Sergio R.

Senior SAP SD/TAXBRA/NFe Certified Consultant

Resident at Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Owner of European Passport. Summary: Relevant experience, (more than 10 years) as Logistics Manager and Finance Controller of multinational companies. Experienced functional SAP SD Consultant/Team Leader. Working with SAP since 2001 and specialist in interfaces of SD with FI regarding Fiscal (sales taxes) and Finance Controlling (sales accounting). Also, relevant knowledge of interface with PS (Project System) and Billing Plan of SD. Engineering-to-Order scenario specialist. Order-to-Cash scenario specialist (O2C).

Certified SAP SD Functional consultant. Specialist in SPED (NFe and Fiscal -Brazilian Localization), TAXBRA Scheme of Taxes for Brazil, MP135, LC116, Tributary Substitution of ICMS, etc. Full cycle projects, hands-on configuration and customizing, testing, issues solving, implementation, training users, preparing training material, go-live support. Implementation experience in multi-site/countries global companies in Austria, France, Canada, USA, Germany and Mexico.

Senior SAP SD/TAXBRA/NFe Certified Consultant at September 2011 - Present (6 months) Brazilian Taxes/Accounting Advisor, Audit and Consultant. Adaptation of NFe for legal requirements NT2011.004 and 005 and other legal scenarios for Brazillian operations of the following multinational companies: - Phoron GmbH - Wien, Austria - WALTER-Sandvik ( German company, support as Accounting/Taxes SAP determination applied for Brazil. Advisor in the Headquarter at Tubingen, Baden-Wurtenberg State, Germany - Optima (German company, Vinhedo-SP branch in Brazil) - Balluff (German company, Vinhedo-SP branch in Brazil)


assessment. MG and PA states: http://www. services sales (integration of SD with CS .Acting as Certified Functional SAP SD Consultant since 2002. IPI. Headquarter in Germany . Engineering to Order scenario (integration of SD with PS)..SAP Project Implementation . Sales with Future Deliveries. .Automatic determination of Brazilian taxes rates. . audit . Withholding Taxes (CSLL. like: Consignment. Triangle (sales to one partner and delivery to another.haverbrasil. Sao Paulo – SP branch in Brazil) .Heller (German company. Electronic Nota Fiscal documents for all business scenarios. Main activities: Parameterization and customization of Sales Orders.04. Version 6.Klingspor (German company . Quotations.DIP configuration and profiles). PIS-W. special accounts).com. Page2 . Curitiba – PR branch in Brazil) Senior SAP SD / Loc BR Certified Consultant at DONAIRE April 2002 . Taxes. Free Trade Zone (Manaus). .September 2011 (11 months) German company. with Business places at SP. CO and PS. Sorocaba-SP branch in Brazil) .Improvements on SAP instalations . IRRF. CFOP.Accounting determination in Sales Documents (Revenues.Subsidiary located in Brazil. .dynamic item processor . Back-to-Back operations. PIS. configuration of Dynamic Exceptions for ICMS.Cinterion-Gemalto (German company.DIP . COFINS-W. Billing Plan. legal texts.Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 27 recommendations available upon request Senior SAP SD/TAXBRA/FISCAL/SalesAccount -BR at Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana Maquinas Ltda November 2010 .Present (9 years 11 months) .Business Processes review.. Strong integration with FI.Taxes & Accounting / Nota Fiscal Brazil specialist . Tributary Substotution of ICMS. full cycle implementation of SAP ERP ECC.Special Business scenarios. Billing. Deliveries. Pricing Scheme TAXBRA implementation.

