HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE WOVEN FABRIC ACCORDING TO IS 7903:2011 (FOR INTEGRATED PROCESSES ONLY) 1. Laboratory - A laboratory shall be maintained which shall be suitably equipped and staffed to carry out the different tests in accordance with the methods given in the Indian Standards. 2. 2.1 Test Record - All records of analysis and tests shall be kept in suitable forms approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Copies of any records that may be required by BIS shall be made available at any time on request.

2.2 Quality Control - It is recommended that, as far as possible, Statistical Quality Control (SQC) methods may be used for controlling the quality of the products as envisaged in this Scheme [See IS 397 (Part 1), IS 397(Part 2) and IS 397 (Part 3)]. 2.2.1 The instruments/equipments are required to be brought under calibration control, as per frequency to be decided depending upon the usage. 2.3 In addition, effort should be made to gradually introduce a Quality Management System in accordance with IS/ISO 9001:2008

3. Standard Mark – The standard mark as give in column (1) of the first schedule of the licence shall be screen printed with indelible ink or label affixed on each Tarpaulin made from High density polyethylene woven fabric provided always that the Tarpaulin made from high density polyethylene woven fabric conform to every requirement of the specification. 4. Marking – Each tarpaulin made from high density polyethylene woven fabric shall also be marked indelibly at one corner on one side either with tag or by printing with the following information either by stenciling or by affixing a label. a) Manufacture’s name & address and Trade Mark; b) Dimensions (size of tarpaulins) and mass (g/m2); c) Batch No/Control Unit No.; d) Month and year of manufacture; e) Any other information required by the buyer of by law or regulation in force; and 1

3 and Table 1 of IS 7903:2011. Control Unit:.A line/cord beading of minimum of 2.2 of IS 7903:2011.Tapes shall be manufactured from HDPE granules. Levels of control The tests and inspection as indicated in Table 1 and at the levels of control specified therein.1 of IS 7903:2011.2 Line/Cord Beading .1 & 3.Used in the manufacture of tarpaulins shall be as specified in clause 3. which shall be UV stabilized by adding suitable UV stabilizer or carbon black. Fixing of eyelets shall be as per clause 4. all tarpaulins made from same batch of laminated HDPE woven fabric (using same variety of basic fabric) and having same manufacturing particulars manufactured under similar condition in a day shall constitute a control unit.4 Eyelets . dimensions as per IS 4084:1978. Metallic eyelets shall conform to 8.5 9. The tape. (CM/L-------------------) 5. Packing – The tarpaulins shall be packed as agreed to between the buyer and the seller 6.2. 8.Each tarpaulin shall be laminated as per clause 3. 8.3 Laminating Film .Tarpaulins shall be constructed as per clause 4.3. shall be carried out on the whole production of the factory which is covered by this Scheme and appropriate records and charts maintained in accordance with paragraph 2 above.1 HDPE Tapes .2 HDPE Fabric .5 percent of carbon black by mass when tested as per IS 2530 and the finished tarpaulins shall meet the requirements of UV stability & colour fastness to light as given Table 1 of IS 7903:2011.Tarpaulins shall be manufactured from HDPE woven fabric so that finished tarpaulin meets the requirements given in 5. 2 . 7. All the production which conforms to the Indian Standard and covered by this licence shall be marked with the Standard Mark.3 of IS 7903:2011.DOC:STI/7903/IP/2 October 2005 f) Licence No. Bonding shall be as per clause 4. 9. if manufactured by using carbon black shall contain minimum 2.For the purpose of this scheme. 8.1 9. 8.2 of IS 7903:2011.5 mm diameter shall be provided along the length and width of the tarpaulin. 5. Raw Material 8.3.4 of IS 7903:2011. Construction:.

