INTRODUCTION Service Industries Limited is a publicly traded company and has annual revenue more than US$ 80 million

. The company was established in 1958. It is the largest manufacturer of tires and tubes for two wheel vehicles. It is the largest exporter of footwear from Pakistan for the last 10 years. The company has also its business in respirators (Gas Masks) & Defense products. Service Industries Limited is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter. It also has interests in retailing - its group company The Service Sales Corporation, is the country's largest retailer and wholesaler of footwear. The organization has diversified interests both in Rubber products including tires and in defense industry products. There are 5,000 employees engaged by the company in its premises located in Gujarat and Muridke. The company's products are mainly exported to in countries in a Europe such as to Germany, Italy, France and UK. OVERVIEW OF THE ORGANIZATIN Brief History Service Industries Limited is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter. It also has interests in retailing - its group company, Service Sales Corporation, is the country's largest retailer and wholesaler of footwear. The organization has diversified interests in Rubber products including tires and in defense industry products. The Service Industries Limited was set up in 1958. There are 5,000 employees engaged in different departments for execution of specified job assigned to them in uplifting the business of the organization as per details mention below. Organization Core business • Footwear • Tyres & Tubes • Respirators (Gas mask) • Defense Products Service Industries Limited is a publicly traded company and has annual revenue more than US$ 80 million. It is the largest manufacturer of tires and tubes for two wheelers, and has been the largest exporter of footwear from

Pakistan for the last 10 years. The company's products mainly exported to Europe such as Germany, Italy, France and UK. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Department of business administration demands every student of MBA program and to submit an evaluation report based on the observations and work done during the period. It is actually the review of an organization currently running its business, having its competitors. The main objective of the study of the functions of the human resources departments and to point out any deficiencies, lacunas and give suggestions for their improvement. Hypothesis The problems faced by the organization are dimensional ranging from in its procedure of its promotion, job description in various departments of its employees have not been identified properly. Therefore the employees are not satisfied with the working of the promotional Board. Some employees working in different capacities were not satisfied as they are heavily burdened of execution of their responsibilities in relation to the work assigned to them. More over, the employees are not trained according their specialized task performed by them. They are given general training so while performing the specified task, it is difficult for them to be more accurate which badly affects their efficiency. In the era of specialization, the employee should be trained according to specified task and the refreshing process should be conducted at frequent intervals. Justification The Human Resource Department is most important and key factor for the success of any kind of business organization, especially the organization which marketing its material for diversified nature of products. Undoubtedly their role is vital to integrate all the activities and functions of the Organization like job analysis, recruitment, staffing, training, designing compensation packages, and employee’s appraisal system. Benefits

New production processes and machines should be designed in order to avoid any possibility of human injury. The actual decisions to establish or to expand these programs are always made by top hierarchy of the management on the advice of the human resource department. The preparation of formula for pension and insurance programs requires a great deal of technical knowledge. biological substances.g. dusts. hospital and medical insurance. supplemental unemployment compensation. social programs. The safety director who is usually a member of human resource department works closely with the plant engineering unit to ensure that machines and equipment acquired are properly guarded. These programs are generally worked out with the assistance of consultants of insurance companies. Other important elements of employees health programs are preemployment medical examinations. fumes. heat. Small companies usually hire medical physicians. rendering of first aid. credit unions. The main elements are engineering. and providing health education information. periodic examinations for those working on jobs having exposure to occupational disease-causing agents. treatment of minor ailments such as colds and headache. job analysis. toxic chemicals and metals.Included under this category are pensions. loan funds. Methodology I went through the all functions and processes of the human resources department of the Service Industries Limited e. group life insurance. recruitment. recreational programs and college tuition refunds plans. noise. Industrial hygienists are employed to identify and control such hazards to health. sickness leave pay plans. . nurses and industrial hygienists for purposes of consultation on full time or on part time basis. Large firms tend to be staffed with full time personnel’s in these areas. Some agents involved in this programme could be gases. radiation. the day to day processing of claims is handled by the human resource department Health and Safety A significant part on occupational health programs is the identification and control of agents within the working environment that can cause occupational diseases. education and enforcement. After these plans are installed. The safety program is directed toward the prevention of work injuries.

