Specification No. CSC-V/R-I/DH/UH/P&D/2010-2011

Outdoor type Distribution Transformers of 11 kV/433-250 V Class 200, 400, 630 & 990 kVA with CSP (completely self protected) features

Issue Month: May, 2010 (CSC Approval date 23.4.2010)

Common Specifications Committee UHBVN & DHBVN

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This specification covers the design, engineering, manufacture, shop testing, supply & delivery of oil immersed, naturally cooled, three-phase, 50 Hz, double-wound, outdoor type Distribution transformers of 200, 400, 630 & 990 kVA capacity with completely self protected (CSP) Distribution Transformers for outdoor use along with housing LV bushing & MCCB (if provided) with sealing facility. metallic enclosure


It is not the intent to specify completely herein all the details of the design and construction of equipment. However the equipment shall conform in all respects to high standards of engineering, design and workmanship and shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation upto the Bidder’s guarantee, in manner acceptable to the purchaser, who will interpret the meanings of drawings and specification and shall have the power to reject any work or material which, in his judgment is not in accordance therewith. The offered equipment shall be complete with all components necessary for their effective and trouble free operation. Such, components be deemed to be within the scope of Bidder’s supply interceptive of whether those are specifically brought out in this specification and / or the commercial order or not.

Transformers will be plinth / POLE mounted. 2.0 STANDARDS: Unless otherwise modified in this specification the transformer/materials shall

conform in all respect to the relevant Indian/International Standard Specification, with latest amendments thereof some of them are listed below:
Title India standard International& Internationally recognized standard IEC-76 BS-148 ASTM D-1275 IEC 296-1969 DIN 42531 to 33 ASTM B-49 IEC-76 BS-148 ASTM D-1275 IEC 296-1969

Specification for Power Transformer Insulating Oil for transformer & Switchgear Fittings & Accessories for Power Transformer High Voltage Porcelain Bushings Low Voltage Porcelain Bushings Dimensions for Outdoor Bushings Specification for Copper wire rods Specification for colours for ready mixed paints Guide for loading of oil immersed Transformers Manual on Transformer Specification for Power Transformer Insulating Oil for transformer & Switchgear

IS-2026:1977-81 IS-335/1983 IS-3639:1968 IS-2099:1986 IS-7421-1988 IS-3347 IS-1244 IS-5/1964 IS-6600/1972 CBI&P Publication No.275 IS-2026:1977-81 IS-335/1983

The bidder shall use ISS, however, wherever this standard is not available, corresponding IEC may be followed.

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Double wound type & for 400 kVA & above Copper.0 SERVICE CONDITIONS:The Distribution Transformers & other equipment/material to be supplied against this specification shall be suitable for satisfactory operation under the following climatic Conditions as per IS-2026 (Part-I) latest revision i) Location o At various locations in the state of Haryana ii) iii) iv) Maximum ambient temperature ( C) Minimum ambient air temperature (oC) Maximum average daily ambient temperature (oC) 60 -5 40 v) Maximum yearly weighed average ambient temperature ( C) o 32 vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) Maximum altitude above mean sea level (m) Minimum Relative Humidity (%) Maximum Relative Humidity (%) Average no of Rainy days/ year Average annual rainfall Maximum wind pressure 1000 26 95 120 900 mm 195 kg/m sq. The equipment shall be for safe operation in moderately hot and humid tropical climate. conducive to rust and fungus growth. salient points of difference between the standards adopted and the specific standards shall be clearly brought out in relevant schedule. 4. Double wound type ONAN 1. In case the Bidders who wish to offer material conforming to the standards. Four copies of such standards with authentic English translations shall be furnished along with the other.5 A l mm2 2. 3.l1 For 200 kVA Aluminum.6 A / mm2 7) 8) Type of cooling Max.250 volts Delta Star Dyn .________________________________________________________________________ Material conforming to ISS or the internationally accepted standards. would also be acceptable. which ensure equal or higher quality than the standards mentioned above. The electrical parameters of the transformer shall be as follows: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Rated HV voltage Rated LV voltage Connection (HV) Connection (LV) Vector Group Material of winding 11 kV 433 . Current density in HV & LV winding a) For Aluminum wound 200 kVA T/F b) For copper wound T/F above 200 kVA 9) Method of system earthing Neutral Solidly earthed system Page 3 of 29 .0 PRINCIPAL PARAMETERS OF THE TRANSFORMER The transformer shall be suitable for outdoor service as step down transformer.

) At 75 Deg. The temperature rise shall not exceed the limits of 40°C (measured by resistance) for transformer windings and 35°C (measured by thermometer) in top oil above the ambient temperature when tested in accordance with IS. The supplier shall quote No-Load loss in KW at the rated voltage and frequency. The supplier shall guarantee these loss figures.0% for 990 kVA T/F with a tolerance as per IS 2026. The Transformer with higher temperature rise shall not be acceptable. The copper wires for coil formation shall be of sufficient cross-sectional area to impart desired mechanical Page 4 of 29 . frequency & out put.433kV shall not exceed the values given in the following table kVA rating of T/F 400 630 990 No Load losses in Watts (Max. The neutral is to be solidly earthed in a separate earth pit and the transformer body is to be connected to station grounding system..C 5000 7000 11000 750 1000 1800 These losses are maximum allowable and there would not be any positive tolerance. losses at 100% (watts) 2300 The no load and load losses for 11/0. losses at 50% (watts) 780 Max.. 6.1 The limits of temperature rise mentioned above will have to be satisfied by the manufacturer by carrying the Heat run test at the lowest negative tap by feeding losses corresponding to the rated current of the tap.0 LOSSES The total losses at 50% & 100% loading shall not exceed the values given below: kVA rating of T/F 200 Max.5 % up to 630 kVA & 5. the manufacturer can offer losses less than above. HV windings shall consist of single coil design. 6.0 IMPEDANCE: The recommended percentage impedance at 75°C is 4. for the temperature of 75 degree centigrade shall also be quoted. 8.1 WINDING The primary (HV) windings shall be connected in Delta and the secondary (LV) winding in Star (Vector system DYn11) so as to produce a positive displacement of 30 degree from the primary to secondary vectors of the same phase.0 9. Hot spot temperature shall not exceed 95°C when calculated on an annual weighted average temperature of 35° C as per IS: 2026.0 TEMPERATURE RISE The transformer shall be capable of operating continuously at its normal rating without exceeding the temperature rise limit. 7.0 NO-LOAD VOLTAGE RATIO The no-load voltage ratio shall be 11000/433 V. However. 9.________________________________________________________________________ 5. The neutral of secondary windings shall be brought out to a separate insulated neutral terminal. The load loss in KW at rated voltage.) Full load losses Rating Watts (Max.

