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Prof.Tushar Treembak Shelke, M.Pharm., (Ph.D)

Nationality: Indian. Date of birth: 12 November 1983.

Present position: Assistant Professor(Pharmacology department),in

Jspms Charak College of Pharmacy & Research, Gat No. - 720(1&2), Pune-Nagar Road, Wagholi, Pune - 412 207.
Tel: +91-020-27051172, Res: +91-020-27051175, Fax: +91-020-27051175.

Present Mailing Address:

C/O-Laxman Gabaji Khodade, Apale Ghar housing society, Survey no.56, Pune-Nagar road, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411 011. Permanent Address: At/Post- Dhanora, Tal- Ashti, Dist- Beed. Maharashtra, India - 414 202. Contact: +91-9970785992, +91-02441-250160 e-mail : & Career Objective:
y In the pursuit of excellence, through application of academic knowledge. y To build up career in research sector where my academic knowledge, innovation, past research expertise can be utilized to provide new information for science. y To improve career in teaching sector for the optimum delivery to the students. y To involve in a team of biological/crude drug research that would try to play an important role in modern science.

Work Experience:
1. (December 2006 to October 2007): Lecturer in Pharmacology at ASPMs K .T. Patil College of Pharmacy, Keshav nagar, Barshi road, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India. Assistant Professor in Pharmacology at JSPMs Charak College of Pharmacy & Research, Pune - Nagar Road, Wagholi, Pune-412 207, Maharashtra, India.

2. (October 2007 to till date):

Educational Qualification:
Examination appeared PhD (Appearing) Pharmacology Master in Pharmacy Pharmacology Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) H.S.C. Institute and University Vinayaka Mission University, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. Vinayaka Missions College of Pharmacy, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. ASPMs K.T. Patil College of Pharmacy, Osmanabad, BAMU, MS, India. Maharashtra Board, India. Grade Appearing * First Class with Distinction (70.55%) First Class (66.76 %) First Class with Distinction (77.83 %) First Class with Distinction (78.12 %) Year Since Jan 2009 2007




Maharashtra Board, India.


Research / Ph.D Topic :

Antilithiatic activity of some medicinal herbs. PhD Guide Dr. Prof. V.H.Bhaskr. M.Pharm., PhD.

Kidney stone formation is a complex that results from a succession of several physicochemical events including super saturation, nucleation, growth, aggregation and retention within the kidneys. Urinary stones affect 10-12 % of the population in industrialized countries. Urinary stone disease has afflicted humankind since antiquity and can persist with serious medical consequences throughout a patients lifetime. In addition, the incidence of kidney stones has been increased in western societies in the last five decades, in association with economic development. Some of the crude drugs have been used in India since ancient times which claim efficient cure of urinary stones. With this consideration and as no attentable side effects of the plants I prefer to do work on the herbs which could use to treat the renal stone.

Thesis Dissertation Topic (M. Pharmacy):

Antilithiatic and Nephroprotective effects of dried fruits of Pedalium murex Linn. Guide Dr. Prof. R.Kothai., M.Pharm., PhD.

Research interest:
1. Pharmacological investigation and preclinical studies of antilithiatic and diuretic drugs. 2. Pharmacological evaluation of novel drug delivery systems.

Subjects handled at:

1. UG level: Pharmacology and toxicology, Human anatomy and physiology and Chemotherapy of diseases. 2. PG level: Pharmacological screening methods and clinical evaluation of drugs used in the diseases. 2

Key Skills:
y y Handling of Experimental animals i.e. Rat, Frog, Mouse, Rabbit, etc used in Pharmacology laboratory. Proficient in handling of various Lab instruments/apparatus including: - MES, Semi autoanalyser, UV Spectrometer, IR Spectrometer, Cooling centrifuge, EPM, Plethysmometer, Rota rod, Actophotometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Eddys Hot Plate. Computer Handling: Good knowledge of Windows and Linux. Pharmacology software Handled: 1. ANNOVA (INSTAT/PRISM), TECHDIG, EDITPLUS (Statistical Data analysis). 2. EX- Pharma.(Computer simulation of the experiments-I) a. EP- Frog Heart b. EP-Dog 3. EX- Cology. (Computer simulation of the experiments-II) a. All the different types of Bioassay.

y y

Workshops and symposia Attended:

1. Participated in 12th ISTE Convention held at JSPM group of Institutes, Wagholi, Pune, on Jan 2008. 2. Attended 60th Indian Pharmaceutical Teacher Association, held at Delhi, India, on Dec 2008.

3. Attended Two days National Seminar on Recent trends in Clinical Trials, held at JSPMs Jayawant Sawant college of Pharmacy and research, Handewadi, Hadapsar, Pune, on 2008. 4. Participated in One day seminar on Recent trends in pharmaceutical sciences and technology, held at JSPMs Charak College of Pharmacy and Research, Wagholi, Pune, on Feb 2008. 5. Attended 62nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2010, Manipal, India, on 17-19 Dec 2010. 6. Co-ordinated The Teachers training Programme held at JSPMs Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, Narhe, Pune, on 04 to 09 July 2011.