innovation. To emerge as a growth oriented concern ensuring optimum return and value addition to its shareholders. employers training. diversity.staffing. quality. tyres & tubes and other allied products. Our Corporate strategy of empowering our people makes them rely increasingly on teamwork and innovation and also makes them accountable for the decisions they take. We respect their passion for our business and acknowledge their integrity and commitment which is reflected in their dedication towards achieving excellence. growth and struggle. In order to achieve excellence and global recognition through continuous improvement. . Mission Statement To be a result oriented and profitable Company by consistently  improving market share. Vision Statement To become a market leader providing quality footwear. Value Statement The main potential of the Service Industries Limited are its employees which are consider to be the biggest asset of the company. compensation packages. availability. To ensure cost consciousness in decision making and operations without compromising the commitment to quality. performance appraisal processes. dedication. Evolving an effective leadership by creating a highly professional and motivated management team fully equipped to meet any challenge. presentation. To create an efficient resource management and conducive business environment. reliability and customer acceptance. retention of employees etc.

To emerge as a growth oriented concern ensuring optimum return and value addition to its shareholders. To set up highly ethical business standards and be a good corporate citizen. 5. 2. 7. To ensure cost consciousness in decision making and operations without compromising the commitment to quality. To keep abreast with modern technology and designs to optimize production and enhance brand image to attain international recognition for the Company's products. 3. To adopt appropriate safety rules and environment friendly policies. Evolving an effective leadership by creating a highly professional and motivated management team fully equipped to meet any challenge. reliability and customer acceptance. To create an efficient resource management and conducive business environment. To set up highly ethical business standards and be a good corporate citizen. Objectives of the Organization 1. To be a result oriented and profitable Company by consistently improving market share. quality. 4. diversity. contributing towards the development of the national economy and assisting charitable causes. availability. presentation. 6.To keep abreast with modern technology and designs to optimize production and enhance brand image to attain international recognition for the Company's products. . contributing towards the development of the national economy and assisting charitable causes. To adopt appropriate safety rules and environment friendly policies.

It also has interest in retailing. Finance 6. Production 2. Purchase 9.Functional Departments of the Organization There are different departments of the organization. Law and Advisory 7. Sales & promotion 8. Employees Profile . It is a Manufacturing and Trading concern organization and one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of the footwear. The Organization has diversified interests in rubber products including tyres and in Defense industry products and Communication and Pharmacy business. Audit and Inspection Nature of the Business The Service Industries Limited is one of the famous and well known Organizations in the National and International market. Board and Properties Affairs 10. Export 4. Human Resource 5. Import 3. These are as under: 1.

Employees Profile S. 2500 1643 7. Middle managers Skilled labour Supporting staff 150 4. DESCRIPTION No. Contractual labour 500 Main Products of the Organization The Organization has diversified business and its main products are: . Management Staff 200 3. Board of Director 07 2.NO. of employees 1. 6.

Gujrat G T Road. Human resource management is like micro management covering the transfer / posting. and safety shoe) 2. Defense Products ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Main Offices 1.10 km. 2. HEAD OFFICE: Servis House. Tyres & Tubes (Motor cycle and Bicycle) 3. It also looks after the performance appraisal side. Pakistan 3.I. Sheikhupura Road. Lahore Pakistan Adamjee House (10th Floor). ZONAL OFFICE: . Chundrigar Road. Muridke Human Resource Management Operation The HR management looks after the performance administration and day to day Human Resource related matters. Leave and passage and career planning. Women. Children. Footwear (Men. Respirators (Gas masks) 4. I.1. Karachi. Gujrat 2. FACTORIES: 1. 2 – Main Gulberg.

