SHADES has been providing high quality services since its interception in 2003 and has definitely come a long way with continuous support from its loyal customers who have trusted our name in delivering top quality products and services with international standards and individual client requirements. Kindly go through the portfolio to see our scope of supply in the market and some projects undertaken by us and why we are the best in the industry. our goals of achievement for the current year and our future plans for expansion in the industry. Our services include designing and assembling control panels and power panels along with motor rewinding works and maintenance jobs as per local standards from SEWA & DEWA. this portfolio has been designed to give you an overview of the activities carried out by our company. We thank you for providing a few minutes of your valuable time. Best Regards Management .INTRODUCTION Welcome to SHADES.

With partners and clients operating overseas and around the world. With the expertise to refurbish. Feeder Filler AHU. coupled with the latest state of the art technology to meet the stringent customer specifications of today. Shades Electricals is truly an international company. Low Voltage Distribution (LV) Main Distribution Boards (MDB) Sub Main Distribution (SMDB) Bus Bar Coupler Panel Generator Auto Synchronization Metering Panels.PRODUCTS The primary focus of Shades is to provide an excellent service to our customers. manufactured & delivered according to individual client requirements which make us one of the few companies that can truly offer bespoke solutions. Fire Alarm Panels Capacitor Banks Normal Distribution Panels Row Type Distribution Master Control Panel PLC Logic Panels DOL Starter Star Delta Starter Panel Machine Room Control Panel Water Tight Control Panel Motor Control Centers (MCC) Indication Control Panels Lighting Control Panels Boiler Control Panels Automatic Transfer Switch (AMF) Auto Mains Failure Panels (AMF) Central Control Stations Navigation Bridge Console Panels Motor Rewinding Works Maintenance Works Breakdown/Shutdown Maint. Offering a complete product portfolio and a wide scope of services supply. retrofit and upgrade our own equipments for maximum life expectancy. benefiting from our manufacturing facility in Dubai. . Shades specialize in providing services for the electrical and marine industrial sector. Shades has to offer solutions to utilities and partners throughout the world. our excellence is based on a tradition of expertise. Our panels are designed.

MCCB’s. Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section. Frame works and panels are treated with epoxy. They are well designed for the use in the electrical application for any industrial and commercial buildings.4kA to 100kA IP Rating : IP44 to IP66 Design Standard : IEC Bus Bar Standards : HCHD Copper Tin Plated Enclosures : Form II or Form IV . SPECIFICATIONS Rated Voltage : Ue . metering and support equipments and required current transformers.690V Rated Current : ACB’s up to 6300A TP/4P MCCB’s up to 1600A TP/4P Short Time Withstand : 5. epoxy-polyester paint or with a surface treatment. The MDB is designed to have a continuous current rating and enough short circuit rating and are designed to accept bottom entry of cables accessible from the front.MAIN DISTRIBUTION BOARDS SHADES considers itself as the best distribution boards manufacturer on the grounds on its expertise in the field. a bus bar system. A MDB is comprised of a free standing enclosure.

Bolts and nuts used for bus bar connections are of suitable materials. MCCB’s Enclosures : Form II or Form IV . size and grade and are chemically treated to avoid rust formation. SPECIFICATIONS Rated Voltage : Ue .FINAL DISTRIBUTION BOARDS These distribution boards are designed to have a continuous current rating and a required short circuit rating. bottom and the sides for cable glands and conduits as per placement and requirements. Generally are MCB type DB with pre fabricated fully shrouded bus bar assembly. ELCB or Isolator Outgoing Devices : TP or SP. The enclosures are of a folded and bolted construction fabricated out of 1mm to 2mm galvanized / electro-galvanized sheets with hinged doors and pull on metallic latch locks providing access to the operational knobs of the circuit breaker.660V IP Rating : IP44 to IP66 Design Standard : IEC Incoming Devices : MCCB. Closed knock out type opening will be provided at top. The DB has a front opening easing access to all components and cable terminals which also helps to provide a natural ventilation system regulating internal temperatures based on actual capacities of components.

690V & 1000V Rated Current : 1A up to 6300A Rated Short Time Withstand Current : Max. Excellent quality is our motto. Company has achieved skills of high expertise in manufacturing low tension panels. 220V. 120kA/1sec IP Rating : IP44 to IP66 Design Standard : IEC Enclosures : Form II or Form IV (Powder Coated Metal Sheet or GRP Enclosures) . 380V. Our reputation and trust in the market proves our responsibility towards our work.LOW VOLTAGE PANELS Shades designs and manufactures low voltage panel for industrial and residential power distribution systems and are easy to assemble. We have undertaken various projects in the country as well as overseas for which we are able to arrange support and delivery according to the client’s feasibility. maintain and expand in future. Power connections can be accessed from the rear as well as the front according to site location and can be manufactured in the below mentioned ratings. Significant importance is paid to client satisfaction. 415V. SPECIFICATIONS Rated Voltage : 120V.

