%bad allocation %invalid datetime %invalid datetime spawn %change degree %respawn start %respawn stop %allmuzi %altexp

<exp number> %jump %pass dungeon %transparent %no transparent

(start monster respawn) (stop monster respawn) (rollback exp lost) (transparent mode on) (transparent mode off)

%max attack point (attack max mode) %min attack point (attack min mode) %normal attack point (attack nomal mode) %matchless (attack one kill on) %no matchless (attack one kill off) %port %eder %goto ship (go to ship immedietly) %start holy %stone %stone bye %keeper bye %servant %start keeper %goto stone %beggar %no beggar %kick %pass quest (for pass all quest to go level higher) %charcall %moncall (ID monster) (monster call) %goto mine (go to mine map) %copy %total (total user connected in map) %die (die immedietly) %miracle (decrease all HP,SP,FP) %fullmiracle (increase all HP,SP,FP) %lv <set lv> (levelup) %neverdie (never die) %no neverdie (can die) %upfcitem %upskill %upforce %allskill <numbers skill> (Setting Skill Point) %contribute_p <set contribute> (increase contribute point) %contribute_m <set contribute> (increase contribute variation) %recalltime %recallexp <set exp> (recall all exp lost) %monset (spawn or not mob) %show me the dalant <set dalant> (for increase money) %show me the gold <set gold> (for increase gold) %full force (all skill force GM) %threeseven (for 4 bag slot) %clear inven %iri tata (same as god hand) %chicken hand (normal upgrade) %effect time

%effect clear %*@^ <Item ID> %circle %fullset %dfgrace %recallattack %allskillpt <set pt> (for set all skill PT GM) %ressurect %createfield %war %destroyfield %regenstone %destroystone %takestone %getstone %dropstone %forcestone %checkgoal % recvschedule %recvbattleinfo %recvtotalguildrank %recvpvpguildrank %changetaxrate %amp-set %amp-full %servertime (see server time) %partycall %guildcall %cashamount %csbuy %primium %classevent %takeholymetal %set guild grade %set guild grade by name %set guild grade by guild %master me %altlv %recalllv %anipow %aftereff %removesfdelay %utcancellogout %utcancel %chatsave %setexprate %gotonpc %npcquest %delques t %drop %manageguild %buf %masterelect %oreamount %remainore %serverrate (server rate) %premiumrate %trapattack %hitme %eventset start .

%eventset stop %temp point %new killerlist %userchatban %itemloot %minespeed %sfmastery <set number> (for skill force mastery) %basemastery <set number> (for base master) %animuexp %playerexp <set number> (for exp player) %darkholereward %pcitemloot %pcmainspeed %pcsfmastery (pc for skill force mastery) %pcbasemastery (pc for base mastery) %pcanimuexp %pcplayerexp (pc for exp player) %mepcbang %pcbangitemget %conevent %expirepcbang %voteenable (voting enable) %voteinfo (voting info) %playerset %envset %timeset (time set) %tlinfoset (timelimit setting) %tlinfo (timelimit info) %tlsysset %actpset %eventst %getboxcnt %sethp .