commitment to attain high efficiency and skill oriented work culture in head office employees. There crucial role it to conduct wide range training program according to the requirements and to assess & develop research program for employees training & development. Its staff is paying its pivoted role in the function of the organization. Team is entrusted to prepare the generic job descriptions of the employees.Human resource management is a part of organization concern with people.Manager Human Resource B.Senior Manager Human Resource . A.Officers . and Develop). Human resource department is an effective organ of the organization. STRUCTURE OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Number of Employees in Human Resource Management Department At present there are12 staff (3 Managers and 9 staff members) members working in the Human Resource Department of the Organization. Its role is to provide assistance in Human Resource matters to line employees or those directly involved in production of goods and services. factory staff & workers and regional offices. The major goal achievements of the organization are due to the efficient and dedicated performance of the Human Resource Department. Retain. It has their human resource management team. It also provides support to Chief Executive and work as window to Chief Executive. The logo of the human resource department is HRD (Hire.Supporting Staff . Human resource manager is pursuing soft human resource management approach policy to gear up employees.

Orientation . knowledge. HRD abbreviation stands for: H: R: Hire Retain (Best available personnel) (Retain them through different appraisal and motivational structure) (Develop employee’s skill. and skill to fulfill requirements of departments training needs assessment and develop program for training & development. increase knowledge and build behavior through proper training & assessment) D: Develop Functions of the Human Resource Management Department Major Functions .Selection . The logo of the department is (HRD).Human Resource Planning .Executives Assistant .Assistants Main Purposes To improve performance. standard of work..Placement .Recruitment . special qualities.

Human Resource Audit .Internal control .Job Evaluation .Service & Benefits .Rotation .Appraisal .Manage Diversity ..Labour Management Relations .Communication .Special Assignments . and Layoff .Training & Development .Promotion.Job Analysis .Advice .Assessment .Termination .Health & Safety .Compensation Administration . Transfer.Career Planning .Policy initiation & Formulation .

Organizational Development .Discipline & Discharge .Equal Employment Opportunity . The hierarchy of the HRP may be: 1 Talent Inventory (present people) 2 HR Forecast (external supply) ( internal supply) (Demand) . Sometimes a specific person or office is maintained wherein its primary responsibility. Human resource department makes action plan and evaluation and control.. It is a process in which the organization’s human resource department makes need assessment and calculate present people in the organization and forecast the present and future needs of people for the organization. It is a new function that has emerged in recent years in human resource planning (also called manpower planning). programming jobs that are useful both to the organization. more commonly the responsibilities are shared by several people within the corporate personnel unit. and the individuals involved.Personal Information System Human Resource Planning (HRP) Human resource planning is the process in which a firm ensures that it has the right number of qualified persons available at the proper times.

what is job description and who will perform that job (job specification)? Then they recruit the persons through internal and mostly from external sources. They clearly defined that. Recruitment In this sector the Senior Manager human resource and Manager human resource jointly prepare the job analysis with the help of department manager.Internal Recruitment .3 Action Plan (how to meet demands & supply) 4 Evaluation & Control The principal elements involved in human resources planning are as follows: (1) Goals and plans of organization. (4) Designing programs to implement the plans.Recruitment Planning 1. (2) Current human resource situation including skills inventory. the total strength of the staff required.No.Time of recruitment . . (3) Human resource forecast including comparison of projected future demand for employees with projected supply. (5) Audit and adjustment. of employee need 2.

External Recruitment 1. They select the person whose skill. assessment centers.Executive search firm (white collar) 2. Employees with the right skill and qualifications will do a better job for you and the company.Advertising through different media’s 3.1. Second: Third: After the procedure of recruitment.University Relation 4. and reference checks. tests.Employment Agencies (Blue & white collar) Selection With a pool of applicants (recruitment) the next usually means whittling down the applicant pool by using the screening tools. SELECTION AND SCREENING METHODS: 1. Selecting the right employees is important for three main reasons. They use different ways for selection of best persons.Application Form . It’s important because of the legal implications of incompetent hiring.Employee referrals 3. knowledge. It’s important because it is costly to recruit and hire employees.Temporary workers pools (Reserve persons) . they select the person according to job description and job specification.Job posting 2. First: It’s important because performance always depends in part on your subordinates. background. and experience match with the job.

