1. The voter goes to the party representing and gets a “How to Vote” card. 2.

He/she then goes to the polling clerk who crosses out their names to show they have voted. 3. The clerk then gives them a ballot paper. 4. They then go to a polling booth where they vote the party who they want to vote for by putting a number for each person on the voting paper. 5. When each person has finished voting, she/he puts the ballot paper into a ballot box. How to deliver a package Well, students, now let me tell you about how to send a package from the post office. You usually send package for your family, don’t you? Yes … when? On Lebaran Day or New Year or other occasions. By the way, what must you do first when you are in the post office? … right, you must ask for the form for sending package from the post office employee on duty. What do you do then? Have the package weighed to decide the postal fee. After that, fill the form completely. If you have any difficulties, ask someone for Healthy food preparation Food which has been prepared or stored in unhealthy conditions causes many people to become ill. Here are several steps you can take when preparing food at home to minimize the risk of getting sick.  First, wash your hands well. Use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds- the same time as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.  Don’t forget to clean under your finger-nails too.  Rinse off the soap then dry your hands on a clean towel.  Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, especially if they will be eaten raw. Just use water, don’t use soap for that!  Keep uncooked and cooked meat separate. Anzac Biscuits You will need 2 cups of rolled oats 1 ½ cups of caster sugar 4 tablespoons of golden syrup 2 tablespoons of boiling water 1 cup of plain flour 250 grams of butter 1 teaspoon of baking soda

1. Turn oven 1600C 2. Lightly grease over tray 3. Mix oats, flour and sugar in a large bowl 4. Melt butter and golden syrup in a pan 5. Mix baking soda and boiling water in a cup 6. Add this mixture to melted butter and golden syrup 7. Add this to the oats mixture in the large bowl, mix together well 8. Roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into balls. Put on tray 5 cm apart 9. Press lightly on top of each with a fork 10Bake for 20 minutes HOW TO PLAY JACKS What you need : a small rubber ball and ten small metal objects called jacks How to play them : 1. Put the ten jacks on the floor or ground in front of you. 2. Toss the ball up ( but not too high ), pick up one jack, and then catch the ball. 3. Keep the jack in your hand and then continue to pick the other jack one at a time 4. When you finish all ten jacks, try to do something again but with two jacks

Cook the shallots and garlic until it smells nice a spatula 4. Slice the shallots and garlic a knife 2. add the fruit . Then. put several ice cubes at the 2.Next. Season with some salt and pepper 6. add a small bundle of mint leaves . Stir the rice until all the ingredients are mixed well 7. fill the glass half full with 3.Then. mix until all the fruit is lightly coated with the dressing . fill the glass almost full with soda 4.Fried Rice Ingredients: A plate of rice 2 tablespoons oil 1 tablespoon soybean sauce 1 egg 5 shallots 2 cloves of garlic some salt and pepper Steps: Equipments: 1. Next. make the dressing by putting the orange juice and honey in a large bowl and mix them well . Put the rice on a plate Mix it Up Salad You’ll need: 1/3 cup of orange juice 1 tablespoon of honey 1 ½ cups honeydew melon – cut in half 1 bowl of strawberries – cut in half 2 cups of grapes 1 green apple – cut into cubes 2 oranges – cut in bite – sized pieces Equipments: Measuring cups and spoons A large bowl A whisk or a fork What to do: . Finally.Put it in the refrigerator for one hour Sparkle Punch You’ll need: Several ice cubes bottom of the glass ½ cup of grapefruit juice grapefruit juice ½ cup of soda water water a slice of lemon – round end and slide the cut a bundle of mint leaves Steps: 1. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it a frying pan 3.First . First. Put the rice into the pan a plate 5. Cut. the lemon round open on one over the edge of the glass 5.

