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We manufacture and install over a dozen systems every month. Eckert is a modern and innovative. precise specification of every sold machine and the possibility to remotely connect to client's control allows us to quickly resolve problems without the need to leave the service center. Our gas and plasma cutting machines are the most frequently bought cutting machines in Poland.o. Unified machine building system. Aside from a service center in Legnica. gas and waterjet cutting machines. Our biggest asset is the modern and reliable technology of plasma.ECKERT Eckert AS Sp. company has been in the professional CNC machines industry from 1990. in 90% of cases we act much quicker than the 48-hour guarantee would suggest. Our readily accessible warehouse and stock of backup plasma units allows us to quickly react and remove any defects. who provide our clients with professional consulting and support. z o. ni ki ed eg ziow o za r ok 2006 Master of Technology 2007/8/9 Master of Technology 2007 ISO 9001 Certificate of quality Gazela Biznesu 2006 i 2007 . we also have technicians in Torun. Thanks to a group of mobile specialists. computer science and mechanical engineering. our machines are used by many well-known metal industry companies. Today our company employs more than 100 people. Guaranteed maximum service staff response time is 48 hours. laser. Gazela Biznesu award. triple award on Targi Poznańskie exhibition. Mistrz Techniki Zagłębia Miedziowego award. award-winning company (ISO 9001:2000. etc). including 30 specialists from the fields of electronics. Gold Medal MTP 2007/8/9 Gold Medal Eureka! 2009 Gold Medal BUDMA 2008 Gold Medal Kielce 2007 DCG Economic Certificate Zagłębia M i Mistrz Tech Warranty and after-warranty service ECKERT has a qualified and professional support staff ensuring highest level of service. Lublin and Olsztyn.

ECKERT 4 TECHNOLOGIES .8 MODELS OF CUTTERS AGAT SPEED plasma and oxygen cutting TOPAS HD plasma cutting JANTAR-2 plasma and oxygen cutting SAPPHIRE BL2 plasma and oxygen cutting DIAMOND FIBER fiber laser cutting COMBO plasma and water cutting DIAMOND laser cutting OPAL WATERJET water cutting All cutting technologies .

3 000 mm 2 000 .10 000 mm/min 0.12 000 mm Water stream cutting speed Cutting thickness with water stream Plasma cutting speed Cutting thickness with plasma torch Drive speed The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications. The main advantage of this solution is the use of two different technologies within a single element with all the advantages of each. When comparing technologies represented by Combo machine and waterjet cutting machine. we can see that the cutting speed of the combined technology is definitely higher. 50 .5 -150 mm 50-15 000 mm/min depends on the plasma device parameters max. When cutting a model element from the 15mm thick stainless steel sheet. Depending on the thickness and type of material. The difference is even higher when we compare individual cutting costs. Hydroabrasive cutting technology allows us to achieve best quality parameters (characteristic for mechanical micro-machining). while "High Definition" plasma cutting technology ensures low manufacturing costs and sufficient technological parameters of the element edges that don't require highest standards. water cutting plasma cutting . the difference in speed between those two technologies may amount from 20 to 60%.COMBO Type of machine Drive Cutting width Basic working lenght COMBO dual 1 500 . the cost of one running meter in Combo technology is three times less than in laser technology and five times less than in waterjet technology. 25 m/min Combination of two most modern cutting technologies makes it possible to obtain elements with yet unprecedented precision performance at minimum cost of production.

