In the time of the American forces that reached and captured Angeles City after

the battle with our local forces to the Japanese troops, the end of World War II marked the liberation of the Philippines from Japan and not long after, the independence was celebrated when the Philippine flag was raised while the U.S. flag was going down. This historical event took place in one of the biggest U.S. military installation in Asia. The military installation made the United States of America (U.S.A.) rise to become the sole super power in the 20th century. The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that experience global expansion of the U.S. militarism. The presence of U.S. military bases, in Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City and Subic Naval Base in Olongapo City became a permanent fixture of our social environment since our independence in 1946.

In 1991,Mount Pinatubo which was located in the vicinity of these two military ba ses, erupted. Some believed that this reason and not necessarily the Senate’s decision, made the American military vacate the bases and leave the country. When the dust has settled and the bases were empty, we were left to confront the manifold negative effects of U.S. military occupation. Among other things, we were left to deal with the toxic waste that the U.S. military had left behind. We were also faced with the dire situations of many Amerasian children

000 Amerasians in Angeles and Pampanga are being abandoned and was later found out that this population is highly threatened with mental health risk and severe socioeconomic misfortune. neglected to include provisions and contingency plans for the Filipino Amerasian children. The objective of the study is to look into the self perception / identity of the Amerasian children in the Philippine who were abandoned. . in its decision tore fuse renewal of the U.000 to 10.S. B. who grew up with no father figure. the study aims to elucidate thesel f identities of the Amerasians who were products of the American bases and whore side in Angeles City. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In 20 years of the historic Mount Pinatubo eruption which triggered the departure of US military troops from the former Clark Air Base. Specifically. and who were left with no sustainable resources from both parents. The predicament was exacerbated by the fact that the Philippines Senate. an estimated of 6.The product of an illicit affair of two different races involving an American soldier and a Filipina who usually works as hospitality girl. bases’ leases. The solutions called for by the latter problem are more complex than that of the former since it involves several dimensions of being and becoming human. who were ostracized for their being illegitimate.

poverty is part of the incessant flux of modernism. Because they are being abandoned and neglected by their Filipina mother. clinical and severe depression. According to the preliminary research findings. They are populated by impoverished minors and out of school youth who suffer from the stigmatization and mental stress issues. it indicate that many Amerasians may have or are developing various psychopathological illnesses. it is because of their skin colour and physical feature differences. they need prior support and medical attention for their mental stress issues.According to the research study majority of the Amerasians experienced high discrimination and intensely stigmatized. bipolar disorder. psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia and other complications in metal illnesses due to heavy drugs and alcohol dependency. D. The finding is base on the field study interview with 16 African and Anglo Amerasians. children or adolescent that has been neglected and abandoned with their Filipina mother. TITLE JUSTIFICATION and SCOPE LIMITATION . STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Nowadays. C. And there is a sector of community who lives in the shadow of poverty and mostly discriminated for their physical appearances. Until now the new generation of Amerasians is still growing. engaged in sex exploitation and entertainment occupations. Because of these circumstances. most of them live in poverty. These Amerasians are those who would have been infants.

Nino) in the Angeles City Province of Pampanga. abandoned and neglected with their Filipina Mother. It is located at Barangay Pampanga (Sto. Our project is to be constructed in a site having an area of 37. Center’’ means in Filipino “to give or to share.’’ The Amerasian youth will be educated and to give them prior medical treatment. meters. a) Admin Learning Center b) Livelihood c) Chapel d) Therapy Clinic e) Activity Center f) Dormitory g) Information h) Guard House i) Comfort Rooms j) Vegetable Garden . The center will facilitate their needs and gives prior treatment to be a ‘’ sense of place ‘’ for the Amerasian Children’s who are being abuse. 487 sq. It also aims to help them develop and obtain skills to help them build a real future and in order to escape to the cycle of poverty.A.L.The proposed ‘’ Amerasians Learning and Youth Center’’ or ‘’ A.Y.