B6. B12. (Adapted from Functional English.blogspot. using your knife. All you need are 350 g of flat egg noodles. mix well. garlic powder. Cooking Instruction : Boil 400 ml (2 glasses) of water in a pan Add noodle. place a small bundle of mint leaves on the yoghurt for garnish HOW TO MAKE FRIED NOODLES Fried noodles are easy to make. There will come out the sprout after that let it be bigger. salt. B5. It should be in open area Next. Firstly.SUNRISE SALAD You’ll need: Ingredients: ½ cup of strawberries A knife ½ cup of grapes A large bowl 1 banana A small bowl 1 small bottle of plain yoghurt A small bundle of mint leaves for garnish Steps:  First. Finally I decorate my fried noodles with slices of cucumber and tomatoes. Niasin. wash the fruit and let it dry on paper towel  Then. 25 g of chopped garlic. put the seasoning. trim the green off the strawberries and cut them in half or into slices if they are very large  Next. salt. Next I add the garlic and the bean sprouts and fry it for 3 minutes. 100 g of bean sprouts and 15 ml of soy sauce. wait it. 45 ml vegetable oil. Source: http://Understandingtext. The following is guided information on how to plant a chili-plant easily. Oil : vegetable oil and onion Sweet say sauce : sugar. stir slowly for 3 minutes. B1. After that I put the mushrooms in. acidity regulator. When it’s cooked. water. put the seeding on the soil. I take it out and put it in a large plate. Then I add the noodles and the soy sauce and stir it. While the noodle is being cooked. slice the banana into chunks  After that. 225 g of mushrooms. put it in another big pot. chicken flavour powder. . First I cook the noodles in boiling water and drain it. 200 g of chicken strips. flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate). Widya Utama. 2004. dry a handful seeding under the sunlight Secondly. colouring (tartrazine cligiyo) and mineral ciron) Flavouring : sugar. combine all the fruit in an individual bowl and mix  Add a bit of yoghurt on top of the fruit salad  Finally. Finally. the noodle is ready to be served. Then I pour the oil into a hot sauce pan and add the strips of chicken. Sprinkle fried crispy onion. Here are the steps. sweet soysauce and chili sauce in a bowl. pepper powder. Folic Acid. thickener. Tony Rogers. salt. sweet soysauce and chili sauce. It will soon grow bigger and bigger and yield us some fresh chilies soon. edible vegetable oil.) Planting is a nice activity in our spare time. Take the cooked noodle from the boiling water and drain it. Put the cooked noodle into the bowl with seasoning. soybean and preservative (sodium benzoale) Chili sauce and crispy onion * Vit A.com Composition : Noodle : wheat flour.

Scroll on down to TCP and open it.  Take a thankful strip and make a circle with it.com These are the composition of noodle. overlapping the ends by approximately ½ inch. Choose the best data plan for Blackberry that will be used. Cut the strips out carefully with the scissors and make separate piles for each strip color. APN: blackberry. 2. yellow. and use the strips without writing as filler between the thankful strips. colouring D. 3. squares of green peppers. Eight Squares of green pepper Onions Salad Tikka seasoning mixture Steps: Cut onion into quarters. Put cubes of lambs.  Leave some strips and a marker available for adding more thankful-for links to add to the chain as you think of them. seven Cubes of six lambs B. Click on advanced options. 5. 4. D. Make a circle with the filler strip. water B. green. Grill them. so people will be able to read it. Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India) . Tape the ends in place. except : A. five C. Wheat flour TIKKA KEBAB How many composotions of seasoning are mentioned in the text? Ingredients: A.5 inches long. and onion squares on bamboo skewers and marinate them in Tikka seasoning. overlapping the ends ½ inch. Make the strips all 1 inch wide and 8. Subscribe to T-Mobiles Blackberry internet package. thickener C.voicestream. click the little wrench and go to options menu. Make sure the writing faces out.  Continue making circles with the strips and connecting them to make a chain. blue) Scissor Marker Clear tape Steps:  Measure and mark off the strips on the different pieces of construction paper. From the home screen.net APN: internet2.  Take a filler strip and pass one end through the circle of the thankful strip. Use an assortment of different-colored strips to write the thankful-for messages.Thanksgiving Paper Chains Things you’ll need: • • • • • • Ruler Pencil Construction paper (red. Tape these ends in place.  Group all of the strips with thankful items in a pile. Set Up Blackberry Internet Connection (T-Mobile) 1.  Use the marker to begin to write things each person is thankful for onto the centre of the trips.

