Detail Resume of Wahyu Ari Andriyanto

Gender Age Place of birth Date of birth Marital Status Nationality Ethnicity Address Contact Number : Male : 36 : Yogyakarta : February 28, 1975 : Married : Indonesia : Javanese : Griya Kebraon Utama DB-2, Kebraon, Surabaya. : Mobile :

08123 7673735

031 - 72481711
Email Address :

Highest Academic Qualification: On Progress Doctor of Management
2010 - now, STIESIA Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Candidate Doctor of Management (on progress dissertation) 1999 – 2001, Atmajaya University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Dual Degree Program with De La Salle University, Manila, Philippine) ; MM and MSc in Financial Management / Corporate Finance with GPA: 3,58 1993 – 1997, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. BSc Economics in Accounting / Accounting with GPA: 3,68

Professional Qualification and Certification: November 1998 – January 1999: Tax Brevet B Certification Course at LPM Magistra February 1999 – May 1999: Tax Brevet C Certification Course at LPM Magistra

Language English Reading Excellent Writing Good Speaking Good Listening Good

Computer skills: Having excellent skill in operate computer program: Under Windows System Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power point, Access, etc), Accounting Hotel Package Software (Fidelio, Rhapsody Realta, SmartSoft, and Maxial).

production. corporate taxes. and logistics. . financial statement. Finance Director. Bumi Liputan Jaya – Blue Sky Hotel : January 2007 – June 2008 : I have responsibility to be consolidated all finance and accounting aspect etc. I must supervisory chief accounting to make accounting and tax report. marketing. operating standard procedure. Position : Assistant of Finance Director – Accounting Section Company : Husada Surabaya Period : July 2005 to July 2006 Utama Specialist Hospital. making audit reports. I must control every financial aspect included daily income. I must help Development Director to make feasibility analyst if corporate will open new business. daily cost and variance of budget. supervising staff. and audit recommendations) and assist the CEO in performing analysis of financial performance. review the results of the audit.Detail Resume of Wahyu Ari Andriyanto WORKING EXPERIENCE Position : Head of Division Internal Audit (Internal Audit Director) Company Period Job Duties / Achievements : Tirta Bahagia Group . I also make financial analysis to report to CEO. and corporate budget consolidation. Besides that. and Owner. surveillance audits field. Position : Assistant Director of Corporate Finance Company Period Job Duties / Achievements : PT. Position Company Period Job Duties / Achievements : Finance Controller : The Edge Vila – Restyle International : January 2009 – June 2010 : At a job discription.Club : July 2010 – June 2011 : Perform routine audit work (planning and scheduling audits. Beside that.

I must arrange and manage the accountancy staff so that can do their duty will be better. I must make financial reporting and budgeting controller to Chief Financial Executive. I have three assistant. Except that responsible. Position : Assistant of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Company : PT. and taxation procedure. internal control procedure. Every day I must rereview field audit report and working paper audit. Surabaya Period Job Duties / Achievements : April 2004 to June 2005 : As an Assistance of Chief Financial Officer.Detail Resume of Wahyu Ari Andriyanto Job Duties / Achievements : My primary responsible are control all kinds of system and procedure of accountancy and bookkeeping. two persons as an admin finance corporate and budget control corporate. To date. Internal Control. I must manage and control budget and cash flow in corporate area. dan Richard – Semarang Branch : KAP Period Job Duties / Achievements : January 2002 to March 2004 : As a Senior Supervisor Auditor. Mas Murni Indonesia Tbk – Garden & Garden Palace Hotel. I must supervisory four senior audit staff. Every month. One person as a finance corporate manager. Besides. based on field audit and working paper audit review Position Company Period Job Duties / Achievements : Permanent Lecturer : Sanata Dharma University : August 1998 to January 2004 : . I must recommended to my audit manager and managing partner about audit opinion. I must control accounting system and procedure. Budget Control. and Taxation. I am assisted by one assistant manager and four accounting staff. As a Senior Accounting Manager. Mulia. Position Company : Senior Supervisor Auditor Leonard. Each senior audit staff must be handled five up to seven auditor staff.

.com . Mobile: 6281394569122 e-mail: rm@grandkemang. Financial Director Restyle International – Financial Controller Grand Kemang Hotel: Office: (62-21) 7194121 . I teach number of courses: financial accounting. 08123 7673735 Email : wahyuari09@gmail. Mr. Mr. I have an obligation to teach. In addition to teaching. MSF. and community service. Didin Muhidin. etc. Balikpapan: Office: (62-542) 735844/45 e-mail: Corporate Finance Director PT. MM. Bumi Liputan Jaya – Blue Sky Hotel. Wahyu Ari Andriyanto. Hadi 2. these resume are written. Mobile: 6281319825487 e-mail: fc@grandkemang. SE. DR (Candidate) Hp. accounting information systems. Herman Pakaya.Detail Resume of Wahyu Ari Andriyanto As a auditing. Reference: Residance Manager Grand Kemang Hotel: Office: (62-21) 7194121 . also guide students in completing the thesis and test them for graduate degree. Mr. research. 3. financial management. Honestly.