Pampanga and included participants enrolled in Amerasian outreach programs conducted by the Sacramento. The doctoral dissertation research was conducted in Angeles City. These include homeless. Center aims to help and avoid them to be involved in these circumstances and help them cultivate in their future. army. California –based Philippine Children’s Fund (PCFA) and the Pearl S. E. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY Base on the 3 years dissertation research study on the population conducted by U. It also provides prior assistance and medical attention because of the high discrimination and stigmatization. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The A.A.k) Herbal Garden E.1. There is an estimate of 50.000 Filipino Amerasians residing in the Philippine Archipelago and most of them are found in Angeles and Pampanga.S. Buck International (PSBI) Foundation-Philippines.L. The project aims to help the Amerasians to be acknowledged in the society to support their basic necessities and education. alcoholic and drug abuse and dependency and severe poverty that may lead them to engage in sex and entertainment occupations.Y. The idea is to have these entire activities house in one structure that shall: .000 to 60.

• Facilitate the needs of the project through viability and structural concept. • Create an environment that sincerely care for the children and strive to create a nurturing future. • Prevent or avoid them to engage into sex entertainment industry. • Give them prior medical assistance that is highly threatened of discrimination and mental stress issues. .• Create an Institutional Center that will adopt and provide the necessities of the AmeRasians Children. • To educate and obtain skills to help them build a better standards of living.

INTENDED BENIFICIARIES The possible beneficiaries and intended to support the proposed project ‘’Amerasians Learning and Youth Center’’ (A. It also provides prior assistance and medical attention because of the high discrimination and stigmatization.L. SPECIALTY OF THE PROJECT The speciality of our project is that Amerasian youth will be educated and to give them prior medical treatment.A.CENTER) are the following: . Center aims to help and avoid them to be involved in these circumstances and help them cultivate in their future. G.F. The A. PROJECT RATIONAL The proposed project for the Amerasian youth is located at Barangay Pampanga (Sto.L.Y.A. The project also aims to help the Amerasians to be acknowledged in the society to support their basic necessities and education H. It also aims to help them develop and obtain skills to help them build a real future and in order to escape to the cycle of poverty.Y. Nino) in the Angeles City Province of Pampanga.

Buck Foundation International Local Government of Angeles city Systems Plus College ICC Philippine Children Foundation of America / PINOY Kids Composed of staff and volunteers from different backgrounds and ethnicity. . It collaborates with church administered agencies all over the country and supports many other partner NGOs at the locale. medical.• • • • • • • • Philippine Children Foundation Wedpro (women’s and abuse children) Bayanihan Foundation Pinoy Kids Pearl S. Philippine Children’s Fund of America (PCFA) is dedicated in providing educational. health and nutritional programs to thousands of needy children while addressing community empowerment through the provision of training and livelihood opportunities to many poor Filipino families.

Buck: her commitment to improving the quality of life and expanding opportunities for children. Buck Foundation International Promoting the legacy and dreams of Pearl S. promoting and understanding . but the case against him became moot and academic when he was given the authority to have the property. The main focus is to assist the sexually-exploited and abused children. Philippines in 1974. The Preda Foundation is dedicated to the protection of children and working for social transformation and a just and corrupt free society. The original name. cramped jails without basic rights. The Preda Foundation is licensed and accredited by the Philippine Government. was "Zambales Rehabilitation Center (ZARECEN)" (LINK). This small nonprofit organization has a number of purposes which include the promotion and protection of the dignity and the Human Rights of the Filipino people. according to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. according to Shay Cullen's own book. especially of women and children. plus goals in researching atomic energy. and was stolen. Passion and Power. Preda has been actively involved in helping victims of the human trafficking and sex slave trade in the Angeles City Pearl S. It has worked to prevent children being locked in small.PREDA Foundation People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance or Preda is a charitable organization that was founded in Olongapo City.

