a) Objective b) Rationale for Choosing this Objective a) Methodology b) Target Population c) Selection of Sample d) Questionnaire 3. Presentation of Data 4. Analysis of Data 5. Conclusion 6. Annexure


To conduct a market survey to take in a consumer’s view on the innovative product -Tata Nano.

Rationale for choosing this objective
I chose this objective because tata nano as a concept was an innovative idea, but to actually see it come out as a finished product, I wanted to encompass peoples’ views on it.

I used a simple questionnaire to conduct the survey, choosing the right amount of relevant questions keeping in mind to get a detailed view of what people think of nano as a product.

Target Population

i. people between 18 to 30 years of age. Selection Of Sample Out of 16 samples. keeping in mind that nano is a product of our generation and that it might appeal more to us only. . and 10 people who might buy their first car in one or two years.The population that I thought would be apt for this survey was of young people. I chose 6 people who owned a nano.e.

Which colours of Nano do you prefer? a) Red c) White e) Silver b) Blue d) Yellow f) Others – Specify 5. Which feature of Nano attracts you the most and inspires you to go for it? a) Mileage c) interior space e) All the above b) design d) can’t say 4. will you prefer to go for a NANO a) yes b) no 3. What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you think about NANO? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Instead of purchasing a Bike. For what purpose you would like to use Nano? a) Will offer it to your children to use it in place of a two.Questionnaire Market Survey: Consumer’s View on TATA Nano 1.wheeler b) Will use it as family car for shopping and travel c) Will prefer as a taxi d) Would like to have as a taxi .

Will you recommend NANO to your friends? a) Yes c) Can’t say b) No 8.Specify 6.e) Others. b) After sales d) Comfort and f) I won’t buy it . Why will you buy Nano? a) Low Price service c) Attractive looks convenience e) Patriotism. Can you trust Nano for safety? a) Yes c) Can’t say b) No 11. Which small car would you prefer to buy? a) Alto c) Other b) Nano 9. Do you think Nano is a people’s car? a) Yes c) Can’t say b) No 7. It’s an Indian car. How will you feel if Nano is used as a taxi? a) it’s a great concept b) I don’t think it’s a good idea 10.

When it comes to comfort and convenience.12. Do you think Nano is designed and built according India’s local weather and road conditions? a) Yes c) Not fully b) No 14. Nano is a) Very comfortable and convenience c) Less than average at all comfortable b) Average d) Not 13. Overall satisfaction level has derived as expected from Nano? -2 3 -1 0 1 2 . According to your opinion what can be done to improve Nanos’ sales in local markets? a) Nano should provide new models b) Improve quality and so that car maintainence cost is decreased c) Should reduce car prices d) Lower instalments e) Others – Specify 15.

Presentation Of Data .


Would people choose nano over a bike? Analysis . . Q5. What purpose would they use it for? Analysis – Majority said that they would use it as a family car for shopping.Analysis of Data Q2. ignoring the mileage and other factors. it was a tie. Q3. or will prefer it as a taxi.Of the total people reviewed.What feature attracted them the most? Analysis – Most of the people went for nano’s design. 50% said they would go for a nano whereas the rest would prefer a bike.

5% of people thought of it as a great concept. considering they would. Is nano a people’s car? Analysis – The majority agreed that nano is a people’s car. Why would they. Would they recommend it to their friends? Analysis – 50% of the people said no. Q7. buy nano? Analysis – The fact that this car is phenomenally low priced seems to have .Q6. What would be their reaction if nano was used as a taxi? Analysis – 87. whereas 25% said yes and again 25% weren’t sure. Q9. Q11.

Changes to improve sales in local markets? Analysis – providing new models was the solution that appealed to the majority. Q14. Q12. . Comfort factor? Analysis – comfort factor was rated “average” by majority of the population.grabbed the attention of a lot of people.

I inferred that Five to ten years back. US or some other European nation. “From where will the next big automotive innovation originate?” The answer could have been Japan. Tata's strong will and determination to make the world’s cheapest car has been achieved and . if one was asked. no one would have dreamt of India. Italy.Conclusion Based on the views I got when I conducted. Germany. But as it’s said nothing is impossible.

Many did suggest nano being used as a public transport. Though launch of nano as finished product had great impact on the Indian automotive market. there are still areas in need of upgrades and improvements. .the dream of owning a four wheeler for a common Indian can now be fulfilled. which I think is a great innovative idea but for the future.