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(Airbag) Gars equipped with SRS/SIPS Warning!

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v.'tith $R$i$lPS Fxtracare mustbe takenwhen wcrkingon cars equippecl to air bags.Thisis important prevent: 1. Personal injury

NOTE! Read through the entire text before carrying out any work. The front pagegivesthe date of this editionand the editionit replaces The secondpageshowsthe tools neededfor the installation and the contents the installation of kit The illustrations displaythe procedure orderof operation. in The order of operationis repeatedin the text section Cut out the text page in orderto followthe illustrations text at and the sametime.

system. 2. Oamag* or malfuncticn the SRSISIPS to of mustalwaysbe Workon the SRS/$IPSsy$lemsor relaiedcomponents Volvoworkshcp" carried by an authorised cut restraintsystem}? ls the car equippedwith SRS {supplemental on with a driver'sairbaghavethe letters"SRS"imprinted Carsequipped the centrepanelof the steeringwheel.Cars equippedwith drivefs and passenger airbagsare markedwith "SRS"on boththe steeringwheel closeto the airbag. centrepaneland also on the dashboard protection system a "SIPS" lf the car is equipped SIPS(sideimpact with ) decalis markedon both the front seats. havethe marking"SRS"on one of with inflatable curtains Carsequipped the panelsalongthe postson the insideof the car. restraint system)also havea Carsequipped with SRS (supplemental "SRS"decalon the frontwindscreen. Do not damagethe SRSwiring! the SRSwiringhas Do nottrap,fray,pierce damage SRSwiring. or orangecasingand/oris plaited. Steeringand front suspension when The contactreel in the SRS systemcan easilybe damaged workingon the steeringwheel,steeringshaft or steeringgear. Referto restraint system)ServiceManualor service the SRS (supplemental on instructions VIDA for information carryingout suchwork. This is to in prevent damage. SRS warning lamp lf the SRS waminglamp lightsafter repairshave beencaniedout, take Volvo workshop. the car to an authorised SRS collisionsensor control module

s60/ w0 (00t/ s80/ xc90
tunnel The collision sensorcontrolmoduleis locatedon the transmission

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in the centreconsole,in front ofthe parkingbrake. WARNING! The air bag inflation areas must not be obstructed. Never place any objects, such as upholstery or accessories, within these areas.The panels must be able to deploy in the correct mannel at the right time otherwisethere is a risk of personal injury in the event of a collision. WARNING! The ignition must be in position "0" and the key removed from the ignition if any connector in the SRS system is to be disassembled. Then wait at least one minute.Then disconnect the battery negative lead before disassembling any of the connectors.When work is completedthe ignition key must be turned to position "ll" before reconnecting the battery negative lead. Remote start, fuel-driven heater Note! is accessoryrequiressoftwareuniqueto the car.


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Steps 'l-32 apply to the 560/380

Applies to the 360 o Removethe cargocompartment carpetat the rearedge. Firstturn the two (1) handles 90".

Steps 1-32 apply to the 560/580


Appliesto the 560 Pull up the front of the cargocompartment carpet.Foldthe front half backover the rear half of the cargocompartment carpet.

Steps 1-32 apply to the S601580


Appliesto the 560 Slidethe entirecargocompartment carpetforwardslightly. Twist slightlyto removethe carpetthroughthe tailgateopening. Applies to the S80 Foldthe cargocompartment carpettogether. Twistthe cargocompartment carpetslightlyso that it can be removedfrom the cargocompartment. Applies to 560/380 Remove carpetfrom the luggagecompartment. the

Steps 1-32 apply to the 360/580

Pressthe centerof the clip into the loweredgeof the foldingside panelon the right-hand left-hand sideuntila clickis heard. Remove clios. the

@VolvoCar Corporation,2006 Prioted in Sweden




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Steps 1*32 apply to the 560/580


(1) 90" Turnthe handle on the righlhandsidethrough Foldthe side panelinwardsand lift it out.


Steps 1-32 apply to the 560/580 Appliesto the 560 by o Removethe weatherstrip the C pillarpanelat the rear edgeof the reardoor opening.

Removecoverand screwfrom the top of the panel. into Pullthe top edgeof the C pillarpanelinwards the car (1).Foldthe panel (2) forwards and lift it out.


Steps 1-32 apply to the 560/580 Applies to the S80 by Removethe weatherstrip the C pillarpanelat the rearedgeof the reardoor openrng.
Remove the two steel clips at the front edge/upper edge of the panel. Pull the top edge of the C pillar panel inwards into the car. Fold the panel forwards and lift it out.




Note! the Whenremoving C pillarpanel,do not grip it with your handor with a tool in in the the areaaround lC hatch(1),as thejointfunction the hatchwouldthen and it cannotbe reset. becomedeformed

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Steps 1-32 apply to the 560/580 Appliesto the S80 Unthread beltfromthe beltguide. the


Release of o lnserta handdownthe sideof the lowersection the sidecushionthe whilelifting sidecushion. the catches

Steps 1-32 apply to the 560/S80

Appliesto the S80 o Firstlift the bottomedgeof the shortend of the cushionand then the front edge and pullit off. Note! The cushionmay be securelyattached. Liftout the cushion. Checkthat all the clipsare intact.lf not,they mustbe replaced.


