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facilitated by one of the most progressive environments for remote gaming. The regulatory landscape is continually changing and the Maltese jurisdiction must remain on the front line to ensure an equal playing field within the EU. the online gaming sector remained relatively immune and the resilience of the Maltese economy proved itself with respect to the financial crisis. No parts of this publication may be reproduced or used without the prior permission from the publisher W W W. A strong regulatory regime and exemplary legal structure sets it apart from other European jurisdictions and offers operators a stable and secure framework in which to carry out business. Editor: James Bennett Tel. Despite the challenges posed by the international economic downturn. As a small island. the Mediterranean climate provides a perfect location for operators seeking to set up. E G R M A G A Z I N E . IT and e-business activities.roberts@pageantmedia.M A LTA R EPOR T Rising to the challenge 2010 WAS A CHALLENGING year for both the egaming industry and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA).com Editorial director: Gwyn Roberts Chief executive: Charlie Kerr Annie Roberts Report editor eGaming Review is published monthly by Pageant Media Suite L. And of course. protecting vulnerable players and keeping abreast of technological developments. The growth of Malta’s gaming sector seems set to Subscriptions: Clark Beecro Tel: +44 (0)20 7029 4074 c.: +44 (0)20 7029 4097 Printed by The Manson Group © 2011 all rights reserved. job title and address to: Report editor: Annie Roberts Publishing executive: Sam Compagnoni Tel: +44 (0)20 7029 4073 s. C O M 03 .: +44 (0)20 7029 4061 Staff writer: Elizabeth Goodwin Publishing executive: Navinder Lall Tel: +44 (0)20 7029 4072 n. EC1A 9PT Pageant Media limited is a certified member of the Periodical Publishers Association ISSN 1742-2450 To receive two free issues of eGaming Review. it appears well equipped to maintain its economic competitiveness and rise to the challenges of the egaming world in the year ahead. As the LGA continues to uphold responsibility for egaming in the jurisdiction.compagnoni@egrmagazine.lall@egrmagazine. Malta has managed to provide a competitive advantage to suit niche operators against the back drop of an attractive business environment. email your Production editor: Claudia Honerjager Sub-editor: Rachel Kurzfield Commercial manager: Ben Robinson Tel: +44 (0)20 7029 4075 b.robinson@egrmagazine. as debates on the gaming regulatory models to be implemented across Europe increased in pace.: +44 (0)20 7029 4076 j.beecro @egrmagazine.bennett@egrmagazine. 1 East Poultry Avenue London.

CEO of Fenlex Group. C o m . explains how Malta is ideally placed to meet the needs of the egaming industry and why it is the perfect location to set up your business 19 Journey to the centre of the virtual world Gordon Bezzina of BMIT talks to eGaming Review about how the Malta-based company has used the latest technologies to open up a window on the world 21 A new direction eGaming Review talks to the newly appointed managing director of B3W. despite the challenges posed by the international economic downturn 12 Reliable innovation 14 Balancing act As the complexities of egaming operators’ requirements gain pace. to discuss Malta’s competitive advantages 16 A way of life Karl Diacono. John Stone of Continent 8 Technologies talks to eGaming Review about the benefits of its Maltese platform Since the inception of its regulations. about how her leadership has seen a shift in direction for the company 04 w w w. IT and e-Business activities Reuben Portanier gives an overview of how Malta and the LGA kept on moving steadily ahead. Dr. e g r m a g a z i n e . Malta has retained its strength as a gaming jurisdiction. e-Management’s head of marketing. eGaming Review caught up with Jonathan Dalli. Sasha Gicquel.m a lta R EPORt Contents 5 Why invest in Malta? Reuben Portanier of Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) talks to eGaming 9 Resilient Malta Review about the growth of Malta’s gaming sector and why it is one of the most progressive environments for remote gaming.

Air links with all major European. Europe. n Excellent telecommunications. healthy industrial relations. together with high productivity levels. North African and Middle Eastern destinations are both frequent and efficient. Malta has built a sound and competitive manufacturing and services base that does not rely only on its favourable geographic position. a good infrastructure set-up with advanced telecommunications. mCommerce and eGovernment. but also on its multi-skilled. n range of incentives aimed at facilitating A investment C n onsistently pro-business government policies. “Malta is well positioned to provide a competitive advantage to suit niche operators” W W W. Shipping lines are served by excellent natural harbours while international shipping companies provide both conventional and roll-on/roll-off services transporting merchandise to ports across the Mediterranean. n Top business support services. Malta’s strategy is clearly defined. n edicated. IT and e-Business activities M Reuben Portanier is the chief executive officer of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). n tate-of-the-art transhipment and distriS bution facilities. a pleasant and secure living environment and evident cost advantages. In the past few years. who continue to re-invest in their production and service facilities in Malta. e g r M a g a z i n e . particularly those engaged in ICT. It also offers political stability. pharmaceuticals. where prior to joining the LGA occupied the positions of group chief officer (strategy and business development) with the Datatrak Group and chief information officer with MITTS Ltd (now MITA). multi-lingual workforce. Indeed. Mr Portanier has senior management experience in the ICT industry and in management consultancy. c o M ready successfully operate on the island in healthcare. n Exceptionally high productivity levels. n rowing markets quickly accessible from G Malta. and a more than adequate air and maritime distribution network. Among its achievements. competitively priced human D resources. financial services and aviation. ICT is considered to be a pivotal activity with major developments taking place in eCommerce. n Social and economic stability.M a lTa R EPOR T Why invest in Malta? Reuben Portanier of Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) talks to eGaming Review about the growth of Malta’s gaming sector and why it is one of the most progressive environments for remote gaming. During the past four decades Malta has been exceptionally successful in attracting foreign direct investment. back office operations and call centres. n A ‘can-do’ business environment. Asia and the Americas. n A pleasant lifestyle. many are the world-class companies that al- WHY MaLTa: KeY FacTS n ulti-lingual and highly skilled workM force. In fact. the Maltese government has invested heavily in the technology infrastructure and has built a sound eGovernment network which is capable of supporting such data processing activity. In Malta. Effectively. Malta is well positioned to provide a competitive advantage to suit niche operators and it 05 . The country has notched up an impressive record in attracting foreign investors. S n trategic location and marketing advantages. Competing for foreign direct investment in an aggressive worldwide market. Malta offers a highly competitive and diverse investment location for high-value-added industries and service providers. alta has a dynaMic economy based on international trade and international business.