Fast going-back to a last saved point of the program . abrasive material quantity and option for the change of its quantity over time.15'' color touch screen .CAD/CAM program included in the driver enabling the design and edition of elements .Digital indicator of a burner's position on X and Y axes . Positioning of four axes by CAN at 1 Mbps speed.Programmable corrections of a cutting gap .The possibility of the element's rotation in the program .The possibility of connecting a mouse and a keyboard through USB port .The possibility of defining a machine's reference point in any place .Graphic indication of a torch position . pressure increase or decrease rate.Library of basic shapes (26) . Operation may be independent or integrated with the machine.Automatic indication of driver's errors . Interefence-proof communication with drives through CAN protocol. . Parameters: .Feature allowing the onward and backward passage on the element's outline .RAM 1GB .G-Code format files support.compensation . .Copy option .Mirror reflection feature . Torch-sheet distance control system through programmable voltage control from the CNC position. Controller’s functions: .Shock-resistant 3GB flash memory Air conditioning system allows functioning in the temperature from -5C to +40C.Program adjustment in relation to a metal sheet "adjust" . The possibility of distance CNC operation and the diagnosis of additional devices. User-friendly software and clear description of the control panel enable fast operator training. .Fast IntelCore Duo dual-core processor."Magnifying glass" feature allowing to magnify cutting outlines . Full cutting process visualization.CONTROLLER CNC ECS 872 controller Modern operation panel which controls all the parameters of cutting process such as: pressure value.Determination of cutting area of a metal sheet .Windows XP Embended.

the drilling machine used by our company in cutting machines. Laser positioner All cutting machines. The best quality of burns is achieved on plasma units with automatic gas console (HiFocus by Kjellberg and HPR by Hypertherm). so that in the initial phase it sets the penetration height based on the touch of the material. Anti-collision slide system minimizes the risk of damaging the torch during the slide passage. Supports are characterized by a very precise guidance of the torch over the material.PLASMA CUTTING HD3000 tactile-tension height sensor HD3000 supports enable full use of HiDefinition plasma features (HiFocus by Kjellberg and HPR by Hypertherm). at the same time ensuring safety of the torch head on fast and distant passages. That is why our cutting machines are up to 20% faster than competing machines equipped with identical plasma units. This technology replaces. Support uses the "workpiece" function. The technology designed specifically for those supports on out controllers allows to minimize the number of idle movements during the passage while cutting holes lying in short distances. after the plasma arc is stabilized. The most important asset is the use of interactive CUTBUS® controller. Plasma cutting torch mounted on the cutting machine is used for this purpose. marks points with +/. as well as other parameters of the cutting process. ensuring the highest quality parameters of the cut edges. which allows rapid fixing of the torch position in relation to the sheet or discard. Depth of the burn depends on the voltage set in the plasma generator. In the second phase. lifespan of cathode and nozzle is multiplied. Plasma center-punching Used for marking points on cut elements using plasma torch. using professional CNC control. As a result of maintaining constant parameters of arc while piercing. High working velocity of the Z axis and extraordinary controllability through CNC ECK enable the use of modern plasma technologies. control is taken over by the computer that analyzes plasma current in real time. . which are typical for other sensors.2 mm accuracy. creating small cavity in the cut element. to a certain degree. cutting and passage to be downloaded directly from technology tables of the controller. so it will not hit the material and will not raise enough to break the arc. Specific program code generates short burns. This eliminates problems connected with positioning on the edges of the material and near the holes that were already cut out.0. Chips of material created while piercing do not cause changes in height of the torch. regardless of the type of cutting torch are equipped with laser diode. The cutting machine. which allows all parameters of piercing height. because they enable separate control of the plasma arc and markingoff/center-punching plasma gas pressure.

PLASMA CUTTING Marking-out Marking-out is performed in order to apply lines. height sensor and controller. from the edge UltraCut 100 UltraCut 200 UltraCut 300 15 mm 25 mm 35 mm 20 mm 40 mm 40 mm 30 mm 62 mm 75 mm The above data depends on the type of the cut material and its structure. thickness. inscriptions and shapes onto the sheet. It facilitates the processes of welding and bending carried out in accordance with the set shapes. Plasma units We cooperate with leading plasma unit manufacturers: German Kjellberg and American Hypertherm and Thermadyne. Marking-out can be performed in two ways: by using the electronic console or a separate unit equipped with "a marking torch”. piercing max. Depth and width of markingout are smoothly regulated. for example. Piercing ability depends on the type of material. Capabilities of modern plasma units enables high precision and orthogonality of the cut edges with minimal or no burrs under the cut edge. . This solution guarantees a faster production process. Basic plasma unit parameters: quality piercing max. Machine marking-out is a time-saving solution which at the same time eliminates frequently occurring human errors. The technologies introduced by our partners allow to achieve best plasma cutting performance. It also enables to describe individual details. marking out a curve with a radius which is bigger than a cut detail.

