January 24, 1927 To my dear beloved Mother, It’s been along time; many winters have passed in slow succession

, and I, all the while have been very despondent and downhearted. Sicily in the 20 century is not a happy place for little italian boy. Little? Well not so little anymore. The family really changes people, not always for the better. And once you are out, it’s even worse. Ma, please brace yourself for news that can only be described as my own death, I have been shunned from the family; and I have, above all lost the undying trust of Dragio. It hurts Ma, it really hurts. The past events that have occurred in my life have made me, unhappy, very unhappy; and as custom, when members of the family become unhappy, terrible things happen. My melancholy depressed life started in that wretched hospital, when you first gave birth to me, and believe me sometimes I wish I had never been brought forth into this world. It was december of 1897, It saddens me that I cannot recall the exact of my date of birth, I suppose the obscurity of the situation made this date unimportant to you, and dear deceased Pa. I came out into the world at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Thats how my whole life has unfolded, at the wrong place at the wrong time. You and Pa just weren’t ready for me, in the heat of the family wars, their just wasn’t time, for little boys. Why couldn’t Pa have been a lawyer or something. Ma it griefs me to know that after my birth Pa left, to how should I say... well, take care of business. Leaving you my poor Ma with the burden of raising me. What a terrible crime, to mistreat my mother, if he was alive today he wold definitely be getting an ear full. Many years passed after my birth with no letters from Pa; we had finally made up our minds that he was gone for good when we received his letter. I was six years old at the time, so young and naive. I have taken the time Ma, seeing that this may be my last time to talk to you, to attach the letters that dear Pa sent to us towards the end of his sad life. I remember clearly the day we received his letters, and what a sad day it was, it hurts and saddens me to recall such an unfortunate event. I remember it clearly, we had just sat down to dinner, when their was a nock on the door. You got up and walked into the living room. At first I heard voices, and being a little curious boy I peered around the corner. There was a man standing at the door in a pitch black suit and a herringbone overcoat. He wore a fedora slightly tilted the right side of his head and he spoke with a thick Sicilian accent. I was only able to catch the last portion of the conversation, and to observe the man as he handed you a letter with a red seal on the back. You seemed anxious and also scared, I was more curious about what the contents of the letter would reveal. You turned the letter over to see the side with the seal, and gasped. I know now why, it was the families seal only sent when the family was involved. The seal meant that the family had checked the letter before it was sent, making it more official and potentially dangerous...

January 9, 1903. Dear Angela, Let me first apologize for the absence of communication. I have tried to reach you but I am tied to the family and sending letters is just not an option right now. The family is getting restless and cracking down on us members. Figuring out who is a traitor and who is a friend is getting very difficult as well, I have almost been killed by my own men several times. I am only alive due to Dragio who is looking out for me. As you know Dragio is the head of the family and is very benevolent towards me, which has kept me alive these passed few years. Death is not a far off thing for any one of us members, at any time we could be struck down and killed, wether by the other families or by our own cousins. It is so hard not being able to see you and our darling son. How is he? He had his birthday last month, how I wish I could have been there. Not witnessing our sons first steps and his birthdays are tearing me apart. Never let our son get mixed up in the family business, you have to promise me that Angela, alright. I cannot write down the events which have taken place during the six years because, I do not wish to trouble you. But I can tell you that i have been traveling a lot, the exact locations of my visits are, well, of secret information. Throughout this travels I have always had you and the little one in mind. I’m sorry though to inform you that this letter brings bad news, very bad news. On one of these trips, I made a mistake and lost track of the luggage, if you know what I mean, and the family lost a great sum of money. Now I do not know the exact whereabouts of the money but I do know it has been retrieved. Right now Dragio is holding me responsible for taking the money, when in fact I have never been in contact with it. I have heard though, through the grapevine that someone in our organization has possession of the money. This man should be cursed for it because I am the one who is taking the blame. Please do not fret, because Dragio has decided to let me pay off the sum of money lost, instead off killing me out right. Things are going to be rough because of this debt that is held over my head, and earning back the money along with my respect, and dignity, is no going to be an easy task. This task of paying back the money is the only thing that is keeping me alive and if I screw up one more time I’m through. I owe a total of 600,000 dollars but do not worry about me and my health, as long as you and the kid are safe. Oh how I miss you two, if only I could visit you, maybe this heart of mine would lift in spirit. I hope all is well and everyone is safe; Love your caring husband Antonio

Mother someone should have been there to comfort you, I wish I could clobber someone right now to let out my anger. Little did we know then, that the worse was yet to come. If we had only known what the next two letters would bring. It’s understandable Ma that this letter brought up such fears because if you owe the family money it’s not easily paid off; and the sum of money that Pa owed was not a mere debt, it was a death sentence. I remember clearly those weeks following the first letter, I was still a happy go lucky kid but you had become very melancholy. Every night dinner was eaten in silence and each time I tried to break it you gave me a very diabolical glare, as if to give me the hint, shut up or I will stuff a carrot down your throat. Your anger should have been channeled at dad I wasn’t the one who lost the baggage. Four weeks passed in this manner without a letter from Pa, making you even more melancholic and despondent; but at last the letter came. This time I followed you out into the living room to answer the door. I wanted to catch the whole thing this time, and not just the end. When you opened the door I expected to see the man in the black suit with the fedora tilted to the side, but in his place stood an official from the post office. He said “Your husband and I are good friends, and has entrusted me too deliver this letter directly too you, without the knowledge of the family. Believe me I wouldn’t have agreed to this if your husband hadn’t taken care of a little favor for me.” With that he ran from the house covering his head with his coat, as if to block out watchful eyes. As soon as the door was shut we both ran into the kitchen with same thought in mind, what will the letter hold. This time the usual red seal of the family was missing, which means that the letter had been written without the knowledge of the family. This time when opening the letter you were cursory and just ripped it open. As you read I looked through the back of the paper and tried to make out what was going on. As you read I noticed your hand began to shake and then your whole body began to tremble. Suddenly tears started streaming down your cheeks and landing on the table. As you finished the letter your face grew pale, and your started to tremble violently, you stood up slowly and walked down the hall into your room; leaving me alone at the table. After your emotionally breakdown, I reached over and picked up the letter...

February 14, 1903. Dear Angela, I’m not sure if I will be alive when you receive this letter if you receive it at all. Last week I had a stroke of good luck, which would in-fact come around and be my own downfall. After I had informed you of my debt a fellow member of the family by the name of Mario made me an offer which to my understanding could have get me out of my debt. Mario told me that he had inherited lots of money from his deceased parents and he was willing to give me the money I needed if I agreed to pay him back. He also told me that he was doing this to help me out and to get the family off my back. This sounded very good to me because it would give me more time to pay back the money owed, hence lengthening my life. The next morning I was woken by a knock at the door. I went and answered it and found not a person but a black briefcase. I took the brief case inside, and examined the exterior. On one side there was a note posted that read, The money you have asked for is inclosed in the brief case, it was followed by a six digit code. As i further examined the brief case I noticed that it was held together with a padlock. Realizing by now that this was the money mario had promised me I entered in the six digit code, and opened the case. Inside was the money just as Mario promised. I closed the brief case and locked it once more. I then slid the case under my bed just incase some one were to come by and see me with the money. As night approached I had a strange feeling that this money wasn’t honestly given. In order to calm my nerves I opened the closest window to my bed. As I lay there I heard a commotion outside my window. I looked out and found 5 men standing down by the first floor. As I observed them I noticed one of the men pull out a knife. Some whispering followed and soon there attention was turned to a black car that was pulling along side the building. A man stepped out of the car and to my horror it was Mario. He handed the men a slip of paper and pointed up towards my room. Mario Left as he had arrived leaving the men too there business, me. As soon as the men had entered the building I swung myself over the ledge of the window and onto the iron grating which held up the fire escape. I climbed down until I was on the ground. I looked up towards my room realizing that I had forgotten the money. But all hopes of retrieving it were shattered when I saw the form of a man leaning out my window looking for something, obviously me. I ducked behind the nearest automobile and began to gather a plan. My first obligation was to alert you of my situation and maybe reach you if I could. I ran down the street until I reached Urreli’s Post Office. The owner of the post office owed me a favor and was obligated to let me stay and write my letter along with deliver it. So please sweet Angela pray for me for my life is shortened, and even now I am in danger. Remember your always in my heart, and so is our little boy. I love you. Your caring husband Antonio

