Parents are my models; they are my mentors, my inspiration to go on for life. They gave me everything like love, care, support and etc. The most important thing they gave me that I thank them was life . Without life, I can t see how beautiful the world is. I thank my parents and above all our ALMIGHTY GOD, the creator of all.
Before I go further, I just want to share to all of you, how I came here in this lovely world. My parents love story. My father courted my mother at the age of 18. But before that my mother has lots of suitors. My father challenged a lot to catch the heart of my mother. Despite of many competitors, he still continued courting my mother. Because he wants to win the heart of my mother through her answer, which signifies as boyfriends/girlfriends. My mother told us that wherever mama goes papa used to follow her. My fathers¶ status in life was on the middle class, the reason why they don¶t like mama. My mother was doubt to answer my father. The mother of my father was strict and she doesn¶t like mama to be my father¶s girlfriend. The parents of my mother advised her to be with my father because time will come she might be hurt. But my mother insisted her decision, she answered my father. And because of the situation, my father took the hand of my mother to the hands of my grandparents. Months later, they got married. My mother and my father were both happy because al last they got their first baby. They produce ten children, 6 boys and 4 girls. But sad to say as of now were only nine. I am the youngest product of my parents. The sign that at the end they will be together till the end. I was the youngest or the 10th member of our family. They used to say that if you¶re the last or the youngest you¶ll experience lack of love, attention, care and etc. but a big mistake. It¶s because I am full of everything. They let me feel how precious I am to be the youngest son and brother. My brothers and sisters gave me everything, not luxuries but love, care attention, support and etc. as a return for everything that they gave me, I studied hard. I graduated elementary and high school in our town. I enjoyed much because my friend, my family and those people surrounds me. And most of all who inspired me to study hard and to go on for life that God gave me, were my families. Through them, I decided to study hard and dreamed high, µcoz I want to uplift our life from poverty. As a return to their unending love, I want to give them the best that I can. Here I am now, studying at University of Cagayan Valley taking up BSMT. This is my ambition to become a seaman. That is why I am studying well because I don¶t want to fail my parents, my brothers and sisters as well. I know that their expectation towards me was so high. I want to prove to them that I can be a good person someday. I want to give the best for them especially for my parents who are old enough. I want to prove to them that I am not a looser. I will do my very best to finish my studies and find a good job for my future. I wish and hope that my dreams will come into reality.

A family that no one can destroy. To dream high is not bad. but rather a challenge to strive more. . but through my strong determination to become worthy citizen. to the eyes of all. Don¶t lose hope µcoz looser ends with nothing. who¶s always there every ups and downs of my life.Fifteen years from now. If you failed just go on and try again. a son. I think that it¶s too difficult to achieve these ambitions. Keep moving and going to the life that you feel leads you to success. I will be a certified seaman or seafarers. a bother and etc. Having a good job fifteen years from now is pleasant. I think that I already build a family of my own. Family that prays together stays forever. I know that I can achieve these dreams of mine through the presence of my family.

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