2 The winding shall be so designed as to produce minimum out of balance forces in the transformers. The end turn of each layer shall be properly and fully covered to avoid interlayer flashover.mm.4 The conductor used in the coil shall be best suitable to the equipment and all the permanent current carrying joints in the winding and leads shall be properly sleeved and crimped/brazed instead of jointing with solder or welding. (For 200 kVA transformers DPC insulation shall be used)Electrical Grade insulation Kraft paper in layers of total thickness not less than 4 mm shall be used for interlayer insulation. Electrical grade epoxy coated insulated paper shall be used for inter-layer insulation of the HV& LV coils. All LV coil ends shall be provided with brazed/crimped lugs and HV coil ends by brazing/crimping. The current density in these leads should not exceed 0. All delta leads from HT coils as well as HT line leads should be taken out through DPC. All material used in the insulation and assembly of the winding shall be insoluble non catalytic and chemically inactive in the hot transformer oil and shall not soften or otherwise be adversely effected under operating conditions. Angle shaped and rings made from precompressed board shall be used between end coil and the core. OR For 400/630/990 kVA transformers HT winding shall have enamel conductor and LT winding shall have enamel copper insulation. 9. corrugated cylinder made of pre-compressed board shall be provided between HV & LV winding. 9.3 The winding design shall ensure that all the coil assemblies are of identical voltage ratio and shall be interchangeable and repairing of the winding could be made easily without special equipment. 9.________________________________________________________________________ strength.6 9. DPC and Kraft paper used shall be of uniform density and free from any foreign particles and shall conform to IS: 698/56 and latest amendments thereof. 9. The insulation of coils shall be vacuum impregnated in oil to develop full electrical strength in the windings.5 Double paper covering shall be used for winding insulation both for HV & LV windings.7 Minimum gap of 25 mm shall be maintained between the end coils and core.5 A l mm2 and for copper wound transformer shall be limited to 2. 9.6 A l mm2. The core and coil assembly shall be fully dried out in 'Air Drying oven' till the coils are shrunken to the designed level and are completely dried. Corrugated Cylinder made from precompressed insulation board should preferably be used between LV and HV windings. Page 5 of 29 .8A /sq. Transformers of 200 kVA shall be Aluminium wound and sizes above 200 kVA shall be copper wound. The minimum insulation resistance values in Mega Ohms between winding and earth when the transformer is filled with oil should be: ________________________________________________________________ Insulation resistance between winding and earth (Mega Ohm) 20°C 30°C 40°C 50°C 60°C HV winding 800 400 200 100 50 LV winding 400 200 100 50 25 The insulation resistance values (HV windings) should be measured with a 2500 V Megger. Only then they will be impregnated in the transformer oil. The current density for Aluminium wound transformer shall be limited to 1.

2.3. Increase of voltage of 433 volts by 12. 10.3. ‘’The core material should be imported directly from the reputed manufacture. 10.2. Suitable provision shall be made in the bottom core clamp/ bottom plate of the transformer to arrest movement or the active part.1 CORE CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL – CRGO METAL The core shall be stack / wound type generally of high grade rolled grain annealed steel lamination having low loss and good grain properties. 10. 10.1 10.2.5% without injurious heating at full load conditions and shall not get saturated. Core clamping for CRGO wound core. Core channel on LV side to be reinforced at equidistance. bolted together and to the frames firmly to prevent vibration or noise. Test for magnetic balance by connecting the LV phase by phase to rated phase voltage and measurement of an. The complete design of core must ensure permanency of the core losses with continuous working of the transformers.4.8 9. 10.4. Core clamping shall be with top and bottom U-shaped core clamps made of sheet steel clamped HT steel tie rods for efficient clamping 10. cn voltage will be carried out.0 10. MS core clamps shall be painted with varnish or oil-resistant paint. The value of unbalance current indicated by the ammeter shall not be more than 2% of the full load current. 50c/s on the Secondary. The bidder should offer the core for inspection and approval by the purchaser during manufacturing stage.3.9 The overloading capacity transformer shall be as per IS-6600.5.7. 10. Invoice of the supplier Mills Test Certificate Packing List Bill of Loading Bill of entry certificate to customs Core clamping for CRGO Stacked core. 10.2 10.4. MS channel shall be painted with varnish or oil resistant paint 10.1. Clamping & Tie-rods shall be made of HT steel and shall be parkarised.3.3.________________________________________________________________________ 9. 10.1.1..1 10. MS rods shall be used as tie rods. MS channel shall be used on top and bottom 10. The value of the maximum flux density allowed in the design and grade of lamination used be clearly stated in the offer. No load current shall not exceed 2% of full load current and will be measured by energizing the transformer at 433 volts. coated with hot oil proof insulation.5.6.1. if holes/cutting is done for LT lead in order to a avoid bending of channel. The transformers core shall be suitable for over fluxing (due to combined effect of voltage and frequency) upto 12. 10.5% shall not increase the no load current disproportionately high.1. 10. 10. Core cutting/slitting be done in front Page 6 of 29 . Bidder’s shall give notice for inspection with the following documents as applicable as a proof towards use of prime core material.3. bn.2.1.3. Core material shall be processed by slitting only. 10. The Bidder shall furnish necessary design data in support of this situation.

Test for magnetic balance by connecting the LV phase by phase to rated phase voltage and measurement of an.5% without injurious heating at full load conditions and shall not get saturated.5% shall not increase the no load current disproportionately high. The main tank of the transformer shall be fabricated from tested quality Page 7 of 29 . 10. 10.8. 10. The value of the flux density allowed in the design shall be clearly stated in the offer..7. Core clamping shall be with top and bottom U-shaped core clamps made of sheet steel clamped HT steel tie rods for efficient clamping. C below: Bids not meeting the above limits of temperature rise will be treated as nonresponsive. cn voltage will be carried out.8 10. bolted together to the frames firmly to prevent vibration or noise.3 Core Clamping for Amorphous metal Transformers. The complete design of core must ensure permanency of the core loss with continuous working of the transformers.7. NOTE: I.8.8. 10. Increase of voltage of 433 volts by 12. The transformers core shall be suitable for over fluxing (due to combined effect of voltage and frequency) upto 12. “Equal weightage shall be given to the transformers with Amorphous Metal Core and CRGO.4 10. 50c/s on the Secondary.1. C Winding temperature rise measure by resistance: 40 deg.6. II) Wherever variable prices are provided IEEMA formula should be applicable in such a way that indices applicable for CRGO are used for amorphous material also since the indices for latter are not declared by IEEMA.0 11. bn. The core shall be high quality Amorphous ribbons having very low loss formed into wound cores of rectangular shape.8.1 Temperature rise The temperature rise over ambient shall not exceed the limits described i) ii) Top oil temperature rise measured by thermometer: 35 deg.2 10. Details of the core shall be filled & supplied as per Annexure-II. 10.8.5 MS core clamps shall be painted with varnish or oil-resistant paint. Suitable provision shall be made in the bottom core clamp/ bottom plate of the transformer to arrest movement of the active part. AMORPHOUS METAL. The Bidder shall furnish necessary design data in support of this situation.8.8. No load current shall not exceed 2% of full load current and will be measured by energizing the transformer at 433 volts. 10. 11.1 TANK CONSTRUCTION The tank shall be of robust construction in accordance with the best engineering practice.________________________________________________________________________ of inspecting officers deputed by UHBVN/DHBVN”. Curve showing the properties of the metal shall be attached with the offer.

