Everything is possible nowadays.

None are the times when people follow a certain rule, because for now, they make their own rules, they break the law and they disobey the regulations. This is a perfect example of how people react to a certain condition. People now react before they think and then realize that it was wrong so it leads to negative result. People nowadays disregard the principle of what they call a ´peaceful talk.µ This is talking over of a situation to solve the problems arising from it. It seems like they believe in the saying ´an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,µ which is probably very injurious and destructive. That is right, people have changed. They have become violent, destructing and damaging to others. On the other hand, despite the cruelty that others have, there are still those people who believe in changing for the better through a peaceful and non-violent way. This is what they call as the non-violent act of activism. Non- violence has two closely related meanings; one is that it can refer to the general philosophy of abstention from violence because of moral or religious principle. Moreover, the other refers to the behavior of people using non-violent action. In addition to the general philosophy of non-violence is its active or activist element in which they accept the need for a means of struggle to achieve a political, social and cultural change. It is otherwise known as civil resistance further described as an alternative to passive acceptance of oppression. In general, advocates of non-violent activism use diverse methods in their campaigns for social change, including critical forms of education and persuasion, mass noncooperation, civil disobedience and non-violent direct action. The term "nonviolence" is often linked with or even used as a synonym for pacifism; however, the two concepts are fundamentally different. Pacifism denotes the rejection of the use of violence as a personal decision on moral or

They yearn for power so much. They did not know that power itself is not derived solely through violence. on us. the desire to pursue change effectively may be a reason for the rejection of violence. the likelihood of influencing and controlling them. who comes from that place. It seems like it is a course on me. I live in a place where people are most of the time violent and reactive to every action. I feel bad because it has also affected me. They think that they can be a god when they achieve that power they desire.µ through which people engage in killing others to show their power and authority especially during election times. you will see the look on their faces. Still. people will have to ask you where you came from and telling them that you came from that place. I never thought that there would be a nonviolent act ascribe to the society. Recently. my province have been tagged as the ´Killing Capital of the North. Knowing that the situation is like that. but to win them over and create love and understanding between all. on the other hand. They will have the chance to manipulate others. the horrible look of fright and fear. but it is primarily maintained through oppression and tacit compliance of the majority of the governed. Like on times that I travel and go to other places. People in my place are power hungry. is most often associated with the intent to achieve social or political change. or the realization of the humanity of all people. regardless of the violence and hostility. The goal of this type of nonviolence is not to defeat the enemy. at first. Tourism declined in my place because of this. but does not inherently imply any inclination toward change on a sociopolitical level.spiritual grounds. is a fundamental concept of philosophical nonviolence. Governmental power is frequently violent in nature. In addition. a person may advocate nonviolence in a specific context while advocating violence in other contexts. Because nonviolence itself provides us . some still believe non-violence. Nonviolence. Indeed. Love of the enemy.

with more control over a situation. One way of showing their opposition is that they distribute flyers and brochures with the content of an appropriate intervention. Every time that there is a program. rather than seeking to exploit their weakness to what we may think is our advantage. Supporters of the opponents are drawn away and there are fewer casualties. They are the groups of the vulnerable people led by a leader who is opinionated and with a strong sense of self. They make a symposium or a conference to educate the people regarding the things that they do not know in order for them not be ignorant of the situation because their ignorance of the situation will be the . They are the people who participate in criminal acts just to obtain what they want in life. they show their objection in a non-violent way. confidence. Nonviolence makes room for productive dialogue. Openness and honesty are essential elements in our attempt to get the public to respect and trust us. Groups using nonviolence gain self-respect. One act in my society that people try to change is the cruelty and vindictiveness of the people consumed and gobbled by power. the agenda of the group is to talk the situation over and think of a rational way of solving dilemmas. There is a particular group in our place who is strongly against the acts of these people. Violence creates desperation and resentment in opponents. strong enough to maintain the bond within the group and strong enough to act like a role model the group has to follow. Nevertheless. and power. don·t they think that it is too much for the people to bear? Their unkindness is what drives people away from them thus losing people·s trust. As if when the group that they oppose has something to show up and they think that it is harmful and damaging to the people. They actually love doing it because it is what they give them satisfaction and fulfillment. Violence and dishonesty undermine support and creditability. allowing us to speak to the best in people. It eliminates a major rationale for the use of violence by opponents. We can put more pressure on people for whom we show human concern.