The writer of the e-mail How to Make A Cup of Coffee First. C.. D. stir well. Person who send the e-mail D. How much sugar do we need to make a cup of coffee? a. put a teaspoon of coffee into a cup. write your message What does the word “recipient” in the text mean? A. type your name C. open the message program B. To inform how to serve Salad. To inform how to make Tikka Kebab. Type the name/ the e-mail address of the recipient. pour hot water. Recipe C. Three teaspoons d. Then. You have to . insert your picture D.What is the purpose of the text? A. A teasppon c. Addressee B. To explain what is needed to make salad. Two spoons b. Four spoons . After that.. write your message in the “Message window” click on the “send” icon or select “send” from the file menu. B. To explain what Tikka Kebab is. Finally. Second. You can also send your e-mail to more than one person by entering multiple addresses. before clicking the “send” icon or selecting it from the file menu. make sure to enter the address correctly otherwise the message will return to you. First Second Third Fourth Fifth Open your “e-mail program” launch “a new message window” by clicking on the appropriate icon. add two teaspoons of sugar. type the subject of your e-mail/ message. the coffee is ready to serve. A.

the phone. Then. switch on d. Prepare the material. slide the cover and lift the battery. frequency c. turn on b. move f. signal b. Put the coffee. 6. Finally. next b. 2. Second. The underlined word means …. Pressing the starter button c. 5. a. insert the SIM card into its slot. The first player throws carefully his or her marble toward the hole. switch off c. Now. The player whose marble is closest to the hole tries to click his or her marble into the hole. 2. 3. e. Next you must dig a hole in the ground and draw a line a fair distance away from the hole. First … (48). Waiting the bread to pop up d. 7. 5. 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 5 d. take d. Putting some butter and jam on the toast .What should we do after we pour hot water into a cup? c. butter and jam Steps :       Put two slices of bread into the toaster Press the starter Lower the bread into the toaster Leave them for a few minutes Let them pop up Spread some butter and jam on the toast What is the last activity that we do in making a toast? a. 4 – 6 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 5 b. Putting the bread into the toaster b. although d. 4 – 6 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 5 How to Insert the SIM Card into the Mobile Phone 1. 3. slide the cover back onto the mobile phone. … (49). last a. First. 4. 4. turn of a. Stir it well. you must dub (click marble together). If successful. 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 5 c. Serve the cup of coffee. After that stir it well. however c. light d. put Arrange these sentences to make a good paragraph 1. pull the battery lock on the back of the phone. shadow How to make a toast Things you need: two slices of bread. Then you must check that the marbles are in good condition and are nearly worth the same value. d. Then the second player tries to throw his or her marble to the hole then his or her opponent. this player tries to flick his or her opponent’s marble into the hole. a. After that. align the golden connectors on the battery with the corresponding connector on the phone. d. mix c. switch on your phone and you will see the … (50) of your SIM card on the phone. 6. c.