(for side walls) and 6. New Delhi. 11. Mumbai. e. New Delhi. winding and have access to the bottom of bushing. 11. designed not to retain water.5 Bolted inspection covers shall be provided on top cover to inspect core.7 INSULATION MATERIAL:Material:-Electrical grade insulation Kraft papers and press Boards of standard should be used. 3 4 Press pahn paper Gaskets Page 8 of 29 . M/s Skytouch Tapes Ltd.2 To provide rigidity and to meet the pressure inside the tank. Senapathy whitely b. g. New Delhi. Raman Board a. M/s Badri Enterprises.00 mm.4 The transformer tank shall be complete with all accessories. 11. minimum 4.6 The tank shall be capable of with standing the pressure of +/. No. Sr. The stiffeners wherever applicable are provided on all the four side walls of the tank. Triveni d. the tank shall be suitably stiffened. 11. lifting lugs and shall be designed as to allow the complete transformer tank. New cork b. For the use standard material the names of following firms have been approved. M/s Vijaya Mercantile Ltd.________________________________________________________________________ of mild steel of adequate thickness i. d. (for top & bottom plates).. Padamjee c. Talbros c.1kg /cm2 without deformation. M/s Skytouch Tapes Ltd. 11. Senapathy whitely a. M/s KLIM Enterprises. Mumbai. M/s Vijaya Mercantile Ltd.. due to short circuit current. The tank shall be valid (V shape welding fillet) inside of tank two outside welding of tank to bear more pressure to avoid bursting.00 mm. 1 2 Name of material Press board Craft paper insulating Name of the firms a. Mumbai.3 The tank cover shall be slightly sloping towards HV bushing and shall provide facilities for draining of water. filled with oil to be lifted by crane or other means without risk of any damage and transported by Rail / Road without straining any joint and without causing leakage of oil. 11.e. e. Ballarpur b. Mumbai. f. M/s KLIM Enterprises. f. M/s Badri Enterprises. The transformer body should be welded from inside of the main tank body so that the joint is stronger due to V-shape welding fillet besides the outside welding be additional. New Delhi.

The paint shall be applied by airless spray according to the manufacturer's recommendations. conventional spray be used with prior approval of purchaser. In case of cross-over coil winding of HV all spacers shall be roperly sheared and dovetail punched to ensure proper locking. All steel work surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned of rust. sight glasses. milling and punching operations shall be carried out in such out in such a way. Mixing and thinning Application of paints and the recommended limit on time intervals between coats. scale.2 The Pressure and Volume of the compressed air supply for the blast cleaning shall meet the work requirements and shall be sufficiently free from all water contamination. welding and other manufacturing activities shall be completed before surface preparation.2 SURFACE PREPARATION AND PAINTING The painting procedure shall be in line with the UHBVN/DHBVN requirement. All paints.6 Cleaning and Surface Preparation: 12. cutting.7 Protective Coating As soon as all items have been cleaned and phosphated within four hours of the subsequent drying. axial wedges / runners used in windings shall be made of precompressed pressboard-solid.________________________________________________________________________ 11. particularly in areas where painting is evident. shall be free from runs. However. that there should not be any burr and dimensional variations 12. Particular attention shall be paid to the following: a) Proper storage to avoid exposure as well as extremes of temperature and shelf life for storage b) c) d) 12.6. lettering gauges.1 of IEC 641-3-2.8 Spacers. when applied in normal full coat. sags. they shall be given suitable anticorrosion protection of Zinc chromate primer.6.1 12. light fittings and similar such items.6.5 The supplier shall. welding slag or spatter and other contamination by sand / shot blast cleaning or chemical cleaning by seven tank process including Phosphating to the appropriate quality in accordance with IS 6005.1 All machining. 12.0 12. patchiness or other defects.8 Paint Material Followings are the type of paints that may be suitably used for the transformer to be painted at shop and supply of matching paint to site: Page 9 of 29 . conforming to type B 3.4 All primers shall be well marked into the surface. 12.3 Surface preparation prior to painting. 12. and the first priming coat shall be applied as soon as possible after cleaning. 12. Wrinkles. All axial wedges/ runners shall be properly milled to dovetail shape so that they pass through the designed spacers freely. wherever airless spray is not possible. prior to painting. 12. protect nameplates. Insulation shearing. All paints shall be applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer's recommendations.3 All rough surfaces shall be filled with approved two pack filler and then rubbed down to a smooth finish. forming. 12. 12.

As a general rule.3 12.9.1 All paints in anyone particular system. Liquid paint a)Zinc Chromate (Primer) b) Polyurethane paint (Finish Coat) c) Hot Oil paint Area to be painted Inside Outside No.01 Damaged Paint Work Any damage occurring to any part of the painting scheme shall be made good to the same standard of corrosion protection and appearance as that originally employed. 12. This shall be obtained by carefully chamfering the paint edges before & after priming.________________________________________________________________________ i) ii) Heat resistant paint (Hot oil proof) for inside surface. 12.11.10 12. conventional or airless spray and shall be applied under the manufacturer's recommended conditions. followed by a full paint finish equal to that originally applied and extending 50 mm around the perimeter of the originally damaged.11 12. such coatings should be of slightly contrasting colors.2 Each coat of paint shall be allowed to hardened before the next is applied as per manufacturer's recommendations. leaving the surface clean. shall originate from one paint manufacturer.11.9. whether shop or site applied. skips.1 Dry Film Thickness To the maximum extent practicable.4 Particular attention must be paid to full film thickness at edges.g.9. Over-spray. 12. un-stained and undamaged. Out side Outside Inside Page 10 of 29 02 02 45 microns 35 micron 3. Paint Type Powder Paint a) Thermo setting powder.10. For external surfaces one coat of Thermo Setting Paint or 2 coats of Zinc chromate followed by 2 coats of polyurethane paint. the coats shall be applied as a continuous film of uniform thickness and free of pores.5 micron . In all instances.10. 12. runs. 12. 1.9 Painting Procedure 12. shall be removed at supplier's expense.11. of Coats 01 01 Total Dry Film thickness (Min) 20 Micron 60 Micron 2.3 Where the quality of film is impaired by excess film thickness (wrinkling. mud cracking or general softness) the supplier shall remove the unsatisfactory paint coatings and apply another. together with an area extending 25 mm around its boundary. where two or more coats of the same paints are applied. The requirement for the dry film thickness (DFT) of paint and the material is to be used shall be as given below:Sr No.3 Any damaged paint work shall be made good as follows: The damaged area.4 Paint applied to items that are not being painted. 697 of IS: 5:1961 12.2 The paint shall only be applied in the manner detailed by the manufacturer e.9. 12.11. 12.10. dry film thickness should not exceed the specified minimum dry film thickness by more than 25 %. shall be cleaned down to bare metal.. b) The repainted surface shall present a smooth surface. sags and drips should be avoided. a) A priming coat shall immediately applied. The color of the finishing coats shall be light admiral gray conforming to No. 12.2 12.