Structured Interviews 3.Mental Ability test . Assessment It is very important work which is performed by the human resource department of the organization. Personal history 2.Recommendations & referrals 4. placing. and deploying the suitable employees at the available vacancies for the company. The senior human resource manager assesses persons with the help of department heads to check efficiency of the person. place the person on job duty. They assess that they hired a genuine person to achieve their goals. The human resource department after completions the process of recruitment and selection.Work sample test .2.Poly graph . Measures of leadership ability (task) .Hand writing . This in job training may not lost more than a month.Peer Assessment . Job Analysis . Some times human resource department use assessment center to assess the performance of the employees.Test and Inventory . Invariably they may be attached with the senior experienced employee of the organization who may give them training of the particular duties for which they are engaged.Integrity test Placement Human resource department is responsible for hiring.Objective personality (examiner) .Drug test .Projective (Examinee) 1.

Orientation. Why Study Job Analysis 1.Job Specification (who will perform that job?) 3.Job Specialization The human resource department has knowledge about job description and job specification so that they able to recruit best fit person and fulfill organizations needs and properly plan human resource planning. The job analysis consists of: 1. briefing) 7.Job Design (How that job will perform?) 4.Efficiency Appraisal (performance) if knowledge of job 5.Job classification (categories) .Career path planning (select the way job analysis) 8.HR Planning (present planning) (To mitigate the adverse efforts of our present acts) 2.It is very important human resource department function.Recruitment (How much) 3. Development & Training (familiar to environment.Placement (Staffing) 4.Compensation (pay according to skill) 6.Job Design (how job will perform) 9.Safety 10.Job Description (what is the job?) 2.

Labour relation (Union. Employee evaluation is an on-going process. Evaluation is formally documented for a given time period in the performance appraisal The appraisal and annual confidential report (ACR) plays a great role in the accomplishment of job evaluation. methods) 13. Labor Management Relations When a union has been certified by the national labor relations board. and grievance handling. The job evaluated by the department head with the help of human resource staff by using different methods in consultation with manager human resource. hours of work. taking place informally every day in the organization. The director of .11. Management) Job Evaluation Evaluating individual work performance is a form of control because it ties performance feedback to rewards and corrective actions. The management must bargain with it in regard to wages. and other conditions of employment. One example is a computer monitoring. rate of pay. as the sole and exclusive bargaining agency for the employees.Career Counseling (officials /specific persons) 12. On the basis of department head and human resource staff member’s job evaluation the human resource department head make recommendations for appraisal. The human resource department plays very significant role in labor-management relations. contract interpretation and administration. which determines accurately an employee's performance which engaged in a specified job.Engineering Design & methodology improvement (uses. The principal tasks involved in handling labor relations are through contract negotiation. as the result of an election.

the human resource plays its prime role in its capacity as a coordinator. line supervision often finds frequently occasion to consult the human resource department regarding matters such as allocation of over time. The day to day work of analyzing jobs by evaluating their worth according to a formal job evaluation plan. departmental. The decision to adopt a particular pay structure of the employees working in different grades by fixing their wage grade wise is the task of the top management of the organization. This is a complex matter as it can create complication if restraint care is not exercise. When employees are shifted from one department to another either because of the business needs or as result of individual requests. handling of transfers and layoffs. Transfer. Promotion. Layoffs usually carried out by the human resource department to ensure the proper performance of the organization according to its yield. and also maintaining their performance records is the responsibility of the human resource department. the personnel records of the individual concerned may be considered as the principal element to adjudge the merit of his performance while transferring him to other department.industrial relation & Admin usually serves as an important member in the bargaining team who often act as chief management spokesman. Compensation Administration The work of designing and installing as well as the job evaluation program is handled by the human resource department in consultation with the line managers of each category. In operating a day to day basis the terms of the labor agreement. Layoff For these tasks. and the application of contract work rules. In combinations of jobs. Periodic wage changes are conducted by the human resource department but in case any firm decided to make change in the entire schedule is the discretion invariably enjoyed by the chief executive officer of the organization. and plant wide seniority rights are .

