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Session 1 Introduction to I Process
What is TIBCO BPM? How TIBCO I PROCESS provides Capability of BPM Major Capabilities (Rules, Modeling) Hardware and Software Requirements Components of IPROCESS I process Work Flow I PROCESS Architecture I PROCESS Architecture I PROCESS Engine Structure Process Sentinels Responsibilities of Process Sentinels M Box Sets Features of I process

Session 2 2 - Introduction to I process Decision Rules Engine
Pre Requisites Decision Studio Components Introduction to iProcess Decision Rules




Explanation about staff ware Company Histories Staffware Overview Problem Space Staffware Users & Roles Staffware Vs Bwwf Comparison Simple Mortgage Procedure Staffware Glossary Staffware Architecture Staffware Engine Architecture Staffware Procedure Staffware Process Elements Demo Procedure Demo Script Rules Engine Staffware-Corsican Integration Business Rules Analysis Analysis-How It Works Staffware Frame Works Summary On Staffware

4. Decision Integration in I Process
● ● ● ● Process of a Banking company flow (Real time Bank project) Explanation about account opening form in object step FCP Non Complaint Cases Process Step Object Fraud Detection in details

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Accessing the External Sources from I process using Webs Servers in Bw or External Server (access Server) using Step Definition Creating Temporary Account in Data Base Calling FCP Update using dynamic Sub processes Sending mails by using I process Validating the Documents by Validation Option Creating Java Class in BW to Validate Creating the connection from Iprocess to BW with IPROCESS SERVICEAGENT using Client PLUG IN Creating Web services to Access BW from Iprocess Using live node Method Creating Web services to Access BW from Iprocess Using WSDL Method Introduction to Code Policy Of a Rule Engine Explanation about Decision Studio Explanation About VOCBULARY in Decision Studio Explanation About RULE SETS in Decision Studio Explanation About TESTS in Decision Studio Unit Testing of RULES is Valid or Not Explanation about TIBCO Iprocess Decision Deployment Console Deployment of Rule in Console Opening the Deployed Files and explanation about that files Explanation about Exporting of WSDL file and SCHEMA file Generating Wsdl File and locating the file Explanation about Generated WSDL tree Explanation about Tomcat server Business objectives Merging Two Businesses Merging Of two product providers Explanations about exist Services Application System Decisions High Level Architecture Benefit Of using BPM Explanation about Business Process Explanation about Solution Approach – Work Step-up Explanation about BPM-New Business Explanation about New Business – Process Flows Explanation about New Business – Sub Process Flows Explanation about New Business – BPMN Explanation about Sub Process General Structure Auto Activity Composite SOA is Service Rule Service Engine Demo About the Total Project Flow 5.Market Integration Program 1 2 A Complete I Process Application (Application-1) -A Complete I Process Application (Application-2) -- .

3 Explanation about Business Process Management (BPM)Work Shop 4 Explanation about Business Process Management (BPM) Work Shop 5 Case Orchestration 4 POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS Basic Design Defining a procedure Links Routing the Business process Roles Fields Defining step status options Creating Fields and Forms Inserting fields to Forms Application Fields Form Commands Controlling data Inputs Deadlines Working with Conditions Withdrawing Steps Usage of Waits Customizing the procedure Advanced Design Sub Procedures Why use of sub procedures Calling Sub procedure from MP How do sub procedure works Mapping Defining sub procedures Sub procedure parameters Static Call To Sub procedure Mapping without Parameters Array Fields Use of array fields Defining Sub Procedure Template Template Dynamic Number of Sub Procedures Case Prediction Work Item priorities and Escalation Creating Scripts Integration Basics Focal Point .Integration Techniques Staffware Integration Techniques Enterprise Application Integration Graft Steps .

High Level Architecture TIBCO iProcess Engine .Processes/Components TIBCO iProcess Engine .Process Level Architecture TIBCO iProcess Engine .iProcess Engine Communication iProcess Engine Processes Startup Allocation of Work Queues to WIS Processes Monitoring Activities .SSO Lite Stored Procedures Open Forms & Ceaseless Forms Why Events Triggering Events Events .Processes/Components Get Used to the Terminology Where is TIBCO iProcess Engine Case Data Stored? TIBCO iProcess Engine .Restarting Closed Cases EAI Step Execution Process EAI Call-Out Methods TC Steps Integrating Staffware and TIBCO BW EAI Java Step Architecture Integration Techniques 1 Introduction Graft steps SSOLite Stored Procedure Open Forms Events IProcess Activity Monitoring Open Work Queues Scripts Staffware Functions Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) VBA XPDL Enterprise Application Integration Concept behind EAI Synchronous Asynchronous With Reply Procedures with EAI Steps Creating Procedures with Parallel EAI Creating Straight through Processing (STP) Procedures Integration Techniques 2 Transaction Control Types of TC steps Iprocess Architecture Iprocess Architecture Focal Point TIBCO iProcess Engine .Physical Architecture IProcess Client .

User Starts a New Case User Starts a New Case User Opens a Work Item User Keeps a Work Item Background sends a Work Item to Work Queue Procedure Creation Display the Procedure manager Window Creating Procedure Iprocess Modeler Steps in Creating Procedure Defining a Step Defining the Form Defining the fields Inserting fields into forms Linking the steps Checking the Iprocess status Testing a Procedure Work Queues Releasing a Procedure Procedure Management Procedure Objects Procedures Versions Libraries Shortcuts PM Tools Procedure Manager Customize the Procedure Procedure Manager Toolbar Buttons and Menu Items Version Control Window Version control tool bar Tibco Iprocess Modeler Managing Procedures. Libraries and Shortcuts Version Control Access Controls and Status Information Setting Access Control Status Information Staffware Adm Administration in backend IProcess Engine Administration Controlling the Processes. Health Check Releasing the Procedures Deployment of the Procedures (Import/Export Staffware Utilities What additional can be configured? Help make performance better .

List Manager TIBCO iProcess Administrator .SatffwareAdm1 TIBCO iProcess Administrator – Components TIBCO iProcess Administrator – Users TIBCO iProcess Administrator – Groups TIBCO iProcess Administrator – Attributes TIBCO iProcess Administrator .Table Manager TIBCO iProcess Administrator .Move SysInfo TIBCO iProcess Engine – Components TIBCO iProcess Client Components Deadlines Withdraws Waits Conditional Actions IProcess-Email-Plugin IProcess-Modeler-phase1 IProcess-Oracle-Plugin IProcess-Script-Plugin IProcess-SSO-Java Programming IProcess-Web services-Plugin .