Surprisingly enough you recovered quite quickly from the original shock of the letter. You became very angry at the family and especially at this so called Mario. Every night instead of sitting in silence during dinner you would rant about how much you hated the world and how much you hated this Mario. You would obsess over Pa’s letter and would almost break down in nervous sweats awaiting the arrival of the next letter, if there was one. I’m sure that confirming your suspicions of Pa’s death would have made your life easier, instead of waiting to hear not knowing of Pa’s whereabouts and state of health. We were worried but we knew that the worst thing that could happen is Pa would be killed. We never would have guessed what fate had befallen Pa. Three weeks passed no letter. A fourth week passed no letter. But on the fifth week we were blessed or cursed in receiving the letter. It was a warm march evening, very pleasant since you had all but forgotten the situation your husband, my father was in. we were sitting in the living room listening to the radio, while I sat on the couch reading a comic book. A hollow knock began to echo through the house. This was it the moment we had been waiting for, we both looked at each other in a daze. For we both new that what the letter held would determine our future and that of Pa’s. You stood up and glided over to the door, this was it. The door opened and I peered out in the street there was a tall man in a long gray trench-coat. His face was shrouded by a large hat that was slightly slanted forward in order to hide his identity. He handed you a small business looking envelope. He whispered, “The family will be back in a week for the payment.” He left, leaving you with a puzzled look on your face. finally the last installment, this would reveal the future. Though things weren’t looking good because of the manor of the letters delivery. Once again we regrouped in the kitchen and began the long and arduous process of opening and reading the letter. The letter was addressed to the residence of 873 Rissino drive. The Party from which the letter came was unclear but the inside would reveal the true author. Hoping the inside might hold a more promising message you opened it. Boy what a surprise Ma, who knew it was going to turn in that direction. Oh well, what is done is done. Inside the envelope there was a a very official letter, which at first look could have passed as a legal Document. As before I sat and waited for you to finish reading. Throughout the letter you kept looking up and frowning at me. As you finished the letter Ma you let out a depressed sigh, and averted your gaze to the window. As the seconds ticked away tears began trickling down your cheeks and onto the floor. However you were not sobbing it was more of a acquiesce to the demands that the letter held...

March 2, 1903. To the family of 873 Rissino drive, It iss my unfurtunate businesss to inform yous of a very seriouss an terrible event. But firsst it iss my responssibility to introduse mysself, I ams Dragio. You mays know me as ze leader of the proudesst and mosst generouss family in all of Sicily, and of the Sicilian familiess. I have runs this businesss, and family for overs thirty yearss. With iron fissts I governed thiss family, but I have alwaze kept a moderates view on my poeplez. I rule with fairness and justise, and never fava one side or ze other. But unders no circumstances will my organization be undermined by peoplez whos don’t appreciates my fairness and just ruling. It breakss my heart wen someone or somebodies does not give me backs thiss fairness and gratitude in which I extends to my peoples. I extendss such gratitude to my peoples in the hope that when I needs a small favor of mine carried outs that they will complete thiss task without bothering me and badgering me wis this an thats. If I wants my laundry taken out, then I expectss my laundry to be taken out cleaned presssed and folded, and maybe evens starched. For people whos appreciates my gratitude, they are bestowed the greatests of trusts and my undying loyalty, only equal to that of my brotherss. Howevers if one of my most trustes men deserts me in my times of troubles and need, he is smitten with forcess equals to that of ze godss. Recently a little misdeed hass been broughts to mys attention. As yous know your husbands is a goods just man who I loves with the deepest fathomss of mys heart. Wenever I assked favors, it was completed on time, and starched to says the leasts. A fews months agoss I asked your husband, “Antonio, I need to asks yous a favor. Two dayss froms now the foreignesss bank representative is coming in toos town. Nows as yous know I have strong connections wis the banks of Sicily, and theys have not authorized thiss, should says... drop off. Now I wants you to collect thiss luggage, ands makes sures this mans well knows that hes not as welcome ass he thinkss. Do you understands???.” Ans of courses your husband had alreadies calculated a plan and a courses of actionsss. Your husnband repliess in the sincerest tone hiss appreciation of my propositions, and he saids, that nots to worries the luggage will be checked and retrieveds. Thiss tasks was large, but Antonio yours husband can handle large favorss, and I trusted hims. I would haves trusteds him with my lifes. Laters that week, I wass waiting for a debriefings of thiss tasks, when I heard aass knock ats ze door. I saids “Whos iss its and wats do yous wants.” A man replied “its Antonios.” Ah very goods I thought finallies a good man, gets the jobs done and hass time to tells me abouts it. But yours fathers did not give mes good news. He said “The man is taken cares of but I losts luggage.” As yous can Iamgines I wass veries upsets at thiss and inquired he tells more. Antonios replied “When I located the mans he had already beens dead for hourss and the hiss luggage had been losts.” Dears me I thoughts, coulds the other families haves heard abouts thiss foreigner? Wells even thoughs I trustes your husbands monies can change a man. So I mades him an offers “This monies that yous have lost, is a greats lost for ze family, and ze business. Tell mes hows I’m spossed to runs thiss businness when

the dams monies runs aways? any ideas? Well hiss mys proposal, thiss monies that hass runs away was a very important finances for ze family. Ssso heress whats I propose, if yous wishes to keep mys trusts and stay away froms the deep waters, than pays back the monies. Even ifs you aren’t reponsible forz thiss disapearence of luggage, do thiss, for mes. So thats I may continues my businness. I wills of course bestow yous a goodsd amounts of time to returns the monies. Ifs anything thiss wills show how muches you love mes, and more importantly thiss familes.”Ans good Antonios, he agreed. Hess a goods man, I dos love him. Ifs you dont’s beilives me, you shoulds. I hads to make many sacrificess to keep Antonios in one peice. You see some of ze other memberss of the families don’t appreciates Antonios, so I had to pullss some sstrings and tie somes knots to keep thiss families from uprising. To put its simpler, some of mys men will bes sleeping with the fishiess. Ans I onliess dos thiss becausse I loves Antonios, and loves how hes loyal tos hiss familiess. Yous knows I likes men whos are loyals to their families, it warms my heart. Nows where wass I, ah yess, pullings ze stringss. Fors some timess I forgotss abouts the whole thing buts it was broughts to mys attention that Antonio hadn’t paid off anyies of his debts. Ssso I sent fors hims, and asked him, “ Antonios, pleasses yous knows how much I appreciatess yous, but business is business, and I needs the monies.” Antonio then told me abouts his trouble with the earnings of ze monies, so I were strucks with a dilemma. Should I tells him to forgets about the debts and regain the freindships which had altogether diminished? Buts by doing thiss I would anger somes of my peoplez and indangers the businesss. Ors I coulds holds ze debtss but possiblies loses a freind. But justs as my brains were begining toos throb froms thiss extreme thinking, a little angel piped ins. A mans named Marios said thats he hads the monies necessaries to pays of the debts, ans that he coulds pay off the debts fors Antonios. He then said that thiss woulds allow Antonios more time to get hims the monies. But befores Antonios could answerss I akeds Marios, “Hows dids you come bys thiss monies neccessaries for paying off thiss debt?” He then told mes a long and fascinating tales, of hows his parentss had pasts away and hows he hads inherited thiss money. Goods enough for mes I thoughts. So the deal wass struck ands everythings was good and dandies. Ors so I thoughts. Afters Antonios had left my offices, Mario aproached mes and told mes that he woulds delivers the monies to Antonios tomorrow mornings. Thiss was good everything wass working outs; I woulds get mes monies I would gets to keeps Antonios, and my peoplez would be happy. So I I poureds myself a bigs glass of wines and celebrates. Ahs wines is goods fors the souls of uss Sicilians, its the onlies things uss families agrees on. Expeciallies the reds wine aged, with biscotti, umm yess my stomach is grumbling rights nows. Nows back to business. As I wass sayings everythingss wass goods. However the very next days Marios came to mes withs some informations I wass not happies to hears. He said, “Dears Dragio, I have to tells yous ofs a very unfortunate scene which I haves just witnessed. Asss I had promissed I delivered ze monie to Antonio, but on my arrivalss I saw Antonio in hiss rooms with the luggage. Ze very same luggage that he lost a few weeks agos.” Marios than told me that the monies wass helds in a black suitcasse withss a padlock on ze side. Thiss nearlies brokes mes heart; Antonios hads takens the monies in the first

