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5th December - 9th December 2011 IIM-A Graduate To Open Up Dairy Farm
While the management graduates from across the world dream of making it big across the top corporates, Kartikeya Jha of none other than IIM- A is gearing up to start about his very own dairy farm. He aims at providing customers with organic milk, which is a rare form of milk in the country today. An entrepreneurial venture had been up his sleeve since his very childhood. Mr. Jha boasts of a Masters Degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from New York and a work experience of ten years as a manager in a private firm followed soon after. He gave wings to his dream of enrolling himself in the PGPX programme at IIM-A thereafter. An amalgamation of a strong alumni network, a formal management education as well as ten good years of experience has made strong the foundation of the venture that this entrepreneur wishes to set up. Kartikeya is currently on the hunt for some non agricultural land in which he can set up this dairy farm of his, for which he is talking with the Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC). His plans revolve around rearing anything between 20 and 40 cows in the beginning and taking the count to 150 by the next three years. Organic fodder is an essential ingredient for organic milk and Jha wishes to “rope in local farmers” who can be suppliers of such fodder which has not been exposed to fertilizers and pesticides. Artificial hormones to induce and enhance milk production is a strict no-no, considering the threat of health hazards. A milking parlour would also be set up such that the milk is untouched by hand. A stateof-the-art aseptic technique will form the most part of the farm such that bacteria load in the milk is reduced to a bare minimum. While thinking of this kind of model, Jha not only had the huge potential of the organic food sector in mind, but he also wanted to generate employment for the rural population. This idea has earned APJ Abdul Kalam’s appreciation as well.

BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS: * Do that which you love * Don’t look for only money * Don’t rush * Work hard for success

News From Beyond Borders: Welcome AudienceAmp
With the need for microphones to be passed around during conferences, an idea drove Crawford Comeaux of Lafayette to develop the smartphone app known as the Audience Amp. 28 years old Comeaux brings forth this range of application which can be used by people who are experiencing the same event. With this app interaction between people becomes easier and question sessions become livelier. Live polls can be conducted as well. (theadvertiser.com)

With her 12 years of experience in top management posts, Rajini has, apart from setting up the organization, set up training centers for all IT sectors inside the company. Rural employment has been one of her major success areas along with being an ambassador for women at work. She has created an employment network that serves as a bridge to the rural youth by which they can feel connected to the industries which record high growth.

Entrepreneurs Can Increase Productivity Up To 500%. Here’s How.
The only way to boost productivity is to filter the following negative thoughts that might cram up your brain now and again:   Get rid of baseless pessimistic thoughts Vice thoughts never get you anywhere- get rid of them right away Stop cribbing about perfectionism- the most you can do is try Never get jealous to the extent of killing creativity Stop fearing- start taking risks Stop being obsessed about one single strand of thought (specially useless ones) Get to know what isn’t good for you

Entreprenet 2012:
This is a global convention which has been initiated by Dimensions and KE Global. The goal is to provide global entrepreneurs and professionals to play a role in the growth story that India proclaims as well as enable especially the Indian Christian entrepreneurs to interact with international counterparts for a development that is mutual in its essence. The conference will have esteemed speakers and is scheduled for the 13th and 14th of January 2012 at Intercontinental The Lalit. Gargi Chowdhury With Support of all Ecell Core Members.

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VP Rajini Reddy Felicitated With Entrepreneur Award
The award for excellence in entrepreneurship- India Today Women Entrepreneur of Tamil Nadu award- has been awarded to the Managing Director of Exemplarr Worldwide Limited, VP Rajini Reddy. Under her leadership, the organization has been positioned as an IT major and also as a BPO and KPO solutions provider. This organization houses over 500 employees, 5 international sales offices and 3 delivery centers. Content & Edited By:

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