They fear that objecting might be the cause of their death. is likely to be conservative. lines of authority. When the enemy holds a meeting. Three of the factors that affect it much are the social structure. However. Another method of non-violent act that they do is noncooperation. religion and other activities are less dependent upon one another change is easier and more frequent. Though they are against an idea. which may affect change in the society. family. which vests great authority to its people. information that could be added to their knowledge thus giving them the familiarity and comprehension to countenance any felonious act the adversary might do. A tightly structured society wherein every person's roles. they are being suppressed by fear and terror. It seems like they are mere creatures who needs to follow every direction the authority has to give. When a culture is very highly integrated so that each element is rightly interwoven with all the others in a mutually interdependent system change is difficult and costly. privileges and obligations are more open to individual rearrangement. This is what halts change in my place. . attitudes and values of the people and lastly technological factors. What is actually lacking in my society is the freedom of the people. they show their disagreement through boycotts. There are many factors.advantage of the enemy to take over. privileges and obligations are precisely and rigidly defined is less given to changes than a more loosely structured society wherein roles. when the culture is less highly integrated so that work. A society. play. They fear that opposing the people with power is just a useless thing to do because who knows when these people in authority tries to kill them. The structure of a society affects its rate of change in a subtle and not immediately apparent ways. freedom from everything. They can do nothing. Disseminating information about it is one actual way that they do. Even if they want to. duties. they cannot show that there are not in favor because they are afraid. They do not participate and join the said meeting to show that they do not agree to the principles that will be newly imposed.

Dealing with changes in the society is very difficult especially if the people are preoccupied with things that they are doing for so long and that they reject the concept of change. In the attempt to satisfy his wants. People there are socialized to anticipate and appreciate change. When a culture has been relatively static for a long time the people are likely to assume that it should remain so indefinitely. which may contribute to the change in the society. The last factor of change is technology. which is put into practice that is to use tools and run machines to serve human purpose. Societies differ greatly in their general attitude toward change. These three factors are just some of the things. our country or rather my society has a little or no concept of change and did not even have any words in their language to express or describe change. People who revere the past and preoccupied with traditions and rituals will change slowly and unwillingly. In utilizing the products of technology.When the scientific knowledge is applied to the problems in life it becomes technology. These are the type of people which may be hard . The technological factors represent the conditions created by man which have a profound influence on his life. Technology is a systematic knowledge.Another factor that affects change in the society is the attitudes and values of the people living in it. Any change in such a society is likely to be too gradual to be noticed. man brings social change and the social effects of technology are far-reaching. fulfill his needs and to make his life more comfortable man creates civilization. Science and technology go together. They are intensely and unconsciously ethnocentric. It can make the change easier or it can be the cause of the society not to change. A rapidly changing society has a different attitude toward change and this attitude is both cause and effect of the changes already taking place. Technology is a byproduct of civilization . By contrast. A possible change is unlikely even to be seriously considered. they assume that their customs and techniques are correct and everlasting. To people in developed nations and societies change is normal.

I will have to be open minded in order for me to take it positively. Like what the elders would say. then think twice. then why not accept the change. Look at both sides. It is a good thing that people oppose to such things in a peaceful manner. as what they say. We have to accept the fact that nothing stays the way it is forever. Our part is to rationally think of the things that it may give us. change is inevitable. power and credibility. In this case. In this. If positive things overcomes it negativity. However. it is much more appropriate to deal with things in the correct manner. There maybe still a lot more of things to be taken into consideration before accepting it. In conclusion. the positive and the negative. Regardless of the things that it may provide. Nevertheless. cruelty and violence is an easy thing to do as long as you do not have the conscience and sense of right or wrong to do it. If negativity is more powerful. Anyway. If were in the case of dealing with the change. Open mindedness and critical thinking is very essential when dealing with things like this because it is at this time that you will learn to understand the purpose and objectives of doing a non-violent act to counteract a hideous and felonious action in a community or society. It takes time for everything. There are things that my affect us in everything that we do. Will it be beneficial to us or not. I would say that non-violent act is effective to start a change. ´Everything is resolved in a good dialogue. weigh it accurately. change is always for the better. take into consideration how morbid it could be if we engage into it. there will be lesser number of casualties and the effect would be gaining selfrespect. Do not rush change since it will gradually be done in time. Hurting people.µ .to persuade to accept the concept of change.

January 24. 2012 .Assignment in Sociology and Anthropology Non-Violent Act of Activism Towards a Hideous and Felonious Act in the Society In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirement for the Course Sociology and Anthropology Submitted by: CABERTO. Elynor Chrisma V.