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These are available from their respective webpage. that being a spindle or lathe motor with a 3 pole switch and the speed via a potentiometer.5Kw Spindle Drive Controller 2. you need to familiarise yourself with the appropriate hardware manuals supplied by the component vendors.1 Configuration 1: 1. In this guide I will detail how to control a 3 phase motor. You have been warned again!! 3 . 10K Linear Potentiometer (Jaycar RP3510) 3. 3 Pole toggle switch Pre-Requisites None Light Reading In addition. VFD – Huanyang HY02D223B 1. 1.Chapter 1 Huanyang Speed Control Introduction Previously I wrote a guide on how to control you machines speed via Pulse Width Modulation. 1. Huanyang VFD Manual You should download and read the manual prior to embarking on the configuration set out within this guide. Be aware of the warnings within these manuals relating to Mains Power Interfaces.

This solution comprises of the following specific hardware.5KW HF VFD) Use this diagram to wire up the units FIGURE 1 .Chapter 2 1 Configuration Configuration 1 The following diagram shows the physical connectivity between the elements used in the solution. On the Huanyang VFD this is set as follows. 4 . 3 Phase motor Huanyang HY02D223B (1.CONFIGURATION 1 PHYSICAL TOPOLOGY External Spindle Control Setup Control of your spindle will be via the switch and potentiometer. Therefore we need to tell the VFD that control inputs will be through an external interface and not the front control panel.

Note: The values shaded grey have been included as a reference and are what I used to enable my 3 phase motor to work with the VFD.5 220 63 6. PD Value PD 01 PD 02 PD 03 PD 04 PD 05 PD 06 PD 07 PD 08 PD 09 PD 10 PD 11 PD 70 PD 71 PD 72 PD 73 PD 74 PD 75 PD 76 Manual Control 1 1 11 50 60 2.PD SP INDLE VALUES FIGURE 2 .5 0 0 20 0 50 0 0 0 TABLE 1 .5 0. use the following sequence: 5 .HUANYANG FRONT CONTROL PANE L To set the values in the VFD via the front panel (Figure 2).

5. 6. 3. 6 . 2. Check the wiring diagram and confirm all connections. you will effect the speed accordingly. 4. The motor should start and ramp up to the set speed. 8. Press “Prog” – Enter Programming Mode Press “Up Button” – Sets a value of 1 Press “Set” – Save Value Press “Set” – Enter PD002 as the Software automatically increments numbers Press “Up Button” – Sets a value of 1 Press “Set” – Save Value Press “Prog” – Exit Programming Mode etc Testing Your Spindle Setup Control of your spindle is provided by the switch and potentiometer.1. Set the direction of the motor by selecting FWD or REV on the switch. 2. Check the PD settings on the VFD. 7. Troubleshooting Your Spindle Setup 1. The set speed is governed by the potentiometer and varying the resistance between 0 to 10K.

Chapter 3 Acronyms Acronym ACM PROG PWM Vi VFD +10V Meaning Common Terminal of Analog & Control Signals Programming Mode Pulse Width Modulation Analog Voltage Frequency Reference Input Variable Frequency Drive Power Supply for Speed Setting 7 .