. Fertile 2. Next. Seeds will . seed tray or small pots.. d. 31/2 tablespoon water. first. and young coconut into serving bowl. fill seed tray with soil. To serve this dessert. (49) the seed bed. burnt d.. Then covers seeds with a 3 mm layer of soil. it serves in a glass How to germinating petunia seed. b. pandan leaves and water in a small saucepan and heat for a few minutes over low heat until sugar dissolves cool syrup 2.(48) seeds.500 ml of boiling water. Five d.. water and fertilizer The steps are.. 4. presses firmly. b.400g ripe avocado.. next scatter seeds on the surface of the soil. Three b. c.. b. 6. The italic word means. 3.. then incorporate fertilizer into soil. Then place seed tray in warm. jack fruit. 2 pandan leaves.How many steps do we have to do in making a toast? a. Add a little syrup to sweeten top with crushed ice on drizzle on a little condensed milk serve immediately. spray water to . 3 young coconut.. c. Four c. sunny position(at least 25°C) At least keep soil moist by watering gently white seeds are germinating.. c. 5. Six Let the bread to pop up. a. 400g ripe jack fruit. in my friable soil or potting mix. What is the correct statement based on the text above? The goal of the text is how to make iced fruit cocktail with condensed milk There are three steps in the text above There are ten ingredients in the text above d. you will need a packed of. d. a. (50) in about 10-14 days a Germinating b. come out b. insert c. a. condensed milk Methods I . meat scraped out crushed ice. place generous spoonfuls of cubed avocado.200gr of sugar Step 1. break How to make jelly Material: one pack of jelly crystals.… a. Boil the water Put the jelly crystals into the boiling water Add the sugar Stir well until crystal dissolved Pour mixture into bowl Refrigerate until firm What is the goal of the text? How to make cake Put the jelly crystals How to make jelly How to make pudding Stir well until crystals dissolved The underline word mean Failed Cooked Boiled mixed well Es teller ( iced fruit cock tail with condensed milk) Ingredients :11/2 cups sugar.Combine sugar.

Refrigerate until firm. make a firm refrigerator b. select “withdrawal from checking” … 49) the amount of money that you want to withdraw. 200 ml of cold water. remove it. First of all. When your money appears. 4. c. 2. refrigerator makes firm c. 3. Dry b. . How to Make Jelly Jelly can be made very simply by the following these directions: You will need one packet of jelly crystals. a pair of jelly crystals c. Pour mixture into a bowl. Finally. b. When the machine ask if you are finished. 5. Which one does not belong to the ingredients to make jelly? a. Punch in your personal identification number (PIN) When the choices appear. 6. press “Yes. Adjust the sound level. 1. 2. Grow b. 250 ml of boiling water. a. Second. Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals into the jug. 3. and a bowl. Add cold water and stir. 2. 3. d. a 500 ml jug. Refrigerate until firm. Supply d. 5. put in a refrigerator until firm d. Germinate c. 6. Grow b. Take your card. 6. Withdrawing Cash with an ATM Card Read the direction Put your … 48) into slot. Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals into the jug. Stir until crystals dissolved. 8. insert a blank cassette into the cassette compartment.Petunia Friable a. Moisten a. Pour mixture into a bowl. 7. 4. c. c. 1. b. 250 ml of boiling water b. a. 9. a 500 ml jug d. Fertilizer b. 200 ml of cold water Refrigerate until firm means …. Add boiling water. Stir until crystals dissolved. don’t put in a refrigerator What must we do before adding the boiling water? a. 3-6-1-4-2-5 4-3-6-1-2-5 1-3-6-4-2-5 3-6-4-1-2-5 1. Clean c. Press the record button. Arrange the sentences below into good order! How to record news from the radio Set the function switch to the tape position. 4. choose the radio station that broadcast English news. 5. d. push the stop or eject button.” … 50) the receipt.