Oil level Indicator.1 of IS:2099 shall not be less than the values given below:Voltage Clearance Phase to Clearance phase Phase (mm) to Earth (mm) 11 kV Air 255 140 433 V Air 75 40 _______________________________________________________________ The aforesaid clearances are minimum.2 The electrical characteristics of high voltage bushing shall conform to latest version of IS: 2099and IS 3347. They should be well vitrified. 14.0 CLEARANCES The external electrical clearance between phase to phase and phase to earth shall be in accordance with Clause 7.3 Bushing terminals: To avoid bimetallic action at the point of connection to the copper windings and to the external aluminum cables/conductors. The transformers shall be provided with bimetallic connectors on bushings both on HV. Lifting lugs and Platform lugs Rating. The terminals shall be directly screwed on to the stem to secure effective sealing of the bushing.25kg dehydrated Sllicagel. Each terminal including the neutral shall be distinctly marked and coloured for phase voltage on both HV and LV sides. free from flaws effecting its mechanical strength or dielectric quality. 14. both HV & LV bushing stems shall be made of aluminum alloy / copper confirming to the requirement IS: 3347.4 The terminal connectors shall receive ABC or ACSR on HT side. The creepage distance of all the bushing shall be 25mm per kV of highest system voltage suitable for heavily polluted atmosphere and the protected creepage distance not less than 50% of total. All porcelain bushing shall be homogeneous.________________________________________________________________________ 13.1 BUSHINGS Terminal arrangement: The transformer shall be fitted with three high voltages and four low voltage outdoor types porcelain bushing of appropriate voltage and current rating and LT bushing shall be provided on the side of the tank. 14. uniformly glazed. and no negative tolerance on these clearances shall be allowed. tough and impervious to moisture. 15. diagram and terminal marking plate(s) Silica gel breather of approved design containing min. The low voltage bushing shall conform to latest version of IS: 7421.0 FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES The transformer shall be fitted with the following fittings & accessories a) b) (c) (d) (e) Two earthing terminals. 0.0 14. The system of marking shall be in accordance with the latest amendment of relevant IS. Medium Page 11 of 29 . (f) Drain-cum-sampling valve (steel) welded to the tank. 14.

Breather pipe should be connected at top of the conservator tank with two bends at right angles. 16. 16. so as to create a sump for collection of impurities.2 nos. on top and bottom ends of tank at opposite sides.. 17.1 CONSERVATORS A Conservator shall be provided with each transformer. Conservator with filling hole and drain plug Porcelain bushings with arcing horns and terminal connectors on HV side. Air Release Plug. (p) Bimetallic terminal connector for HV/LV Bushings connecting to ABC/ACSR. In addition. (0) Offload tap changer (for above 200 kVA transformers with tapping range of +3% to -6% in steps of 3% each with a locking device. Pressure relief device as standard fitment to operate at a pressue of 03 to 0.0 16. For transformers up to 200 kVA the mounting arrangement shall be as per relevant IS. The minimum oil level (corresponding to -5o C) should be above the sump level. Filling hole having P 1-1/4 thread (with cover) on the conservator. part-I and III of the latest version thereof with brass studs fitted with single gap arcing horns. C. the cover of the main tank shall be provided with an air release plug to enable trapped air to be released unless the conservator is so located as to eliminate the possibility of air being trapped in the main tank. The oil level gauge and the plain silica gel breathing device shall be fixed to the conservator which shall also be provided with a drain plug and a filling hole with a cover.2 The inside diameter of the pipe connecting the conservator to the main tank shall be within 20 to 50 mm and it should project into the conservator in such a way that its end is approximately 20 mm above the bottom of the conservator. Plain rollers (4 nos. The oil level in the transformer shall be made up to the required level while the transformer filled with oil is maintained at a temperature of 45 Deg. Filter valve. All steel screws.0 SEALING GASKETS All sealing washers and gaskets shall be made of 'oil and heat resistant Nitrile / Neoprene rubber/synthetic . Porcelain bushing on LV side and HV side conforming to IS-3347. nuts and fasteners exposed to atmosphere shall be either galvanized or cadmium plated. bi directional) suitable for use on 1000 mm gauge track with clamping device or base mounting arrangement as required. (q) (r) PSR Radiators duly tested for leakage and pressure.rubber-bonded cork type RC-70C gaskets.________________________________________________________________________ (g) (h) (i) j) (k) (I) (m) (n) Thermometer pocket with dial type thermometer on tank cover. Note: (i) The fittings listed above are indicative and any other fittings which are generally required for satisfactory operation of the transformer are deemed to be included in the quoted price of the transformer. Page 12 of 29 .5 kg/cm2.

21.________________________________________________________________________ 18. TESTS: Routine Tests: All transformers shall be subjected to routine tests at the manufacturer's works in accordance with IS: 2026 and IS: 1180(part-I). fitted in a visible position and showing the complete information as given under clause 17ofIS: 1180(part-I). BIL for 11kV shall be 95 kV Peak instead of 75 kV.1. Magnetic Balance Test. Oil sample will also be taken out from fresh stock of T/F oil to be tested as per latest IS: 335-1993.Purchase order and date.3.1981. 21. Short Circuit withstand test: Thermal and dynamic ability. 21.5.22. Page 13 of 29 .3 Type Tests: TYPE TESTS TO BE CONDUCTED ON ONE UNIT: In addition to the Tests mentioned in para 21 following Tests shall be conducted.0 RATING AND TERMINAL MARKING PLATE(S) Each transformer shall be provided with non-detachable rating diagaram and terminal marking plate(s) of weather proof material. The ambient temperature and time of test should be stated in the test certificate. .5 of IS.3.0 BASE MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT The under base of all transformers shall be provided with two 75x40x6mm. Air Pressure Test: As per CI. Measurement of insulation resistance Induced over-voltage withstand test Separate-source voltage withstand test Dielectric tests Oil sample test for BDV and moisture content Visual examination& Measurement of Dimensions 21.4. 21.3.3. 13 (With chopped wave) of IS – 2026 part-III latest version.0 21. Channels with holes (at a centre to centre distance of 415mm) to make them suitable for mounting on platform or plinth. Temperature rise test for determining the maximum temperature rise after continuous full load run.2 Acceptance tests: The following tests acceptance tests are to be carried out in presence of purchaser's representative in accordance with procedure mentioned in the General specifications: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) Measurement of winding resistance Measurement of voltage ratio and check of voltage vector relationship Measurement of impedance voltage/short circuit impedance and load-loss Measurement of no-load loss and current at full voltage. Impulse voltage test: As per Clause No. 20. 21.0 TRANSFORMER OIL The transformer oil used shall comply with the requirements of the specification as per Annexure-IV enclosed in addition to the provision in the IS: 335-1993 (Latest). Further each transformer shall have inscription of Owner name. 19.3. 21.1180/part-I/1989.

