Software for Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Aeration Systems

Design, Equipment and Economics

and Grease Chamber Valves Circular Costs Grit Chamber Primary Sedimentation Export Biology Word DWA-A131 Clipboard DWA-M210 DXF COD/BOD Hochschulansatz Chinese Design Regulations (in process) Continuous Activated Sludge Process SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor Process MBR Membrane Activated Sludge Process Anaerobic Chamber Selector Extended Aeration Separate Stage Intermittend Denitrification Simultaneous Denitrification Cascaded Denitrification P-Precipitation. Bio-P External C-Dosage Compressed Air Aeration Surface/Mechanical Aeration Vertical Axis Aerators Horicontal Axis Aerators Membrane Tubes Simple Handling The main level in AQUA DESIGNER leads you through the complete design process. The chinese guidelines has been developed and implemented in collaboration with chinese experts and our partners. Chinese Design Guidelines You can select the german/european or chinese guidelines. The actual step of planning and the according design and engineering options are displayed. . For standard conditions standard values are set. The functionality of AQUA DESIGNER has been fully adapted to the chinese regulations. So you can adapt the calculation basis to the conditions of your project.AQUA DESIGNER: Design Software with Practice Oriented Tools Inflow Aeration Device Input Gridsof specific or absolute inflow data Distribution Pipes Municipal and industrial True Scaled Drawings inflow DXF-Export Supernatant Pipelines Preliminary Diameter Treatment Aerated VelocityGrit. Design of the Aeration True Scaled Drawings support you during the design of the Aeation System. Parameter selection AQUA DESIGNER is variable in the selection of parameters. Tubes and Discs and various constructions are available.

Operational Costs Energy demand. you get detailled balances and design results. EEG Data Banks and Equipment Blower Pumps Air Lift Pumps Mixer Scraper Verification Activated Sludge Tank Secondary Sedimentation Aeration Additional Options Multiline Express Calculation Changeable Parameters Load Variation Sludge Treatment With AQUA DESIGNER you not only design the biological stage.. Sludge treatment includes thickener.from the Preliminary Treatment to the Sludge Treatment Nitrogen Removal The different nitrogen removal processes can also be arranged and calculated as cascaded denitrification. but also preliminary treatment and sludge treatment. Energy production from the sludge treatment will also be taken in consideration... currentand heat-production. Activated Chamber as Combined Chamber Compact Chamber Circular Oxidation Ditch Rectangular Oxidation Ditch Secondary Sedimentation as Circular Chamber Rectangular Chamber Hopper Tank Vertical / Horizontal Sludge Treatment Thickener Digester Energy Balance Generator Balances Yield accord. Loads and balances for supernatant and dry solids are also displayed and reported. consumables. . sludge removal. digester with gas-. precipitants. After distributing the inflow to the cascaded chambers.

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2 2.Numerous Additional Functions and Detailed Documentation Results Documentation of the Calculation Process Description Operational Costs Oxygen Efficiency Load Variation Sludge Level Grafics True Scaled Drawings Mass Calcualtion Bouyancy Sludge Balance Pipeline Diameters Languages German English French Spanish Chinese Polish Hungary Tschech Bulgarian Kroatian Slowenian Export Formats Word Excel DXF Clipboard Service Contextsensitive Help Manual Hotline True Scaled Drawings For all construction variants you can generate true scaled drawings. All steps of calculations are documented with formulars.5 3 3. The drawing can be included into the documents or exported as dxf. . Extensive Documentation You get detailled documentations in high quality format. So the experienced engineer is able to prove the design. so you can edit the documents by yourself and include it in other documents. aerob.5 4 4. documentations and reports are available in 11 languages. charts and graphics. It’s possible to print directly with word.5 TS-BB (kg/m ³) NH4-Ne NO3-Ne Language Versions All tools. tats.5 4 4. 30 Ablaufwerte (mg/l) 25 20 15 10 5 0 2 2.5 TS-BB (kg/m ³) Schlammalter (d) min. For example you can calculate in english or german and print in one or more of the other languages.5 3 3.

Economical Design of Aeration Systems with AQUA AERO A new Quality in Planning Aeration Systems AQUA AERO provides a unique range of functions for the design of the aeration in wastewater treatment plants. Design of Aeration The detailled design of the aeration is important for an oeconomical operation. product properties. the supply for varying loads. In the data bank you will find several manufacturers and a large basis of informations. variants of construction and all theoretical demands. pipelines. considers the local conditions. like type. Data Base for Machines Suitable blowers. . This means not only the design but also construction. economicle tools and project life cycle analysis. You can use AQUA AERO for the economicle design of various aeration systems and you are able to compare them objectively. design information. Aeration System Membrane Aeration Tubes Discs Plates Surface Aeration Mechanical Aeration (in process) Vertical Axis Horicontal Axis Chamber Design Round Tank Ring Tank Rectangular Tank Oxidation Ditch Equipment Rotary Piston Blower Side Channel Blower Turbo Compressors Gradation of Blowers Spare Blower Data Bank Mixer Fast Rotation Slow Rotation Data Bank Data Bank Blower Mixer Aeration Grids Pipelines Valves AQUA AERO is Neutral. pumps or mixers are provided out of a data bank. power. AQUA AERO enables you to define all details. a sufficient elimination efficiency and the evaluation of process and system variants.