enter d. a. • After that. c) Third. volume It is very easy to operate a computer. form a. d) Second. wait until someone speaking. put watch 3. money b. First. put a spoonful (or more) of coffee and sugar as you like into the cup. cable b. g-f-e-d-c-a-b b. served it d. three c. hot water Re arrange the following sentences to make a correct paragraph! a) Then. coffee d.a. choose a program you need with the mouse. pour hot water into the cup stir well • Finally your coffee is ready to be served How many steps are there to make a cup of coffee? a. a-b-c-d-e-f-g c. We have to make sure that it is well connected to electricity. select How to make a cup of Coffee Materials : • Boiled ( hot) water • Coffee • Sugar Steps: • First. plug b. five d. Then choose the best Program you want to watch. press c. put in c. ‘nice talking to you’ at the end of your speech. fill in b. . a-b-c-d-e-g-f d g-f-e-d-a-c-b How to operate the TV First plug the … (48) into an electrical outlet. antenna c. Finally. take put d. 1. mix it c. click b. a. signal d. you can go on your work with it. Then. push the power button at the CPU and monitor. insert a. cable d. volume 2. d. sugar d. except … a. four What should we do after putting coffee and sugar into the cup? a. Second (49) … the power button. identify d. punch c. After that a just the … ( 50) Finally watch and enjoy the programmer. dial the number you are calling up e) First. phone holder. Second. card c. take the phone holder f) There are the telephone set itself. and dialing number g) You must pay attention to the parts of telephone set a. pour hot water Below are materials for making a cup of tea. say hello and your name as well as your need b) Finally say. a. wait for a moment until we can see a picture on the screen. program c. prepare a cup • Then. water b. two b. signal b. stir it b.

• 100 gram apples. to explain how to use a blender b. Put on the cover. except . a. Turn off the computer c. Mix for about 10 – 60 seconds. c. Choose a program We can see the picture on the screen. cut into halves. 5. Never use any boiling water otherwise this appliance will be out of order. Never use boiling water What should you do before using the blender for the second time? Wash it thoroughly Wait for a few minutes Clean it with hot water Put some hot water in it a. The second step is to put in the upper base completely with the main base c. mouse d. to describe a blender This statement is true according to the text. Make sure it is well connected b. 3. 4. Be sure that the electric is off. How to make grape Cruz. . white color. Screen has the similar meaning with…. Put it the thing you want to mix after you cut them. to give a report about blender c. Then add some liquid (not more than 1 liter) into it. cut into small cubes. . d. cut into small trigonal. Put in the upper base completely with the main base. 6. • 2 tablespoons of water orange. We need : • 1 tablespoon of water melon. . We must cut the things before we mix them to make the material easily mixed b. So. button b. Check the screen d.What is the first step to operate a computer? a. 2. Connect the electricity How to Use a Blender Instruction: 1. b. • 75 gram fresh strawberry. • ½ lemon. wait for a few minutes before reusing it. This blender cannot be used for 5 minutes continuously. ( Taken from English for SMP Students – Yudhistira) What is the purpose of the text? a. CPU c. a. monitor What is a power button for? a. . Turn on the computer b. to entertain the readers d. Push the power button c. It will make the material easy to mix. • 300 ml sweet soda drink. Wait for a moment d. Using some boiling water will not make the appliance out of order d.

throw up into something d. three d. grapes juice. grapes juice.. This is your raft. You will need: • • • • • A piece of thin card Washing-up liquid A drinking straw A bowl of water Scissors How to make : Take a rectangular shaped piece of card. WhatWhen you remove your finger from the top of the straw. put out of from something c. to almost halfway up the card. Then cut a channel from the middle of the straight end. grape c. • Place the other end of the straw over the wide end of the channel on the raft. dip the straw into the washing-up liquid. What makes the drink more attractive? a. orange d. • Now. the washing liquid will is the purpose of the text? A. scatter in something How many steps are there to make grape Cruz? a.• 500 ml grapes juice. one b.make a raft B. Place the raft carefully on the water so that the side facing you stays dry. To describe the methods to move a raft C. a. To the water in how to drip onto tell the steps the gap. To show the instruction to sell a raft D. • Ice cubes Decorating ingredient Fresh strawberry How to make it. • Add cut of fresh strawberries and apples. four River Raft Here is how to make a cardboard raft that move on the top of the water without any string or wind to help it. two c. To announce about a new raft What do you do before making the end of the channel wider than the rest? • . The word “pour” has the same meaning with ….”. Put your finger over the end of the straw and remove it from the bottle. • Input the ice cube. flow out of or into something b. Make the end of the channel wider than the rest of it. Cut one end into a shape of an arch. watermelon b. water orange and lemon. • Mix water lemon. strawberry “Pour soda drink. Serve them soon into four glasses. • Pour soda drink.