Responsible for identifying gaps and creating Functional Specs for ABAP development. redetermination of taxes in the Pricing. using Condition Tecnique. Revision of formulas in the Pricing.France Central Team IS/IT . Suppliers and Materials) because of mandatory fields that are checked by the SEFAZ. Responsible for guiding the Customer on Data Cleaning and Data Building of Master Data (Customers. August 2010 .integration of full cycle PS-SD-FI-CO. Usage of Billing Plan . creation of new access sequences and tables. Acting as Page3 . Revision and improvement of commercial discounts in the Sales Document Pricing: creation of new discount conditions. . Interface with Messaging system from Serasa-Synchro portal. Implementation of ISS law (LC-116) and WHT taxes for services (known as MP-135) with special accounting procedures. Piracicaba-SP. Brazil.November 2010 (4 months) Since August-2010 until November-2010: COSAN Group – Piracicaba.Determination of service sales tax: ISS. Acting as Senior SAP SD/LES Consultant in inprovements: Improvement of Transportantion Cost Document Pricing: creation of new conditions. creation of new access sequences and tables. using Condition Tecnique. Parametrization and Customizing of the required changes in the SAP ERP ECC to abide to fiscal requirements and issue of the XML file to the SEFAZ (Treasury State Office) and the DANFE (print of the XML file for the Customer and the freight carrier). Brazil. Agroindustry and Energy sector (producer of sugar and ethanol from sugar cane.Accounting determination in Deliveries (Cost of Sales and Stock accounts).Creation of special SD business scenarios regarding Milestone Billing.Sugar Cane and Ethanol. Analysis and implementation of additional SAP Notes to solve bugs. 5 recommendations available upon request Senior SAP SD/LES Consultant at Cosan Group . Integration of PS Project with SD Quotations. Project: implementation of Nfe (Electronic Nota Fiscal) and SPED (Public System for Digital Bookeeping).Determination of special sales documents for ICMS-ST (Tributary Substitution of ICMS) for MG state.. . Creation of new exclusion groups and rules to the correct price determination.August 2010 (1 year 4 months) Senior Functional SD Consultant and Specialist on Brazilian Fiscal Localization.SP. .BR Fiscal Specialist at Alcatel-Lucent May 2009 . SAP SD/NFe Sr Consultant on ALCATEL-LUCENT .

positive and negative lists for taxes). elaboration of Functional Specifications in the SAP ERP ECC system (ABAP) for the identified gaps. SP headquarter. SAP version: ERP ECC 6. Implementation of Enhancement Package EHP 4 version 60404 and enhancements for Brazilian Localization.2009 (1 year) Glenmark Group – Business: pharmaceutical company.00. Playing role as Functional Business Process Consultant for the integration of a new unit ( integrated automatic determination of Fiscal and Accounting parameters. SAP SD/NFe/TAXBRA Senior Consultant at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals 2008 . Specific activities: Brazilian Localization for SD: pharmaceutical products taxes specific situations like Tributary Substitution and drugs taxes classification for Brazil (neutral. Other customizing activities: Credit Management customizing of SD and interfaces with FI. Oetker 2008 . including Nota Fiscal Electronic (NFe) requirements (SAP NFE GRC 1.2008 (less than a year) Page4 . Parametrization and Customization of SAP modules SD and Transportation related to the creation of new Organizational Structures and Business Processes for the new branch. implementation of TAXBRA tax calculation procedure and respective SD RVABRA Pricings.Brazil and Germany at Dr. Implementation of Tributary Substitution of ICMS (state VAT sales tax) for A-LU Brazil. SAP SD/NFe/TAXBRA Senior Consultant . Implementation of “Nota Fiscal Eletronica” (SAP notes and customizing) and customizing of Brazilian sales scenarios in a roll-out project. Responsibilities: procedures analysis. Modifications in the XML layout and additional parameterization of SAP ERP. Implementation of SEFAZ new lay-out for Nota Fiscal Electronica version 2. change management consulting. adaptation of fiscal operations and business procedures.representative of Central IT Team based on France in Brazil.2009 (less than a year) USA multinational company acting in the agribusiness and biotechnology. Sales for Free trade Zone. This activity requires cost-benefit analysis of the changes in the global template (mainly in SD and FI) in order to abide to the local processes and legal requirements. fit & gap analysis (comparing new processes with existing ones at Monsanto Group).0) for the new branch. Implementation of Nota Fiscal Electronic (NFe) with messaging system interface from Procwork system PW-NFe. being the communication link and focus poit between Central IT team in France. Subsidiary of a multinational company in Brazil.00 valid up to January 2011. local IT team in Brazil and key-users. corn seeds producer). 5 recommendations available upon request SAP SD/LES Senior Consultant /USA-Brazil at Monsanto 2009 .