Applies to 560/380 module(AEM)out of the bracket. electrbnic o Lift the accessory

module(AEM)by electronic from the accessory the Disconnect largeconnector (B) of the pressing the catch(A)and pulling blackhandle in the direction the in arrowsuntil a click is heard. module(AEM). electronic from the accessory the Disconnect connector

Corporation, @Vofuo0ar


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Remove: by in the blackcatch(1) holding blackswitchin placein the connector pulling the the direction the arrow. of the blackswitch(2) by inserting pointedobjectin the hole in the otherend. a Pressout.

o Connectthe yellowcablefrom the controlmoduleto terminal3 in the accessory module(AEM)connector. electronic Note! pin Thenumerical markings thetop and bottom the black of terminal are on extremely small,so be carefulwhen installing cable. the Reinstall: the blackswitchin the connector. Lock it into placeusingthe catch. module(AEM).Secureusingthe the connector into the accessory electronic blacklocking handle.

module(AEM). Removethe connector(1) from the accessory electronic (2) Connectthe corresponding connector to the T-cablefor the thick cable harness,for the accessoryelectronicmodule(AEM). (3) the Connect remaining connector on the T-cableto the connectorthat was from the accessory disconnected electronicmodule(AEM). Reinstall accessory the module(AEM)in its bracket. electronic


Cleanthe markedsuriaceon the inside the rearwindowbelowthe panel of part edgeusingisopropanol, no. 1161721, wipe dry. and

O VolvoCar Corporaliofl; 2006 Prinled in Sweden


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r'' I r':tq;0?67g9;


as ontothe insideof the windaw, closeto the paneledgeas Pressthe antenna possible.

in o Tapethe cablesecurely place.


guide. Pullthe antenna cablethrough holefor the panel's the Tape the cableharnessat the panelto protectit againstwear from the panel's guide.



the cable(1) as illustrated Secure antenna

r r r

Takethe relayandthe largeclipfromthe kit. Pressthe relayinto the relayholder. Pressthe clipinto the relayholder.

@VolvgGar'Corporation, 2006 Piinted in Sweden

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iy: t:i:t/,;l.ii,a,l:, '" ' !:'l ':




Pressthe clip with the relayholderand relayonto the paneledge at the rear edgeof the wheelarch.

o Removethe Velcrofrom the kit and cut it in the centre


Pressthe Velcropiecestogether.


and P/N Washthe planesurface ofthe receiver usingisopropanol 1161721 unit wipe dry.


::llL4riai&ii.ta:il :iiitiikil.i"#i;tilili

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Removethe backingfrom one side of the Velcrostripsand pressthem onto the receiver unit.

from the kit catchof the blacksix-pinconnector o Carefullyloosenthe secondary usinga smallscrewdriver.

3, the Connect green(GN)cablefromthe kit to terminal andthe black(BK)cable to terminal in the six pin connector. 6 Pressthe secondary catch into placeon the blacksix pin connector.

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a a a a

Synchronizing the Transmitter - Receiver 'I - Connectthe negativebafterycablein the car. batterycompartment. 2 - Put batteries the trbnsmitter in and antennacableto the receiverunit. 3 - Connectthe connector until pressthe "OFF"button the transmitter the LEDgoes on 4 - Within seconds, 5 complete. out. Synchronization Pressthe receiverunit onto the Velcroon the body plateif it has loosened.



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Tape up any cableexcessfrom the timer relayand placenext to the control module under insulation. the


Cleanthe markedsurfaceon the insideof the smoothpanelsurfaceusing part and isopropanol, no. 1161721, wipe dry.


Removethe protective backingtape from the otherVelcropiece


Pressthe receiverunit securelyinto placeon the smoothsurface.


to and Reinstall panels,mats,weatherstrips seatsaccording the previous the steos but in reverseorder.

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in with the serviceinformation VIDA Programme softwarein accordance the Test the functionaccordingto the accessorymanual.

$ffii wi= ##*'"'ffiffii*
Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 o Removeboththe floor hatches.Lift the rear edgesof the floor hatchesslightly from their mountings. Then pull the hatchesbackwards



Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

panelin the cargocompartment o Remove righlhandfolding the

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

the Removethe right side panelby first removing coverand the screwin the front edge.

Pullthe top ofthe panelout untilthe clipsrelease. Foldthe panelinwards. the panelout. Lift


ovolvoeaic.oiiiiii l,,aoo$ *emffij,$$$


. , , ' , ." .

: . ; , . . . ." S O Z Z O Z O S :::::"'.1:1::.,..,:,:.,.
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Steps 33-54 apply to the V70


panelin frontof the right-hand it lampby pulling Remove smallinsulation the forwardat point(A).