providing a diversity of services and solutions to the ICT environment. software development. offering one of the most progressive environments for remote gaming. Malta is a prime candidate for the outsourcing of specialised ICT services. protection of vulnerable players and minors. holding 390 licenses. “Malta is an ideal test-bed for innovative technology solutions” can boast of a truly modern support infrastructure. the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) has regulated the remote gaming sector on the cardinal values of fair gaming. it also needed to be forward looking in not only understanding the gaming industry. skills training and help-desk support. Most European firms have set-up base to capitalise on the cultural and economic advantages that Malta has to offer. Malta is an ideal testbed for innovative technology solutions. The LGA. recognised that to effectively regulate the market. being the veteran regulator in the EU. Furthermore. e g r m a g a z i n e . The presence of various operators who are already benefiting from these advantages and new ones who are forthcoming re-affirms Malta’s attractiveness as a business process outsourcing location. crime and money laundering can only be prevented in a regulated gaming industry. To date. Maltese ICT companies have developed in-house expertise in custom-built and packaged software solutions tailored both towards the SME segment and large enterprises. There is already a significant presence of both indigenous and foreign systems development companies in Malta.M A LTA R EPOR T among the top knowledge economies in the world. Despite its small size. Banning was not an option as it would have merely moved the industry underground. Given its small population. c o m . and in upholding responsible gaming. including operators who look for a regulated environment which is competitive advantages: ict n The availability of specific skills in ICT – Malta is the regional training centre for Cisco. The ongoing investment by the Maltese government in Malta’s ICT infrastructure places Malta Remote gaming licences The growth of the gaming sector is perhaps the most interesting reflection of this success story. providing a host of services. Malta managed to transform itself and continues to re-invent itself within the context of being part of the EU market (as a full member state since 2004) and consequently continues to attract visitors and investors alike. application implementations and hosting. Such an approach is well received by all stakeholders. but also being fully aware of the technological developments that continue to occur as a matter of course. Vulnerable players are better safeguarded if the industry is transparent and adequately regulated. such as systems design and integration. The philosophy behind it all was: ‘Internet Gaming is a reality and there is a choice between banning it or regulating it. the LGA regulates 270 operators.’ Malta went for regulation. These companies have developed skills across different technology platforms and business applications. keeping crime away from gaming. The Maltese ICT cluster is versatile and diversified. Since 2004. Microsoft and Oracle n Central European Time (CET) zone n Quick adaptation to innovation n Flexibility and multi-tasking in a product driven environment n Attractive cost structures and low social security costs for employers n Freedom of movement of labour and capital within the EU 06 w w w. IT and eBusiness activities.


Once the certification of compliance report is submitted by the entity performing the audit. In this class of operations the licensee bears the full risk of the gaming activities conducted and the winnings are therefore also guaranteed by it. in brief. pool bingo and other games in which the operator is merely present a number of authentic documents (birth certificate. lotteries and slots. it is possible to obtain a Class 3 on 4. the licensee must adhere to the Remote Gaming Regulations and any further conditions imposed by the LGA in the licence.). the LGA conducts probity tests on the ultimate beneficiary owners of the proposed operation. while maintaining its principles of serious and responsible regulation intact. and projected balance sheets. A copy of the questionnaire is also available on the LGA website. conditions of the games and other formal documentation must be submitted to the authority. w w w. in order to speed up the process and avoid further unnecessary expenses. c o m .M A LTA R EPOR T 08 proactive and cognisant of the industry developments. one can state that the audit mainly includes the testing on the live data and procedures. Going live and the compliance audit Once an authorisation is issued. However. if the operator intends to use a licensed Class 4 as its platform. This should include. among others. and take a commission on wagers. passport and fresh police conduct certificate etc. Once the documentation is reviewed and approved. financing of operation. the licensee has six months to get certified to prove to be fully compliant. or better the date on which the operator is to start offering its gaming services to the public. A variation of this class is the Class 1 on 4 whereby the Class 1 licensee operates its games on the software and in certain cases through the equipment of a Class 4 Licensee. an LGA official from the compliance department will go to the data centre where the equipment is hosted in order to seal all the hardware. Certification of compliance is based on a questionnaire and is conducted by an audit firm appointed by the LGA. betting exchange providers. the technical documentation including the system architecture. Once live. the licensee must obtain the LGA’s approval relative to its intended ‘go live’ date. which the operator must display on its website in order to show that the operation is licensed by the LGA. while legal persons are required to submit incorporation documents. Prior to going live. Class 3 – This licence covers the operations of peer to peer (P2P) gaming. A business plan of the proposed operation must therefore be submitted by the applicant. The licensing procedure Once an application for a licence is submitted. The LGA further examines the financial sustainability of the proposed operation. The licensee would also be provided with a Kitemark clearly showing the LGA community trademark logo. All application forms must be filled in correctly and in full. the operator is required to pay the licence fee that the licensee has confirmed. On successful completion of this process. Class 1 – This licence covers casino style games. e g r m a g a z i n e . by granting the five-year remote gaming licence. Every ultimate beneficiary owner with 5% or more interest in the proposed operation is therefore required to fill in a personal declaration form. as described above. Similarly to the Class 1 licence. In the second stage of the licensing process. an authorisation is issued by the authority and thereafter the applicant has six months to get certified. analysis of sample reports from the live systems and review of the online website via a test account. Class 2 – This licence covers the traditional fixed odds betting. Class 4 – This licence must be obtained by software providers who intend to host and manage remote gaming service providers having a Class 1 or a Class 3. “The licensee must adhere to the Remote Gaming Regulations and any further conditions imposed by the LGA in the licence” offering an environment for the players to play but is not taking any risk or guaranteeing any winnings as such. Which class? The LGA offers four different types of classes of remote gaming licences. the LGA may consider any qualifications made by the system auditors and request that specific changes are implemented. This is clearly portrayed in the licensing process which is very rigorous but efficient and equitable. Physical persons need to The certification process Following endorsement by the LGA. details relative to the objectives of the operation and a three-year projections of marketing and sales plans.