02. for instance. Responsible for issuing Functional Specifications for identified gaps related to required functions not supported by SAP ERP Standard. Customization and parametrization of Sales Documents. operations with Free Trade Zones. ICMS "Substituicao Tributaria". Item Categories. Deliveries.6C (World standard) to My SAP ERP ECC 6. These activities included adaptation of SD scenarios to Brazilian business and legal operations. Also responsible for the specification of interfaces with Legacy Systems (BCD / AS400). Other activities: parameterization of interfaces between SD and CO: mapping of condition types and field values. Identification of SAP Notes to solve gaps related to legal requirements for SPED. like Zona Franca de Manaus. IPI. Implementation of SAP solution for MP135 and MP66/LC116 laws for Condition-Based Tax Calculation (CBT). Unit Tests. Scope of activities: Business Blue Print. Billing Documents. Area de Livre Comercio e Amazonia Ocidental. aiming controlling reports. Scope of the Project: migration and expansion of functionalities (enhancements) of version SAP R/3 4. Account Receivables. Preparation of Functional Specifications for Developments. Responsible for defining correct sequence and fields for Dynamic Exception taxes tables for ICMS. like Deca. operations of products with special taxation like Substituicao Tributaria. COFINS and ISS. PIS. implementation of TAXBRA/RVABRA. SPED Fiscal and Electronic Nota Fiscal. Business: food company. pos Go-Live support. Hydra and Durafloor) Project: full implementation of SAP ERP ECC 6. implementation of basic SAP Notes for national electronic Nota Fiscal for incoming scenarios (vendors that sell with Nota Fiscal Electronica). notebooks.2008 (less than a year) ITAÚ S/A GROUP. Contracts and Quotations. AS-IS versus TO-BE Analysis. SAP SD/ SPED FISCAL Senior Consultant -in Brazil at Itautec 2008 . implementation of SAP Notes for electronic Nota Fiscal for Sao Paulo city. Responsible for Customer Master Data migration specification of interface. Responsible for developing a Work-Flow functional specification for commercial approval of Sales Orders.Dr. Responsible for representing the companies Itautec and Duratex in the ASUG meeting. with Brazilian Localization approach. Taxes to pay and Taxes Expenses accounts determination). being in charge of coordination of all activities regarding Brazilian Localization. bank terminals) and Duratex (consumer products for civil engineering. Realization of Configuration. Pricing. Integrated Tests and Configuration Documentation. regarding Brazilian Localization. implementation of Fiscal SPED (Public System for Fiscal Bookkeeping) with Mastersaf interface. Industrial Division Companies: Itautec (electronic components. Taxes Dynamic Exceptions Tables. Responsibilities: SD and Local Taxes Specialist Consultant. Customizing of Stock Transport Order (SD/MM) for CBT. MP135 and LC 116. Oetker. implementation of TAXBRA tax calculation procedure and respective SD RVABRA Pricing Procedures. Page5 . Brazilian subsidiary of a German Group.00. microcomputers. Taxes Determination and all SD related matters. Correction of accounting problems from Sales scenarios (Revenues. Gaps Analysis.

Austria.Brazil and Austria at Palfinger 2007 . Adjustments of SD/LE scenarios to meet specific business processes requirements.Universidade Estadual de Campinas 2005 . Austria. subsdiary of Palfinger Group. Working on behalf of Phoron Consultancy. implementation of TAXBRA and RVABRA for Condition-Based tax calculation procedure. Responsible for all customizing of Brazilian Localization and local branch sales scenarios. leader manufacturer of cranes and weight lifting equipment. Participation since the beginning of the Project. worldwide IT division of Böhler-Uddeholm Group (VoestAlpine). and acting together with IT local staff. Austria. . The job included testing and training activities in Salzburg.0 Latu Sensu Pos Graduation at Unicamp .Sati (Aspen Procwork) Fiscal System. Place: Sumaré.SAP SD/Taxes Senior Consultant . Configuration of Transportation. with the Blue Print and all ASAP phases. Responsible for all customizing of Brazilian Localization and local sales scenarios that different from the standard SAP.Villares Metals (Böhler-Uddeholm subsidiary in Brazil) – SAP ERP ECC 6. I/S Mills.0.Böhler-Thyssen Welding (BTW) – SAP ERP ECC 5. Since Nov/06 till March/07. joint-ventures and associated companies: .2007 (1 year) Intesy Business & IT Solutions. Brazil. Activity: customizing of all SD documents taxes. Implementation of Brazilian legal requirements MP135/MP66/LC116. Brazil: support and issues solving regarding all SD/LE Brazil. This is a roll-out process. Customizing of Sales Documents. subsdiary of Optima Group. Configuration of the SAP Interface with PW. SAP SD/Taxes Senior Consultant . producer of machines for packing industries. Billings. Implementation & Support of the following subsidiaries. Page6 . Austria. Release: MySap ERP ECC 6. Help-Desk Support in SD/LE and BR Localization Since Mar/07. based in Wien. from Germany. Austria.0 SAP SD/TAXBRA Senior Consultant . with headquarter in Wien. Answering directly to the IT Corporate Service Center in Salzburg. Release: MySap ERP ECC 6.2008 (1 year) BR-Localization (FISCAL ISSUES) Specialist Consultant for Optima do Brazil.2007 (less than a year) Consultant for Madal Palfinger in Brazil. SP.2008 (3 years) Specialist in Integrated Logistics Chain. Accounting.0.Brazil and Germany at Optima 2007 . USA and Austria at voestalpine 2006 . Deliveries. São Paulo-SP. in Vinhedo-SP. pricing. from Salzburg. Customizing of Variant Configuration Products and MTO (make-to-order). Notas Fiscais and Fiscal Books. global leader of high-tech steel for special applications.