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70


grille Firstpryoff the the Remove loudspeaker on the righfhandD pillarpanel. grilleusinga weatherstrip tool. Pullthe grilleout loweredgeof the loudspeaker slightly thendownwards the hooksat the top edgerelease. and until

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70


tool Carefullypry up the rear roof lightingusinga weatherstrip fom the roof lighting and moveit aside. Unplugthe connector


Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

panelby first removing screwin the space the o Removethe rear headlining to wherethe roof lightingis. Pull off the front edgeof the headlining releasethe clips release. four clips.Then pull off the rear edge untilthe remaining



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: :::::::::::::::::ltlirtrrilrrritrri

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

Caution! damaged. Removethe panelin the following orderotheruisethe panelmay b€corne o 1 - Grip the edgeand pull inwardso that the clips release. e 2 - Detach upperedgeat the windowso thatthe panelcan passthe gas the


release 3 - Pull inward make clips theopening to in the 4 - Liftthepanel upwards.


Steps 33-54 apply to the V70


Liftthe accessory electronic module(AEM)out of the bracket



J. ,&' \drcdtr

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

Remove: in by the blackcatch(1) holding blackswitchin placein the connector pulling the the direction the arrow. of a objectin the holein the otherend. the blackswitch(2) by inserting pointed Pressout.

Steps 33*54 apply io the V70


Connectthe yellowcablefrom the controlmoduleto terminal3 in the accessory electronic module(AEM)connector.
Note! The numericalmarkingson the top and bottom of the black terminalpin are extremelysmall, so be careful when installingthe cable.

O Volvocar Corporation,2006 Printedin $weden



l':ttl1-tttff* r,1;;i;,/':l.)titiiti";::
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Lock it into placeusingthe catch. the blackswitchin the connector. module(AEM).Secureusingthe the connector the accessory into electronic blacklocking handle.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70


(1) module(AEM). electronic Removethe connector from the accessory Connectthe corresponding connector(2) to the T-cablefor the thick cable (AEM). for module harness, the accessory elechonic (3) the connector on the T-cableto the connectorthat was Connect remaining disconnected from the accessory electronicmodule(AEM). Reinstall accessory the electronic module(AEM)in its brackefu r-


Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

Cleanthe markedsurfaceon the insideof the rear side windowbelowthe panel part and edgeusingisopropanol, no. 1161721, wipedry.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 o Pressthe antennaonto the insideof the window,as closeto the paneledge as possible. o Clampthe cableat the existingcableharness. i


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Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

o Takethe relayand the largeclip from the kit o Pressthe relayintothe relayholder. o Pressthe clipinto the relayholder.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

o Pressthe clip with the relayholderand relayinsidethe paneledge in front of the righthand rearlamp.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 o Carryoutsteps2l-27.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70

o Cleanthe markedsurfaceon the rearend of the dghthand vent.Use part isopropanol, no. 1161721, wipedry. and

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 backingtape from the otherVelcropiece. o Removethe protective

@VolvoCar Cofporation,2006Printed in $ra'eden ,, :


; t1

' ..1; ' 'i'


Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 r Pressthe receiverunit securelyinto placeon the rear end of the right.handvent


Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 r the to Reinstall panels,mats,and coversaccording the previousstepsbut in reverseorder.

Steps 33-54 apply to the V70 in the with the serviceinformation VIDA o Programme softwarein accordance r Testthe function according the accessory to manual.

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XC90

Removethe two centrefloor hatchesby liftingthem slightlyand then pullingthem away from their mountings the front edge. lf the rear centrefloor hatch is at then the floor hatchis equippedwith grocerybag holderon the underside securedwith a belt on each shortside of the storagebox. These must be detached. r Removethestoragebox.



... :
llill lirlll:l llll ,

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XC90 Applies to cars with three rows of seats and integrated carrier bag holder on the undersideof the centre floor hatch Fold up the centrerear floor hatch (1). panel.Liftup the rearedgeof the panel, Detach two straps the underlying the on fold the floor hatchback and lift out the floor hatchwith the panel. Applies to cars with three rows of seats without an integratedcarrier bag holder Lift up the centrerear floor hatchat the rear edgeand lift it out. Applies to all models Remove righthandsidefloorhatch(2). the

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XC90 Applies to cars with two rows of seats o Removethe front storagebox.

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XC90 sidepanelfromthe right-hand of the cargo side o Remove folding the comDartment.

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XG90 r panel. pull D Continue downuntil Carefully off the top edgeof the right-hand pillar the threeclioshavereleased. lf it it up Remove panelby pulling straight andunhook fromthe sidepanel. the the for applicable, disconnect connector the D pillarloudspeaker.

O VolvoCar Corporation, 20O6 Prinled in Sweden

, '-i-i'


.,,".,. .

: ::.1;::: :I

l',liill|i"fi ,"#,tf :W
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Steps 55 - 62 apply to XG90

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XG90

Steps 55 - 62 apply to XC90 o Carryout steps42-54.

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