as the global industry growth curve was not as steep as in the previous years. Globally. even more so during a period of prevailing international economic issues. Through efficient monitoring. were injected by various stakeholders in order to continue steadily moving forward. with Malta being one of the few economies in 2010 to register stability and encourage economic results. the gaming industry was still affected by the economic conditions. Achieving this was no joyride. Reuben Portainer talks to eGaming Review about how true this is and looks at how the economic downturn has affected the Maltese jurisdiction. Notwithstanding. In truth. access to finance for further investment was not easily available. with such a certificate of performance making us proud. In fact. Extensive efforts. Once more the resiliency of the Maltese economy proved itself with respect to the global financial crisis. Such a strategy involved capitalising on the strengths built across the years.” eGaming Review (eGR): What are your comments on this? Reuben Portanier (RP): Moody’s gave a clear independent certificate of Malta’s resiliency in its report on the Maltese economy. Various economic analysts were of the opinion that the gaming sector was immune to such a crisis as the industry (especially on the remote gaming side) was still registering growth. C O M . Regulating the gaming industry during such a period. while it was in all other sectors. Moody’s had positive remarks on the Maltese economy and remote gaming sector where it reported: “Malta's A1 government rat- T ings reflect the country's high economic resiliency and its very high financial robustness…the country's primary challenge is to maintain economic competitiveness over the longer term. “The resilience of the Maltese economy was put to the test. with Malta being one of the few economies in 2010 to register stability” 09 W W W. not only for the Maltese gaming industry. it seems that the online gaming sector was relatively immune to such an economic situation. the financial crisis was still prevailing in many industries. Sailing through such difficult conditions and still reaching the port of destination was the main objective. we ascertained the protection of player funds. o en unnoticed. and the increased monitoring mechanisms implemented by the LGA drastically diluted the negative impacts on the performance of Maltese licensees. coupled with fresh actions that needed to be implemented in order to counteract the global moment. with only a handful of operators facing real difficulties. financial services. while debates on the gaming regulatory models to be adopted across Europe gained a certain momentum. The resilience of the Maltese economy and of the gaming industry was put to the test. building on and securing its success in attracting investment in fields such as remote gaming. but for the economy as a whole. Economic resilience and the increased monitoring of operators’ financial performance was important from a regulatory perspective. Without any doubt. call centres and pharmaceuticals. 2010 was a challenging year for both the industry and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) in different ways.M A LTA R EPOR T Resilient Malta Reuben Portanier gives an overview of how Malta and the LGA kept on moving steadily ahead. E G R M A G A Z I N E . while at the same time strengthening the structures and processes of the authority was both challenging and interesting. and the evolution of gaming legislative movements in other countries. Achieving results during turbulent times was not the result of a ‘game of chance’ but was the result of a thoroughly studied and implemented strategy. The international economic scenario saw the world economy still finding the routes available to move out of the financial crisis and rebuild economic confidence. despite the challenges posed by the international economic downturn HE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS of the past two years practically affected every sector in Europe. in it’s annual rating.

The LGA’s actions are the basis for sustainable growth” and robust ecosystem around the remote gaming industry and the manner how it was and is regulated. with the underlying principle of maintaining a resilient and seriously regulated gaming sector for the years to come. an event which was tagged by the LGA as ‘higher’ risk. including the LGA. placed a robust foundation for addressing the economic challenges. 2011. e g r m a g a z i n e . and in consolidating the strengths of having a mature. while still managing to improve further checks and the screening processes. while also ensuring that the authority further equips its supporting and strategic functions (including the establishment of a strategy directorate). this was also coupled with key timely decisions and actions in order to keep the Maltese economy competitive. which resulted in an improvement in turnaround time of 29%. maintain and improve its operations. • increased resource capacity in the area of EU and international affairs. which also served as fundamental tools in order to mitigate the potential effect of the global financial situation on the Maltese economy. the LGA’s actions are the basis for sustainable growth. while stepping up even further its enforcement complement. eGR: What do you see happening in the immediate future? RP: The LGA is working on a number of strategic thrusts in 2011. Firstly. Seen together. and the continued ramping up of the licensee relationship management unit. and • participation in ECJ cases. Moreover. Moreover.M A LTA R EPOR T 10 eGR: So how did Malta manage to be resilient? RP: The reply is a two pronged one. the LGA realigned its internal structure to implement. where the LGA more than doubled its ‘operator checks’ as part of the licensee continuous compliance assurance routines. of which it is worthy to highlight the main drivers: • The launch of a players’ charter. and finalising the processing of a massive influx of applications received in the last quarter of 2010. This year will also see continued collaboration with the various stakeholders in order to identify areas of continued and new regulatory focus. which shall be supported through the established strategy directorate. the Maltese economic strategy in general. played an important role. • the launch of a licensee relationship management function. its licensee-focused role. c o m . operators and the regulator. whereby the LGA will continue regulating its 280 licensed remote gaming operators. and its player support role. • a risk-based licence renewal process. continued regulatory focus on newer fields such as fantasy sports and mobile gaming. The changes play an important role in ensuring stability and efficiency among the coefficients required in the equation of economic resiliency. The LGA took up considerable actions based on new regulatory concepts with the aim of consolidating and improving effectiveness. among which potentially regulating remote skill games with prize. the augmenting of the legal affairs directorate with an enhanced focus on legislative proposals and a wider resource base on EU and international affairs. The latter shall act as the main interface between the authority and licence holders. while continuing to nurture the relationships with other regulators. such as EU membership. • the launch of electronic payments of licence fees and gaming taxes. considerable effort was placed by various stakeholders. adopting the euro as a national currency. • a risk-based process for licensees applying for a further licence where certain duplicate submissions which did not add value to compliance checks were eliminated. The systematic approach was based on European gaming developments and underpinned by a philosophy of responsible gaming for all parties involved – players. through the continued implementation of its various economic strategic pillars and the past strategic decisions. Undoubtedly. • an even more comprehensive post licensing approach. ✜ w w w. This was complemented with the serious and diligent regulatory approach in financial services and the diversification across the spectrum of the services and hi-tech sectors. Past key decisions. an EU first in this regard. • an improved licence application process. will not only require further focus on EU developments but will also be a year full of regulatory activity. and the investment in ICT. in addressing the remote gaming industry specifically. Secondly. • more stringent regulatory checks on betting operations during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. for long-term sustainability. All this. professional “The [LGA’s] approach was based on European gaming developments and underpinned by a philosophy of responsible gaming.