magazines. SAP SD/SPED/NFSe S. Nota Fiscal Mapping.Chicago. including sales orders. bases. Brazilian Taxes Determination in Sales Orders (CFOP. Tax Law.Böhler-Uddeholm North America – SAP ERP ECC 6. SAP SD/ Br Taxes & Accounting Senior Consultant at Hatch 2006 . . accountings. Punctual participation as Instructor in SD/LE/ BR Localization.Celestica do Brasil (Canadian Company – Electronic Manufacturer at IBM Technical Centre at Hortolandia-SP. Tax Code SD. Brazil Senior SAP SD/MM/LE-TRA Consultant (Dutch worldwide electronics manufacturer). Large Brazilian media group. IL. Dec/06. Nota Fiscal Eletronica for Sao Paulo city. billings.0.0 baseline. Main activities: engineering sales of services scenarios customizing. Customizing of purchase orders and good receipts. withholding taxes. following the methodologies of ASAP and PMI. Pricing and Condition Technique (using TAXBRA for Brazil) with CBT.Aceros Böhler de Colombia y Ecuador – SAP ERP ECC 5.. Brazil) – SAP R/3 4. Brazil. São Paulo -SP. Page7 .Toronto/Ontario. USA – I/S Mills North America template and participation on compiling and adjusting the global template to be used in the roll-outs of Böhler-Uddeholm subsidiaries in South America. Engineering global services provider. contracts. amounts. May/07.0. audio and video recording and logistic services. with newspapers. deliveries. MM and FI. including sales orders for non-core business. Main activities as Sr. TVs.5B upgrade to ERP ECC 6. Main activities: pos-implementation legal corrections in customizing and creation of new specific sales scenarios.Paulo / Senior Consultant -in Brazil at Agência Estado 2006 .2006 (less than a year) Hatch Engineering. pricings and adaptation of core business scenarios to the special taxes systems know as “Zona Franca de Manaus” (Manaus Free Trade Zone) and “Area de Livre Comércio” (Free Trade Areas) inside and outside of West Amazonia. Worldwide project based on Canada. MP135/LC116. Dec/06. Canada Senior SAP SD/LES (/MM/PS/FI interfaces) Consultant and Taxes Specialist Advisor. SAP-SD/LE/MM & Brazilian Localization Consultant: customizing of logistic scenarios in a full cycle project implementation of version SAP ERP ECC 5. Project based on Manaus Tax Free Area. radios. Eletronic Data Interchange). . Customizing adjustments in Transportation (LES-TRA) module.0– Business Blue Print participation definition of Colombia and Ecuador Localization aspects related with SD. rates.2006 (less than a year) Estado Group (OESP – O Estado de SP).2006 (less than a year) PHILIPS – Manaus-AM. SAP SD/ Zona Franca Specialist Senior Consultant at Philips 2006 .

Main Activities: Tax and sales pricing . Project version 4. LC116 implementation. Main Activities: Adaptation of Brazilian sceneries to French requirements. 4. taxes localization according MP135 and LC116. 1 recommendation available upon request SAP SD Trainer and SAP OSS Notes Beta-tester . Brazil. Customizing of purchase orders and good receipts.2005 (1 year) Project: Embraer Aircraft Services.70. Adaptation of German template to Brazilian scenarios.SAP Brazil Contractor at SAP 2004 . MP135.contracts.70.Brazil and France at Embraer 2004 . sales & logistics processes customizing. pricing.Sao Jose dos Campos-SP. Aircraft parts selling and services provider. invoicing. Aircraft manufacturer and services provider . Germany / São Paulo. Interface with MasterSaf Tax System and Softway Exportsys. SAP SD/TAXBRA Senior Consultant at Voith AG 2005 . BR Localization. accounting posting. billings. Brazil.0B to 4.0B to version 4. Customizing of Notas Fiscais and Brazil laws. Capital equipment manufacturer and engineering services provider. as MP135. Roll-out of template to Brazil. Interface with Aspen PW Sati Tax System and Softway Exportsys. Canadian taxes GST/PST. Teacher of Information Technology -Brazil at FIAP 2004 .70. Main Activities: SD pricing. MP135/LC116. regarding the work as SAP Brazil notes beta-tester during 2004/2005 Project in Embraer. Withholding Taxes. accounting. Acting also as Brazilian taxes specialist and advisor (known as Brazil Localization). Migration from 4. pricings and sales postings accountings. TAXBRA< MP135.70. Run of SAP Country Installation Program for Brazil.Brazil – Project: Upgrade and Expansion.Paulo-SP. LC116 and Sintegra. LC116.2005 (1 year) FIAP University. S. Paris . Nota Fiscal customizing. Project: Embraer Aircraft Manufacturer . Data migration from Datasul Magnus System. Brazil Page8 . SAP SD/LES Senior Consultant .France Project: Roll-out from Brazil to France. French and European taxes (TVA) system. invoicing. accounting. sales & logistics process parametrization. CFOP Changes.2005 (1 year) Awarded with SAP Brazil’s “SAP SD Top Performance Consultant” in May/2005. sales & logistics processes customizing.2006 (1 year) Voith and Voith/Siemens – Heidenheim. SAP version 4. Teacher of SAP SD Academies. notas fiscais (services and products).

