1 - The Horse In Motion (1878) 2: the first sound film was the Jazz Singer, October 1927 : first film ever made was The horse in Motion, 1878 : olden day films often were stored in a chemical called nitrate : most films were destroyed because they were stored in an acid called nitrate : most olden day films had terrible lighting and were often hard to see what was actually going on in the film

3 Definition of moving pictures: a movie. They were called this because a film is made up of many pictures, put together, so they looked like they were moving. 4 UNABLE TO FIND INFORMATION 5 silent films are films with no recorded sound. However there is usually captions over some of the slides to show you what they were saying, or trying to implement 6 Sound was added to films by the actors/actresses talking into a microphone, which lead into some sort of recording device, which put that sound onto a wax record. When it was time for the movie to play in a theatre, they would just play the record over the movie. 7 - Films in the 1800 s to the 1900 s often went for about 3-30 minutes depending on the plot and how the story mapped out. Where as films in the 1900 s to the 1950 s went for much longer, most films went for about 30 minutes to often 1 hour or more! 8 Did not understand question? How did today s time of 11/2 2 hours become the norm??? 9 Film guidelines are determined by the Board of film classification. The board compares them to all the bad things, Discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behavior, language, nudity, theme, violence, etc and once they figure out if the film has any of these, they mark the farm depending on; G = general, PG = parental guidance, M = Mature, MA15+ - Mature Audience 15 and older, R = Restricted audience only. 10 1800-1900 = UNABLE TO FIND INFO 1900-1920 = Lots of narrative films 1920-1930 = Many full length films 1930-1950 = Sound Films Talkies 1950-1970 = Lots of Colour films

usually seating about 100 people per room. Improved sound. Lighting has a real big part in special effects. and improved film quality. then replaying it after something has been changed/removed can have a magic effect 12 y y y y y y . 1905 What happened before then? = DID NOT UNDERSTAND QUESTION Olden day cinemas were much smaller. have a HUGE screen and have nice comfortable seats and air conditioning! Recent advances in film technology would include 3D films. just bigger then a projector screen and often had fires. because he created it by accident. Had a small screen. 4D. Where as these days.1970-1980 = Horror films 1980-1990 = Westerns & comedies 1990-2000 = Action movies 2000-NOW = Animation & Technological 11 How did cinemas come about? = UNABLE TO FIND INFO First cinema was made on June 19. because the old projectors got soo hot. George Melies is know as the father of special effects. Putting a fake background and putting glass in front of it. Green screen/Blue screens are used to put special pictures or backgrounds behind the object/person in front of it with a special computer program. because it can change the way things look Smoke machines are great for making fog Cutting the video at 1 spot. our cinemas hold about 500 people. Very High Definition. makes the illusion that it looks real.

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