There are jurisdictional complexities. As part of this investment. Continent 8 have shown not only commitment to this jurisdiction. Continent 8 has continuously developed and augmented its service offerings to meet the needs of its egaming customers. linked by our Global Private Network. E G R M A G A Z I N E . He previously worked for Cara. This new service allows for the support of ‘any to any’ connectivity. Managed Services and a new DDoS platform within the past 12 months. Continent 8. The new Continent 8 DDoS service is based on the market leading intelligent traffic analysis platform from Arbor. the regulatory landscape can change very quickly. chief technical officer of Continent 8 Technologies. a recipient of awards in 2010 and 2011. will continue to focus on our customer’s success. As CTO for Continent 8. Denmark and Germany to support our existing and new customers as regulation dictates. end-to-end SLA on packet delivery. Continent 8 Technologies has built a reputation for facilitating online gaming industry growth by understanding the global requirements of it’s customers. Malta has been a cornerstone for Continent 8’s presence in the EU. France and Singapore. products and services for the global online gaming industry. platform from which gaming operators and networks can target their international customer base from their chosen jurisdictions. but also investment in its future. With over 10 years of experience in the online gaming industry. Continent 8 will continue to lead the market with innovative network and connectivity services to address the egaming market. redundancy and resilience from Malta. licensing requirements. which not only protects 12 W W W. The Continent 8 DDoS service detects. Continent 8 Technologies provides a C John Stone. and the use of private addressing. providing companies with a secure. In order to support these new markets and regulatory models we have recently launched services in France. mitigation and analysis. a subsidiary of Aer Lingus. This. At Continent 8 Technologies we understand that it is no longer possible for one data centre location in any jurisdiction to provide for all the needs of an egaming operator. John Stone of Continent 8 Technologies talks to eGaming Review about the benefits of its Maltese platform ONTINENT 8 TECHNOLOGIES is focused on the delivery of market-defining internet technologies. John is responsible for translating technology innovation into business value for Continent 8 and its egaming customers. lower latency. provides a comprehensive offering in terms of jurisdictions locations and flexibility. As an example of this. Continent 8’s DDoS protection service provides a comprehensive level of attack detection. protects and defends your gaming platform through a multilayered internet and application aware architecture. and business critical resilience considerations combined with the complexities of sales and marketing. Isle of Man. rather than looking at the individual markets. requiring increased co-operation between jurisdictions. The Continent 8 global network has been completely redesigned and deployed in the past six months to deliver MPLS private networks. joined Continent 8 last year from Cisco Systems where he was their CTO for Ireland. a redundant private network between Malta and Paris has been implemented and we can now offer customers based in Malta an endto-end private network service between any of our global locations. faster convergence.M A LTA R E P O R T Reliable innovation As the complexities of egaming operators’ requirements gain pace. Continent 8 has been providing redundant resilient internet connectivity specifically designed for the needs of the egaming industry for the past 12 years and in Malta for the past four. reliable facility from which to host their online operations. all advantages over using IPSEC over the internet. and being able to react to these changes is essential. With data centre facilities in Malta. As we have seen recently with new legislation in France. Montreal. Some of our customers in Malta have already started connecting other locations and service centres to the Continent 8 MPLS network service. and we intend to replicate this model in other countries such as Italy. in conjunction with Malta. corporate governance. and through the introduction of MPLS networking services. by being a provider of choice to the online gaming and media industries. Spain. Continent 8 has continuously increased capacity. C O M .

where regulation and content availability are critical to the business. we are in the process of evaluating no less than four new locations on several continents that our customers have expressed an interest in having operations in. even if they are not in our facilities. As we make this submission. reliable and highly available platform supporting some of the largest companies in the egaming market. iPad and Android devices. The solution contains three main functions: content ingest.M A LTA R E P O R T the production gaming platforms in the Continent 8 data centre in Malta but in all locations. This service will be available from regulated and unregulated environments. We continue to demonstrate this with our commitment to building and expanding our infrastructure and services to the geographical regions and jurisdictions that are important to our customers. Our latest Secure Networks and DDoS Mitigation products further extend our suite of services by providing flexible and reliable connectivity between multiple locations and state-of-the-art DDoS protection. service routing and content delivery. Continent 8 is the first and still the only global data centre owner-operator and managed service provider in the world that dedicates primary resources specifically to the egaming industry. providing them with our experience. we take on the responsibility of providing quality connectivity. With managed IP. This solution is optimised for the requirements of the gaming market. It is also worth highlighting that in addition to providing our core products and services. E G R M A G A Z I N E . such as iPhone. more stringent requirements in terms of compliance need to be addressed. taking the guesswork out of network management. backing that up with unparalleled customer support. The Continent 8 CDN solution is required by our customers to enable them to stream and download rich-media content to their customers’ internet-connected devices. Continent 8 will continue to provide a better web experience through the deployment of technologies such as multimedia-capable streaming CDN platforms to address the increased variety of endpoints. Even a er over a decade of providing quality products and services to the eGaming industry. by giving our customers the connectivity they need so they can focus on their business. Continent 8 is focused on bringing solutions to the Maltese market that drives innovation and differentiation for both Continent 8 and its customers based in Malta. regardless of where the end-points are. it is also capable of providing monitoring and mitigation for any internet connected location. but as the market matures. knowledge and unique perspective of an infrastructure and services provider. Continent 8 has achieved PCI status for co-location services. In addition. ✜ W W W. We were one of the first to go beyond the typical ‘carrier neutrality’ stance taken by many co-location providers by developing a robust and industry focused managed IP service. Continent 8 will continue to endeavour to live up to our goal of reliable innovation and provide reliable and innovative solutions to our customers in the egaming industry. we work very actively to expand the egaming industry by collaborating with both operators and legislators alike. C O M 13 . technical and service requirements of our current and future customers – we only succeed when our customers succeed. stepping up to the challenge to meet all the business. Continent 8 continues to innovate. specifically addressing access security and policy in relation to information security for employees and contractors. The solution will support a zone-based model for the control of content per customer to have clear accountable deployment of content differentiation between regulated and general content locations. developing reliable solutions for our customers by listening to them and addressing their needs – never a solution in search of a problem but solutions to solve problems. Continent 8 has provided a secure.