place. Sos I tolds Marios to take cares of businesss and bring me the luggage. Buts just like Antonios Mario failed ats one portion of my assignmentss, he retrieved the monies but nots the bodiess. I tell this confines and secrecy buts I wass glads that Antonios had escaped, and glads that the monies was back. Buts before I could be sures of everything I decided toos inspect the luggage to make sures it was infacts the luggage. Ans and further inspections it was infacts the luggage, buts there wass no monies. I asked Marios, “ Whats is thiss all abouts you bring mes the suitcase but no monies?” He replied “Antonio made offs withs the monies befores I could catch him.” I then aked “Does Antonios stills haves the monies.” Ans on confirmings thats he did, I tolds Marios to finds Antonios ans to make sures he was taken cares of thiss time. Pleasse do not fret though, becausse if your husband really dids thiss, than he deservess the fate that I broughts abouts for hims. Yous see the next day aftes I gave Marios his missions, he came to mes and saids “dear Dragios, your task is completed, Antonios wents to far into the deeps end ans drowned. We found him a fews blocks away from his apartments nears Urreli’s Post Office.” “Good, very goods” I replied. So mys business is alls taken cares of, and once again I’m happies. But there iss one more bees in mys bonnet, I still don’ts have the monies. Whats do you thinks I shoulds do? Wells you see yous are the only true relatives of Antonios, and as nexts in lines yous have the privilege of paying your husbands debt. Kappish? Kappish. Ifs yous are ables to pay thiss monies than, I supports yous and you haves my loyaltis and love. Buts if yous can’t pays of thiss debt and don’t have ze monies; Than I ams ready to strike a deals. Yous see I am so caring gratuitouss ruler who lovess his peoplez and I likes striking dealss, if it benefitss me than itss okay. Now heres my proposition, if you don’t haves the monies let takes something insteads. Maybe if you haves some proporties somewheres yous could give me ze deed, and I woulds be happy. Ors somethings else yous name it. I vill send one of my peoplez over to collect your payments for the debts, in a week or two. I do not wishes to pressuress yous after your lose. Buts, what most be dones must be dones. If yous agree to mys terms than, please sign at the bottoms of thiss letter and yous may go ons living your life withouts no more botherings. Yours Sincerely Dragio

Angela Carrilio
By signing the following you agree too pay all debts by any means possible, if fulfillment of paying debts is not met action in court can and will be taken.

Ma why, why did you sign the paper? Maybe it was all the times Dragio said love in his letters. He has a way of getting into your head and than staying there. He moves in, sets up camp, and than before you know it he has built a house and he isn’t moving anytime soon. But I can’t blame you for signing your name, what other chose did you have. I guess you really didn’t have any other options besides death. I’m sure when you signed your name you thought that the worst consequence would be losing your jewelry and maybe some furniture. you really didn’t have in mind that a human could be given as payment for the debt, of course they wouldn’t take you so who do you think is left for them to procure. Me. But as a stated before, no one can blame you Ma you had no choice. But how I wish we could go back and relive that day, and not sign the paper it would have saved us a lot of trouble and pain. That dam Dragio, he acts as if your his friend and as long as you are on his good side your fine. But he has favorites, and you can’t let your eyes drift away from him or he will swim in, and bite you. It was tough Ma real tough, we made it threw though? We do deserve some credit for that at the least. Let us leave my thoughts to rest and return to the matter at hand, my story. After you signed your name, you began to get better, your nervous twitching that had developed, all but disappeared. I guess just the knowledge that you wouldn’t have to fret over Pa, and that it was over, done, kaput. I know now through personal experience that sometimes bad news can be more reassuring and comforting than the complete absence of news at all. It begins to wear away at you when you are left in the dark, your mind begins to make up stories. After a while you can’t tell fact from fiction. As the date approached for the mens arrival you began to become nervous again, because you started working yourself up and giving yourself worries that didn’t need to exist. I haven’t told you this before, but three days before the mens arrival, my outside days were spent in fear because I developed the feeling I was being watched. I decided to follow my intuition, and the next time I went outside I brought one of your makeup mirrors with me. I held this mirror close my body, and had it angled it so that I could see behind me. Sure enough I caught glimpses in the mirror of a tall man following me. This man carried around a small pocket note book and he kept jotting down notes. Because of this I refrained from going outside as much. I know now that the man was looking at me and observing my every move, for the soul purpose of the family. I guess you could say it was like my audition for the mafia. Lucky me I passed. Because, as you remember Ma when the men came, the only thing in the house that they were interested in, was me. I was a priceless investment and they didn’t want to lose me. After they came and took me away, I lost all communications with the outside world. The next two years that I spent with them passed in a blur, I was treated nicely in the hope that I would trust them and serve them with all of their ridiculous needs. After these two blurry years passed I was officially inducted into the Mafia; really, I was officially screwed. Because induction is such a big deal, and especially since Dragio had overseen the whole process, he took it upon himself to inform you of this momentous occasion...

April 14, 1905. To the family of 873 Rissino drive, Hellos again my freind, itss been a whiles since I have contact yous, and I personally apologize. I am in sweet ecstacies because thiss letter does not holds bads news. I feels thats its my businesss to informs you a very grands and unique occasion. Firsts of all I musts informs yous of your sons state of being and mind. Your sons is a great kids, I loves him, just liked I loved your husband. Your sons hass really developed, and he has grown a lots. Ans I knows why he hass grown so much, itss the good foods hes getting. Meat, pasta, vegetables, and of course the wine. Wine ah it’s godss magic drinkss that he has given to uss. Why do you think we drinks it in church, eh? Wells anywayis, he has growns alots, and it’s nice to sees how much he looks like a pures bred Italian. His hairs is also gettings darker, it now almost completely browns, it really accents his bright blues eyess. Your sons also hass a very distinct personalitiess, I haves never seen the likes of itss before. He questionss everythings and doesn’t letss peoplez push hims arounds, especiallis the adults. He doesn’t puts up with anyies bullshits, and he always, always, follows hiss intuitions. He wills makes a goods leaders somedayss, yous knows he reminds me alots of myself when I wass a kidss. Because of hiss strong intuition ans personalities, I decided toos induct him directely intos the families business. I knows thats hes very youngs, only eight years old, but I am watchings out fors him and I thinks it will be goods for hims. I thinks he will really likes the business and he will dos justs fines. Pleases don’t fret over hims, I have personally decided thats he is such a specials boy, I will take him unders my wing. As the mother goose mothers the eggs, I will mothers you boys, and makes sures he grows up to be a fines young lad. I have alsos began toos make planss for my reteriments and your boys is a very good possibility for my predecessor. But something has beens botherings me thats I must tells yous about. His name is not a fitting names for such a extraordinary boy. So I have decided to change itss toos something fits for a king, a true mans name, something more fittings. I hopes yous approves because his new name iss a very strong name thats describes his true inner workings. I have dubbed hims, Salvatore. I names hims after the first leader of the families, Salvatore Rimonio. He wass a veries strong leaders, he single handedly took over Sicily ans made its what it iss today. Ass yous can sees he hass a very bigs reputations to live up toos. I think it wills help him grows and change intos a strong youngs leader. My bests to yous and I hopes yous are happis.