diagnose problems and work of solutions. Among the objective of the organizational development (OD) are meant to increase the level of trust and supportiveness among people in the organization. team buildings. make communications in a more open and coherent manner. Organizational Development Organization development is a general approach for improving the effectiveness of an organization that utilizes a variety of applied behavioral science methodologies. skills inventories. skills. and productivity studies. Among the applications have been human resources planning.not observed. many organizations have engaged trained staff in mathematical analysis. Confront problems directly and to tap the knowledge of all who can make their contribution in an effort to solve the problems as and when they may occur in the organization. survey field. When a vacancy occurs in a position. Typical kinds of organizational development (OD) activities and to intervene when confronted of convening meetings. Many companies may establish policies to cover matters of this type. . Personnel Information System Today. Consultants are often involved in organizational development (OD) work they work jointly with management to collect data. back conflict resolution. employee benefits analysis. This decision is often made jointly between the human resource manager and the executive in change of the department where the vacancy has occurred. it may be filled by promotion from within or by direct hiring from outside the company. Some companies have applied these capabilities to personnel work. and management information systems. enhance interpersonal. laboratory training and managerial grid exercises and projects. The final decision as to which candidate is short listed for the promotion is largely made by the executive in whose unit the vacancy has occurred. computers.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) As a general phenomenon the chief personnel executive in a company bears the major responsibility for ensuring that the organization complies with the various laws and regulations. Frequently this list of rules and penalties is discussed and approved with high level line management before its enforcement as employee’s rules of particular organization. determined by the organization quite judiciously with out any discrimination. . The reason is that discharge is a major penalty and should rarely be used only when a very clear severe case of negligence is committed. Discipline is a procedure that corrects or punishes a subordinate because of violation of rules or procedure against which an employee has been appointed. The human resource department commonly is generally entrusted with the responsibility for formulating the list of necessary rules together with the range of penalties for each offense. The first is training or correction. In addition. It means achieving and maintaining of employee behavior orderly because the people understand and believe in the established codes of conduct. Discipline has two principal meanings. Discipline involves the conditioning or moulding of behaviour by applying rewards or penalties. it is essential to achieve companywide uniformity in the handling of such cases. The second meaning of the term discipline refers to punishment of wrongdoers.Discharge and Discipline Generally approval by the human resource department has to be obtained before an employee may be discharged.

Sources of candidates: Internal Sources 1. Internet 3. The following procedures are adopted for this purpose. Employee Recruitment and Selection Recruitment & Selection The Human Resource department first assess the need of employees to be hired (This process called human resource planning). In Head Office the senior manager HR is the appointing authority for all regular vacancies in consultation with the concerned department managers.Job posting . The Senior Manager HR personally interviews the candidates along with his team member and Director Administration and company Chairman or CEO. For factories the All Executive post are interviewed by senior manager HR with the team of Director Admin and Chairman or CEO. Usually the chief executive officer (CEO) of a company plays a key role in the formulation and implementation of equal employment policy. News papers 2.They often delegates someone within the human resource department to run the day to day administration function who either specializes in this field of work or who performs these duties along with others department such as the employment function. Manager or Executives. Referrals If there is a post of General Manager. 1. The post against each vacancy is advertised by inviting applications from the applicants. The other posts and daily wage workers are appointed by the factory HR manager.