3800 100 2300 760 1410 HPS 4037 37 3.8 400 . Service car The pumps are equipped with a special service car. Elimination of threaded joints in the accumulator's construction increased its lifespan. operation marks appear on the inner surface of the cylinder. UHDE Gmbh also designed the original solutions for high-pressure equipment elements.3800 200 2650 1200 1470 HPS 6045 45 2. are analyzed in real time.4 600 . The pump is equipped with stepless regulation of output pressure available through the control panel. unmanned high-pressure accumulator was designed using the "metal on metal" method. or for pressure reduction while making the opening hole in brittle materials). and reliable pressure reduction unit (used for fast and safe release of pressure after machine shutdown. .6000 200 2650 1200 1470 HPD 6090 90 5. In HPS/HPD-type pumps. as well as in abrasive material waterjet cutting. also.3800 200 2300 1050 1470 HPD 4075 75 7. oil pressure etc.6000 200 2650 1200 1470 The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce technical modifications. Pump parameters are operated from the main control panel. the STANDARD-UHDE series became a leading European standard in clean water cutting. oil temperature.3800 200 2300 1050 1470 HPD 4055 55 5. The pumps are cooled using air.Hydroabrasive cutting UHDE Using STANDARD-UHDE series pumps in the integrated waterjet cutting systems is a result of company's long experience. Due to this fact. TECHNICAL DATA Power [kW] Maksimum flow [l/min] Output pressure [bar] Oil tank capacity [l] Lenght [mm] Width [mm] Hight [mm] HPS 4022 22 2. During a prolonged use f the pump. high technological and service reliability. enabling uniform work.8 600 .6 400 . lifespan of the sealing is noticeably decreased. All parameters. which allows the client to change the sealing without the need of moving the heavy high-pressure cylinder to the work table. Examples include the patented high-pressure non-return valve with improved durability and easy servicing. Sealing can be changed in a comfortable position on the pump table (above picture). including output pressure. Siemens engines and Parker hydraulic elements used in the pump provide high working performance. within the sealing workspace. In this solution.high-pressure cylinder was used. an innvative . Symmetrical.3 400 . the highpressure cylinder can be rotated and the sealing may be installed in the part of the cylinder that was not previously used. Specialized system of liquid preparation eliminates pressure fluctuations. which enables additional use for the produced heat in room heating.7 400 .symmetrical .

Hydroabrasive cutting 6000 BAR TECHNOLOGY UHDE was the first company to introduce industrial pump with 6000 bar pressure in 2005. Energy requirement of the station . the cutting speed is 250% higher and the thickness of cut material is 200% higher in comparison to the speed of pumps with 4150 bar pressure. .abrasive material feeder with 530 dm3 tank (about 1. Diamond orifice improves cutting performance and increases lifespan of the cutting head.ALLFI abrasive material batcher with 300 cm3 intermediate tank with the option of abrasive material quantity regulation 0 to 600 gr/min. The set includes: .. With such high pressure.very high pressure with 2. it creates a very narrow stream.IV 4150 cutting head.about 45 kW CENTERLINE IV 4150 cutting head CENTERLINE IV 4150 cutting head is one of the most efficient and durable cutting heads available on the market. Quantity of utilized abrasive material is decreased by 30% and the quality of the cut surfaces is comparable with the quality of ground surfaces.5 l/min. Precise alignment of the orifice and mixing chamber guarantee a significant extension of the nozzle's lifespan and elimination of stream dissipation. Going through the water orifice. water used. ready for plugging set essential for waterjet cutting with the addition of abrasive material. High pressure stream of water is concentrated in the cutting nozzle.3 tons of abrasive). ABRASIVE MATERIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AMS is a complete. . The abrasive material is injected into the flowing stream of water and creates a relatively homogeneous stream in the mixing chamber. Stream of the mixture is then directed in the concentrator nozzle. UHP pump station . .