Beat the butter and sugar to cream .Mix with the milk . Drop J. Five c. Six d.Add lightly beaten egg.Pour the flour . G. F. Beat them . H. Cut the cake into ten pieces What is the aim of the text? a. c.Bake in hot oven for fifteen minutes . Seven How long do we bake the cake? . Put How many things are needed according to the text? M. Place carefully the raft on the water Put some drop of washing-up liquid in the gap Cut a channel from the middle of the straight end. Two b. Place L. To describe apple cake.Cool on a wire rack for twenty minutes. cut into pieces  1 gram vanilla  100 gram flour  ½ glass milk . Three N. d. To retell someone’s experience to make apple cake. Four O. Place your finger over the end of the straw “When you remove your finger from the top of the straw. To tell us how to make apple cake. b. the washing liquid will drip onto the water in the gap”. How many methods do we need to make the cuisine (santapan)? a. Five P. Six Generic Structure Goal Ingredients Steps Procedure Text Making Apple Cake  50 gram butter  75 gram sugar  Two eggs  50 gram apple. Pour K. What does the underlined word mean? I. pieces of apple and vanilla.E. To inform us about how to cool apple cake.

htm) What is the purpose of the text above? a. c. Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. or starts in a deep blue sky. d. d. How much flour do we need? a.com/paperfans1. To entertain the readers with Fan-Tastic Paper Fan. 2 ounce. Draw a picture on the paper using pastel chalks or markers. Make bigger fans to decorate your room. To describe what Fan-Tastic Paper Fan is. (http://home. b. . d. 70 minutes. 50 minutes. b. Staple or tape the folds together. 20 minutes. To tell the readers how to make Fan-Tastic Paper Fan. To start the fanfold.a. 1 ounce. What should we do after we cut the paper? a. yummy birthday cakes. 15 minutes. ¾ ounce.howstuffworks. ½ ounce. Fan-Tastic Paper Fan What you’ll need:  Construction paper    Scissors Ruler Transparent tape or stapler and staples Pastel chalks or markers  Fan-Tastic Paper Fan How to make a Fan-Tastic Paper Fan: Step 1 : Cut a 6x12-inch piece of construction paper. fold one end over about one inch. c. Turn the paper over and fold the end up. b. c. c. b. Step 2 : Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. Draw a picture on it. Draw pretty butterflies. To tell that making Fan-Tastic Paper Fan is easy. Continue folding the paper in accordion-like pleats. Step 3 : Staple or tape the folds together at one end to hold it in place.

d. C. Make a small hole in something. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. B. Begin. . Finish. . C. Get. What do we need to prick the skin of the duck? Salt. Black pepper. Crisp Roast Duck Ingredients 1 Long island duck 2 cups boiling-hot water 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper Steps: • Put oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 200° C. D. A. D. C. B. until skin is brown and crisp. Cool duck. Brush something on the surface. D.” (on the second step) What is the similar meaning of the underlined word? a. • Rinse duck inside and out. What’s needed to make some food. then remove from the oven. • Pour boiling-hot water over duck (to tighten skin).” What is the meaning of the underlined word? A. . breast side up. Boiling-hot water. Cut something into a small size. A sharp fork. The steps to make a delicious food. B. A. The instructions to prepare crisp roast duck. . b. Cool the duck. “Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. How to make crisp roast duck. What’s the text about? A. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. B. Pour boiling-hot water over duck. What do we do to tighten the skin of the duck? Rinse duck inside and outside. Pull something on the body. C. Use pastel or chalk or marker to start the fanfold. D. • Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper • Roast duck. c.d. End. “To start the fanfold .