SAP SD/LES Consultant -Brazil at Oi/Telemar 2004 . Other companies belonged to the group: Barlocher and Cerdec (current Ferro Enamel).0B to 4. stock movements and inventory management and Contracts.70 as teacher at UNIT University (SD Academy and Brazil Localization).University of Information Technology Teacher of SAP SD Academy . In this period also play a role as teacher of SD 4. Mahle is a German group that merged with Metal Leve group from Brazil.Barueri-SP. 3 recommendations available upon request Finance Controller. SAP SD/MM Consultant -Brazil/Portugal at Vivo 2003 . Also I was in charge of Logistics and Finance interfaces of SAP System. Vivo Cell Phone services / Prymesis Telecom Services .70. localization. Identification of gaps in configuration of SD.2004 (less than a year) Telemar Telecom Services.70. adaptation for MP135 and LC116 laws.SAP R/3 4. Customizing of Purchase Orders/Requisitions/Contracts and Materials Management.2004 (less than a year) GTECH Telecom services .May 2002 (13 years 1 month) The traditional German Degussa Group had several divisions: chemicals (Evonik-Degussa). Debug and fixing SAP programs together with ABAP consultant. Acumulating function while being SAP Consultant for other Customers.2003 (1 year) I was the leader of Finance Controlling and Logistic teams for the Filter Division. Page9 . Logistics Coordinator at Degussa May 1989 . Brazil (Portuguese phone services provider) . Debug and fixing of specific programs used in sales and logistics. SD/MM Consultant Main activities: customizing of sales orders and billing for the phone service sales. SAP SD/Taxes/Accounting Consultant -Brazil at GTECH 2004 . Brazil Pricing Configuration. including Brazil Localization.Rio de Janeiro-RJ. pharma (current Aché).0B to 4. Brazil (Large Brazilian phone services provider) Project: Upgrade from R/3 4. precious metals and automotive catalysts (Umicore).70 Project. Migration project from 4.2004 (1 year) Portugal Telecom Services. Controller & Logistics Coordinator -Brazil/Germany at Mahle 2002 . Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Main activities: customizing of sales orders and billing for phone services.

APC Skills 1986 . SAP ERP ECC software. Skills ISO 9001 Certified Auditor ISO14001 Consultant SAP-ERP (SD) Certified Consultant Certifications Certified SAP SD Consultant SAP .USA at Alexander Proudfoot Consulting .1987 (1 year) Alexander Proudfoot (APC Skills) is a North America Consulting Company and I worked as Management. ISO TS-16949 and ISO-14000 internal assessments.1989 (2 years) Grupo Ultra . When SAP was implemented I was the coordinator of the SD key-users team and was in charge of SAP Customizing activities on SD module for the the Automotive Catalysts Division. 6 recommendations available upon request Economic and Finance Controlling at Grupo Ultra 1987 . Also I accumulated role as Lead Assessor performing ISO-9000. Processes and IT Consultant . like Ericsson and Asea Brown Bovery.Fiscal & Accounting Assessment at Boucinhas Campos e Conti Auditores 1984 .1985 (1 year) Boucinhas & Campos is a very traditional Brazilian large Audit Fiscal-Accounting company. I worked as Independent Auditor for their customers.Germany Education SAP Academy and Certification Certified SAP Consultant. 2005 . I was Economic and Finance Planning Analyst for the Central Controlling Department. Processes Optimization. and IT Consultant in several customers of them. 1 recommendation available upon request Management.2005 Page10 .I worked 13 years for the Group. starting as Central Controlling Analyst and later on I was promoted to Finance Controller of Automotive Division Newtechnos during 5 years and more 5 years as Logistics/Sales Coordinator. IT Services.Oxiteno is a large petrochemical Brazilian group. Auditor . I have performed more than 50 complete assessments in all kind of industries and services companies and also for government institutions.

