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II Semester 2011-2012 MS in Software Engineering Course Code SECTZG659 Course Instructor M.Shankar Curriculum Technical Communication

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Head Office: 7th Floor. thus enhancing the desired results. are the ones who are able to lead work teams efficiently. Effective business communication skills clearly help shape the quality and capability in working professionals. Text Book Our recommended text book: Business Communication Today: Tenth Edition Courtland L. Bovee: John V. The objective of this course is to provide useful inputs to the associates to reach such an enhanced capability in Business Communication skills especially in areas involving: *Written. A-8(A).Course Objective This course is designed to help the working professionals to sharpen their skills in Business Communication – an important prerequisite for success in their chosen careers. In a highly competitive and time-conscious business environment. Acquiring a high level of Business Communication skills would enable managers and executives to manage their work efficiently. Bovee and John V. lead and participate in corporate meetings on business matters acquires huge importance. Knowledge OR (If 10th Edition is not available) Business Communication Today: Ninth Edition (In India) Courtland L. Sector-62.pearsonhighered. and thus contribute to the corporate goals individually and collectively. In the present business environment. it is important for every aspiring Corporate Executive to realize that excellent communication skills not only help in the smooth flow of systems.. Thill Prentice Hall Website: www. New Delhi 110 117. Panchsheel Park. Page 2 of 5 . Oral and Non-verbal Communication *Inter-personal and Group Communications *Intercultural Diversities *Technical Communication & Business Report Writing *Professional Presentations. Thill: Mukesh Chaturvedi Published by Doring Kindersley (India) Pvtt. NOIDA 201309 (UP) Regd Office: 11 Community Centre. India. to initiate. They also have a clear impact on their career growth. Ltd. an outstanding ability to present and review ideas. procedures and processes but also in building good relationships with all the stakeholders concerned. Licensees of Pearson Education in South Asia. through oral or written communication. in an orderly manner with absolute clarity and command. Those who present their view points. with clarity and confidence. in keeping with the organization’s own goals.

Part II: The Writing Processes: The importance of Meanings. Communication in Organisations Dalmar Fischer Jaico Publications 1. Part IV: Supporting the Messages with Quality Information. • • • 3. Part I: Foundations of Business Communication: • • • • 2. Basics of Communication. Flatley Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited. Effective Business Communication. Page 3 of 5 . Writing Business Messages. Lesikar and Marie E. Part III: Crafting Brief Messages. Designing Visual Communication Technical Writing For Electronic Media. Completing Business Messages.Reference Books Basic Business Communication (Skills for Empowering the Internet Generation Raymond V. Planning Business Messages. • • • Gathering. Team and Inter-Personal Communication. Persuasive Messages. evaluating and Processing Information. Clarity and Structuring. • • • • 4. Routine and Positive Messages. Negative Messages. New Delhi. Inter-cultural Diversity.

5. (Open Book) Weightage Duration 45mts. 2012 4. Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals: • • • 6. 15% May8th (off) & May 12th (on). 2012 Mar 10th. Planning Reports & Proposals Writing Reports & Proposals Completing Reports & Proposals Evaluation Scheme: EC No 1. 2012 June 2nd. Page 4 of 5 . Component & Nature EC1 (Online Quiz) EC2 Mid-Semester Exam. EC4 Comprehensive Exam (Open Book) 3 hrs 40% See detailed syllabus for evaluation given below Syllabus for EC1 : PLEASE REFER TO THE RECOMMENDED TEXT BOOK. EC3 Assignment (Online Quiz) 45mts. Date Feb7th (off) & Feb 11th(on). Part V: Planning. 2 hrs 30% See detailed syllabus for evaluation given below Topics as outlined below 3. 2012 Syllabus for evaluation Topics as outlined below 15% 2. Part VI: Designing & Delivering Oral and Online Presentations: • • • • Public Speaking Skills Body Language & Non-Verbal Cues Developing and Designing Presentations Enhancing Presentations with Slides & Other Visuals.

Module 1: Module 2: Module 3: Chapter 1: Achieving success through Effective Business Communication Chapter 2: Mastering Team and Interpersonal Communication Chapter 3: Communicating in a World of Diversity Pg. Evaluating and Processing Information Chapter 12: Designing Visual Communication Chapter 13: Planning Reports and Proposals Chapter 14: Writing Reports and Proposals Pg. 34-61 Pg. 1 ONLINE QUIZ PAPER WILL COVER THE ABOVE TOPICS Module 4: Module 5: Module 6: Module 7: Module 8: Module 9: Module 10: Chapter 4: Planning Business Messages Chapter 5: Writing Business Messages Chapter 6: Completing Business Messages Chapter 7: Crafting Messages for Electronic Media Chapter 8: Writing Routine and Positive Messages Chapter 9: Writing Negative Messages Chapter 10: Writing Persuasive Messages Technical Writing* *REFER TO THE NOTES Pg. 473-497 Pg. 313-340 Pg. 278-311 EC. 406-430 Pg. 431-471 Module 14: Chapter 15: Completing Reports and Proposals EC. 375-405 Pg. 62-86 EC. Module 11: Module 12: Module 13: Chapter 11: Finding. 341-373 Pg. 3 ONLINE QUIZ PAPER WILL COVER THE TOPICS FROM CHAPTER 4 TO 10. 116-144 Pg. 244-277 Pg. 175-207 Pg. 4 DESCRIPTIVE (OPEN BOOK) EXAMINATION: Entire syllabus Page 5 of 5 .498-522 EC. 145-173 Pg. 1-33 Pg. 87-115 Pg. Module 15: Module 16: Chapter 16: Developing Oral and Online Presentations Chapter 17: Enhancing Presentations with Slides & Other Visuals Pg. 2 DESCRIPTIVE (OPEN BOOK) EXAMINATION: Syllabus covered: Chapters 1 to 10. 208-243 Pg.

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