Dalli emphasised that the pro-business culture. e g R M A g A Z I N e . • support services provided by pro-active professionals. and meeting colleagues. as well as the presence of local and international banks. Malta’s proximity to other markets. malta has retained its strength as a gaming jurisdiction. complemented by its own strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean and Europe. most noticeably the recent Green Paper at EU level. simultaneously being accessible and pragmatic. Malta’s Remote Gaming Regulations. He also acts as management consultant for various business concerns. but it retains its pragmatism too. a duty to offer the game fairly and to always promote responsible gaming. When asked about Malta’s competitive advantages. facilitating the notion of a company being a going-concern. 14 w w w. the licensing regime. One advantage is that to get a licence here is good value for money in terms of gaming stacks. really adds to its strength when one does a SWOT analysis of remote gaming jurisdictions. for Malta to be a centre of excellence. overseeing all marketing activities in relation to the group’s service portfolio on an international level. including but not limited to: • an EU member state since 1st of May 2004 and eurozone member since 1st of January 2008. and the people are key aspects to Malta’s success. which ensures that Malta W remains a strong and above all. language. eGaming review caught up with Jonathan Dalli. complemented by a wide network of double tax treaties with various countries. political and economic climate. The fact that it is a full member of the European Union. also being technology neutral. relations and clients around the globe. • an established and well-regulated financial services industry and the presence of reputable international financial institutions. to discuss malta’s competitive advantages inners at the 2010 eGR B2B Awards. ensuring Malta has a voice in the various EU institutions when discussing the future of the egaming industry. including the availability of tax refunds based on Malta’s full imputation system. make the jurisdiction very pro-business as a whole. including major accountancy and audit firms. Jonathan Dalli has been very busy promoting the Malta jurisdiction. travelling to various conferences and expos. and celebrating the company’s 20th year anniversary. leaving London with the Corporate Services Provider of the Year Award. including financial services. • an efficient and relatively inexpensive licensing process. e-Management’s head of marketing. Jonathan Dalli is a graduate from the University of Malta and the Institute of Financial Services (UK). • a stable democratic. When reputable operators started earmarking Malta as their new home. thus contributing to a solid reputation as a well-regulated jurisdiction which safeguards the interests of the operators as well as those of their players. tax advantages. including the one about remote gaming. He was appointed Head of Marketing of HBM Group/e-Management in September 2009. • the domiciliation of companies into Malta or out of the island.m a lta r e p o r t Balancing act Since the inception of its regulations. and that it has a say in the various political debates that are going on. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) also heavily emphasises the fact that it has a responsibility to protect the vulnerable in the market. sets it apart from other jurisdictions. with the government earmarking various areas. When creating an egaming company (or any other foreign-owned company registered in Malta but trading outside of the Maltese Islands) the incentives are huge because of the refunds available at shareholders’ level due to Malta’s tax imputation system and Malta’s network of double taxation treaties. The tax incentives in Malta stand out and encourage new or existing businesses to set up ventures in the region. • a very attractive fiscal regime/incentives to the benefit of companies operating from the island. c o M . • a welcoming jurisdiction with the regulator having a pro-business attitude and approach. this becoming the government’s shortto-medium term strategy and vision. A good balance in regulation and the licensing process available is key to the jurisdiction’s success. they also realised the various competitive advantages Malta offers. The Mediterranean island has unquestionably established itself as the hub of remote gaming in Europe. a reputable jurisdiction.

and as such. with a number of years experience in egaming consultancy. with offices in reputable regulated online gaming jurisdictions worldwide. utmost confidentiality and industry expertise. it is committed to providing egaming companies with all necessary business services to succeed. such as software providers. e-Management assists companies with its tailor-made services. it has established itself as a leading specialised turnkey provider of business support and corporate services provider. Bonaire. affiliates. The Netherlands and Uruguay. Curaçao. particularly in Europe. New York. e g R M A g A Z I N e . whereby it assists operators with accountancy and book keeping. e-Management/HBM Group was among the first corporate services providers in 1997 to enter the online gaming industry. For e-Management. It prides itself on taking an active role in the management of the companies it works with. St. Cayman Islands. British Virgin Islands. By building on e-Managements tradition of excellence. in any jurisdiction. e-Management.m a lta r e p o r t • a highly qualified and skilled workforce. As a professional. e-Management offers innovative services by assisting all egaming (related) businesses to efficiently and effectively structure their enterprise in an ever-changing and challenging business environment without borders. ✜ e-Management’s role in the Maltese market e-Management started in Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean. business development and marketing explains that while acknowledging Malta has a big part to play in the remote gaming industry. The above advantages have meant that other operators started following suit. payment solution processors. e-Management is distinct in that it has a global presence – and also because it is interested not just in helping the client through the crucial licensing process but also in the ongoing maintenance of the operator’s business. It guarantees clients the highest standard of business ethics. but rather striving to be realistic and smart when doing business. For the past 20 years. and they now work with operators who are interested in setting up in mainly Malta and Curaçao.’ Furthermore. this confirms the LGA’s slogan of ‘Reputable. and also payroll if they have staff operating locally. Malta. and upholding clients’ confidentiality and reputation. advisors and consultants. e-Management and HBM Group have been so successful in offering excellent services for the past 20 years. via HBM Group. confirmed that a Malta Gaming Licence is a ‘seal of quality. as well as Key Official Solutions once the company has a Letter of Intent from the LGA. provides its Business Support & Corporate Services in the following jurisdictions: Anguilla. It prides itself on being honest and not promising clients the world. as opposed to being simply one-off consultants. from pro-active remote gaming licensing to office set-up solutions enabling the companies to start off once they express an interest in the jurisdiction. the e-Management team focuses on establishing and managing internationally engaged egaming companies based out of Curaçao and Malta. the key to its success is the transparency and openness with which it deals with clients. Maarten. Its operational solutions. With more than a decade of experience in assisting major software providers and operators with their corporate and licensing requirements in both Curacao and Malta. but also in other jurisdictions. and • web/data hosting and co-location facilities. That is why “A good balance in regulation and the licensing process available is key to the jurisdiction’s success” w w w. client-oriented service provider of fiduciary services. to ensure clients are assisted at all times by a team of professionals. Responsible and Responsive’ as the European hub of remote gaming. e-Management’s role in the egaming industry e-Management is a dedicated business division of HBM Group (est. Dalli. fluent in various languages with English being a mother tongue. corporate and tax lawyers and the authorities in particular. c o M 15 . based on a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with four internet connectivity submarine cables connecting Malta to Sicily and subsequently the rest of the world. 1991). Panama. e-Management closely collaborates with industry experts from its vast network of professionals. with e-Management being the brand focused on the online gaming industry.