DWG. The program has an extensive library of parametric programs. Automatic. 2. The program remembers all the shapes and surfaces left after cut-out and enables the creation of new programs on material left after previous operations. EckCUT Professional® Technologically advanced two-dimensional cutting system for operating CNC machines. Lantek ® EXPERT II A CAD/CAM system designed specifically for cutting process automation. It perfectly combines the machine's technology with its software and user requirements. The residual sheet library supports the utilization of discard and scrap warehouse. ECK CAM Professional Plus FINEST ® The program has similar functions to EckCUT Professional®. Management of input and output for various outlines. It is fully compatible with CAD/CAM systems. It allows shared edge cutting and chain cutting. NCP ESI. phases. Shared edge cutting. It includes the DXF/IGES interface. semi-automatic and manual nesting is available for scrap material. IGES etc. Module for automatic element placement on the material . DWG. G. Automatic and intelligent module for generation of cutting path. 2D designing has advanced options for geometry and editing. Import codes of DXF files with separate layers distinction. It allows introduction of technological elements. loops. Drawing module enables creating simple CAD shapes and generating files with the following extensions: DXF. . It estimates the real cutting time and costs.SOFTWARE We propose three alternative versions of the CNC software with different features: 1. Automatic. chain cutting. Technology library supports and accelerates cut-outs designing of new elements using proven technology for previous type of cut material. 3. CAD. Technology library enables setting up of the cutting process parameters based on: cutting technology. extensions. Eliminates long hours spent on manual cutting route demarcation. Residual sheet library enables effective utilization of the material by maintaining a residual metal sheet warehouse and suggesting their use if elements are introduced made using the same material.guaranteeing the highest level of sheet utilization in comparison to competing applications. size of the sheet and the type and thickness of the material. such as: microbridges. It was designed for operating CNC machines. automatically estimates the manufacturing costs and generates the NC code. It perfectly works with programs generating DXF. semiautomatic and manual module for arranging cut elements on the sheet in accordance with their real shape ensures high level of sheet utilization. Costing based on previously created databases enables the creation of costs and time needed for cutting individual elements.

Training for process engineers from chosen software. the application along with the key and manual are given to the participants. instructions on space development for the machine in accordance with the effective regulations. customized in accordance with client's needs. Qualified ECKERT personnel has a long experience in conducting trainings. Delivery time is counted from the moment the contract is signed to the moment an advanced payment is paid to ECKERT account. SheetCad. There is an option of organizing additional training. Warranty ECKERT machines. as well as for the insurance. 2. Training The preparation of ECKERT machines operators and process engineers is one of the key elements that influence the effectiveness and optimization of work. Conditions of payment . The costs of mounting. The training consists of two stages: 1. as well as information concerning gas and electric installation and machine earthing.leasing There is a special leasing offer with preferential conditions for ECKERT clients. Final provisions ECKERT provides FREE instructions on positioning and executing a foundation construction project. The basic training takes 2 days. Finest ECKCam. no additional payments are required. Available applications: ECKCut IBE.100% of the advance payment gross Other payment conditions may be negotiated separately. After the training. Delivery time ECKERT machines are delivered within 6 to 10 weeks. Lantek. depending on their configuration. Basic training module consists of 2 training days. have a 12 or 24 month manufacturer's warranty. The form of financing . Training time depends on the type of application. testing and startup are included in the price of the system.Conditions of sale Transport The client is responsible for the transport of the machine. Machine assembly is performed by professional assembling teams. . Training for operators encompasses machine assembly and testing.

Reference Export to 20 countries: Germany. Lithuania. Greece. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Ukraine. Belarus. Austria. Russia. Switzerland. Dubai OVER 800 CUTTERS IN EUROPE . Bosnia. Romania. Israel. Estonia. Bulgaria. the Netherlands. Hungary. Latvia. Belgium.