Experience .Temporary workers pools (Reserve persons) External sources 1.Confidence .Integrity test .Objective personality .Advertising through different media’s 3.University Relation 4.Measures of leadership ability .Check recommendations & referrals Employees Job change .Personal history .Employee referrals 3.2.Work sample test (knowledge of work) .Knowledge of job .Mental Ability test .Employment Agencies (Blue & white collar) Employment selection process Following steps are involved in the selection of person in the organization: 123 5Applications Short listing (Taking best suitable candidates for the job) Structured Interviews (conducted by Director Admin and Senior manager HR and department head) Test and Inventory .Executive search firm (white collar) 2.

Employees job change become necessary as a result of promotion. A job training programme in a department should be arranged for two employees at a time for purpose of meeting the requirements in case of emergency. The employees are generally promoted within the department.Personal Assistant with Personal Assistant (Department wise) . Human resource department of the organization keep employees data up to date for the purpose of promotion or giving any fringe benefit. The benefits are given to employees on the basis of their skill and experience for the better work and also for the retention of employees within organization.Import and Export Executive or Assistant with Import and Export Executive or Assistant (within department Job Changes within the Organization Promotion Promotions are on the basis of performance achieved during employment which usually occurs as a result of resignation of an employee.Accounts managers or Executives with Account Managers or Executives (within departments of head office & factory) . The patrons of temporarily job change are: . Human resource department plays important role in the promotion of the organization and its employees. On the basis of efficient performance multiplied by experience employees are given chance for promotion a step higher compare to his existing position. transfer. The employees jobs are also some time change temporarily either as a result of transfer or through promotion.Personal Secretary with Personal Secretary (Department wise) . Transfer Human Resource Department of the organization also deals with the transfer of the employees because the Human Resource Department knows the demands of the job and the right person is employed over . and at the time of demotion.

But there are rare cases of termination of employees generally occur in an organization. factories to head office. If the charge of misconduct or any nature of charge is proved in the inquiry report against the individual concerned. These transfers should be made with the mutual consultation of department head and human resource department. and factory to factory level to fill the deficiencies of the staff. The employees are retired from job after attaining the . Retirement The employees are also separated from the organization on account of the right place either by transferring him to that post or through direct recruitment. But that transfer only occurs on the basis of requirement of the department head and manager. Layoff (Fire) In an organization the employees are some time subject to layoff due to serious charges of misconduct or on disciplinary grounds. the incumbent is liable to imposing major penalty of termination from service or a strict warning is issued in order to mend his behavior. The Human resource department manager is empowered in terminating the services of the employees by consultancy the department head and Director Admin. In organization there are limited numbers of employees transfer are effected one post to other post within the department and also from other department from head office to factories. The employee is layoff from job and enquiring proceeding is initiated by the HR department to investigate the case. But this transfer of the employees may be for a temporary period to meet the requirements of the particular department. Termination In case the services of an employee are no more required or he is unable to show proper results in accordance with the rules of the organization or due to serious charge of malpractices.

Human Resource manager should be skilled and well conversant and confident in his field especially has sound and articulate knowledge of all other functions and labor laws. . Actually it assigns the specified duties to the specified persons in this age of specialization by posting right person. 1. training. at right time. It integrate all the activities and functions of the organization like job analysis. All these capabilities ensure his success in performing his assigned responsibilities confidently. recruitment. retention.age of 60 years and some cases after 30-35 years of employment with the organization. designing compensation package. It plays very vital role in the success of any organization. In General Human Resource Department plays the key role in building the hiring. and at right place. well natured and have ability of face reading. Human resource department is most important organ of its organization. He should be humbled. staffing.Approved contributory provident fund 2. Its importance is also imperative in an organization which is shared by group of companies. employees appraisal system. The following post retirement schemes for the financial assistance to employees or in operation in the organization. motivation and promotion of the employees and labor management relations.Pension fund CONCLUSIONS In organization prospective The Service Industries Limited is a large business house involved in manufacturing and trading of the materials.