superb service since the team of workers adheres to the guests’ standards. I. Paradise ranch in Clark Pampanga Has a clear advocacy for assisting Amerasians (half Americans and half Asians) to reunite with their long lost mothers or fathers who are US citizens. when school is off. They are good workers very much dedicated well-skilled on farming and raising crops. They get financial support from their organization based in Sacramento California. During the holidays. They are very approachable and reliable which will definitely make the guests feel at ease. Paradise ranch in Pampanga Philippines also extends support to the students wanting to have part time jobs working at the ranch to support their parents and siblings. and the need for humanitarianism throughout the world. You will notice a very friendly atmosphere when you stay at the ranch.the values and attributes of other cultures. Some Amerasians speak fluent English language so they are effective on serving as tourist guides for ranch guests. another objective of the organization is to employ the native Aetas who live in a community surrounding the ranch. PROJECT SITE LOCATION . As part of their advocacies.

there is no particular racial or ethnic connotation to Amerasian apart from the fact that one parent. The word dates to the early 1950s and has been used primarily with reference to children fathered in Asia by American servicemen. "point".Our project is to be constructed in a site having an area of 37. or white. ethnically speaking. In contrast. in practice the two terms do not overlap very much. is an ethnic Asian. Though many Amerasians are. generally the mother. also Eurasians. parentage. DEFINITION OF OPERATIONAL TERMS Amerasians Amerasian is not a synonym for either Asian American or Eurasian. 487 sq. J. while Eurasian designates a person of mixed Asian and European. or "branding mark. Since American servicemen are of varying backgrounds. Asian American is typically used of a person whose parents are both ethnic Asians but whom by birth or naturalization is an American citizen. with Amerasian continuing to be restricted in usage to the historical context of the American military presence in East and Southeast Asia. It is located at Barangay Pampanga (Sto. . Stigma (plural: stigmata) is a word that originally means a "sign". Nino) in the Angeles City Province of Pampanga. meters.

alcoholism. Psychopathology . physical manifestations of anorexia nervosa. Discrimination The word "discrimination" (in the non-social sense) denotes a virtue representing the ability to "make sensible decisions" or "to distinguish by noting differences"(American Heritage Dictionary). and criminal backgrounds are stigmatized in this way. drug addiction. or religions that are deemed to constitute a deviation from what is perceived to be the prevailing normative ethnicity. leprosy(leprosy stigma). nationality or religion Stigma is a Greek word that in its origins referred to a kind of tattoo mark that was cut or burned into the skin of criminals. such as obesity. • Thirdly. of ethnic groups. or traitors in order to visibly identify them as blemished or morally polluted persons. including mental illness. deviations in personal traits. • Secondly. imagined or real. "tribal stigmas" are traits. such as scars. or of a physical disability or social disability.Stigma comes in three forms: • Firstly. overt or external deformations. nationalities. slaves.

The term thesis is also used to refer to the central claim of an essay or similar work. the word "thesis" or a cognate is used as part of a bachelor'sor master's course. the reverse is true.Is the study of mental illness. Socioeconomics Socioeconomics or socio-economic or social economics is an umbrella . The term dissertation can at times be used to describe a treatise without relation to obtaining an academic degree. Abnormal psychology is a similar term used more frequently in the non-medical field of psychology. and abnormal/maladaptive behavior. while "dissertation" is normally applied to a doctorate. Dissertation A dissertation or thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. Psychopathology should not be confused with psychopathy. while in others.In some countries/universities. The term is most commonly used within psychiatry where pathology refers to disease processes. a genetic subtype of antisocial personality disorder. mental distress.

sorting by marriage) and the formation of social forms. and human dignity on the other" toward social reconstruction and improvement or as also emphasizing multidisciplinary methods from such fields as sociology. ethics.People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance PSBI . K. Buck International DSWD . contemporary practice considers behavioral interactions of individuals and groups through capital and social "markets" (not excluding for example. and political science. history. A distinct supplemental usage describes social economics as "a discipline studying the reciprocal relationship between economic science on the one hand and social philosophy. More narrowly.Pearl S. In the latter.Department of Social Welfare and Development . 'Social economics' may refer broadly to the "use of economics in the study of society. it studies the relation of economics to social values.term with different usages. ACRONYMS PCFA .Philippines Children’s Fund of America PREDA .

DENR .Department of Environment and Natural Resources ALAY Center .City Planning and Development Office CEO .City Engineer Office ICC – Integrated Christian Church .Amerasians Learning and Youth Center CPDO .