the crimes taking place. The parent becomes engaged in what the child is doing and the child is giving back to the community and seeing that there's more out there. an anti-violence walk will be taking place on Monday Deadly fire in Cohoes By: Web Staff COHOES.Y. She also has an idea she plans to pitch to the family court judges that could help with prevention.A 70-year-old woman has died following a house fire in Cohoes. McDonald said Redcross had a son who lived upstairs." Kingston parent Janai McDonough said. Not just punishing the parents. you need to enable JavaScript.To view our videos. Cohoes Mayor John McDonald tells us the fire likely started after Beverly Redcross fell asleep while smoking in her living room. N. -.Y. Residents say Kingston has a lot to offer. Also to help combat crime.

discuss o x  Next story in Crime & courts Virginia lacrosse murder trial set to start o 4 Advertise | AdChoices related Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images file Los Angeles Police Department gang unit officers stop and frisk a known 18th Street gang member in the Rampart district of Los Angeles in August of last year.Justice Department to spend nearly $50 million to fight gangs and guns Below: 1. o x Jump to discuss comments below o 2. updated 5/15/2007 2:00:09 PM ET .

Many youths have little parental oversight and are too easily influenced by gang membership and glamorized violence in popular culture. Results of study into rising crime Faced with the discouraging data. tough penalties on juvenile offenders. obtained by The Associated Press. Loosely organized gangs present the biggest concern for law enforcement officials because they are hard to investigate and their members often commit random acts of crime out of self-protection. says Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in a prepared speech. rose by 3.y y y y Print Font: + - WASHINGTON ² Increasing violence among teenagers and other youths appears to have contributed to a nationwide crime spike. In response. and that laws in some states provide few. the study found: y That a growing number of offenders appear to be younger. Gonzales last fall ordered a study of 18 cities and suburban regions to show why crime is surging.7 percent nationwide during the first six months of 2006. the Justice Department is pledging to spend nearly $50 million this year to combat gangs and guns. y y . FBI data from last fall show violent crimes. Those findings came on top of a 2.2 percent crime hike in 2005 ² the first increase since 2001. including murders and robberies. Gangs and gun violence are partly to blame for the rise in crime that is on pace to increase for the second straight year. the Justice Department said Tuesday. According to Gonzales¶ prepared remarks and a Justice Department fact sheet. if any. and will push Congress to enact new laws to let the federal government better investigate and prosecute violent crime. and their crimes more violent.

This material may not be published.y Offenses committed by people using firearms pose a major threat not only to communities. 4 Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices Discuss: Rising crime blamed on youth violence. All rights reserved. So-called ³straw purchases. broadcast. © 2012 The Associated Press. according to the Justice Department fact sheet. rewritten or redistributed. The Justice Department plans to distribute $18 million in grants nationwide this year to prevent and reduce illegal gun sales and other firearms crimes. gangs 0 total comments Justice Department to spend nearly $50 million to fight gangs and guns Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices View all comments Leave your comment crime Violent crime (Drug crimes Knife crime among of crimes . but also to police. is an area of concern. Gonzales also will announce spending $31 million in new funds this year to combat gangs.´ where gun owners buy their firearms through a go-between. The department also is working on a new crime bill to help federal authorities assist local and state police in cases involving juvenile crime.

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