1. Nephroprotective activity of ethanolic extract of dried fruits of Pedalium Murex Linn. T.T. Shelke, Kothai R., P.P. Adkar, Bhaskar V.H., Juvale K.C., Kamble B.B., R.J. Oswal. Journal of Cell and Tissue Research Vol. 9(1) 1687-1690 (2009). 2. Antidiarrhoeal activity of leaves of Calotropis Procera R.Br., Patil S. H., Adkar P.P., Shelke T. T., Oswal R. J., Borse S. P. IJPIs Journal Of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Vol. 1 (3), 2011, 25-30. Study of anti microbial activity on Citrullus colocynthis Linn. Amar R. Phate*, Sandesh R. Wayal, Rajesh J. Oswal, Trushal V. Chorage, Tushar T. Shelke, Prafulla P. Adkar, Rishikesh V. Antre. Imperial J. Pharmacognosy & Natural Products, 1(1): May 2011.


4. Antimicrobial activities of Pedalium murex Linn on microbial pathogens. Shelke T.T., Adkar P.P., Bhaskar V.H., Jha U., Oswal R.J., International Journal of Ayurveda and Research, 2011, 2(4), 1255-57. 5. Pharmacological screening of Musa paradisica Linn against ethylene glycol induced renal calculi .Jha U, Shelke TT, Oswal RJ, Adkar PP, Navgire VN. International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy, 2 (3), 2011, 995-998. 6. Nephroprotective effects of ethanolic extract of stem barks of Crataeva nurvula Buch Hum in India, T.T.Shelke, V. H. Bhaskar, U.Jha, P.P. Adkar, R.J.Oswal. International Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and Research, 2011; Vol. 2(10): 2712-2717.

7. Effect of Musa paradisica linn extract against hyper ammonia in rats, Jha U, Oswal RJ, Shelke TT, Navgire VN,International journal of research in pharmaceutical science,2(4),2011,553556. 8. Skeletal muscle relaxant activity of methanolic extract of Parthenium hysterophorus l. Leaves in swiss albino mice. Urmilesh Jha, Prites M Chhajed, Rajesh J oswal ,Tushar T Shelke , International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences. Vol. 2, Issue 11: 2011, 1211-1213. 9. CNS activity of methanol extract of Parthenium hysterophorus L. In experimental animals, Urmilesh Jha, Pritesh M Chhajed, Tushar T Shelke, Rajesh J Oswal, Prafull P Adkar, Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2011: 3 (4) 335-341. 10. Diuretic effect of methanolic extract of Musa paradisiaca L root in rats, Jha U, Shelke TT, Oswal R.J, Rajesh K S., Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2011: 3 (4) 404-407. 11. Heapatoprotective activity of hydroalcoholic extracts of Cuscuta reflexa in paracetamol intoxicated albino rats. Jha U, Shelke TT, IJRAP, 2011, 2(4), 1290-93. 12. Effect of Musa paradisiaca l. extract against hyperammonemia in rats , Jha U, Oswal RJ, Shelke TT, Navgire VN, Int. J. Res. Pharm. Sci., 2(4), 2011, 1-4. 13. Effect of ethanolic extract of Nymphaea alba linn on urolithiatic rats, ShelkeTT, Bhaskar VH, International Journal of. Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. 2011, 3(3), 211-13. 14. Lithiasis: Causes, Evaluation and Treatment, T.T.Shelke, V. H. Bhaskar, International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences, 3(1), Jan 2012, 215-218. 15. A Pharmacological Review on Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb., Tushar T Shelke, V.H.Bhaskr, U.Jha. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 16. Shelke T. T., Bhaskar V.H., Adkar P.P., Jha U.and Oswal R.J.Evaluation of antibacteriial and diuretic activity of ethanolic extract of dried leaves of bryophylum calycinum salisb.International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, ISSN: 0976-7126. (Under communication). 17. Shelke T. T., Bhaskar V.H., Adkar P.P., Jha U. and Oswal R.J.Effect of bryophylum calycinum salisb on experimentaly induced urinary calculi International journal of pharmaceutical sciences and development. (Under communication).