Controlling & Logistics.Universidade de São Paulo Business Adm. motorcycle riding.Specialist in Management Accounting.Business Administration Bachelor Degree .1997 Activities and Societies: . reading. Specialist in Audit & Accounting. Logistics Supply Chain. SAP developments. 1981 .ITA FUND. walking. Hobbies: surfing.1985 Honors and Awards SAP Academy Certification as SD Consultant (SAP ERP ECC). Brazilian Aeronautics Technological Institute. Page11 . Certified Lead Assessor (Audit ISO14001/ISO9001/ISO-TS16949) Interests Information Technology. Brazilian Taxes and Accounting legal requirements. 1993 . Controlling & Logistics Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica ..

Sergio is a very skilled professional in the Sales and Distribuition module of SAP system. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. Senior SAP SD/TAXBRA/NFe Certified Consultant 48 people have recommended Sergio "I worked with Sergio in the SAP system implementation at the Haver & Boecker company. Sergio was a truly valuable contributor to this project." — Jacques C.. He is really expert on his job." — Gernot S. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. Cromex. was Sergio's client "Sergio and I worked as members of a corporate project to implement SPED-NFe. The project had collapsed and Sergio was hired in time and tense. "Sergio has performed a great job in the group Oetker Brazil. overcame all the problems and surprised everyone with his great work. he as SAP consultant and me as Business Consultant for Brazil.. He is an excellent SAP consultant.. After the project I got from him a lot of useful hints and answers regarding the SAP specifics in Brazil. I would appreciate to work with him again together in projects. SAP FI CO Senior Consultant. was Sergio's client "I recommend Sergio as IT and SAP Consultant. It was a pleasure to work with him. Analista de Controladoria Pleno." — Cintia V." — Emerson S.. Sergio Donaire is a very reliable person and delivers excellent and well documented work. Dumatec Informática Ltda.Sergio R. Excelentes conhecimentos técnicos que contribuiram para o resultado." — Marcelo A. "I worked with Sergio Donaire in a SAP rollout of a German company in Brazil and thanks his deep knowledge in SD. but because of their massive experience and strength.. integration to FI and the brazilian specifics in tax determination and legal reporting we did a successful project. with deep knowledge about business and legal Page 12 . was Sergio's client "Nos ajudou a concretizar a etapa do GO LIVE do nosso audacioso projeto de implatação em 6 meses. being praised by the head of the IT group in Germany.

responsible. was with another company when working with Sergio at DONAIRE "Sergio is an expert SAP SD Consultant with a large knowledge of Brazil Localization. He is an intelligent person. tendo atuado com responsabilidade e dedicacao junto a equipe e cliente.." — Paulo B. was Sergio's client "" — Cleise B. He is a person we trust and work together! Regards and success. Intech. Flavio" — Flavio H. good natured.requirements. and his approach is appreciated by anyone who becomes associated with him." — Felipe P. and I reccomend him as a very good profesional" — Fabbio M.. His knowledge on Brazil Localization is terrific. oriented to results. He is a very straight." — Luciano C." — Alberto S. willing to listen and work in a collaborative manner. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE "Sergio is one of the most complete SAP-SD professionals I've had the opportunity to work with. clear in his explanations and definitions. was Sergio's client "O Sergio foi consultor SAP da Third na fase do projeto de suporte e implementação de melhorias no SAP da Vivo Telecomunicacoes. managed Sergio at DONAIRE "Sergio has an extreme knowledge on tax issues and the SD module as a whole. Stefanini Consultoria... worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE "Sergio Rosvald is a person who understand very well the related Business and input the right figures in SAP. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE "I had the opportunity to work with Sergio at Glenmark in SAP rollout project. Let everybody understending the right use of this ERP and set the system accordingly the Company needs. IT Project Manager.. Highly recommended." — Jorge D. SAP FI Team Leader. THR Consultoria de Sistemas Ltda. Director. Alcatel-Lucent do Brasil. Third IT Solutions. He is also a hard worker... Thank you Sergio for the experience we could Page 13 . Diretor... Owner. was Sergio's client "Sergio is a highly skilled SAP Consultant. Charismatic person and easy relationship with customers and colleagues.