Sincerely Dargio

After this induction, years passed with nothing but food and wine, life was boring and oddly strange and depressing. Even though Dragio had taken me under his wing and even dubbed me sir Salvatore, some of the higher family members looked down upon me and took every chance they could to harass me. From putting vinegar in my drink, to putting a snake in my bed. The only thing that kept me alive through those years was the sweet heart of Dragio. through some investigation I determined that all the harassing came from what Pa had did. I guess betraying the family one way or the other bands you from trust, even if you are the great, great grandchild of the offender. At first my name had given me some pride but I learned to hate it because the members of the family thought that it was unfair that such a young child should have such a high powered name. I didn’t see why my name would upset them so, it wasn’t my chose to be dubbed sir Salvatore. Through all the harassing came a deep desire, or need to gain the trust I deserved. Up till then I had been carrying out very small jobs such as delivering letters or shining peoples shoes. If was to be part of the family I didn’t want to be a bus boy all my life. After some planning and plotting, I decided to talk to dear uncle Dragio about my issues. On hearing my proposal, Dragio just sat there and laughed, at the time I felt hurt, and shunned, but I know realize why. Dragio said with his usual slurring of the s’s “My dears boy, yous do nots realizes how, how should I say, dangerous the family businesss iss. Whens you are old enoughs yous will earns your respects. For nows just trys to be patients, and ifs yous needs anythings just asks dear uncle Dragios. Kappish?Kappish.” So off I went in a rage, not really understanding the truth behind the activities of the family. As you know Ma when kids start reaching towards the teens, they also start reaching for the boundaries, or testing them. Its like being a six your old again except things are more serious. Because I wanted to test the limits, and since Dragio wasn’t going to help me I decided to take matters into my own hands, and try to clear my name by myself. There was only one problem at the time, I didn’t know where to start. So I spent most of my time outside walking around in the streets of Sicily, all the while trying to find, or try to come up with some way to clear my name. Finally after days of pondering and thinking, I struck upon the idea of looking at some of the Sicilian family records. These records could be easily accessed through the library, so thats where I headed. On reaching the library I went inside and asked the nearest attendant for help. At first the lady appeared to be taken back that such a small boy would be in a library. so she asked me my name, and the second I said Salvatore, a look of shock appeared in her eyes and she immediately acquiesced to my demands. As soon as the lady had procured my fancied books, she led me to a nice desk in-between to shelves of books. She stated “You may spend as long as you want here, and give the best to Dragio.” She then hurried off, in a fright of being seen. Being somewhat related to Dragio gives, and gave me a lot of power over people. People cringe in fear when the hear his name or hear the name of someone close to him. I never really asked for such power, but it was forced upon me and I couldn’t get rid of it. As with the lady in

the library I never asked for her to treat me nice she just did, more out of fear, than pure kindness. My job then became a long arduous task of searching through the books, which contained the records. The books that held this information were large leather bound books, ranging in a myriad of colors. The books were splotched with dust and cobwebs, giving them a rustic and ancient look. I gently moved my hand over the books, taking in every groove and curve in their leather surfaces. I opened the first book and began to peruse the table of contents for my desired page. No luck. I moved onto the next book, and once again examining the contents for my desired page, once again no luck. I continued on in this fashion, scouring the books one by one hoping to find the information I desired. As the hours fell away one by one, I began to become slightly drowsy. Eventually I slipped into a light sleep. My dreams were troubled with large books that kept swooping by my head and screaming at me. As the dream wore on one of the books fell to the floor and made a loud thump. This awoke me and I realized that the noise hadn’t come from my dream at all but instead from a fallen book from the row in front of me. As I further observed, I heard a man cursing in a low tone. He said something about the plans and money. Some business transaction obviously, I thought. I peered through the shelf of books which stood between me and the man. I watched as he picked up the book which had fallen, and quickly made a 360 degree turn to make sure know one was watching. He silently slid from his pocket a white envelope, stamped with a dark green seal. The seal looked strangely familiar and yet strangely different. I then realized that the seal which Dragio enclosed his letters was almost identical, save for the color. As I pondered this phenomenon, I looked down at the book that was open before me. At the very top of the page read, the different colored deals are used to distinguish families. Each family has a distinct seal with a different color. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn't still dreaming, and found that I was in fact awake. I peered back through the books at the man. The man slid the book which had fallen back into place and quickly hurried off. I sat and watched as the man jogged to the front of the library and out the door. I then realized that the man did not have the letter with him when he left. Very puzzling indeed. I got up from my desk and snook into the adjacent aisle in which the man had been standing. I snooped around getting on my hands and knees looking for the letter. All of a sudden the bright Idea of looking in the book which the man had dropped. I took the book out of the shelf, and began to shake it violently. After the violent jerking and soar wrists, the letter fell out. And bent down and picked up the letter, all the while looking over it and trying to find an attended party. No such luck. I than realized what importance the letter could hold. I decided that the best course of action would be to take this letter to Dragio, and procure his opinion of it. If I was lucky maybe the letter would contain priceless information, which would all but clear Pa’s wrongs, and help me live up to my name. Lucky for me the letter was very important, important enough to clear Pa’s name. But all this was to come later, my job at the time was to get back to Dragio before the man came back to reclaim the letter, or someone else for that matter. As I left the building I made sure to thank the kind

librarian who had helped me obtain my books. she smiled and waved as I left. On crossing the street I looked back at the library in time to see a man walking into the library. As the minutes passed I watched as the man stormed out of the library screaming “Where the hell is it?” Evidently he was talking about the letter which laid in my pocket. As the man continued to rant and look around frantically, I tip toed into an alley way, and began to run. It took me fifteen minutes of non stop running to get back to Dragio. Upon reaching headquarters, I finally was able to take a rest, and wait for Dragio to call me in. When I was allowed into his office a began to talk very rapidly and unclear. As a result Dragio asked me to repeat what I had told him but slower, and enunciate a little better. I repeated my story telling him of the man with the letter and of how I had taken possession of it. Throughout my story Dragio just looked at me and gave a little smile. He held out his hand and into it I placed the letter. Dragio looked at the letter and gave me another smile. As he opened it his eyes began to sparkle, and gleam with glee. As he read the letter the door behind me opened and in walked Mario. Mario took his place next to Dragio and read the letter from behind Dragio’s back. The very second Dragio had finished the letter he stood up and began to chuckle. This chuckle grew into a laugh and from there into pure gurgling merriment. Tears began streaming down his cheeks for some reason, I really did not know. His laughter eventually ceased and he turned to me. “Salvatores, thoughs you may not realizess whats yous have dones, I congratulate yous for finding this letter. By findings thiss leter yous have unknowingly over thrown ones of the families. I’m ams glads that somones around heres cares abouts me and my businesses.” Upon hearing this last sentence the entire emotion in the room changed, I was joyful, Dragio was even happier, and Mario sat and starred at me with an utter jealousy. As he silentely left the room I was able to catch the words that were coming out of his mouth. “Dam kid, just like his father.” I ignored this statement because I was so enlightened and jolly. The rest of the evening I do not need to recollect, or the next few years for that matter. These years passed in quick succession nothing of interest or importance happening. But after 4 years from the letter incident something very strange happened which changed my life to the point that it is now. When it first occurred I thought little of it but I realized later what importance it held and how it would be used against me. I received his letter April 23, 1912, I was 15.

Mr. Salvatore, 34 Espitio drive., Sicily, Italy (SI) I-90010

Mr. Eusebio P. Salvestrien 955, Lorize Plaza., Sicily, Italy (SI) I-90046

April 23,. 1912

Dear Mr. Salvatore, Let me first start by introducing myself, my name is Eusebio. I am a business man of a very high degree and I am looking for new clients, for my highly esteemed business. My employees have informed me of someone in Dragio’s family who is very skilled in retrieving information. My employees informed me of this particular person and informed me of his activities and accomplishments. I was very surprised and very interested in him as a client. Because of my interests in this young man, I allowed for my employees to continue their, research on him. A year passed with constant observation, and finally I made my decision to offer this man a exclusive membership, to become one of my clients, part of the family. But There was a catch I did not know his name, Through various observations we were able to conclude that his name was Salvatore. Please do not fret over this, for I know being watched is a scary thing, but I think the rewards that will come will be worth it. I am a good natured man and I have no bad intent, my only intent is help out young talented men by giving them a boost in the business. If you are wondering what exactly my proposal is, it’s narcotics. Yes I am in the narcotics business, and I have been for quite some time. For over 30 years I have been importing narcotics and other things around the world to my warehouse right here in Sicily. I then sell this narcotics to whom ever, and they aren’t cheap. I am afraid I have outtalked myself, first let me explain what narcotics are. Narcotics are drugs to put it simply, hallucination pills in other words. These pills are small but people will pay out of the nose to get their hands on them. My proposal stands, meet me at 346 Stonotion drive, there is a large warehouse. We will meet at 7:00 on June 5, 1923. If you have trouble with this appointment please inform me, I will be waiting eagerly for your reply. Sincerely,

Eusebio P. Salvestrien

Eusebio P Salvestrein .

