ON Email Groupware System

System Interfaces 6.scope 5.Current system.Introduction 2.Feasibility study Introduction: .User characteristics 8.Testing Module 7.Objective of the Proposed system 4. 3.INDEX 1.Assumption & dependencies 9.

documents. It is very easy to handle operations using the particular system. receives the email messages. Send/Receive Mail. receiving their emails. The Internet has created an easier and faster way to deal with all the above activities. 3. big organizations to exchange the important documents. . 6. 2.images by attachments from one user to multiple users for an Organisation. communication. Delete Mail. messages . 4.  The E-mail Groupware system is useful for important business transactions such as business related emails/messages to be sent from one organizations to other organizations. The system is useful to all the general users. Login. managing contacts. Current System:Objectives of the proposed system: The objective of this system is to define the requirements for Email Scope:- Groupware Systems.scheduling mails. companies. storing their emails/messages in to the Inbox of the account. confidential documents by attachments from one user to another.scheduling mails. scheduling mails. The main Aim of E-mail Groupware Application is to develop a userfriendly system which sends. etc. These applications share a user store and a flexible access control system to control information sharing.  Sending mails implicitly by scheduling . In detail this application will provide description of the System. gathering information.  It also provides the specific requirements and functionality needed for this system such as contacts management.  The main objective is to develop a user-friendly system which sends. 5. This system is developed to give better out look to the user interfaces and to implement the E-mail operations like:1.contacts. receives the email messages. New Account Creation.Internet Technology has become a main stream of purchasing & marketing.

Testing Modules:-  Front End : PHP  Back End : My sql  Web Browser : Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox. Software Interface :-  Language : HTML.Hardware Interface :- Server Side  Computer platform minimum P4  800 MHz of Processor  128 MB of RAM  Networking  Minimum 500mb of free space  Keyboard & Mouse Client Side  Computer platform minimum P4  800 MHz of processor  128MB RAM  Minimum 2 GB of Free Space  Should be connected network (server)  Keyboard & Mouse 2.  The user should know the details of the work he wants to perform.  Login and logout of user User characteristics: Users have the elementary computer Knowledge & also the knowledgeof the use to application. Operating System : Windows XP or LINUX  Integrated system testing. Assumption & dependencies:Assumption:- . 1 . XML. Useful for common user as it is Easy to operate Supports Graphical user interface.  Scheduling of mails. Javascript.  Email Transactions. System interface:System interface are logically divided into Hardware interface & Software interface .    Avoid access to invalid/wrong user or userid.  user confirmation. Maintains security of the account.

2.  Full working of Email system application is dependent on the availability of Internet connection also have the fulfillment of the required software’s. . to another person or organizations. It is also commonly known as cost or benefit analysis. Hardware platform of the system is as follows:  windows 98/XP. etc. the environment of software Is PHP under SGML . It is also a very fast process that the message is delivered to the receiver with in few minutes .  Pentium IV. and events relatedwith the system efficiently. debug. Technical feasibility:It is a study that checks if the system under consideration can be operated with available resources. etc. Feasibility Study:There is three aspects of feasibility study that is the portion of preliminary investigation 1. located at various and far locations. The web applications created with PHP are easier to create. it is possible only by post or by currier and is a difficult job as lot of money requires to be spend and is time consuming. Economical feasibility:Economic feasibility is the most frequently used Technique for evaluating effectiveness of the proposed system. by post or courier is saved. Here it cheaks whether the system can be operated efficiently with current equipment and existing software technology and available manpower. messages. Our System can satisfy this aspect of feasibility.LINUX Operating System  Processor 256 MB. messages. etc. In the existing system all the money requires to send important documents.  1 GB disk space minimum. The system is having required configuration as well as windows operating system. To send important documents. receiving e-mails. Dependencies:This system is depending on the Networking & My sql. and deploy. also no manpower is required to handle the system as the user can do the overall work of sending e-mails.

Alan. Field." Inc. "Who Needs an Office. Freedman. .. Christopher. If the required information necessary for handling the system is given to the user.scribd. 1996. The Computer Language Company Inc.3. 1996. Mary 1998.referenceforbusiness. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia.html http://www. Operational feasibility:Operational feasibility is related to human organizational and political aspects such as determination of new skills and appropriate for training procedures. "Group Think.User would easily be friendly with the system overall our system is operationally feasible. September 17. Operational feasibility asks if the system will work when it is developed and installed. "The Groupware Grapevine. April 1995 http://www. Reference: Caggiano." Management Today. Anyway?" Inc. Our system is very user friendly and easy to operate that any person can easily operate / use it. Glyn.