SPECIFICATIONS Normal Rating : 700 kVAR. 50Hz Incoming Devices : Upto 1600A TP MCCB Protection Device: HRC Fuses upto 100kA rupturing capacity Capacitor Switch Device : TP Contactors Capacitors : Dry Type with anti-explosion and self-healing features PF Controller : Microprocessor based. The enclosure body houses the capacitor banks suitably supported to meet the strength and rigidity requirements of international standards and is also equipped with stainless steel hinges provided with a lock that guarantees that the doors are completely shut. Capacitor Banks are built with automatically controlled power factor regulation and the system topology allows for direct conversion into harmonic filters if ever a need arises.AUTOMATIC CAPACITOR BANKS Automatic Capacitor Banks are used to improve the power factor. The design is very compact and modular with future expansion provisions in the field. fully automatic. reducing transformer loads and power factor penalties. self-configuring type with auto-rotation of sequence . 415v. Shades has designed Capacitor Banks for the industrial and commercial power systems requiring a single point source of power factor correction at low voltage.

service fuses and selector switches. SPECIFICATIONS Normal Rating : Upto 2500 Amp Incoming Devices : MCCB’s. Feeder Pillar enclosures are made of galvanized or electro-galvanized sheet steel or aluminum steel as per requirement. Fuseways Ec Outgoing Devices : MCCB’s and Fuse Units . ammeters. These are built to suite all types of power distribution applications. The panels are electro-statically powder coated with RAL 7032 and are highly corrosion resistant. Incoming isolators of upto 2500A and a 4 /6 /8 way fused outgoing feeders including an instrument panel with voltmeter. Single wall and Double wall constructions are available on request.FEEDER PILLAR The Feeder Pillars (Outdoor type LV Distribution Boards) receive supply from the transformer and supply fused output to the users. Switch Fuse Units Isolators.

4kA to 115kA Design Standard : IEC Incoming Devices : ACB TP/4P Outgoing Devices : ACB’s. SPECIFICATIONS Rated Voltage : Ue . MCCB’s. overload relays.MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS These usually comprise of incoming Air Circuit Breakers. They are uniquely designed and adequately adheres the current requirements ensuring low minimized maintenance and offers long life for the switchgear components. Side and rear covers completely enclose all live parts and complete switchboard shall present a neat flush and aesthetic appearance. contractors.660V Short time Withstand : 5. outgoing starter modules with MCCB / Switch Fuse Unit. MCC’s are easy to operate with regular service and are inter locked for safety. The compartment front doors are folded at the edges and bolted at the corners with concealed hinges and with rotary front operating handles accessible externally. with adequate space for connection of cable and are easily extendable on either side and have excellent short circuit withstand performance of Bus Bars comprised of bolted / riveted modular construction. etc. main horizontal and vertical bus bars. Starters Enclosures : Form II or Form IV .

Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator Sets. Fire Alarm Indication. Ventilation control center and also various kinds of navigation equipments like Radar. Bridge Console with navigation Radio Equipments. Generator Synchronizing panel.NAVIGATION CONTROL PANELS (BRIDGE CONSOLES) Shades provides a complete set of Navigation Control and Bridge Console Panels for ships wheel house applications. Navigation Panel. A normal type ship would require its Electrical Panel. water tight control panels. VFD’s. remote control panels. Automatic Voltage Regulator for Generator Sets. Alarm Panel. DC Power Supply. Emergency Voltage Supply Panel. DC Battery Chargers. Damper control panel. Our designs ensure consistent energy supply in remote locations and extreme conditions. navigation Light Control Panel. DC power supplies & AC/DC Drives Panel for ship applications. . Battery Chargers. Motor Control Centers. RF Equipments and Compass Equipments. Our panels are reliable and help to reduce our client’s operating cost and increase the overall efficiency by minimizing breakdown problems in sea.

Shades Automatic source changeover systems are designed to meet international standard and the local authority regulations.ATS PANELS Shades ensures stability of the power supply by installing an Automatic Source changeover system by transferring the loads automatically without any human intervention to an alternative power supply source when there is failure of main supply source. standard. Features      Compliance to major international standard Electrical & Mechanical interlock for total safety Electronic controller for monitor & transfer control Possibility of forced operation on any source Controller provides control signal for standby generator   Possibility of load management Possibility of serial communication using protocol . Source changeover system switching devices are electrically interlocked and backed up by mechanical interlocks to avoid parallel operation of the sources. Automatic changeover system is by default designed to include the manual source – changeover system for manual operation and invention. practices and requirements also it incorporated with the switchgear assemblies provides a high level of reliability and safety.

The built. structure and designs are suitable to all kinds of lighting applications.s and Fuse Units Control : TP Contactor controlled by either timer. SPECIFICATIONS Normal Rating : Upto 400 AMP Incoming Devices : Fuse Units. Shades offers a variety of products in this category with IP 54 protection and a standard RAL 7032 epoxy powder coated finish. MCCB’s Outgoing Device: MCCB. These include instrument panel with voltmeters. ammeters. . Isolators. Single wall and Double wall constructions are available on request and are available in 4 / 6/ 8 way distribution. service fuses and selector switches. photocell with provision of Auto/Hand Selector switch.LIGHTING CONTROL PANELS Lighting Control Panels manufactured in galvanized/electro galvanized steel sheets or aluminum sheets.

at the cutting edge of our industry. Our customers demand the best and that’s exactly what we give them. .A well equipped manufacturing facility provides complete control over production and considerable financial investment in product development ensures we are a modern business.