Italian and Spanish (at least those I heard around me). either be asleep. He is also a director on a number of gaming companies both in Malta and overseas. which got me thinking – the expat fraternity in Malta has got a good thing going for them. Indeed. Malta has no natural resources and has flourished over the years as a centre of trade in the middle of important trade routes. and been victorious in almost all. I thought. He has been involved in the gaming industry from its onset in Malta. in fact the smallest member state in the EU both in terms of population and area – to develop niche areas of expertise and take full advantage of the ‘small is beautiful context’. Quite a few I recognised as being part of the somewhat large gaming fraternity present in Malta. CEO of Fenlex Group. E G R M A G A Z I N E . in April. and among the audience were many young and not so young English. The concert was packed. “Where else in Europe would you be able. Scandinavian. C O M . French. deciding on a title at times a nightmare. and hoping to have the time to write it last night to send to the editor today. So much has been written about Malta as a gaming jurisdiction that readers may be excused if they fall asleep half way through such articles. to go to a live open air concert in a T-shirt” 16 The sum of its parts You might at this stage. “Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta”. What makes any jurisdiction work is the sum total of a large number of very important factors. and which became one of the most celebrated events in 16th century Europe. one of the bloodiest and most fiercely contested sieges in history. in a T-shirt. or asking what does this have to do with online gaming. explains how Malta is ideally placed to meet the needs of the egaming industry and why it is the perfect location to set up your business F Karl Diacono is CEO of Fenlex Group of companies that offer company administration. But Malta also realised in the mid-Eighties that globalisation is the future and slowly but surely developed its financial services industry to become internationally recognised as one of the fastest growing financial services centres in Europe and beyond. and it unquestionably put an end to the European perception of Ottoman invincibility. I would say a lot. INDING TIME TO WRITE an article has become somewhat difficult. I somewhat begrudgingly tottered along to the concert. Voltaire once said. Damn. in early April.M A LTA R E P O R T A way of life Karl Diacono. With a very tight deadline to write this one. accountancy and tax services among others. Malta has since then seen many battles. I also. on a cloudless night? A er the concert we walked a couple of hundred feet to a score of open air restaurants and dined under the stars looking across a harbour at the three old cities that in the 1565 were the stage of the Great Siege of Malta. to go to a live open air concert. Could Malta also be a good place to HQ one’s business? The Maltese fiscal regime has been central to W W W. Bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. mine included. When jurisdiction shopping one cannot simply look at the gaming regulations in a particular jurisdiction in isolation. A great history has turned this little island into a virtual open air museum and Malta is the only nation that has collectively been awarded the George Cross for conspicuous gallantry in the Second World War. by the sea. Malta as an island has done well and is growing because it has managed – as a very small island. Its harbours are still very busy and international trade of goods still very much visible with a free port and a maritime industry that are the envy of much larger countries. and its flag now bears a replica of that award. I was floored when my wife and younger daughter insisted we go to a James Blunt live concert down at Malta’s very fashionable Valletta Waterfront. came up with the title to my article. Where else in Europe would you be able. I must say I enjoyed the music and the atmosphere around what has several times been described as the world’s most beautiful natural harbour. in the break between the supporting band and the start of Blunt’s gig. without a title yet for my article and now much less time to write it.

mainland Europe is well-connected to the island by regular flights to most major cities. e g R M A g A Z I N e . the famous Maltese tenor. Malta has also proved to be a much sought-after holding company jurisdiction and an ideal base for conducting international activities. fantastic Mediterranean diet and excellent restaurants. service providers. Carlos Santana shall be coming over to Malta as part of his European tour promoting his latest album. Tonight. who kindly accepted giving me till Monday morning to send it in.M a lta r e p o r t services. excellent health care. so a weekend beckons. Together with ideal tax residency status for individuals we have the newly introduced highly qualified persons rules that offer attractive income tax rates for persons employed under contract. with not a cloud in the sky and a great breeze from the west (so we will probably be sailing this afternoon) and it’s Friday. Guitar Heaven. office space and living quarters affordable and of a very high standard. among others. a place where family and staff will not mind re-locating too. a full service law firm (www. where language does not create barriers. This weekend we will also be booking tickets for this year’s summer concerts: Joseph Calleja.fenlex. and later in the same month. The advantages of ‘small is beautiful’ comes into play quite strongly as well. Fenlex is very closely associated with Fenech and Fenech Advocates. These regimes are underpinned by the favourable Maltese tax system and its key advantages. offering a great climate. CFO. most of whom are bi-lingual and a very strong reputation in the provision of professional w w w. that is fiscally efficient.fenechlaw. And if small is claustrophobic for some. COO. an extensive network of double taxation treaties. which include being the only EU member state with a full imputation system. and together they offer a very wide range of services to a large portfolio of international clients. head marketing and risk management. You could also use Malta to register your yacht or private jet if any of these are on the cards any time soon as the country offers some interesting tax-driven solutions. ✜ Fenlex Corporate Services is a leading corporate services provider in Malta (www. that has professional support services of the highest standard. the marina and home are more often than not a stone’s throw away from each other. I also need to finalise this article and send it off to the editor. suppliers. you need to find a place that meets your business needs. we have been invited to listen to “St Matthew’s Passion” performed by the Junge Philharmonie Brandenburg orchestra from Berlin at the cathedral in the old citadel of Mdina. plus benefits even when no bilateral treaty is in force. The posts that qualify for reduced income tax rates include CEO. the golf course. Furthermore. Finding a jurisdiction to set up your business is no easy task. c o M 17 . Malta has a highly educated workforce. We might just have the solution for you. creating a very attractive business environment. the IT infrastructure is solid. This morning (the morning after the Blunt concert) is a great morning. shall be singing with Italian icon Lucio Dalla and famed soprano Hayley Westenra in The International Living Magazine has rated Malta to be the best place to live in 2011.