True Scaled Drawings True scaled drawing are automatically created in a CAD-environment. The oeconomicle design of the aeration system therefore is important for the efficiency of the whole plant. An important value for the operational cost is the oxygen efficiency. distributors or placing them in the chamber. After designing an aeration system in AQUA AERO you can evaluate the invest. Economy of aeration systems The oxygen input is responsable for about 75 % of the energy demand of a wastewater treatment plant. in order to create aerated and unaerated areas in a chamber.and operational costs. Grids can be collected in zones. .Construction and Economy Aeration Device Grids Distribution Pipes True Scaled Drawings DXF-Export Pipelines Diameter Velocity Valves Costs Export Word Clipboard DXF Construction You are very flexible in the design of the aeration devices. by changing the number of devices.

Comparison of Concepts Aeration systems are distinguished by very different invest and operational costs. but also to proof the effect of different manufacturers data. by variing interest rates. variant 2 will be the more economicle variant instead of higher invest costs. project life time etc.Comparison of Aeration Systems Comparison of Systems With invest-. project life time. A simple comparison of the invest costs is therefore not sufficient for a selection of the best variant. low Operational Costs Is the project life time higher than t1. This allows a real comparison of different systems.and operational costs AQUA AERO takes in account the full life cycle of an aeration project. by variing interest rates.. reinvest times. A simple comparison of the invest cost is not sufficient to find the suitable system. With AQUA AERO ist easy to make an high quality and meaningfull evaluation. high Operational Costs Variant 2: high Invest Costs. It is not only possible to compare systems. reinvest costs etc. reinvest. Therewith it is not only possible to compare Variant 1 Total Costs Variant 2 Activated Chamber as Results Combined Chamber Design Calculation Compact Chamber Oxygen Efficiency Circular Oxidation Ditch True Scaled Drawings Rectangular Oxidation Ditch Operational Costs Pipelines Secondary Sedimentation as Invest Costs Circular Chamber Reinvest Costs Rectangular Chamber Life Cycle Costs Hopper Tank Vertical / Horizontal Design Blower Sludge Treatment Mixer AerationThickener Devices Digester Pipelines Energy Balance Valves Generator Balances DetailedReports Yield accord. EEG Oxygen Efficiency True Scaled Drawings Data Banks and Equipment Economy Blower Reports Pumps Documentation Air Lift Invest Pumps Mixer Operational Costs Scraper Energy Costs Consumables Maintenance Verification Reinvest Activated Sludge Tank Life Cycle Costs Secondary Sedimentation Comparison of Variants Aeration Additional Options Multiline Express Calculation Changeable Parameters Load Variation t0 Projekt LifeTime t1 Variant 1: low Invest Costs (point t0). . Characteristic for aeration systems is a high difference in invest and operational costs between different technologies. With AQUA AERO its easy to make meaningfull comparisons.

info www. We accompany you with our experienced engineers and IT-specialists in questions of planning and operating your plants.Controlling-Software for operating Biogas Plants + PROVI ONLINE . Economic of Aeration Systems + AQUA LOGIC .Design. total project costs or equivalent annual costs.Fuzzy-Logic-Control + AQUA PROVI .and Hardware We implement our experience in planning and operating wastewater treatment plants into our software products. So you get a high qualified support and practice oriented tools. preliminary treatment. We are collecting a lot of experience not only with our own projects but also out of the collaboration with our clients. + 49 65 69 / 962 55-0 Fax. AQUA AERO is a special tool for the design of aeration systems. + 49 65 69 / 962 55-19 mail@bitcontrol. operational costs and true scaled Our service doesn’t end with the installation of the software.bitcontrol. incl.Service AQUA DESIGNER is the powerfull tool for the planning of wastewater treatment plants. extended and adapted to the state of the art and the actual guidelines. BITControl is more than Soft. Furthermore BITControl has a high qualified engineering support. AQUA DESIGNER provides numerous results for presentation and approval.dieWartung. based on our experience with AQUA DESIGNER and our project works. including buildings.Online-Portal for Plant Documentation at www. Engineering. biological and sludge treatment.SCADA and Remote Control for Biogas Plants + BIO CONTROL .info . This will be reflected by our range of products: + AQUA DESIGNER .SCADA and Remote Control for water and wastewater + BIO PROVI . BITControl GmbH Heilenbacher Straße 6 54636 Schleid Tel. This tool is totally new developed. AQUA DESIGNER und AQUA AERO are continuously improved. Further to the design there are tools for validation of oeconomics like oxygen efficiency.Design of WWTPs + AQUA AERO . machines.