12. Rejection . The marking may then be resumed only after permission by BIS. BIS shall pay for the samples taken by it from the open market. Stop Marking . defective goods or their components shall be replaced or repaired free of cost by the licensee in case the complaint is proved to be genuine and the warranty period (where applicable) has not expired. free of charge. The marking may be resumed as soon as the defects are removed under intimation to BIS. entire liability arising out of such non conforming product shall be of licensee and BIS shall not in any way be responsible in such cases. the sample or samples required in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards (Certification) Regulations from his factory or godown. there is some difficulty in maintaining the conformity of the product to the specification or the testing equipment goes out of order.A separate record shall be maintained giving information relating to the rejection of units of Tarpaulins made from High Density Polyethylene Woven fabric which do not conform to the specification and the method of their disposal. In the event of any damages caused by the goods bearing the Standard Mark. The information regarding resumption of marking shall also be sent to BIS. 11. or claim being filed by the consumer against BIS Standard Mark and not "conforming to" their relevant Indian Standard. 14. and if there is adequate evidence that the goods have not been misused. Samples . Replacement . Production Data .DOC:STI/7903/IP/2 October 2005 10.The marking of the product shall be stopped under intimation to BIS. 13. The marking of the product shall be stopped immediately if directed to do so by BIS for any reason. The final authority to judge conformity of the product to the Indian Standard shall be with BIS. if packed in containers. shall in no case be stored together with that conforming to the specification.The licensee shall send to BIS as per the to be attached to be authenticated by a Chartered Accountant or by the manufacturer by giving an affidavit /undertaking. Such material. of Samples Frequency Remarks 3 . The firm should have its own complaint investigation systems as per IS/ISO 10002. marked and exported by him and the trade value thereof end of each operative year of the licence. a statement of quantity produced.The licensee shall supply. if at any time.Whenever a complaint is received soon after the goods with the Standard Mark have been purchased and used. IS 7903:2011 TARPAULINS MADE FROM HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE WOVEN FABRIC (FOR INTEGRATED PROCESSES ONLY) TABLE 1 LEVELS OF CONTROL (Para 6 of the Scheme of Testing and Inspection) Test Details Levels of Control Clause Requirements Test Method No.

2 3.1 3.2 4.5 4.3 -do-do-do-do- 3 Every Tarpaulin -do-do- Mass Breaking strength before UV exposure Elongation at break Retention of breaking strength after UV exposure Welded seam strength before UV exposure Retention of Welded seam strength after UV exposure IS 1964 IS 1969 -doIS 13162 (Part 2) IS 1969 IS 13162 (Part 2) Two 3 -do-do-do-do- Each Control Unit -do-doOnce in three months Each Control Unit Once in three months Test Details Clause Requirements IS 7903:2011 TARPAULINS MADE FROM HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE WOVEN FABRIC (FOR INTEGRATED PROCESSES ONLY) TABLE 1 LEVELS OF CONTROL (Para 6 of the Scheme of Testing and Inspection) Levels of Control Test Method No.3 3.3 3.1 & Table 1 i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Line/Cord Beading Construction Bonding Fixing of Eyelets 3.4 HDPE tape HDPE fabric Laminating film Eyelets Clause 3.2 4.4 Reference IS 7903:2011 -do-do-do5 -do-do32 Every 8 hours -do-doEach Control Note-I Unit/Each consignment -do-do- 3.1 4.1 4.1 3.2 3.3 5.5 4. of Samples Frequency Clause Reference Remarks 4 .DOC:STI/7903/IP/2 October 2005 3.

DOC:STI/7903/IP/2 October 2005 vii) viii) ix) 5. Record(s) of such certificate (s)/test shall be maintained.3 Note I: If material component is purchased. conformity of the purchased lot (Consignment) to IS 7903 shall be established either by supplier test certificate/in-house testing of each lot. Note II: In the first instance samples for each colour and shade shall be drawn and tested in and independent laboratory or in their own laboratory in case facilities exist. 2 samples drawn from each colour and shade shall be get tested once a year in an independent laboratory.2 5. Thee colours and shades only shall be marked which confirm to the relevant requirement of the specification.3 Tongue tear strength Puncture Resistance Colour fasters to light (for coloured tarpaulins) Dimension & Mass Water proofness Annex B IS 14293 IS 7903 IS 2454 IS 7903 IS 7903 2 2 1 5 3 Each Control Unit -doOnce in six months Each Control Unit Each Control Unit Note-II 5. However. After words and undertaking to the effect that there shall be no change in brand of the colour used. shade and processing conditions may be obtained.2 5. 5 .