which will enable BMIT to lead the local co-location market. Online businesses thrive and shape themselves to suit the cultural attitudes and lives of their virtual customers. website hosting and live podcasts. office space and hardware costs. With time. with hundreds of racks already offering unparalleled W W W. Thanks to the advances of internet resources and interactive networking. T Gordon Bezzina is the technical director of BMIT. and at the core of it all. Under the crust But how is all this e-commerce and m-commerce even possible? The well-oiled engine of internet business is made up of various parts that play important roles to make it all happen. Co-location is in fact one of the most popular services being offered by data centres which have invested huge amounts of capital to build highly resilient infrastructures capable of providing availability and performance to their clientele. internet banking and social networking. monitor and shape online trading within well-established economic. are the IT professionals capable of making it all happen. Within it. Today. with market expansion traversing geography like an unstoppable raging fire. trends pushed modern organisations towards leasing equipment while still employing a large IT head count in order to maintain their infrastructure. When you get down to the fundamentals. At the core And to support all this. and has been involved at various positions with the company since 2000. with virtualisation gaining momentum and quickly becoming a favourite choice for most next-generation entrepreneurs. Organisations tended to opt for purchasing the hardware and so ware required to start up their business. Good marketing campaigns and a solid reputation backed by a trustworthy data centre provider will ensure that the online business is available and open all hours for millions of potential customers anywhere in the world.. while the numerous players involved in the supply of infrastructure and resources strive to keep up with this accelerated growth. Since Mr Bezzina became the technical director he has strived to continue BMIT's excellence in service delivery and support. online trading spans many markets. Strongly regulated jurisdictions control. it also consolidates services from diverse industries in order to be able to move items freely around the globe. The explosion of various forms of online trading has been heard all over the world. we have experienced fast-paced commercial innovation. which not only reduce their costs vis-a-vis human resources. BMIT founded its business with the sole intention of providing services for online businesses in various industries. and because of its popularity in all corners of the world. E G R M A G A Z I N E . all a business necessitates to make its presence felt in this virtual world is a website capable of acting as a shop front for what products or services it has to offer. which has been recognised for its underlying strength and pervasiveness. at the heart of the intricate virtual world described above. Continual investment has enabled the Maltese data centre provider to build capacity towards the particular requirements of modern online commerce. but also let them focus on their core business. e-learning and collaboration across remote geographic locations. business and community boundaries. considering this to be part of their initial investment.. C O M 19 . fitting together like the cogwheels of an enormous timepiece. many companies are seeing the benefits of sub-contracting managed services. Legislation and regulation have become critical aspects in any form of internet commerce. This regulatory framework is essential for business transparency and o en considered detrimental for the peace of mind of both customer and provider. there is BMIT.M A LTA R EPOR T Journey to the centre of the virtual world Gordon Bezzina of BMIT talks to eGaming Review about how the Malta-based company has used the latest technologies to open up a window on the world HERE'S ONLINE SHOPPING and gaming. Mr Bezzina is a BSc graduate and has a erwards specialised in network infrastructure. the data centre people who ensure that your business can and will provide a 24x7 web presence all year round.

owning and managing their own data centre infrastructure. including an in-house studio casino for web-casting of live table games and payment gateway services. ✜ 20 w w w. network and infrastructure in real-time. BMIT relieves companies from the infrastructural burdens associated with running a complex online business. In a relentless drive to continue offering the best possible services. These two significant certifications are intended to show that the company is equipped to assist in protecting the confidentiality. do not be. BMIT strives to give customers the peace of mind they seek when they trust their business operations into their highly available and flexible virtual environments. Additionally.m a lta R EPORt services to numerous international customers. the company places great emphasis on security. letting them focus their energies on revenue-generating projects while knowing that everything is being taken care of by capable hands. The availability promise is delivered through direct access to almost every local and international network operator. BMIT’s main focus is the provision of a suite of managed services that are flexible. since this type of solution eliminates the cost of infrastructure for individuals who want to start small. customers will benefit from: • Resilient connectivity with multiple network providers • Independent power delivery with two distinct feeds • Redundant generator set up for full back-up • Precision controlled air-conditioned environment • Advanced fire detection and suppression system • 24x7 support all year round. BMIT has also considerably enhanced its “Customers can give priority to their core business while being relieved of expensive and complex diversions” ■ Gordon Bezzina portfolio of international services by investing in a new extensive virtualisation platform. Furthermore. This expansion significantly expanded BMIT’s reach to a number of new territories and the company is now geared to provide a single point of contact for international organisations who wish to have their business hosted within its data centres. Additionally. And if you are still doubtful about the managed services you are hiring. ensuring their investment is constantly monitored in a highly secure and accessed controlled environment.5m. BMIT upgraded its facilities by constructing a new floor dedicated to the specific requirements of the remote gaming industry. The connection to pan-European networks ensures customers can continuously monitor their systems. A high quality level of support is delivered by a team of dedicated professionals with exceptional service experience and technical skills. c o m . The services offered by BMIT include remote systems management. advanced managed services and specific gaming-centric applications and processes for online gaming operators. BMIT created several strategic partnerships with leading data centre operators in over 25 European cities. BMIT has a rich portfolio of managed services to offer. which is more than a buzz word for many a start-up business. Daily time-consuming tasks are taken away from the IT people within an organisation. BMIT offers co-location services within a state-of-the-art infrastructure. This new floor provides several unique and tailor-made solutions for co-location. including virtual hosting. BMIT helps these ideas germinate by reducing these costs considerably. Start your journey in the virtual world today with confidence. BMIT has recently become PCI-compliant with a certificate issued from Sysnet Global Solutions and was also awarded the Alderney eGambling Ordinance 2009 certificate from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. and the staff at BMIT are trained to observe tight access control policies throughout the data centres. Virtual hosting is a service enabling customers to purchase private space on one of BMIT’s dedicated servers only as needed. and the possibility of future expansion is hot on its agenda. For customers who want to purchase their own hardware. including all major broadband networks and internet exchanges. Access to remote administration of a virtual private space can be provided to enable customers full control of their allocated resources. e g r m a g a z i n e . providing hosting and co-location services within state-of-the art data centre facilities located in close proximity to key markets full of opportunities. integrity and availability of vital information assets of its clients. efficient and cost effective. Every virtual server is completely separated from others to guarantee performance and security. With an investment of over €2. This offering enables customers to give priority to their core business while being relieved of expensive and complex diversions such as building. Let your journey begin Do you have an idea seedling in your head? Perhaps you shy away from chasing your dreams because you are afraid of the initial costs to set up your venture. It promotes peace of mind by treating each and every customer with special care and tend the data entrusted within its data centres with the utmost attention and professionalism. but at the same time offers great scalability and performance when the business starts to grow.