The purchaser may select the transformer for type tests randomly NOTE: Purchaser reserves the right to get all or any type/ special test carried out on one sample per 100 units or a part thereof. The supplier shall furnish calculations in accordance with IS: 2026 to demonstrate the thermal ability of the transformers to withstand short-circuit. Nigam intends to purchase only High Quality material. Page 14 of 29 Highest voltage 12 kV (rms) Impulse test voltage 75 kV (Peak) Power frequency voltage 3 kV 28 kV (rms) .________________________________________________________________________ 21. The manufacturer shall provide all services to establish and maintain quality of workman ship at his works and that of his sub-contractors to ensure the mechanical I electrical performance of components. In case NABL accredited laboratory happens to be that of manufacturer itself added precaution shall be taken to get type test and other tests witnessed in the laboratory by Nigam representative at the time of acceptance of material Type test certificates for the tests carried out on prototype of same specifications shall be submitted along with the bid. Or at Nigam's Transformer Workshop at Nigam's cost. compliance with drawings.6 The type test report(s) submitted by the bidder/ supplier from any NABL accredited laboratory shall be acceptable for participation of the bidder in the procurement/ empanelment process. Testing Lab. a team of Nigam's officials may go to the Works site of the Manufacturer to pick up samples from offered lot and may send the same for testing as per GTP/Nigam's Technical Specifications at some Central Govt. Inspection Agency will be deputed to inspect100% of the offered lot. without charge to satisfy him that the material offered for inspection is in accordance with the requisite specifications. 2At the same time after receipt of offer for inspection. The manufacturer shall afford the inspector representing the purchaser all reasonable testing facilities.0 TEST VOLTAGES Transformers shall be capable of withstanding the power frequency and impulse test voltage prescribed below: Nominal system voltage 433 V (rms) 11 kV (rms) 22. For this purpose Stringent testing of the material shall be done as per procedure given below:1On offer of inspection for distribution transformers by the firm. parts and equipment as per latest quality standards of ISO 9001:2000. identification and acceptability of all materials. 21.3. The test shall be conducted at manufacturer's works or any recognized laboratory or a Govt test house. The bidder shall give three weeks advance information to enable the purchaser to depute his representative for witnessing routine tests and acceptance thereof.0 INSPECTION & TESTING All tests and inspection shall be made at the place of manufacturer unless other wise especially agreed upon by the manufacturer and the purchaser.

Verification of HV & L. if any. conductor’s size.K. 8If the distribution transformer rejection rate exceeds 5% of the total supply. Axial length. if both the reports are found O. I.________________________________________________________________________ 3The checking inspection reports received from both the agencies i. 7Inspection will be conducted every year. These random inspections may be entrusted to a third party. 5. the transformer(s) shall be got replaced and in addition the penalty equivalent to the cost of the transformer supplied will be charged from the firm for supplying inferior quality material.(i) (ii) NO LOAD LOSSES AND FULL LOAD LOSSES ARE FIXED. The stage inspection will particularly include following tests / check besides the general Routine tests to be conducted during manufacturing stages as per manufacturer's standard practice.000/. the dispatch authorization will be issued to the firm. for the first 5 years on a 2% sample of the quantities supplied. and inspection report of inspecting agency will be scrutinized by Office of CGM/MM and. O. 6If during the post receipt inspection the failure rate of Transformer is more than 10% (Ten percent) of the lot supplied then the entire lot will be rejected and firm will not be entitle for any payment.V coils. a) Physical inspection / checking of winding insulating material.0 STAGE INSPECTION The purchaser's representative may carry out stage inspection of the transformers during manufacturing / assembling stage. 4After the receipt of material in the Stores. 23.. During post receipt inspection if the losses of any transformer are found more than the prescribed limit given in the technical specification. the purchaser may take suitable action on the supplier including cancellation of vendor registration and banning further dealings. Samples will be collected at random to establish that the guaranteed technical parameters are as per the submitted bid by the supplier. core material for annealing and prime quality and other accessories /fitting of Transformer.D. The payment. the tests for no load and full load losses shall be carried out on each TIF through post receipt inspection Committee constituted for the purpose.. shall be required to remit Rs. Testing Lab.as penalty for every such call made by the supplier. Insulation covering etc. made will have to be refunded back within 10 days of giving such notice of failure to the supplier. 9All such firm's who after giving inspection call do not put up materials to Inspecting Officer for inspection due to one or other reason. depending on the gravity of the deviation. In the case of non-adherence. sample checking report from Central Govt. b) c) Measurement of Core area and flux density. the firm will be automatically blacklisted.D. The purchaser shall have absolute right to reject the raw material/component / sub assemblies or complete equipment not found to be conforming to the requirement of specification or being of poor quality / workmanship.20. Weight.e. Page 15 of 29 .

the purchaser reserve the right to dispose of defective material in any manner considered fit by him (Purchaser). At least 25% of the transformers shall be offered in the shape of finished core . 24.2 LIST OF DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTS: The tenderer shall furnish four sets of following drawings along with his offer:a) General outline and assembly drawings of the equipment. disposal handling etc. Visual and dimensional check during assembly stage of core. free of cost. but not exceeding 45 days from the date of issue of notice in respect thereof. with no transportation or insurance cost to the Purchaser.One specimen sheet of 300. but not.0 WARRANTEE PERIOD The supplier shall be responsible to replace. up to destination. All dimensions and data shall be in SI Units 25. The purchaser at his option may collect the sample of the following raw material / component for independent testing: a) CRGO Lamination .1 DOCUMENTATION: All drawings shall conform to International Standards Organization (ISO) 'A' series of drawings sheet/ Indian Standards Specification IS-656. arrange to remove the defective within a reasonable period. The warranty for 72/78 months shall be one time. Check for proper provisions of spacers and bracing outline drawing.2 samples of 5 Liters each To facilitate stage inspection. finishing etc.500 mm length and 50-75 mm width ( for each lot) b) c) d) HV Winding wire.1250 mm length specimen for each type LV Winding wire. The inspecting officers during the course of stage inspection may seal these core-coil assemblies. bottom and sides) and to conduct air pressure & vacuum tests as specified in the specification. a) The manufacturing program shall not be interrupted in case purchaser's representative does not reach within seven days of the date of intimation. e) f) g) Sample testing of core material for checking specific loss and thickness of core plates. shall however be credited to the supplier’s account and set off against any outstanding dues of the purchaser against the supplier. All drawings shall be in ink and suitable for microfilming. the whole or any part of the material which in normal and proper use proves the defective in quality or workmanship. The consignee or any other officer of Nigam actually using the material will give prompt notice of each such defect to the supplier.. to ensure the adequate strength of the transformer tank body. Page 16 of 29 .1250 mm length specimen for each type Transformer oil . The replacement shall be effected by the supplier within a reasonable time. in any case. exceeding 45 days.________________________________________________________________________ d) Measurement of thickness of tank plates (Top. at the sole risk and cost of the supplier. the supplier should intimate complete schedule of manufacturing programme of the transformers at least 15 days in advance to the concerned purchasing authority.coil assembly. The supplier shall. Any sale proceeds of the defective material after meeting the expenses incurred on its custody. provision for all fittings. failing which. subject to the condition that the defect is noticed within 78 months from the date of receipt of material in stores or 72 months from the date of commissioning whichever period may expire earlier. 25. also.