It was a funny thing Ma I had never really received a letter of such magnitude from anyone. I was only fifteen at the time and business seemed so far off. For about a week after I received this letter I would just sit around and ponder why some one of such importance would consider me a client. Business what a great thing I thought, little did I know the serious of Eusebio’s letter. Hah, narcotics no big deal right? Well so I thought. I didn’t even ponder the fact that this could be illegal. My main reasoning for this was the benign nature of the letter. I was very motivated to answer back, due the the fact that it could help me get involved in the families business. The prospect of money was also protuberant in my thinking. For the first time I could actually support myself, and earn some respect. The only problem with Eusebio’s proposal was the fact that it didn’t include Dragio, and I was the only client included. This concerned me because as you know, Dragio isn’t how should I say good,at sharing. If I were to go ahead with this proposal without Dragio’s consent than I would definitely be sleeping with the fishes. On the other hand if I did tell Dragio he may prevent me from accepting the proposal along with taking some of the money himself. In other words he would be the client not me. But If I was able to somehow accept the proposal, and very casually tell Dragio, it might be okay. But it would only pass if I was able to meet this Eusebio without the knowledge of the family, and then be able to successfully complete the required task. Even then Dragio would take money for himself and horde it without my consent. Know matter what path I was to take I would have been at great risk of being killed, or even worse kicked out of the family. The thought of even running away and starting my own business came to mind, but this was discarded, because of the total stupidity of it. So my task was set, meet with this Eusebio character, strike a deal, not let Dragio know, and be home in time for dinner. Now all that was left, was to determine the specific way of dealing with my situation. I decided that it would be best to meet this Eusebio, and find out the exact specifications of his proposal. If I was interested in his proposal, or found it beneficial to either me or the family, I would return and consult Dragio, of to what I should do. This would destroy all risks, besides being caught in my plans before Dragio knew of my intentions. So with my task nailed down and ready to go I began with the first step replying to his letter.

Mr. Eusebio P. Salvestrien 955, Lorize Plaza., Sicily, Italy (SI) I-90046

Mr. Salvatore, 34 Espitio drive., Sicily, Italy (SI) I-90010

May 7, 1923. Dear Mr. Salvestrien, In regards to your letter, I am a little taken back at your very forward letter. I must complement you now for never giving yourself away while you were spying on me. Though I find it very strange that you should take such measures to conduct research on a client, I must add that I am taken back at your proposal. As you may know I am only fifteen and, I have never in my life received business proposals from anyone of importance. Beside this mute point I am weary of getting involved in such a business. For most of my life I have always had some to consult before taking actions, and to conduct business outside the family could be potentially harmful. Not only to me, but to anyone else involved in your business. However despite this potential danger I am very curious in your business especially if it holds some profit for me. Furthermore if there is any way a deal between your business and my family could be struck, I believe it would be productive for both groups. If arrangements cannot be arranged between the two businesses, and you are only interested in me, than striking a deal is going to be hard. I agree to meet you at the specified location at the specified time, and I hope that some agreement can be reached upon. I would also like discuss this narcotics business further and become more knowledgeable in the subject.

Mr. Salvatore


(The Vedi morning paper) June 7, 1923 Article: Unknown Mafioso Caught in Narcotics Bust Due to the recent events of crime, the local Sicilian Police have been cracking down on organized crime, especially the shipment of illegal cargo. Up till now narcotics haven’t been a problem here in Sicily, but the high profit margin has brought the unwanted attention of Mafioso and other groups of organized crime. This groups of organized crime have begun shipping illegal narcotics into Sicily and than selling them for triple the price. Surprisingly most of these shipments have occurred right under the noses of police and have been carried out with extreme secrecy. Lately citizens of Sicily have become concerned with the events involving narcotics and wished it to be cleared up. On June 3, 1923, cops received word from a concerned citizen that a big shipment was going to take place. The mans identity is confidential do to security and safety reasons. However with this information the local Police began a two day investigation of the shipment. With some help from the dock owners and other officials, the police were able to pinpoint a lead in this shipment. The lead led them to a the post office where, the manager through various interviews reported a lot of out going mail from a certain building near the docks. As the manager stated “Lately I have been very concerned with such a flow of mail from one location, and that location only.” Through more investigations we were able to find one of these letters and retract the information. The letter did not hold much importance besides, a boat warehouse number, and a lists of ports in which boats would be landing. It just so happens that the ware house number enclosed in the letter matched the the address from which the suspicious letter that had been sent. The very next days local police were able to plant an officer inside this warehouse to lie in wait for the shipment or whatever event was to take place. On June 6, 1923, we received word of a large shipment coming in from America, in order to coup with this shipment the police stationed officers in hidden location around the warehouse and along the street on which it was located. At approximately 6:58 on June 6, 1923, a very young man was seen outside the warehouse looking around warily. He entered the building and immediately Police were notified of his presence. The officer placed within the warehouse had made a request to hold off the arrest until 8:35, so that he would be able to eavesdrop and possibly gain valuable information.

With this request in mind Police officers surrounded the building at 8:34, and prepared to breach the building. Once the breach was signaled the building was stormed but to the Polices dismay the building was empty, besides the dead body of the officer which had planted within in the building. The officer had been shot in the back, while his body had been exposed to an open area. Police officials are still trying to find the reason a shot was not heard at the scene. though luckily we were able to recover from the officers body a peice of paper in which the officer had recorded notes about the events that had taken place in the warehouse. The following notes have been printed in order to show the seriousness of the situation. Officers Journal 6:30 All is quiet, No signal from outside, and I haven’t seen any movement on either parties side. So far so good, they will probably be arriving within a the hour. I’m currently hiding in a open crate, with a clear vantage point through the cracks in the wood. I am only equipped with my pistol and that is the only thing that I can trust my life on. 6:45 An older man has just come from a trapdoor in the back of the warehouse. Luckily he doesn’t se me yet. As I observe he seems to be setting up a table and he has brought out two chairs. I have just noticed he is holding a packet of papers, some sort of contract or something. I haven’t seen any money so maybe this is just a preliminary meeting. 7:00 One minute ago another man entered the building, I can’t see exactly what he looks like but I can tell he is young. The older man just whispered two him Eusebio will arrive in a minute. I wonder who this Eusebio person is. The older man has now taken a position across the room towards the front door facing the younger man’s back. I can tell the older man is armed, things might be more serious than I had anticipated. 7:15 Approximately three minutes ago this so called Eusiebio arrived through the trap door. Up till now they have just been talking. I can’t make out exactly what they are saying, but I now know the younger man is named Salvatore. The two man are sitting at the table, talking about something I can’t pick out. 7:30 The two men are still talking, I have been able to uncover the subject of their conversation. They are talking of narcotics and the basic business involved. This meeting is very serious, and the information that I have uncovered is priceless. 7:45 More talking, Something about money. The younger man seems pleased, I’m guessing he is getting paid for something. I keep hearing the word client, I’m not sure exactly what this means because the younger man is definitely not interested in buying anything.