“I believe that Malta’s competitive edge still lies in its serious legal gaming framework which safeguards the players” ■ Dr. In this interview with eGaming Review. What new developments has this strategic change in the company’s structure brought about in the short term? DR. the company’s managing director. There are different types of players and one tries to find a balanced approach to accommodate them. and has served as an excellent basis for expansion and innovation. The Mediterranean island is more than a licensing jurisdiction. Our development F team is not dormant however. E G R M A G A Z I N E . However. eGR: What advantages does a Maltese location hold for an international company such as B3W? SG: Malta was one of the first EU jurisdictions to enforce a strong regulatory regime that offers operators a stable and secure framework in which we carry out our business. Sasha Gicquel W W W. explains how her recent promotion has seen not only a shi in focus towards white label clients. Dr. as they are busy with the final touches of our poker platform that shall be launched in the second trimester of this year. C O M 21 . the operational costs are still lower than European averages and licensing and professional fees are reasonable with this industry. The actual company’s strategy has changed too. Of course. The island benefits from excellent telecoms and IT systems. In 2007 she joined B3W Group as COO and in October 2010 she was appointed managing director. as these will be sourced through specialised third parties. and its commitment to keep this industry clean from criminality. eGaming Review (eGR): Firstly. about how her leadership has seen a shi in direction for the company or B3W Ltd. congratulations upon your recent promotion to managing director. which safeguards the players. Overall. Malta’s exemplary legal structure sets it aside from its fellow European jurisdictions.M A LTA R EPOR T A new direction eGaming Review talks to the newly appointed managing director of B3W. Since 2004. The creativity skills must not stop at the games’ customisation. We are currently upgrading our existing front-end and back-end products and improving the quality and functionality of our existing casino platform. This is no easy task for any gaming operator. but will soon lead the imminent launch of the new B3W Poker Network. Demographics analysis Dr Sasha Gicquel has been in the egaming industry for many years where she was instrumental for a number of gaming companies setting up their operations in Malta when this gaming jurisdiction was born in 2004. the egaming scenario has gone through continuous transformation which led to the LGA recently updating its legal framework. the Mediterranean climate is an added bonus to all of us expats who moved to the island. Sasha Gicquel (SG): Change did not only take place in the company’s top structure. Sasha Giquel. Malta also has a good tax regime as well as a broad base of talent for recruitment purposes. This does not mean that we will not provide any new games to our clients. The Group has now moved away from being a games so ware developer and has become a turnkey egaming platform provider. provides a reliable legal infrastructure – a must for any gaming operator. Dr. Sasha Gicquel. Casino players differ from poker players as there are different types of casino players and different types of poker players. I believe that Malta’s competitive edge still lies in its serious legal gaming framework. which together with highly skilled professionals. Our main focus now is to consolidate quality products within our platforms and excel in the support services to ensure that our white label and licensed clients are successful in their online gaming business. We cannot complain! eGR: How important is game customisation in today’s market? SG: Players have ample choice of online gaming sites and they choose the site that they can relate to most. Creativity in marketing and customer retention is of great importance in today’s competitive online entertainment business and one can only target the right players by knowing the players themselves.

Then there are others who have already been in the gaming industry and want to expand their market footprint. The software itself is very easy to navigate through. especially the European one. Being an online business does not make it easier than the brick and mortar business. and has all the required information on the screen. It is a known fact that some companies are struggling to see the light in certain new jurisdictions. onestop-shop egaming platform. the egaming landscape is constantly evolving with most European markets regularising themselves. However I cannot disclose much information otherwise I will spoil the fun and excitement of the launch the team is preparing for. and what makes them successful? SG: Our clients are our business partners who are embracing a win-win environment. In both cases we offer incentives that reflect the client’s needs. We have partners who were new to the industry and required guidance and more support until they got accustomed to the industry. The Maltese jurisdiction must remain on the front line to ensure an equal playing field within the EU. which makes the players feel more at ease.m a lta R EPORt provides us with the first indications of which player segment we have on our sites and from there one can start building a strategy to maintain the existing players and attract new ones. In the current world economy. ✜ 22 w w w. Our business partners remain the focal point at all times and this is what makes us successful. Databases left dormant make players feel left out in the cold and so it is important to keep in touch to cultivate the right relationship with the players before and after their first deposit. most gaming jurisdictions are going after the quick fix approach without taking into consideration the business owners and the players. It still requires proper planning and implementation. Getting to know what players want is vital for our business and we constantly update our products and services to meet players’ demands. hence we are flexible in our incentives approach to make sure it matches the business opportunity. Our white label clients joining our new network will benefit from entry incentives as part of our red carpet treatment. will have to eventually come to a basic common set of level playing rules that are fair for the players and business owners. In the coming years you will see the introduction of more new products and services which will gradually transform the B3W Group in a state-of-the-art. I believe that the market. c o m . eGR: What incentive strategies does B3W employ. eGR: Looking ahead. We have taken great care in developing this product with both players and business owners in mind. B3W Group will have the casino and poker platforms within its portfolio. We are going to have attractive entry bonuses for the players and also excellent affiliate promotions. We have a very attractive weekly rake back which has no hidden deductions in small print. Open dialogue and good project management are of high importance in our company structure. This cannot keep going on for long and certain jurisdictions will need to update their framework. After all. We understand that each prospective client has a specific need. Our customer sales support team plays an important part in this process. how do you predict the Maltese online gaming industry will change in the year ahead and what are your plans for ensuring that B3W stays ahead of the game? SG: As I previously mentioned. B3W is made of a strong dedicated team who will gradually reach higher grounds in the gaming industry. What we promise is what the player gets. e g r m a g a z i n e . this is what the EU was meant to offer to its member states. eGR: What makes B3W’s poker platform unique? SG: The B3W Poker Network shall be launched during the second trimester of this year. plus improved back end and marketing tools. B3W Group has a very exciting year ahead as by the end of 2011.

mt .org. Reputable. Birkirkara BKR Responsive.Responsible. Lotteries and Gaming Authority www. Mriehel. TG Complex. Brewery Street. Malta Tel: (+356) 2131 6590 Fax: (+356) 2144 6950 E-mail: Suite 1. Level 3.

com .Insightful Inspired Innovative eGaming’smulti-jurisdictional hostingsolution reliable innovation continent8.