Assessment Policy & Procedure

1. Aims and Objectives The purposes of assessment are many folded: 1. to ensure that effective learning of the content of each unit has taken place 2. to help in effective learning by seeking and interpreting evidence to decide the stage that learners have reached in their learning 3. to help in planning what further learning needs to take place and how best to do this Therefore, the process of assessment is an integral part of effective planning of teaching and learning. It provides opportunities for both the learner and the assessor to obtain information about progress towards learning goals. Keeping in mind these objectives, the Centre designs assessment instruments ensuring to cover all assessment criteria within each unit and to provide opportunities for the evidencing of grade descriptors (pass/fail). Therefore, all assessment instruments need to be valid, reliable and fit for this purpose. In case of NOCN, all assessment materials (such as assignments and generic tasks) and their marking schemes are set externally. The Centre marks these assessments internally. To maintain the quality standards, it is verified internally by the Centre and monitored by the external moderator appointed by NOCN. 2. Assessment Procedure: Entry Level 2.1 General Policy & Procedure All of the ESOL standards are assessed through a single assignment at each level. These assignments are set by NOCN, marked by the Centre according to externally set marking criteria, internally verified and quality assured by the Centre and monitored by NOCN’ external verification system to ensure that national standard are maintained. Please be noted that the assessment will not be attempted until the assessor is confident that the candidate has all of the underpinning skills necessary for success. Where the candidate failed to submit properly completed assignment(s) on the first presentation, the tutor is allowed to give feedback and further tutoring if required, and then offers the remaining assignment(s). However, it is noted that a candidate may not submit the same assignment more than once. On satisfactory completion of assignments for all modes, the candidate will have covered 100% of the ESOL standards and all of the evidence necessary for certification. 2.2 Assignments The assessment materials for entry level are provided by the NOCN on CD-ROM. They are live assessment materials and access to them will be controlled by the centre’s internal verifier or scheme co-ordinator.

Candidate with Particular Assessment Requirements Candidates are only eligible for certification where they are able independently to demonstrate the skills required by the ESOL standards. for example. These will include formal exchanges connected with education. the centre pays special attention to initial assessment and prepares a report for future reference.1 Written Test on Reading Assessment Candidate has to take nationally set multiple-choice tests for assessment on Reading. In any circumstances. 3. At least one of the occasions will be on the telephone.4 Supervised Conditions The assignments must be carried out under supervised conditions.2.6 Help Allowed Candidate can only get help with the aspects that are not being assessed. • Entry Level 1: two and half hours (2 hours and 30 minutes) • Entry Level 2: three and a quarter hours (3 hours and 15 minutes) • Entry Level 3: five and a quarter hours (5 hours and 15 minutes) 2. 3. explanation or presentation on three occasions in different contexts. the use of a communicator or scribe. Assessment Procedure: Level 1 and 2 3. Therefore. These written works will be hand written by the candidates. not even after completion.g. 3. sight or speech impairments or has specific learning difficulties which may need special arrangements (e. the candidate is not allowed to take assignment papers out of the Centre. though assessors may sometimes need to manipulate.3 Security The assignments are test material and will be held securely prior to use. discussion to allow candidate to demonstrate their skills. 2. . work or social roles.3 Writing Assessment Candidates have to produce three different types of written works. 4. training. Initial assessment will also help to identify if a candidate has hearing. Test will consist of 40 multiple-choice questions and will last for one hour.2 Speaking and Listening Assessment For Speaking and Listening candidates will be assessed taking part in discussion. These arrangements will reflect: • Candidate’s normal way of working • Support to which the candidate is entitled and which is routinely available. 2. Tests are available in both paper and on-line forms. electronic aids or special equipment) to complete the activities or tasks. This will provide 100% of the evidence required for certification of the Reading mode. It is therefore extremely important to carry out proper initial assessment of candidates at the beginning of their programme to determine appropriate target award(s).5 Time The overall time for the assignments is as follows.

United Kingdom A pass is awarded for the achievement of all learning outcomes against the specified assessment Tel: 0044 (0) 121 446660 Fax: 0044 (0) 121 446661 . 327 Moseley Road.micedu. Email: In other words. B12 0DX.Grade Descriptions Each mode is graded as a pass/fail. a pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined in the assessment criteria for each individual mode. West Birmingham.