GETTING STARTED Configuring your iPad to be used with your UH Exchange account is very easy and straight forward. To start, press the Home button on your iPad, which is located towards the bottom of your iPad. After pressing the Home button you should now see the main window. Unlock your iPad, if necessary:

Press the Settings icon on the Home screen and you should see the Settings menu. Once in the Settings menu, press the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button, and a list of options will appear in the right pane:

In the settings pane that appears, press the “Add Account...” button to continue to the main Mail settings pane.

with a list of service providers. enter UH Exchange: . To select your provider type. enter cougarnet as your domain. you will need to enter your CougarNet login and the Password field is your CougarNet password. Username.. The new window contains blanks for your Email Address. In the Description field. In the Domain field. and Description. which must be your exchangeusername@central. you will now see a new window appear in the center of your screen and a series of blanks prompting you for your settings information. press on the Microsoft Exchange button. For the Username field. Password. at the top of the list. to continue: After pressing Microsoft Exchange. In the Email .CONFIGURING UH EXCHANGE You should now see the main “Add Account.” configuration window in the right pane. Domain.uh. type in your email address.

edu for the Server: Type in Now that you have entered in all the settings needed to use UH Exchange on your iPad. and Calendars. If prompted. Press the blue Save button to finish your configuration: . you will be taken to the Exchange settings window where you can enable your Exchange Mail. If everything checks out. Your iPad will again establish a connection with the Exchange server and verify that all the settings are correct. ***NOTE: An error window may appear stating that the iPad is Unable to Verify Certificate for All services will be turned on by default.uh.After entering in your Exchange settings. press the Next button in the upper right corner to continue. Your iPad will now attempt to connect to the Exchange server to verify your settings. Contacts.uh. A new windows will appear now asking you for Server information. in the upper-right corner of the window to continue. press the Next button. press Accept to continue to the next window. email.

also known as the Home Screen. Below is an example of what it should look like. Your iPad will now synchronize with the UH Exchange server and download your email. . Press the Home button at the bottom of your iPad to return to the main Desktop of the iPad. you are now finished with the UH Exchange setup on your iPad. If you see messages in your Inbox. Now press the Mail icon on the bottom row and you will now be taken to your UH Exchange Inbox. you will be taken back to the Mail settings area.Once you have finished configuring your settings.

. .html#contacts. create meetings. . .The iPad will allow you to view. You can use the new Search feature for all of your contacts and the Mail program also knows to search the Global Address List when composing new messages. . The note sync configuration setting can be setup in iTunes. etc. Likewise for Drafts.WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESNʼT. This feature may be added in a future operating system update.The iPad will allow you to view. move/ Now that you have successfully configured your iPad to use UH Exchange. or Entourage or http://webmail. save drafts. This feature can be done by using Outlook 2003/2007/2010. S e e h t t p : / / w w w.The iPad will allow you to create a new meeting request or calendar item and invite other Exchange users. The iPad uses “Push” technology that will automatically push new emails and calendar items/invitations to your iPad immediately.The iPad WILL NOT allow you to use a local Address Book and your UH Exchange Address Book at the same time on your device. it will save a copy of the message to the Exchange Sent folder. move. delete items and accept. Even though the page is written for the iPhone and iPod Touch.The iPad will allow you to use your UH Exchange Address Book as well as use the UH Exchange Global Address List. delete and receive UH Exchange email messages. You will have to choose one or the other when syncing to your iPad. . For example. Google. This feature can be done by using Outlook. the information is still the same.uh. However.The iPad will allow you to sync Exchange Notes. It is recommended that you sync/export your personal address book to your Exchange Address Book to have your personal contacts as well as the Exchange Global Address Lists at the same time on your iPad. or decline Exchange calendar invitations. c o m / i p h o n e / h o w . send. . you will need to be aware of its features and some limitations: . . . or by using the Outlook Web Access web page http://email. All calendar items are delivered to your iPad automatically and any changes to your calendar are immediately sent to the Exchange server. a p p l e .. tentatively accept.The iPad WILL NOT allow you to assign delegates to allow other Exchange users to view/edit email/calendars on your behalf.uh. Entourage 2008.The iPad WILL NOT allow you to check more than one Exchange account at one time.The iPad WILL NOT allow you to set an Out of Office away message.t o / index. o r Ya h o o a c c o u n t s . you can have multiple Address Books using services like MobileMe.The iPad WILL NOT allow you to sync Exchange Tasks. if you create and send a new email on your iPad. .about-contacts for more information.

Created by Alby Rose on 4/5/10. please read the below instructions: 1) Submit the request using the email account you wish to have LISTSERV messages sent . please submit them to the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 or via email at support@uh. 4) Format the body of the message as follows: SUBSCRIBE UH-MAC-USERS ***NOTE: Make sure that you do not have an automatic email signature in the body of the . Having one enabled will cause problems with the subscription request. For all additional questions related specifically to your UH Exchange account. The email address for the list is uh-mac-users@listserv. Updated by Alby Rose on 4/6/10 .EDU 3) Leave the Subject line empty. For information on subscribing to the list.INFORMATION AND SUPPORT For general iPad-related questions. a good place to start is by submitting questions to the UH Mac Users Email List.uh. or any other matter. please consult Appleʼs iPad Tutorial web page at . If you have any questions and or comments about using the iPad with UH Exchange. 2) The request should be sent to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.