The Insulation. All manufacturing and fabrication work is connection with the equipment prior to the approval of the drawing shall be at the supplier's risk. the winding arrangements. method of connection of the primary / secondary winding to the primary / secondary terminals etc.4 Six sets of the type test reports. d) e) f) g) h) Arrangement of terminals and details of connection studs provided. Adequate copies acceptance and routine test certificates. if necessary. The supplier shall.________________________________________________________________________ b) Graphs showing the performance of equipment in regard to magnetization characteristics. The equipment shall confirm in all Page 17 of 29 . submit three sets of final versions of all the above sai9 drawings for purchaser's approval. The materials / gaskets/ sealing used. 25. shall be submitted by the supplier for distribution before commencement of supply. the suppliers shall within 15 days. c) a. shall accompany the dispatched consignment.5 The manufacturing of the equipment shall be strictly in accordance with the approved drawings and no deviation shall be permitted without the written approval of the purchaser. Test reports. duly approved by the purchaser. modify the drawings and submit three copies of the modified drawings for purchaser's comments. duly approved by the purchaser. After receipt of purchaser's approval. The manual shall contain all the drawings and information required for erection. 25. 25. Type test reports in case the equipment has already been type tested. type test reports etc. 25. pamphlets of the bought out items and raw material. rules and codes of practices. iii) Porcelain used and its dimensions along with the mechanical and electrical characteristics. Name Plate. literature. maintenance and erection manuals in English Language.3 The successful tenderer’s shall within 15 days of placement of order. operation and maintenance of the distribution transformer.6 16 sets of nicely printed and bound volumes of operation. Schematic drawing. The manual shall also contain a set of all the approved drawings.7 Approval of drawings / work by purchaser shall not relieve the supplier of his responsibility and liability for ensuring correctness and correct interpretation of the drawings for meeting the requirement of the latest version of applicable standards. i) ii) Sectional views showing: General constructional features. submit 12 prints and two good qualities reproducible of the approved drawings for purchaser's use. 25. for each type and rating of equipment supplied shall be submitted by the supplier for distribution. prior to the dispatch of the equipment. The purchaser shall communicate his comments / approval on the drawings to the supplier within 30 days.

The manuals shall be in bound volumes and shall contain all the drawings and information required for erection. All accessories shall be dispatched in suitable boxes or crates. The manufacturer shall afford the inspector representing the purchaser all reasonable facilities.________________________________________________________________________ respects to high standards engineering. which may not be specifically mentioned in the specification but which are necessary for the satisfactory operation of the plant. shall be deemed to be included in the specification and shall be furnished by the contractor without extra charges. Although the method of packing is left to the discretion of the manufacturer it should be robust enough for handling normally encountered during transportation by road/rail.. in hisjudgement is not in full accordance therewith. 29. the following particulars: a) Marked erection prints identifying the components. They shall be securely bound with wire and shall have all descriptive marking stamped thereon. without charge to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with specification. 27. in the absence of which it will be presumed that all the provisions of the specification are complied with by the bidder. The manuals include amongst others.0 PACKING Transformer shall be suitably packed as per the standard practice while dispatching from the works. 26. b) c) d) 28.0 INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL Eight sets of the instruction manuals shall be supplied at least four (4) weeks before the actual dispatch of equipment.0 i) Salient technical particulars of the transformer. design workmanship and latest revisions of relevant standards at the time to ordering and purchaser shall have the power to reject any work or materials which. Detailed O&M instructions with periodical check lists and Performa etc. ii) All deviations from this specification shall be separately listed under the requisite schedules. operation and maintenance of the transformer. The bidder shall give 15 days (for local supplies) and 30 days (in case of foreign bidders) advance information to enable the purchaser to depute his representative for witnessing acceptance routine tests. parts of the transformer as dispatched with assembly drawings. Copies of all final approved drawings. whether such details are mentioned in the specification or not. without any financial liability to the Purchaser under any circumstances. INSPECTION: All tests and inspection shall be made at the place of manufacturer and unless other wise especially agreed upon the manufacturer and the purchaser at the time of purchase. COMPLETENESS OF EQUIPMENT All fittings and accessories. The equipment shall be complete in all details. The manufacturer shall provide all services to establish and maintain quality of workman ship in his works and that of his sub-contractors to ensure the mechanical/electrical Page 18 of 29 .

The details of source of material shall be supplied duly filled as per Annexure-III.8 Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) with hold points for purchases/ inspection as per Annexure. Inspection can be got done from third party Inspection agency or from Nigam’s own officers. MANDATORY SPARES: Mandatory spares shall be supplied as per the purchaser’s requirement. PACKING & FORWARDING: The packing shall be done as per the manufacturer’s standard practice.2 33. 32. Page 19 of 29 . names of sub-supplies for the raw materials.7 List of testing equipment available with the bidder for final testing of equipment along with valid calibration reports shall be furnished with the bid. The marking on each package shall be as per the relevant IS.4 30. 34.1 QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN: The Bidder shall furnish following information along with his bid. List of tests normally carried out on raw materials in the presence of Bidder’s representative.6 List of manufacturing facilities available. However. 30. 31. 30. List of areas in manufacturing process. Information shall be separately given for individual type of material offered.3 Information and copies of test certificates as in (1) above in respect of bought out accessories. where stage inspections are normally carried out for quality control and details of such test and inspection.1 31. parts and equipment as per Nigam intends to purchase only High Quality material. 30. 30.1 Dimension’s tolerances Weight of individual components and total weight.1 class instruments for measurement of losses. 31. Level of automation achieved and list of areas where manual processing exists. For this purpose stringent testing of the material can be done.5 30.________________________________________________________________________ performance of components. list of standards according to which the raw materials are tested.2 32.2 Statement giving list of important raw materials. the material would not get damaged during by Rail/ Road/ Sea. Manufacturer shall posses 0. compliance with drawings. 30. it should be ensured that the packing is such that. 32. Nigam reserves the right of 100% testing of the transformers. 30. DOCUMENTATION: The Bidder shall furnish along with the bid the dimensional drawings of the stems offered indicating all the fittings. COMPLETELY SELF PROTECTED (CSP) FEATURES (ADDITIONAL) UHBVN / DHBVN reserves the option of asking bidders to incorporate the following CSP (Completely Self Protected) features in the Distribution Transformers of all kVA capacities.9 The successful Bidder shall within 30 days of placement of order submit following information regarding list of new materials as well as bought out accessories and the names of sub-suppliers selected from those furnished along with offer. However this shall be specifically defined in the tender by the Nigam. copies of test certificates. 30. 30. identification and acceptability of all materials. 12.3. This is to be accomplished by connecting the breaker in series between the secondary windings and the secondary bushings. Unity P. The breaker shall be located in the same oil as the core and coil assembly so that the bimetal are sensitive to the temperature of oil as well as the load current The circuit breaker shall also be closed and opened manually standing on ground.7.2 34.1. The breaker shall be coordinated thermally with the transformer design to follow closely the variations of coil temperature due to fluctuating load and ambient temperatures. The Bidder shall carry out coordination test as indicated above and this forms one of the tests as for acceptance test. 12. 12. the blowing characteristics of the fuse and LT breaker shall be so coordinated such that the fuse shall not blow for any faults on the secondary side of the transformer beyond LT breakers and those faults shall be cleared by the LT breaker only. The two characteristics shall be drawn on the same sheet to indicate coordination between the circuit breaker and fuse.1.6. The cross section of the current carrying parts of the breakers shall withstand the full load current at a current density not more than 2.1. 12. which occur inside the distribution transformers i.1.4. Internally mounted oil immersed LT breaker on the LV side of the transformer: 3 Pole LT circuit breaker: All LT faults after the breaker shall be clear by this breaker.1. 125% load 100% load 75% load 50% load 25% load Regulation at Page 20 of 29 .e.1.1. The fuse is mounted normally inside of the primary bushing for the three phases and it is connected to the high voltage winding through a terminal block.F. The breaker shall be coordinated thermally with the transformer design to follow closely the variations of coil acceptance test. 12. 12.________________________________________________________________________ The transformers shall have the following CSP features: 34. The bidder shall furnish the time/current characteristics of LT circuit breaker of 11 kV fuses for various current multiples.mm (for additional mechanical strength the area should be more). It shall be ensured that the fuse does not blow for faults on the secondary side (LT side) of the transformer i.e.1. & 0.5 A/Sq. 12. which is ahead of the distribution transformers from faults. The current carrying parts of breakers shall be copper plus a set of copper tungsten current interrupting contacts. As such it shall be designed for perfect coordination with the HT fuse link.5. This has to protect that part of the electrical distribution system.F. P.1 Internal HV fuse on the HT side of transformer: Specification for the HV fuse: Expulsion/any other suitable type of fuse placed in series with the primary winding.8. either on the windings or some other part of the transformers.1. 12.