8:00 An hour and a half, have passed, and I have learned the significance of the word client. This Eusebio man is interested in the younger man’s services. I getting the sense that Eusebio wants him to help with the secrecy involved in the shipments. 8:06 IMPORTANT The older man has just revealed the dock number for the boat. Dock 6, the boat is the called big bambino. I understand that they are shipping in ten tons of some substance which I haven’t heard. 8:15 More negotiations, the men have just shaken hands and are signing the papers. The older man seems in a hurry. I think they are on too us. Eusebio is telling the younger man something, and now Eusebio and the younger man are heading for the trap door. They are definitely on to us, hopefully they haven’t seen me. I’m going to head after them and try to catch them. Over and out. (end entry) As you can see this officer has uncovered some, as he stated “Priceless information.” The information of which he has discovered will help us stop this ten ton shipment of goods. Though the officer made a very fatal mistake, as he headed after the two men, he forgot about the third man near the door. This man is obviously the killer of our dear beloved police officer. To our great disappointment these three men have not been apprehended, but we have put some of our best detectives on the case. We are starting to search the town for these men, who now are charged with murder, fraud, and illegal importing of goods. To our dismay the so called trap door led into a near by building, which has been abandoned for over 20 years. We are trying our hardest apprehend these crooks, and the leads keep coming in. If you have any knowledge of these three men please let your nearest post office, or police official know, we appreciate everything. A ceremony will be held on June 20 at 2:00 for the officer who was killed on June 6, 1923, in the line of duty. It is an open ceremony for anyone who would like to come and pay their tributes. Please keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious behavior, we need all the help we can get in this rampage against freedom, and peace, thank you. Author: Carnitoli Magista

It’s funny, that was my very first run in with the Sicilian Police. The exact events of that night are accurately depicted in the police report. I feel bad for that man, because of me he was killed. The man shot in the back, for the soul reason of my protection. I knew meeting Eusebio was going to be dangerous, but I thought for me not anyone else. I would have given my life to save that police officer, and keep that whole mess from ever happening. As I begin to reflect on those events I realize the seriousness of it and it begins to sadden me. I would rather not think about these events anymore, so I will skip to after my escape from the warehouse and when I was back at Dragio’s office. This was the most nerve racking moment of my life. Dragios reaction to the story would definitely send him over the edge. I had just told Dragio of the events that had taken place that night, and began groveling at his feet for mercy. For what seemed like and hour I sat there whimpering, all the while Dragio just sat there staring at me. As the minutes passed Dragio began to laugh in great mirth, almost if I had just told him a hysterical joke. I began to wonder if this was some sort of sinister laugh that would ensue right before my death. Or maybe a laugh for my imagination if I had made this whole story up. Either way I wasn’t very pleased with Dragio’s reaction to my tale. As Dragio’s hysterical vibrations ceased, he wiped his eyes and came over to me and laid his hand on my shoulder. I thought at the time that this must be the end I’m going to die right here and now. But boy was I mistaken. Dragio knelt down so that he was at eye level with me, and began to speak “My dears Salvators, I ams sorries for keepings yous so longs, but I found your stories very funnies. Not for the reasons that its veries unlikely story, but because yous are so smarts. Few of my own mens woulds have ever trieds such a riskies things. Narcoticsss, its that dangerouss. Usuallies I woulds be angry wiss yous, but yous are youngs and thiss is a goods experience for yous; it buildss characters. Nows do nots lets the others members of the families knows about thiss because, usually if someones did whats you dids, well KAPOW. I wouldn’ts wants my mens to thinkss I ams weaks. So hush, hush. You are excusedss.” A very funny reaction to my story, but I wasn’t going to complain. I was just let off the hook for doing something that could have resulted in my own death, or KAPOW. Well I was off the hook for then but, the very next day when the newspaper article came out, I had to deal with a shit load of criticism. I made it through though mainly due to the fact, Dragio had promised me that he would take care of things. Dragio’s promise however extended a little further than I could comprehend, Dragio really took care of things. Ma I have included another newspaper article, which will hopefully explain what Dragio did, better than I can.

(The Vedi morning paper) June 23, 1923 Article: Death of Narcotics Witnesses For the past week many of us have sat in mourning, for a few man who have passed away. However are tears come with anger attached, for these men did not die a smooth natural death. As only god will know they were brutally murdered without any hint of the perpetrator. The lose of these men has taken a huge toll on many of us and especially the local police. The reason being all of the men killed were somehow related to the large narcotics bust that had occurred a few weeks before. Ten cops were killed all of which attended and were main leaders in that bust; along with several other witnesses and contacts. The Post man that helped in the case in procuring the letters was also killed in the worst of ways. We found him in the dumpster behind the post office chewed up by over one hundred bullet holes. Most of the victims were cut down in similar fashion, and no witnesses have been present at these cases. Because of this mass murder, along with threats sent through the mail or telegram local police and political officials have made an important decision. They have decided in the best interest of all to drop the narcotics case, and have abruptly stopped all searches for the felons. They do this for the soul purpose of preserving life, and out of fear that there should be more murder in Sicily. So far no links have been directly established between the narcotics bust and this act of crime. This is due to the fact a lot more than three men would have been needed in order to undertake such a deadly task. However police are working on leads that will hopefully unveil the planner of these cynical deeds. For even though the narcotics bust case has been dropped, police feel that it is their duty to find the killers of their comrades. If you have any information regarding this case or any please contact police or nearest political official thank you, and we appreciate your help in these dismal times. Author: Carnitoli Magista

Ma the following is a clip taken from the obituaries the very next day after the article came out...

Ma Carnitoli Magista, the author that had written about the case, killed. Though it didn’t say here, he was killed worse than the others. I hope you understand now that Dragio meant what he said when he promised, he would take care of business. He even killed the dam author, I just don’t get it.

For weeks after these articles were released I sat in solemn exclusion, and a melancholy state. I never really excepted the fact that I had been the cause for those deaths. I wasn’t linked directly but only I knew that I was the soul reason for the mass murder. The guilt of that horrid event has hung over me even until now. Knowing that more than a dozen men were killed in you name is definitely a bad feeling. I wish I had never informed Dragio of the narcotics bust, but then it would be me laying in that dumpster. The worst thing about it too was that no one in the family made a big deal about it, it was all part of the game. I tried communicating with them and tried to convince them of the wretchedness of the case, but they just laughed. It was just an everyday killing for them, maybe a little large than usual but just a killing all the same. Even worst still Dragio didn’t understand why I was so sad, he had absolutely no clue. But I must clear my head of these thoughts, for my tale is not over. You see Ma while a mourned away in solitude a very familiar character was brewing up a plan in his mind. Though I haven’t talked much about him, Mario is a strange man. I’m not sure if Pa justly accused him but I am beginning to feel he did. Mario had by this time gained a deep trust with Dragio and he was almost like Dragio’s right hand man. But you see Ma Mario becomes very easily upset and he is not very pleased when the center of attention is drawn away from him. Even though I had no intention too, I had taken him out of Dragio’s spotlight by participating in the narcotics bust. Because of these during my mourning Mario had become very jealous and sinister. Though I did not know then he had a plan for me a very dangerous plan. It all began with his letter informing me of a very important delivery Dragio wanted to be taken care of. He told me that I would be receiving a letter from a man regarding this business. Furthermore he stated that Dragio did not want this to seep out, and that he wanted it kept secret. At first upon receiving his letter I was very frightened because Mario had never contacted me before and he was not the most trustworthy of characters. I really wanted to consult Dragio with my concerns, but I knew it would be best if I were to leave it alone, what was done was done. I still found it strange though that Dragio hadn’t contacted me himself, and we would let Mario do it for him. I did what I was told though because I did not want to upset Dragio after what he had done to those men. So I waited, finally the mans letter came. Ma the I have attached the letter which I received. The first is from Mario, and the second is from the man regarding the business delivery.