. Universidade Federal do Pará. He is very recommendable for projects in whole world. He is a real tech problem solver and also a good manager. was Sergio's client "Sergio is a person that we can trust. Oetker Brazil upgrade team of release ECC 6. He is the one a team can trust and trully get all of his folks together . One of the best consultants I had the chance to work with. "" — Rossana G. Sergio Donaire concluded his tasks with little time that the planned one in Project chart and this project became global template of Up gade ECC 6.0. He does everything to keep the project on way. "I use to work in more than one implementation with Sergio Donaire.. SAP Senior Business Consultant PP/QM. Best Regards Flavio Heguedusch" — Flávio H. Page 14 . in which complexes configurations of Brazilian taxes had been defined in order to support new Brazilian government fiscal control by electronic files sending. in Team. "Sergio Donaire is a SAP SD senior Consultant. was Sergio's client "Sergio Donaire is an excellent professional. He is a good support to achieve our goals in using SAP .exchange during the VM project. Mr. Embraer. Intesy do Brasil." — Ricardo H.SD and also works oriented in a group.. He knows a lot about SP duties and implementations. SAP SD/LES functional consultant. MM Consuntant. capacity of work in group and high level experience. He is a very experienced SD SAP consultant and expert on Brazilian localization. specialist in standard and Brazil localization functionalities.bringing them all comitted on his deadlines with his particular good moods and singular sense of humor. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. Donaire became quickly admired for all of Consultant team due his friendship." — Alexandre G. Student. "Sergio is the best SD consultant I've ever worked with." — Marssel V. Be free to ask about him when it could be needed."" — Carlos M.. I can say that our results were reached with great results and with his full particiopation on these. He is personn to deal with. Red Commerce.0 with new tax law (TAXBRA) implementation for request of SAP... I would use his services to support us in new projects. We have been integrated Dr. Mr. With highly professional position. Good sense of collaboration in a team environment and very committed. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. was with another company when working with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda.

. Business Consultant & SAP/SD." — Alexander F. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. BR logistics processes. "Sergio is extremely knowledgeable about the Brazilian Localization for SD. "He used to support us in SAP Education" Page 15 .." — Eduardo S. "“Sergio is a senior SAP consultant who is very attentive to client business needs. SAP FI Consultant." — Fábio Z. His relationship with the other persons of group is friendly and with high knowledge in the culture topics. was Sergio's client "Sergio is an excellent professional with high performance in the solutions for the business requirements. Understands business very well. Specialist Consultant FI. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. He has very good technical knowledge. Among all these aspects I recommend Sergio Donaire. what insures the business and professional goals.. team work." — Wagner Lapa P. voestapline Group IT. He has a very strong work ethic and was dedicated to the challenging implementation program at Siemens/Glenmark roll-out. "Sergio always focus in quality: Considering deliverables. Stefanini IT Solution. Sergio has expertise in BR Localization. He is really a complete profesional in his area I recommend his expertise and experience" — Emilio O. aligned with the corporation. speed of thinking and working in groups. cost and ethical values... was Sergio's client "I had a pleasure to work with Sewrgio Donaire in several projects of SAP like Embraer. He always works hard in order to insure corporate goals and objectives as well. Siemens Information Systems Ltd. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. with strong expertise in SAP solutions. a person who ensure and supporting the end results. Optima of Brazil and so on.. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. SAP Header Manager. countries rules and law details.. Have Sergio in the team is sure to deliver on time and perfect quality."Detailed SAP expertise with cross functional knowledge.”" — Alexandre G. Villares Metals. combines knowledge and experience. was Sergio's client "Sergio is a complete professional." — Rogerio B. with convenience. Villares Metals of Brasil. Sr.

At the end a good professional. focused on the solution.. com grande conhecimento. was Sergio's client "Sergio is one of our reliable Key Point consultant fro Brazil projects.. He's committed and reliable. HB EDUCATION BRASIL. worked indirectly for Sergio at Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana Maquinas Ltda "O Sergio atuou na implementação de SD e no suporte pós-golive. intelligent." — Marcos S. Também muito prestativo na resolução de problemas." — Daniel B. "Mr. Taff sometimes. This is a real expert I Page 16 . worked directly with Sergio at Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana Maquinas Ltda "Donaire is a very committed professional. esforçado. was Sergio's client "Sergio has been demonstrating deep knowledge on SAP and providing excellent support to key-users and IS/IT Team on SPED Projects for Alcatel-Lucent. worked directly with Sergio at DONAIRE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda. Besides friend. Spektrum Consultoria e Sistemas. Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana Maquinas Ltda. ajudando o cliente para melhorar sempre o trabalho.— Ubirajara H. I submit it to anyone who needs an honest and professional quality. because it's normal after more than 3 months of work together. a friend who can count beyond the professional. Consultor SAP SD. profissional qualificado. he is a very good leader." — Gilvan Carozzi G. Spektrum Consultoria e Sistemas. comprometido com o projeto. Donaire is a kind of professional rare to find. realizando vários procedimentos que facilitassem o dia-a-dia do cliente. was Sergio's client "Entrei no projeto onde o Sérgio estava na frente de SD e pelo andar do projeto sempre se mostrou atento às necessidades do cliente. expert tool..." — Fernando de S.. I am pleased to write some words about Donaire and I recommend him as a very good SAP SD Specialist Professional. OWNER. He is very patient and detailed in his good explanations. SAP MM Consultant. Com tudo isso ganhei um eterno amigo e irmão.. SAP ABAP Consultant. very concentrated. easy to handle and socialize.." — Alessandro R. good speach that pass a lot of confidence to the customer. It's a great pleasure to work with him. só tenho a agrade-lo pelo profissionalismo. was with another company when working with Sergio at Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana Maquinas Ltda "Very concept of professional and technical quality." — Leonardo R.