3 Purchaser reserves the right to reject any transformer during the test at supplier’s works. i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Purchase Order No & Date. Property of UHBVN / DHBVN Make Guarantee period 4-Star rating label in accordance with colour design. 35. 36.2 Transformer with temperature rise and impedance beyond the Guaranteed values. 38. Purchaser reserves the right to reject any transformer during the test at supplier’s works.1. PENALTY FOR NON PERFORMANCE: 37. if the impedance values differ from the guaranteed values including tolerance. if it is found that actual measured losses are more than the values quoted by the bidder 37. RATING AND TERMINAL MARKING PLATES: There shall be rating plates on the transformer containing the information specified in clause 15. The following additional information must also be punched on the plate and imposed two opposite sides of the body of T/F.4. The delivery as per contract will be counted when the new transformer as per specification is provided by the manufacture. No load & full load losses of the transformer should also be mentioned on the rating plate. logo etc. Purchaser also reserves the right to retain the rejected transformer and take it into service until the Bidder replaces it with a new transformer at no extra cost. Date of inspection. 37. shall be provided on the transformer as per the design / recommendations of Bureau of Efficiency (BEE) 37.5.. if the temperature rise exceeds the guaranteed values. rain-water & other pollutants & shall comply to IP:53 protection or better. 37.2 of IS: 2026-1977 (part-i). PROTOTYPE TRANSFORMER Page 21 of 29 . The metal box shall have pad-lock arrangement & complete protection from dirt.________________________________________________________________________ The bidder may offer with Micro processor based MCCB with Time-Current characteristics complying with IS:6600 of appropriate rating & good quality from reputed manufacturer in the metal-box of the distribution transformer instead of internal LV breaker. Purchaser reserves the right to reject any transformer during the test at supplier’s works. 37. NOTE: The breaker-trip setting shall be done considering loading of 130% loading for 6 hours duration at an average ambient temperature of 400 C for internal breaker as well as MCCB (if provided). Transformer & Metallic box Sealing facility The transformer should have facility to seal the transformers Top Plate & its body and also the Metal box.

General Manager/P&D Cum-Member Secretary CSC UHBVN Panchkula. The results if found deviating / unacceptable or in non-compliance with approved GTP’s. Type test certificates for the tests carried out on prototype of same specifications shall be submitted along with the bid. Further the purchaser may select the transformer for type tests randomly. Tenders without GTPS shall be out rightly rejected. the lot shall be rejected and bidder shall arrange to supply the within thirty (30) days of such detection at his cost including to & fro transportation. In addition to this a penalty @ 10% of cost of the rejected lost of material shall be imposed 40. The purchase may select any transformer from the offered lot for inspection during subsequent lots for carrying out temperature rise test from any Govt. 39. The Nigam can randomly select any transformer & verify the internal / external details with the prototype sample at any time during warranty period. The bidder shall furnish an affidavit that all his balance transformers shall meet with prototype in all respects ( internal & external ). Page 22 of 29 . approved lab.________________________________________________________________________ The prototype transformer on which type test got conducted shall be supplied to UHBVN/ DHBVN duly sealed after completion of type testing in the beginning itself before commencement of supply. GUARNTEED TECHNICAL PASRTICULARS The guaranteed technical particulars of the transformer shall be given by the tenderer (Annexure-I) along with the tender. CHALLENGE CLAUSE: The material offered / received after the inspection by the authorized inspecting Officer may again be subjected to the test for losses or any other parameters from any testing house / in house technique of the Nigam having requisite capabilities and facilities.

Voltage in kV 4.433 kV DTs (To be furnished by the Manufacturer) SI. Clearances a) Core & LV b) LV & HV c) HV Phase to Phase d) End insulation clearance to Earth e) Any point of winding to tank 14.N Description 1. & b) 0. 11/0. Core loss in watts a) Normal Voltage b) Maximum Voltage 9. Full load losses (watts) at 75 deg. c 11. Make & Manufacturer 2.________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE-1 GUARANTEED & OTHER PARTICULARS FOR DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS (CSP type) -200.F 1) 125 % load 2) 100 % laod 3) 75 % load Page 23 of 29 . No-Load Losses at 75 deg. Place of Manufacture 3. Current density used for a) HV Winding b) LV Winding 13. C (watts) 12. C (with 5% tolerance) a) HV Winding (ohms) b) LV Winding (ohms) 10. Core Material used and Grade a) Flux density b) Over fluxing without saturation (Curve to be furnished by the Manufacturer in support of his claim) 6. Maximum temperature rise of a) Windings by resistance method b) Oil by Thermometer 7. Magnetizing (No load) Current at a) Normal Voltage b) Maximum Voltage 8. 630 & 990. Rating in kVA 5. C. Resistance of Windings at 20 deg. a) Unity P. 400. Efficiency at 75 deg.F.8 P.