Poster Presentations:
1. Poster presentation on Chikungunya: Awareness and prevention. TH10PA26, at 12th ISTE Convention held at JSPM group of Institutes, Wagholi, Pune, Jan 2008. 2. Poster presentation on Need for Pharmacovigilance at 12th ISTE Convention held at JSPM group of Institutes, Wagholi, Pune, Jan 2008. 3. Poster presentation on topic of Taking advantage of the experience in ethno medicinal use of Mushrooms: Antidiabetic activity of plant Florida. SNPS IHCB 09696, International Herbal Conference (ICH) held at Bangalore, India, 2009. 4. Poster presentation on topic of The evaluation of Traditional Herbs on Antidiarrhoeal activity International seminar on Recent Development in pharmacological Research. Sangamner, India. 5. Poster presentation on topic of Antidiabetic effect of aqueous extract of Salacia oblanga on alloxon induced Diabetic albino rats. at 62nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2010, Manipal, India. 17-19 Dec 2010. 6. Poster presentation on topic of Antimicrobial activity of aqueous extract of Clitoria ternatea Linn. 62nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2010, Manipal, India. 17-19 Dec 2010. 7. Poster presentation on topic of The screening of Antimicrobial activity of Citrullus colocynthis Linn. 62nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2010, Manipal, India. 17-19 Dec 2010. 8. Poster presentation on topic of The pharmacological evaluation of Punica granatum Linn for Antidiarrhoeal activity. In International conference on recent development in pharmaceutical research. Pravaranagar, Ahmednagar, MS, India, on 3-5 March, 2010.
9. Poster presentation on topic of Pharmacist: A Health Care Professional. In The National

Pharmacy Week-2011,at December, 2011.

Alard College Of Pharmacy, Hinjewadi, Pune, MS, India on 1st

Project works (As a Research guide for under graduate students):

1. Kidney stone- A review (B.Pharmacy, Kadam Vijay Vikram, March 2009). 2. Pharmacological evaluation of Antimicrobial activity of dried fruits of Pedalium murex Linn (B.Pharmacy, Ghuge Prashant Subhash, March 2009). 3. Depression-A review (B.Pharmacy, Shaikh Nihal Rashid , March 2009). 4. Psoriasis- A review (B.Pharmacy, Gaur Umesh Harilal , March 2009). 5. Nephroprotective effect of methanolic extract of Curculigo orchioides Gerth against Gentamycin induced nephrotoxicity (B.Pharmacy, Joshi Khandu Kanhaiyalal, February 2010). 6. Lithiasis-A review (B.Pharmacy, Baglane Amol Bhagwat, February 2010). 5

7. Antidiarrhoeal Activity of dried leaves of Calotropis procera Linn (B.Pharmacy, Patil Sagar Houserao, February 2010). 8. Nephrolithiasis- A review (B.Pharmacy, Somvanshi Shrikant Rajesh, February 2010). 9. Pharmacological and Phytochemical evaluation of extract of dried leaves of Fragaria vesca Linn. (B.Pharmacy, Patil Rohit Vijay, March 2010). 10. Evaluation of Cardiotonic effect of some plant on laboratory animals. (B.Pharmacy, Nalavade Sachin Pandurang, March 2010). 11. Pharmacological evaluation of Antiasthmatic activity of dried fruits of Solanum xanthocarpum. (B.Pharmacy, Khandgate Niranjan, March 2010). 12. Anti nephrolithiatic activity of dried leaves of Nymphea alba Linn. on 5% ammonium oxalate induced Lithiasis (B.Pharmacy, Pangam Ankita Ravikant, March 2010). 13. Evaluation of Nephroprotective activity of ethanolic extract of Bryophylum calycinum Salisb. against kanamycin induced nephrotoxicity (B.Pharmacy, Jagdale Vikas Angad, March 2010). 14. Pharmacological review on Cardio tonic activity. (B.Pharmacy, Shaikh Jasmin Ganibhai, March 2011).

Extracurricular Activities:
1. Participated in various college seminars at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. 2. Served as Co-ordinator for University of Pune Sponsored One Day Seminar on Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, in JSPMs Charak College of Pharmacy and Research, Wagholi, Pune. (Feb 2008). 3. Served as External Examiner and conducted and Theory Examination held at Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana College of art, Science and Commerce, Wagholi, Pune.(May 2010). 4. Serving as an Examination In charge in JSPMs Charak College of Pharmacy and Research, Wagholi, Pune. 5. Worked as a Co-ordinator and Supervisor for Defence Research and Development Organization entry examination held at JSPM Institute Wagholi, Pune, MS, India.(05 June 2011). 6. Participation in Inter-School & InterCollege Science Exhibitions.

1. Dr. V. H. Bhaskar, M. Pharm., Ph.D., Professor ,Principal and Director, M. P. Patel College of Pharmacy and Research, Jeevanshilp Campus, Kapadwanj-387 620. Gujarat, India.
Ph. 02691+262611, Fax: 02691+262611 E-mail:

2. Dr. R. J. Oswal, M. Pharm., Ph.D., MMS., USA (Resmed). Professor and Principal, J.S.P.Ms Charak College of Pharmacy and Research, Gat No.720/2, Wagholi, Pune- Nagar Road, PUNE-412 207. Maharashtra, India.
Ph.020 27051172. Fax: 020 27051172. Mob:-09420480955

E-mail : 3. Prof. T. J. Sawant, M.E., Founder Secretary, Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Group of Institute, Sawant Corner, Katraj Chowk, New Pune-Mumbai By Pass Highway, Katraj, Pune- 411 046. Maharashtra, India.

Prof.Tushar T. Shelke, (Dept.of Pharmacology)