To Dear Salvatore ! Mr. Salvatore It has been some time since we have been in contact and I dare say it has been a sad and terrible time. I sympathize with you, because of the lose of your father and the tragedies which seem to take place in your life. Please do not be afraid with my letter, for our sweet loving Dragio has asked me to procure your services. Loving sweet, caring, generous Dragio, he is like a second father to me. I hope one day he will take you under his wing as he did with me. I turned out alright and so shall you. Salvatore I don’t think your realize how lucky you are to be considered so highly by Dragio. I had to work years and years well into my mid thirties to gain his trust. You, you walk in here and Dragio serves the world to you on a golden platter. We love you so much Salvatore. That is why I am writing you, for you see Dragio has a special task assigned for you. Now Dragio would like to have this kept confidential so please hush, hush. Now Dragio has entrusted me with the great honor of informing you of this job. It might be very rewarding so you would be wise to complete it. As Dragio’s proud right hand man I would like to inform you that this job is one hundred percent safe and no risks are involved. Because of course if there was we would inform you of them. This job involves a delivery which must be picked up by hand ant taken back to Dragio’s office. Like I said before this must be kept secret. Salvatore, further details will be sent to you, by a man known as Lorenzo. He should contact you within the month. He will inform you of the date and times, so be prepared. Oh and Salvatore please don’t lose the luggage, I don’t think it would be good for your health.


January 12, 1927 To Mr. Salvatore, My congrats on your success my young friend. My name is Lorenzo, or the contact which is to inform you of the business. As it is common courtesy, I feel obliged to discuss my background and my position in society. I am an official for the American bank, in Washington D.C. I’m am not however supportive of the government and their workings. I guess you could say I am a rebel, a conspirator, a bad egg. Though the American government is not aware of this. Though to most and to the families in Sicily I am considered the American official. I mainly deal with money transfers between America and Sicily. I am also very familiar with your dealings in the narcotics business. Eusebio has told me all about the little accident you had at the warehouse. Eusebio and I are very close in companionship. Eusebio is just one of my clients, out of the hundreds that I am in contact with. My most important client is a good friend of yours, Dragio. Lately Dragio’s account over here in America has grown substantially larger and he wishes to have some of the money removed. This money is to be collected by you in this upcoming month, only if you agree I might add. As you can guess this money is very important to Dragio and must be handled with the greatest care. The total sum of money is 8,000,000 dollars, that is more money than you could ever hope to see in your lifetime. This money accounts for half of Dragio’s funding and if it were to be lost I doubt your life would be spared. However by giving you this task Dragio has bestowed upon you a great honor. I have heard that Dragio considers you as a possible predecessor, a great honor indeed. Though Mr. Salvatore this task you are undertaking is not to be taken lightly you must understand that. And now that I have introduced myself and voiced my concerns, let us get down to business. Salvatore a man known as Hurbitio will be delivering the money to you, I meant the luggage, excuse me. Now he will meet you at Garberditios square just north of the fishing docks. We have already taken precautions and will have the place surrounded if anyone should come snooping along. Hurbitio’s boat is scheduled to arrive at three in the morning, you shall meet him at three thirty. The boat as we speak is sailing right now, I wish for you to meet him on the third of February. That is all for now. I wish you the greatest luck.


Lorenzo Marinio

Ma instead of retailing the whole business deal and the events, I would like to summarize what happened. First of all I must tell you the deal did not go as planned and things weren’t as clean and smooth as Lorenzo had anticipated. On the night of the transaction things were calm and the town was silent, perfect time to stir things up. At first I thought this tranquil peace was an augury of things to come, but like always I was wrong. The night continued like this quite and peaceful, even on my long trek to the meeting spot, things were calm. Along the way I did not see a single soul, everything was silent, very unnerving for me. After a few hours of walking, I arrived at the spot. It was a small park covered with low laying trees, dark and shady, a perfect spot for criminal activity. I looked down at my watch to find I was fifteen minutes early. To pass the time I wondered the park wringing my hands and trying to calm down. As the minutes passed and my hands began to hurt I replaced the nervous wringing, with searching the park and making sure I would be safe, and above all not seen. After the searching the circumference of the park multiple times the only thing unusual I saw was an old drunk beggar in the bushes sleeping. I he was very greasy and smelt of whisky so I disregarded him as a threat to this business transaction. As the hand on my watch struck three thirty a was able to distinguish off the distance a man hurrying towards my spot of standing. As his form came closer I was able to observe his physiognomy and his general build. He was very tall and thin with a long jet black beard protruding from his protuberant chin. He was dressed in a long black trench coat, and wore a top hat slightly tipped to one side. He carried a very small silver briefcase, the luggage obviously. The man upon reaching me held out his hand, and in a very raspy voice whispered “Salvatore I presume?” And in trying to sound professional I answered “It is good to see you Hurbitio.” “Yes definitely he said. The money is in this briefcase.” On saying this he held out the briefcase, I grasped the handle. As the briefcase passed hands, it seemed that Hurbitio was very reluctant to let go of such a large sum of money. I held up the briefcase trying to be the judge of how much the money should weigh. All of a sudden Hurbitio reached out and grabbed the briefcase, he flung it open and to both of our astonishment's the money was gone. In its place lay a brick wrapped with with a small blanket. Hurbitio in a very harsh tone then said “That son of a bitch, he took the money.” He took a deep breath and continued “I’m sorry Salvatore, but I fear my assistant has taken the money. On the boat he was in charge of keeping it safe he must have taken the money out while we were sailing.” With that he fled leaving a very startled and confused me. I stumbled away from the scene contemplating what I was to do, Dragio was going to kill me. So instead of going straight to Dragio, I went back to my place of sleeping and through myself on the bed. Then and there I made up my mind to inform Dragio of the happening in the morning, but for now I was tired. I really wish I had gone and seen Dragio that night, for it could have saved me from banishment. Instead of telling you I will show you a letter sent to Mario, which will explain the workings of that night, and the beginning of my doom. You see Ma that whole mix up with the money was planned, Dragio had never really asked Mario to tell me anything, and that so called Hurbitio, was an official for an opposing family the, Risburtoes. Furthermore Lorenzo, is fake, his letter was forged by Mario. I’m getting ahead myself please read the next letter it should explain things.

Enclosed to Mario Furelo, Dear Mario I must first address the the issue of crime and money. For a fact Mario you know my utter distaste, in the crazy and dangerous business. But as a professional photographer, I have my enemies, thought it may sound ridiculous you will have to trust me. At first I was a very incredulous, but in time have come to realize my position and the uselessness of the situation. I thank you now, once again for taking care of some of these enemies for me, in my desperate times of need. Due to these favors, when I received your letter regarding the little pest you have been dealing with, I was taken up and felt it was my business, and obligation to undertake your small simple task. You requested for me to document the events which were to take place in correspondents to your fake letters and set up, which you had so ingeniously laid forth for the pest. As you requested I donned I an outfit which resembled that of a beggar or a homeless man. The outfit consisted of a brown torn coat, a dirty shirt, which I had smeared with mud, and rag like corduroy pants. To this out fit I splashed vodka and other hard liqueur, such as grappa. This I believed would give the me not only the look, but the smell of a drunken beggar. I arrived sharply at three in the morning and set myself up. I positioned my drunken form in a small bush a good twenty meters away from the meeting spot. I then hid my camera beneath me and pretended to sleep. As the clock struck three fifteen, I was blessed with the arrival of the pest, or a young man of twenty years. This young man, the pest, began to search the park and meeting spot and even at one point stumbled upon me. When this occurred my heart began to pound as someone might pound a drum, to my pleasure however he disregarded me as a threat and let me be. I am sure that the strong smell of alcohol emanating from me made up his mind. Once Hurbitio, or as you and I know him Raesario, arrived I began my documentation of the meeting. I had to conceal my camera in the bushes in order to keep the cover, which if broken would ruin the entire set up. After the meeting had dispersed, I directly ran home and developed the photos. I then as you know came abruptly to the post office where I am know finishing the my letter and in seconds will send it too you with the photos I have taken. I wish you luck in the the completion of your plan, and hope dearly that Dragio will take your word and banish the pest for treason against the family. I pray that you will be successful and that the photos will make due.

Sincerly Martioso Languesta

Ma the next letter I received the day after me traumatic experience. As you will learn Dragio was not, has he would say Pleasssed with my actions. As the previous letter showed Mario had delivered the photos completing his plot, and framing me for the act of treason. I did not know that at the time so you can imagine my surprise at finding Dragio’s letter the on my door step. The next few minutes it took me to read Dragio’s letter were in fact the most painful minutes of my life. All the while my pure hate for Mario began to rise, like bread in an oven.

