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Aug.2011 Suggested

trips in autumn

1. Niseko Steam Locomotive (SL) Train

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1.Wayside information for the SL Niseko line 2.Enjoy gourmet treats in Niseko and go bicycling in the breeze.

Niseko Steam Locomotive (SL) Train
The Niseko Steam Locomotive (SL) Train takes you on a journey again this fall with its blasting steam and blowing whistle. From Otaru to Rankoshi, the train runs through mountain pass, and the trees changing colors can be seen from the window. On a clear day, you can also enjoy the stunning view of Mt. Yotei when the train passes near Kucchan Station.If you are planning a trip to Hokkaido this fall, don t pass ups a dream journey with the Niseko Steam Locomotive Train. SL Niseko Train Date of Operation
September 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat October 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat November 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Sapporo Sapporo⇒ Rankoshi 8:31 Rankoshi Rankoshi⇒ Sapporo 12:32 Otaru
9:17 Arr. 9:58 Dep.

11:35 Arr. 11:45 Dep.

Niseko 12:03 Kucchan
13:16 Arr. 15:59 Arr. 16:18Dep.

Konbu 12:17 Otaru
17:47Arr. 18:13 Dep.

Rankoshi 12:27 Sapporo

Konbu 12:43

12:57 Dep. 15:40 Dep.


Sapporo - Kucchan:Reserved seats only Kucchan - Rankoshi:All non-reserved seats This popular Niseko Steam Locomotive Train has only reserved seats from Sapporo to Kucchan and may get to be filled, but between Kucchan and Rankoshi all seats are non-reserved. If you have a Rail Pass and would like to take a reserved seat, please make a reservation beforehand. (No additional charges)

m. 10 min.3 min. Open:8:00 a. 2011 Sale period : July 1 ‒ September 28. and juices at the tasting corner.000 yen t y p e   6-11 years 6-11 years 6.000 yen 8. Konbu Sta. Flavors includeplain. ‒ 9:00 p. Open:10:00 a. ‒ 5:00p. Closed:December 25 ‒ January 7 Entrance fee:free Access:Approx. on foot from Yoichi Yoichi Niki Otaru Sapporo Niki Farm Fruit Factory Their chiffon cakes are delicious. cheese. Niki Sta. You can take a tour of the factory and taste their whiskies. this restaurant offers fresh and delicious seafood at low prices. limited offer. 18:34Dep. Travel center (Twinkle) in Sapporo and Hakodate Station. . Day visits are available. Operated by a fishery company. 14:53Arr.m. No overseas exchange orders are available. coffee. Sapporo Sta.m.000 yen ※It will be sold only in Hokkaido (cash or credit card).ice. 13:15Dep.jrhokkaido. and orange and more. Their historical buildings are listed among the national cultural properties of importance. chocolate.500 yen Unlimited rides within the southern Hokkaido area (Sapporo ‒ Hakodate ‒ Esashi) and on the Kaikyo Line (Kikonai ‒ Naka-Oguni) Southern 普通車 廂專用 Hokkaido Special Free area G r e e n C a r t y p e Adult 17. This alkalescent hot spring softens and moistens your skin. 18:13Arr. 3 min. green tea. ‒ 9:30 p.m. their texture is soft and moist and special. Yoichi Sta. on foot from Konbu New Chitose Airport Model Course 8:31Dep. For more details:http://www2.m. Price  O r d i n a r y Adult 12. Access:Approx. on foot from Niki Station Kutchan Rankoshi Niseko Konbu Konbugawa Hot Spring Yusenkaku It s located close to JR Konbu Station and offers very easy access.pdf Valid period : 3 days Use period : July 1 ‒ September 30. 16:07Arr.on foot from JR Yoichi Station It s the landmark orange building. SL Niseko 号 Lunch 12:17Arr. 201 Sale place: Information Desk in Sapporo and New Chitose Airport Station. Konbugawa Hot Spring 19:06Arr. Open:10:00 ∼ 19:00 Closed:Irregular Access:Approx. Niki Farm Fruit Factory Yoichi City ‒ Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery Hokkaido Rail Pass Southern Hokkaido Special ‒ on sale. Bathing charge:Adult 500 yen / Child 300 Yen Access:Approx. Otaru Sta. 16:02Dep. Sold by the cake or the s.Wayside information for the Niseko line Gourmet Sweets Hot spring Yoichi Kakizaki Store s Kaisen Kobo ( seafood studio) Yoichi City ‒ Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery The birthplace of one of the most famous Japanese whiskies: Open:9:00a. 3 min. 17:44Dep.

-5:00p. 27 Aza-Higashiyama. . Nupuri curry with Chinese yams and bacon.m.jrhokkaido.m.m. Bicycle rental fee: 840yen per hour Rental place: Hokkaido Lion Adventure located next to Niseko Station 1. Yotei. the cows fill pail after pail with milk as wholesome as you ve ever tasted. its salty Gouda cheese topping. ‒6:00p. We recommend cycling as a way to explore all that Niseko has to offer. then change to an ordinary train (Oshamanbe direction) to Niseko (about an hour and 50 minutes journey). Closed:Year-end and New Year s holidays Access to Niseko from Sapporo 1. Gourmet Niseko is located at the foot of Mt. Grazing beside clear streams.Cheese Studio Niseko Fromage The delicious smell of cheese permeates the shop. Sabou (coffee shop) Nupuri This is my favorite restaurant in Niseko Station. In Niseko Station Open:11:00a. Let s start from Niseko Station by bicycle to enjoy the special delicacies and the exercize.pdf Please confirm the time and enjoy your trip. Niseko Town Open:10:00a. 888-1 Aza-Soga. along with the bitterness of coffee makes a delicious match.m. http://www2. Niseko Town Open:10:00a. Don t miss their house-roasted coffee and tea. Closed:Wednesdays 2. Sharp differences between the day and evening temperatures help to make the fruits grow sweet and the vegetables delicious. Niseko Cheese Studio 4 3 I recommend the Niseko cheese pudding . 1 Niseko Station 500m 4.m. Local ingredients and springwater from Mt. Timetable is available on our website. (in winter) Closed:Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3. Niseko Town Open:9:30a.-7:00 SL Niseko-Train in limited season. Own special cream puff is the delicacy I like to order.m.-6:00 p.m (in winter) Closed:Wednesdays Publisher: Inbound Tourism Sales & Marketing Railway Operation Headquarters Hokkaido Railway Company Copyright © Hokkaido Railway Company ALL Rights Reserved. By ordinary or rapid train from Sapporo to Otaru. Which one shall I try? Their local cheeses are made solely from milk of Niseko. (in summer) 10:00 a. The sweetness of the gourmet treats in Niseko and go bicycling in the breeze. I see cheeses of every variety including Camembert and Gouda in the showcase.m (in summer) 10:00a.-5:00p. A flaky puff pastry filled with custard and topped with cream make it exactly the treat I was hoping for. Yotei are two of the secrets that set their dishes apart. After finishing a popular Camembert-flavored soft serve ice cream. is in high demand.m. ‒ 4:00 p. Its speciality.m. Niseko Milk Studio 2 During holidays there are often lines of people in this popular shop. 263-14 Aza-Soga. 2.