but we accomplished a great work: . Cost Supervisor.. He is also a good friend to talk about other topics. Created and modified reports with other visions... was with another company when working with Sergio at Mahle "I have worked with Sergio at Embraer project and he has demonstrated a great knowlodge and Page 17 .. providing all SAP support for demands quickly and with high quality what demonstrate his expertise in Sales&Distribution area. worked directly with Sergio at Embraer "" — vera lucia M. It was very easy working with him. Project Coordinator. Developed and implemented manyl controls. was Sergio's client "I worked with Sérgio in Mahle Metal Leve S/A.. Were few months. Implanted norms and procedures. Sergio is an absolut expert and artisit of SAP. I had worked with him in the SAP Upgrade project at Embraer. .." — Thomas K. Implementation Leader. No bad weather with him. He actively participated in the project and in everything that I personally intereacted with him. . Plastipak Packaging. do not hesitate !" — Guillaume H. .. Nancy Vizcaya Delatorre Penteado Kairalla" — Nancy K. was Sergio's client "Sergio is an excellente person and a very competent professional. was Sergio's client "Sergio is a professional really engaged with results. If you can get him." — Jose R. was very good to share of a qualified professional's knowledge and to have lived together with a person friend and integrates like Sérgio. Finally. worked directly with Sergio at Alcatel-Lucent "Sergio was hired by Alcatel-Lucent to participate in the project of mandatory electronic invoicing in Brazil. with an incredible knowledge. was Sergio's client "I have worked with Sergio Doanire on the electronic Nota Fiscal implmentation in Brasil for our company Alcatel-Lucent." — Laurent R. He is a very easygoing person and works well with others.recommend fro Brazilian projects on SAP. he was reliable and everything was implemented as discussed. I reco Sergio because he is very committed with his team and with the client. Etc. functional as well as technical. Alcatel-Lucent Brazil." — José A. Embraer.

Manager Applied Technoology. He is a business oriented professional with strong finance and system background. I can stronly recommend his work force.. I would like also to reinforce his teamwork skill. always punctual. Umicore Brazil Ltda.." — Celso P.a. worked directly with Sergio at Degussa "Sergio is a detail manager and highly oriented to strategic objectives.. Degussa Ltda. Quality Safety and Environment Senior Manager. worked directly with Sergio at Degussa "Sergio is a goal-oriented manager. and very flexible.. worked directly with Sergio at Degussa "Sergio analytical capability is amazing. Marketing Senior Manager.. In his role as a logistics controller he significantly contributed to our ZERO FAILURE record in product supply to our customers. worked directly with Sergio at Grupo Ultra Page 18 . Bilingual Executive Secretary English # Director... Analiste Economico Financeiro Sr. worked directly with Sergio at Degussa "Sergio was a detail oriented and over all reliable colleague. SAP PLM Senior Consultant. Sergio is a dedicated person.. very concious of his accountabilities and a nice and cooperative colleague to work with." — Stephan B. as a colleague and after as his boss for 3 years. worked directly with Sergio at Degussa "I used to work with Sergio since 1996. worked with Sergio at Mahle "Sergio é um profissional criativo e de excelente relacionamento interpessoal. Controllership Supervisor." — Carlos M. o que o tornou um membro essencial no grupo em que trabalhamos juntos durante a implantação do SAP na Umicore. Grupo Ultra."" — Vera U. able to apply all of his high work energy and motivation for the team and the company!" — Ronaldo M. managed Sergio at Degussa "Sergio is an excellent Controller." — Luis Guilherme M. Umicore. showing a strong capacity on learning and developing new activities.. ITeam. Enthusiastic with the challenges. Sr. Umicore Brasil Ltda. Engineering & Maintenance Supervisor." — Diego S." — Ademir D. UMICORE Brasil Ltda. Degussa s.competency in his area. focused on his objective.

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