January 13, 1927 To My dearest Salvatore, My Dearest Salvatores it’s is very difficult and hards for mes to brings this subject of darknesss and deaths ups. I will begin by, telling yous of mys respects and love for yous. I have never had a sons, and to mes, yous were a son. A lovings and caring sons, who nevers made bad decisions. Buts as we grows olders, our minds begin to change and twists, until finalies we are tottaliess screweds. I believe its happenss to the bests of uss even though wes have no intentions for its to bes. I know thats for yous thiss was ones of the moments when the twisteds and terribles side tooks over yous, and forced yous to meet with the representative for the Risburtoes family. Believe me Salvatores, I woulds have proboly dones the sames. Mores monies, more fame, more glories, if there is such things in thiss worlds. Greed is justs a nuturals part of life, and whatss yous did is only human. However sweets, my words bes, and no matters how graciouses my hearts, I cannots makes exceptions for little pests whos don’ts follows the rules. You have mets with my enemies and could haves destroyed the family; but worsts stills yous have threateneds my trusts, to the point of breakingss. This breakings of my trusts hass and doess takes a veries heavy tolls on my hearts, and it’s made mes nots as graciouss. Your meetings, with the Risburtoes representive is classifieds in familiy justices as treasons. Treasons is the worsts of deaths, fors the reasons that it not onlyss is a crimes buts it also is a crimes againsts humans natures. This acts of treasons was broughts to mys attentionss by someones who shoulds be looked ats as a roles model for all society. My dear Mario. I haves decideds to makes hims my predecessor, for the souls reasons of his trusts and loyalties to mes. I haves consulteds withs hims on whats your unlawful punishments shoulds bes. We concludeds that the onlies punishments suitibles for such a man, be deaths. So that is whys I warns yous now thats we are comings and you shoulds excpects your executionerss shortly. I musts says thats I ams very sorries for this inconvenience, and hopes thats yous will lives out the rests of your very shorts life happilies. The shorts periods I knows was very goods and I admires yous, I loves yous like a brother, goodbyes.

Sincerely Dragio

Oh Ma you should haves seen my blood begin to boil, I was like a volcano ready to explode. You can’t imagine the anger which was running through my veins as I read his letter. To be framed for an act which would cost you your life, and above all by an unholy bastard. In fact the same unholy bastard that brought your father to his death. I know now how father must of have been feeling at the time. FRAMED, I can’t even describe the feeling which when that word is uttered arises through my body. I still cannot comprehend how a man can be driven to such extremes, and take such pains just to have another human being killed. To top it off Dragio, he says that he loves me yet he doesn’t mind snapping me like a toothpick. I have begun to think that Dragio despite his position is very near sited, and does not have much ambition or drive for the truth. He is easily pushed around and manipulated, or bent in the ways that one might desire. I really don’t understand Ma I fell like a lemming blindly following my friends off cliffs, in my case I have just tried to live my life and all I receive is pain and death. It burns to know that Mario upon having my life in his hands, was elated to crush my in a sick and twisted way. Only to be granted the privilege of taking the role of predecessor. All these reasons climaxed in my mind to form a conclusion, I needed to take care of business. I wasn’t about to let them walk all over me and take my life without I fight, I refused to give Dragio or Mario that satisfaction. So without any hesitation I fled and began to gather the necessary tools to take care of business. My first stop brought me to the Carlio’s shop where all your violent needs are taken care of. There I spent a good amount of money on my preparations. I hid my preparations under my jacket and began to rush through the back allies on my way to my decided destination. I ran hunched over with the collar of my coat flipped up in order to not look conspicuous. When I had arrived I sat down in a nearby alley and took deep breaths. My heart was pounding, and the sweat was beginning to show on my forehead. It takes a lot of nerve to be a hypocrite of your own philosophy, to go back on your views and to kill your opinions all with one action. I never thought I would ever do such a deed as I was about to undertake. With one last breath, I slipped forth my gun the preparation, and held it close to me as I neared the apartment; this was it. Ma the following letter was written by Mario in reply to the photographers letter; unfortunately for him he was never able to finish the letter. For the reason I arrived at his apartment two minutes before the final period was pressed upon the page. Surprisingly Ma it wasn’t as scary as I thought, it was in a sense serene and peaceful to finally know things were taken care of.

January 14, 1927 Dear Martioso Languesta, Martioso, I write you now in a elated, happy go lucky mood. For you see I have gotten the thing which I had desired, the death of Salvatore. His life is not at an end as of now, but Dragio has sent his best men to kill him, much to my pleasure. When I presented Dragio with your photographs he was very surprised and baffled. Could it be that his favorite person in the world would betray him, very difficult for him to comprhend. Through with my persuasion I was able to convince him of the treason like act which had been committed. Once I had him in my palm I was able to manipulate and twist him to do what I wanted, first of all I made him put the death sentence upon Salvatore, and convinced him to let me proceed him in ruling the family. How I was elated in spirits when he agreed to my terms and sent me off with a full wallet and a slight spring in my step. This slight spring began for the reason that me dreams had come true; the pest which had up till now hogged the spotlight, the attention, and the love of Dragio was out of my way. You must understand how I was feeling, I had pursued Dragio’s loyalty for over thirty five years, only to have all my troubles thrown away when that dam Salvatore came into the picture. It may be hard for you to understand my reasons and feelings, but trust when I say if you were in my position you would have done the same. I feel no guilt in taking Salvatores life, and I believe I have done the right thing. I wish you not to judge me, and only to accept and trust me in my plight. I must thank you again for your loyalty and for your help in my little plan. Believe it or not you were the key part in my plan, besides the victim. If you had not completed your task successfully, I would not be writing you now in my elevated spirit and mind. Your photographs have brought such happiness to me and I wish you happiness and good fortune throughout the rest of your life. I promise you now, mark my words that when I am in charge of the family you will be heavily rewarded in whatever way possible, my loyal love to you my friend. Furthermore I must add that

The endings are always hard Ma, for him finding his own blood strewn across his letter as the result of a gunshot to the back of his head, I can honestly say I enjoyed it. But are my reasons for shooting him any different from the ones the he had against me. It’s dog eat dog, and I know now that all of us as human beings change and twist like Dragio said. Mario had no regrets when he ordered my death, and I had none pulling the trigger. I didn’t even care anymore, it just seemed ordinary to see that mans blood splattered across the page. Does it make me any different from the man who killed the post office official, I think not. I write in despair and dread for I am the same as them Ma, I wish you were here now to comfort me. A killed him, I am guilty, and yet even though I have this burden I feel no sorrow or remorse. It’s a funny feeling to have ones life in your hands; it seems that we can control all others fates except for ours, we are powerless over our own existence. I never asked to be part of the family, but it happened that way. I never asked to be taken under Dragio’s wing it just happened. I never asked for all the opportunities which were handed to me, they just were. The only thing I ever controlled was that gun and the bullet which is now lodged deep in the cerebellum of an evil man. I never asked Ma, it just happens, we have no control, we are like boats lost at sea in a storm. My life has seemed pointless and unmeaning full, no point and that is why it must end before I can create an even bigger mess than the one before. Fear not for me Ma for I know that death is the only thing that is official and has no rules, the only thing in other words I can be sure about. When it comes down to death there is no stopping it there is no dyeing the wrong way and screwing things up, and there is no coming back. Soon Dragio’s men will come for me, and I have no wish for them to be my executioners I refuse to give them that pleasure. Though who knows I may not be successful, I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I only have one stop left, I must deliver this letter to the post office for it to be sent to you. I hope you receive this, I need someone to care and know the purpose of my existence. I will be sending my letters in a disguised box in order to hide my identity. In a sense I am sending my only remaining life to you, and I am trusting my life will be received with love and care. I must go Ma I fear Dragio’s men grow near, I love you and hope you are well. So long, the Urtinio’s bridge calls for me, I know the cold rushing water will hold some comfort for my melancholy form. Who knows in a few hours you might see my lifeless body floating down the river, you never know; I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of my undying love