b) 0. at 75 deg. % Impedance at 75 deg.________________________________________________________________________ 4) 50 % load 5) 25 % load 15. Impulse test 21. Qty for first filling (mm) 2.) c) Tank & Fittings (Thickness of side walls & thickness of top/bottom plate of DT) d) Oil e) Oil qty (min. Double frequency for 1 minute 20.) f) Total Weight 22. Flash Test HV 28 kV/ 50 HZ for 1 minute LV 3 kV/ 50 HZ for 1 minute 18. Over potential Test Double Voltage & 19. 25. & thickness of cooling tube 4) Whether calculation sheet for selecting cooling area to ensure that the transformer is capable of giving continuous rated output without exceeding temperature rise is enclosed.) b) Top & Bottom plate (min. Regulation at a) Unity P.F.) 24. Grade of oil used 3. Oil Data 1. Radiation: 1) Heat dissipation by tank walls exclusive & bottom 2) Heat dissipation by cooling tube 3) Dia. Transformer: 1) Overall length x breadth x height 2) Tank length x breadth x height 3) Thickness of plates for a) Side plate (min.8 P. C 17.) b) Windings (min. BDV at the time of filling 23. Inter layer insulation provided in design for 1) Top & bottom layer 2) In between all layer 3) Details of end insulation 4) Whether wedges are provide at 50 % turns of the HV coil Page 24 of 29 . C 16.F. Weight content of a) Core Lamination (min. Maker’s name 4.

4) Dry power frequency voltage withstand test 5) Wet power frequency voltage withstand test Note: The following shall be specifically confirmed 1.1180 3) Rating as per I. Page 25 of 29 . Material and Size of the wire used 1) HV a) SWG/mm b) Dia 2) LV a) Strip size. of Conductors in parallel. 3. Whether the offer conforms to the limits of impedance mentioned in the Specification 2. Whether the transformers offered is already type for the design and test reports enclosed. 30. Particulars of Bushings HV/ LV 1) Maker’s name 2) Type IS-3347/IS.) 28. b) No.________________________________________________________________________ 26.S. Is the name plate gives all particulars as required in Tender 29. c) Total area of cross section (sq. mm. Whether the losses of the transformers offered are within the limits specified 4. Whether the offer conforms to the limits of temperature rise mentioned in the specification. Insulation materials provided a) For Conductors (1) HV (2) LV b) For Core 27. MCCB (if provided) as per Nigam latest technical specification.

No. ID/OD of HV winding mm 25. 18. LV to earth creepage distance mm Page 26 of 29 . Flux density (Tesla) 6. Size of the duct in HV winding mm 27. of parallels 15. Size of LV Conductor bare/ covered (mm) 13. No. Core Grade 2. No. Height of LV Windings mm 22. No. Wt. No. Core window height 9. Core diameter ( mm) 3. Loss per kg.________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE-II ADDITIONAL DETAILS SI.) 7. 19. of HV turns 12. Size of the duct in LV winding mm 26. ID/OD of LV Winding mm 24. Turns 11. Calculated impedance % 31. Size of the duct between HV & LV mm 28. Current density of HV winding amps/ sq. of Core at the Specified Flux density (Watts) 8. 16. Wt. Wt.mm 17. of HV coils/phase 21. No. Current density of LV winding amps/sq. of Core (kg. of the HV winding for Transformer kg.mm. Gross Core area (cm) 4. of LV Coils/phase 20. HV winding to tank clearance mm 30. of the LV winding for Transformer kg. HV winding to LV winding clearance mm 29. Height of HV Windings mm 23. Size of HV conductor bare/ covered (mm) 14. Description 1. HV to earth creepage distance mm 32. Net Core area (cm) 5. of LV. Center to center distance of the core (mm) 10.

Aluminium Conductor 3. Item Source of Material Place of Place of testing and Manufacture inspection 1. Oil 5. Insulated winding wires 4. Bushing HV/ LV 10. Press Boards 6. Paints Page 27 of 29 . Gaskets 9. MS Plated / Angles/ Channels 8.________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE-3 SOURCE OF MATERIALS/PLACES OF MANUFACTURE TESTING AND INSPECTION SI. No. Laminations 2. Kraft Paper 7.

Rue de verembe Geneva. INDIA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 of 29 . Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Switzerland. Heerpup DENMARK ISS Indian Standard Bureau of Indian Standards Nanak Bhawan 9. ISO International Organization for Standardization. NEW DELHI-110002.________________________________________________________________________ ACRONYMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reference Abbreviations Name and Asset --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IEC International Electro Technical Commission Bureau Central de la Commission Electro Technique International. Danish Board of Standardization Aurchoegyej-12 DK-2900.

) b) In organic acidity Corrosive sulphur Electric strength (Break down voltage) Min. 2. b) 60 kV (rms) 10.) Specific resistance (resistivity) a) At 90oC (Min.5oC (Max.No.03 mg KOH/gm Nil Non-corrosive a) 30 kV (rms) 2. KOH/gm (Max) Absent 140oC (Min) 0. 7.05 Max. 12.2 x 1012 ohm-cm 0. Page 29 of 29 . Dielectric dissipation factor (Tan-delta) at 90oC Water content )Max. b) After treatment. 0. Appearance Density at 29. 13.) Pour point (Max. 3.) Neutralization value a) Total acidity (Max.) 0.) Oxidation stability a)Neutralization value after oxidation (max.) d) Total sludge value percent by weight 2.) Interfacial tension at 27oC (min.055 mg.) ii) At 90oC (Min. 6.) b) Dielectric dissipation factor (Tan delta) at 90oC c) Total acidity (Max. Ageing characteristics after accelerated ageing (open breaker method with copper catalyst) a) Specific resistance (Resistivity) i) At 27oC Min.01 (Max) 0. 6. a) New untreated oil: If the above value is not obtained the oil shall be treated.89 g/cm2 27CST 0. OIL IN DRUMS/TANKERS S. B. Characteristics Requirement 1.40 mg KOH/gm 0.) Kinematics viscosity at 27oC (Min. 7.030 N/m(Min).) 2X1012 ohm-Cm (Min) 0.) b)Total sludge after oxidation (Max.05 mg KOH/gm 0.) 50 ppm a) 35x1012 ohm-cm b) 900 x1012 ohm-cm 0. 8. Characteristics Electric Strength (Breakdown voltage kV) Prior to energisation Water content (PPM) Specific Resistance (Resistivity) ohmcm at 90oC Dielectric dissipation factor tan delta) at 90oC Neutralization value (Total acidity) Sediment and/or perceptible sludge Flash point Interfacial tension at 27oC Permissible limit satisfactory for use 50 kV minimum 25 PPM (max. Oil shall be clear & transparent & free from suspended matter or sediments.002 (Max. 3. 0. 11. 4.04 N/M 140oC -6oC 0. Absent 15.) Flash point (Min. 9. 4. 5.) b) At 27oC (Min. Presence of oxidation inhibitor CHARACTERSTICS OF OIL IN THE TRANSFORMERS The important characteristics of the transformer oil after it is filled in the transformer (within 3 months of filling) shall be as follows:Sr No 1.2 Max.________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURE ‘IV’ GUARANTEED CHARACTERISTICS OF NEW TRANSFORMER OIL IN DRUMS/TANKERS AND IN TRANSFORMERS A. 8.10% by weight 14.5 x 1012 ohm-cm 0. 5.