(Items) N/1 1 Earth Work }Activation

Earth work in excavation in trenches, h ”Inrtntion etc, in all kinds of soli including limbering and shoring, pumping out water from lire termed-les (if iteeessoty), dressing of sides, ramming on the bottom, lift up tc, 2.5m stacking of excavated material at least lm from the edge of fitendation trench and Olen rettuning to the stacked soil in 15cm layer when required in plinth, tinder -horns, sides of li.mmiation trench. c:eetolidation depositing the layer by ramming and watering and then depositing of all surplus excavated soil within a lead of 10 in and lift 1.5 m. As directed by site incharge
(a) Escavation

he foundation trenches shall be dug to the dimensions shown on the drawings and to the depth at which in the option of cite incharae a stratum of good hard soil is met with. 'The excavation shall be carefully dug out to the levels, shapes and dimensions as shown or figured on the drawings or as directed by the site incharge to receive the concrete work. Should any of the excavation be taken down below the proper levels, the contractor shall fill in such at his own expense with concrete well runmed in position until it is brought up to the proper levels; filling in which excavated materials will not be allowed fin- this purpose, No extra charge will he givrn for the lilt of dye excavated materials up to 2.5m .The excavated earth shall he slacked at least lin from the edge of the. foendation trench, if the trenches are made broader or longer than directed, the extra length and breadth shall he filled in, after the foundation is built, with earth rammed hard, by the contractor at his own costs. 'the contractor shall at his own expense make provision for all or extra excavation in slope, Isorking spaces, including spaces for pumping, dredging, or bailing out water and these trenches shall be kept free from water while the foundatiOn work is in progress. The contractor shall also at his own costs remove such portions of boulders or rocks. asseciuired to make the bottom of the trench hori7ontal and leve Nothing extra shall he admissible for pumping and / or bailing out water unless otherwise taken separately in the schedule .The trenches or pit shall be inspected by the cite incharge before the concrete is laid there in, when the trench level shall he recorded. The filling inside of trenches or pits shrill he done in not more than 15entr layers. Each layer shall be flooded with water and rammed hard before adding the nest layer. Such fillings shall he brought up to the ground level without extra charge and shall form part of the item of excavation. lb/ Timbering _of Trenches: When the trenches ore to he tok.eit deep• the sides of the benches shrill he protected by erecting timber shoring and shuttering as directed by the site incharec Nothing evtra on this account shall be admissible unless other wise taken separately in the schedule. fry 'II Immingfir”1 1 hi, ',omen of all excavation should 1..e Ilitmecti tied lev eled in lecotrlatice with the drawing nr as directed by site inchatge. Holton) of the trenches shall he rammed atirl:ivaleted he fine croterete is deposited as directed by site incharge.
(d) Classification of Soil: -

All soil shill he token as soft soil littlest; hard rock or old masonry or concrete or block kanker or running sand which requires special treatment fir the purpose of excavation are met with when an additional item shall be footled.
(c) Disposal:, -

"Avoca' of the extra snrphic earth shall be done within the area a% directed by the owner, engineer.
lileasurement shall lie the prodttet of the exact leneth and width of the lowest step of the footings according to the drawing or the site in charge's instruction and depth measured vertically. Where the ground is nut level, average depth shall be taken, 2 Earthworks in 1.arthwork in filling inn floor with proper ramming in flyers, rifler sprinkling with water and consolidating to

15cm layers, in in1. 'I his shall he done with good excavated earth as per article 14. the excavated earth shall he filled in 20 cm layers and layer shall he well wate red and thrtiourilly rammed with iron trimmer till the layer is consolidated to 15cm layer.