lit up Formula One for 12 glorious years and spawned a global industry. Alfred Büchi. and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers. Cote. Some of the most recognizable products are its line of home thermostats (particularly the iconic round type).000.[2] The company is headquartered in Morristown. THE POWER OF TURBO In 1905. . Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company with a workforce of approximately 130. from private consumers to major corporations and governments. radial piston engine and axial turbine on a common shaft. and Autolite. was acquired by the much larger AlliedSignal in 1999. New Jersey. Turbo put performance into the pedal. Dr. New Jersey.INTRODUCTION Honeywell International. Its current chief executive officer is David M." is the product of a merger in which Honeywell Inc. however the combined company chose the name "Honeywell" because of its superior brand recognition. The company headquarters were consolidated to AlliedSignal's headquarters in Morristown.000 are employed in the United States. is a major conglomerate company that produces a variety of consumer products. Honeywell has many brands that consumers may recognize. Garrett turbochargers. that put the ¶hot· into hot rods. engineering services. It was a design innovation that would eventually change the face of performance engine manufacturing forever. Fram. patented a power unit comprising an axial compressor. Inc. The company and its corporate predecessors were part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index from December 7. the chief engineer at Sulzer Brothers Research and Development. cranked up the torque that moves products around the world ² and made driving fun. 2008. The current "Honeywell International Inc. and automotive products sold under the names of Prestone. It·s the technology that helped to change the driving habits of millions of people around the world. of which approximately 58. 1925 until February 9.

000 he borrowed on his own. plus $5. Garrett founded the company that would later become the Garrett Corporation. With encouragement and financial support from friends like Jack Northrop and Harry Wetzel. . one-room office in Los Angeles.HOW A TURBO CHARGER WORKS GARRETT TURBOCHARGERS The heritage of the turbo business began in 1936 when young Cliff Garrett formed his company in a tiny.

BMW.Today that business couldn't be more different. and operates manufacturing plants in France. Japan and China. Mexico. TURBO TECHNOLOGY TIME LINE 1955-Wastegate 1988-Ballbearing 1989-Variable geometry turbine 1999-Rotary electric Actuator (REA) 2003. including Audi. International Truck Co. France. Romania.Pricing strategy followed by the company and its target segment. Product .Distribution network setup by the company for its products. Switzerland. Japan and China THE 4PS OF MARKETING The marketing mix for any company consists of the 4P·s i. Fiat.000 employees and serves the leading global engine and vehicle manufacturers.Promotional and advertising strategies of the company 4. United Kingdom. design and features. Over time. Renault. DaimlerChrysler. Place . 3. Pricing . Promotion .Dual Stage Turbo Garrett Corporation is now rechristened as Honeywell Turbo Technologies and is headquartered in Morges. 1. The company has engineering centers in US. 2.e. Garrett product is produced by over 6. Peugeot. the turbocharging business spun off to establish itself as a serious player in the engine boosting industry. Saab and Volkswagen. Ford. United Kingdom. . Italy. DDC.The basic product innovation.

y The Garrett® portfolio extends to over 3. An example of product innovation by Garrett is the improvement from the GT1241 turbocharger to the GT2554R turbo charger. COMPARISON BETWEEN GT1241 AND GT2554R Turbo Charger GT1241 GT2554R Bearing Journal Ball Horse Power 50-130 170-270 Engine displacement 0.2L . products are fully enabled to operate with the advanced actuation systems that integrate turbo control into the vehicle·s ECU. Initailly Garrett started of by producing turbochargers for passenger vehicles .It has now branched off to producing the following: y y y y y y y Turbo Kits Turbo chargers Power Max Performance Diesel OE replacements Intercoolers Wastegates Blow off Valves In the Turbo Charger segment it has gone from chargers for passenger cars to performance cars. y For trucks and off-highway equipment.2. Product There·s a Garrett® turbo for just about every size of diesel or gasoline light vehicle engine ² from 0.4L-1.3L 1.1.500 models ² from free-floating and wastegate turbos to world-leading Variable Nozzle Turbine technology and two-stage systems.6 liter power units to 12 liter and everything in between. y Where appropriate.7L. Garrett® product range meets the needs of engines with power ratings from 60hp to a mighty 4000hp.

Garrett is sponsoring about 25 race teams in different categories of racing. Driver.637 sec ET) and Fastest (216. 3.Rick Snavely (Bothwel Motorsports) 2005FordMustangGT PSCA 10. The pricing strategy for the performance turbochargers segment is premium pricing . Different pricing has been applied to its diversified range of products. This is a part of their promotional /advertising strategies to promote their performance turbochargers.Garrett has kept in mind that it also needs to cater to the bottom of the pyramid and hence has low priced versions of its products too.2. The pricing keeping in view the brand value of the company is quite effective and is at par with the market price. Price The pricing strategy for Garrett is highly competitive with its competitors such as Cummins Turbochargers. Some of the teams sponsored by Garrett are 1. Pricing depending on type of turbocharger can vary from 150 odd dollars to over 3000 dollars.5 Outlaw Twin Garrett GT4718R PSCA Record Holder Quickest (6. Hence the company is managing to cover all the price categories in the market by its product diversification.17mph) . Promotion Honeywell turbo technologies under the brand named of Garrett turbocharger are sponsoring race teams in various motor sports events.

There are over 400 distributors for Garrett Turbo chargers and their tag line for the Garrett Distribution system is ¶Wherever you are in the world. Driver-Dave Brown (Works Automotive Engineering) 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X Redline Time Attack Garrett GT3076R Evo X Upgrade Kit Honeywell turbo technologies also promote its range of turbo chargers through TV commercials and bill boards to advertise their products for passenger cars and heavy vehicles in the USA and European countries. you·re never far from a Garrett® turbo¶. Place The distribution system of Honeywell turbo Technologies is a vast network covering 70 countries all over the world. Driver. 4.Jeff Abbott (Jeff Abbott Racing) Mazda Miata Xtreme Drift Circuit Garrett GTX3071R 3. Honeywell Turbo has very strict requirements that have to be fulfilled to become a distributer of the Garrett Turbocharger. .2.

Garrett expects its partners to be embedded in their local markets and to lead through continuous investment in advanced logistics. product knowledge and support. For this purpose they can they can follow the example of K&N air filter CO.Garrett can try to collaborate with a motor bike company an try to introduce turbo charging in bikes. 2. Garrett in INDIA In INDIA Honeywell Turbo Technologies has a Global production center at Pune. engine rebuilders. racing teams etc. It also has a Global Research and Development Center at Bangalore. and use the print media as well as TV commercials for promotion. Honeywell Turbo Technologies can work to expose the Garrett brand more in developing countries as the trend of Supping up ones car for greater performance is catching up in these countries and the brand awareness of Garrett as a pioneer in Turbo Technology is less among the people. speed of deliver. There are also authorized distributors of Garrett Turbochargers in Mumbai. This could make them a pioneer in the field of turbo charging in commercial bikes . Many distributers even run their own trade shows for wholesalers. Recommendations 1. Karnataka. Maharashtra. Delhi and Kolkata. Motor Bikes are an untapped territory for Turbo chargers .