Managing Negative Emotions General Guidelines Here are few general guidelines for managing negative emotions. .

First, identify the feeling. Next, ask if is a healthy feeling. Then list your options and chose the one which is most likely to lead to your long-term happiness. After asking these first two questions, the next step is to ask what would help you feel better. Try to focus on answers which are in your control, since it would be easy, but not too helpful, to think of things ways others could change so you would feel better. Another question is to ask how you want to feel. This helps you direct your thoughts in a positive direction. To summarize, here are some helpful questions:
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How am I feeling? Is it a healthy feeling? How do I want to feel? What would help me feel better (that I can control)?

At adolescence many emotional conflicts affects psyche of adolescents or teenagers. Changes occur simultaneously at both the body and psyche level during this stage. While reacting to changes; adolescents or teenagers often ask themselves like who am I? And why do I feel this way? Why do I have such swinging moods where one minute I'm in heaven and the next down? Each teenager is an individual with a unique personality, inherent behavior and unique existing circumstances as well as special interests, likes and dislikes. However, there are also numerous developmental issues that everyone faces during the adolescent years. Because of the following general reasons, turbulent teenager mind gets confused: Changes at body level. Unusual feelings at body level during this transition phase like sensation of creeping ants over the body or titillations. Intuition of judging people develops doubting tendencies. Difficulty in adjusting the surroundings. Emotional conflicts and complications often occur while reacting girlfriends and boyfriends. Difficulty in forming proper friendship.

The normal feelings and behaviors at adolescence by adolescents or teenagers display following common symptoms: Movement towards Independence Increased independent functioning Complaints that parents interfere with independence Firmer and more cohesive sense of identity and struggle with sense of identity Feeling awkward or strange about one's self and one's body Examination of inner experiences Ability to think ideas through Conflict with parents begins to decrease Increased ability for delayed gratification and compromise Increased emotional stability Increased concern for others Increased self-reliance Peer relationships remain important and take an appropriate place among other interests Future Interests and Cognitive Changes Work habits become more defined Increased concern for the future More importance is placed on one's role in life Feelings of love and passion Development of more serious relationships Firmer sense of sexual identity Increased capacity for tender and sensual love Morals. Changing attitude towards school and related activities like homework or tuitions. Worrying about future and confusion in selecting suitable career. and Self-Direction Display shyness. mainly mother or grandparents. depression or anxiety. Emotional chaos creates negativities at both body and psyche level like change in dietary pattern.Find difficulty in differentiating love. self-pity. Temptation towards alcohol or drugs usually starts with persistence of friends. Values. blushing. sex and affection. Emotional conflicts with family members. and modesty Girls develop physically sooner than boys Increased interest in the opposite sex Movement toward heterosexuality with fears of homosexuality Concerns regarding physical and sexual attractiveness to others Frequently changing relationships Worries about being normal . Sometimes compassion over parents behavior. lovesick or break-heart.

Greater capacity for setting goals Interest in moral reasoning Capacity to use insight Increased emphasis on personal dignity and self-esteem Social and cultural traditions regain some of their previous importance Focus on self. particularly when stressed Mostly interested in present.considered normal for each stage of adolescence. especially when they perceive a situation as dangerous. or painful and they do not have the resources to cope.can help them in molding their psyche in a manner to handle the very situation. identification of their faults Less overt affection shown to parents. inadequately managed stress can lead to anxiety. difficult. Some teens become overloaded with stress. Many individuals may experience stress. alcohol. aggression. limited thoughts of future Intellectual interests expand and gain in importance Greater ability to do work (physical. but the feelings and behaviors are -in general. teenagers or .concept Interests and clothing style influenced by peer group Moodiness Improved ability to use speech to express one's self Realization that parents are not perfect. When it happens. and marijuana) Individual Teenager or adolescent do vary slightly from the above descriptions. with occasional rudeness Tendency to return to childish behavior. mental. emotional) Rule and limit testing Capacity for abstract thought Development of ideals and selection of role models More consistent evidence of conscience Experimentation with sex and drugs (cigarettes. Usually teenagers or adolescents face stressful situations for following reasons: School demands and frustrations Negative thoughts and feelings about themselves Changes in their bodies Problems with friends and/or peers at school Unsafe living environment/neighborhood Separation or divorce of parents Chronic illness or severe problems in the family Death of a loved one Moving or changing schools Taking on too many activities or having too high expectations Family financial problems Customized course of Bach essences --that we advice-. or poor coping skills such as drug and/or alcohol use. withdrawal. hypertension during this phase. physical illness. alternating between high expectations and poor self. At this adolescence stage.

frustration. They can debilitate lives extremely quick by causing disparity in energy system. poor self image. . communication apprehension.e. laziness. This novel concept is highly acclaimed by our worldwide clients. which triggers a sequence of emotional imbalance (i. persistent agony. uncontrolled anger. arrogance. excessive shame. tensions and sufferings achieve peace of mind and bring the Ultimate Happiness! "Balancing Emotions" will purge Negative Emotions in psyche and shape your innate behavior in a way to face every life challenge by avoiding pessimistic approach towards life. absentmindedness. A bad relationship. dosage schedule and some simple norms along with basic instructions. envy. frustration. jealousy. uncontrolled anger. This prescription-like essence plan consists of a list of selective Bach remedies (-available worldwide) along with their efficacious combinations. mental instability. stress. greed.). bitterness. It is needless to mention that these negative emotions are tremendously powerful. Role of typical Negative emotions in adolescents and teenagers during Adolescence. This consultation program is specially developed and designed for Internet users! It contains a list of personalized essences. melancholia. inferiority complex. guidelines and expertise. frustration and many other factors can change your overall attitude towards life which may directly impede your overall performance. fear. means everything that you need to know to get started. dodging etc. a history of abuse. Personalized essence combinations can help them to handle the state of affairs.customized to your unique health needs. (i. guilt. dawdling. suggestions. we thoroughly analyze your overall nature. your general attitude towards life with the help of our specially-designed simple online survey and then recommend a proprietary plan of Bach flower essences -a course of natural homeopathic remedies. suspicious nature. inferiority complex etc. Often the causes of "Conflicts at Adolescence in teenagers and adolescents " are more mental than physical. whilst you will be able to derive maximum life pleasure from whatever resources are available with you! For correcting "emotional imbalance" we offer personalized consultation. low grasping. mental instability. Lessen "Negative Emotions" in psyche. Such tendencies are deep-rooted in mind and nurtured by excessive Negative Emotions.e.adolescents need assistance of their inner soul to guide them on their way.) boost latent inner ability Mold the inherent behavior in accordance with the existing circumstances and surrounding conditions get rid of worries. persistent agony or melancholy. We send you this simple course via email. poor will power. Through this online consultation. which ultimately culminates in ill health. sloth. recommended efficacious combinations. run and maintain the essence program. especially tailored to your unique personality. escapism or shilly-shallying tendencies.