Statement of Purpose______________________

[Shashank Gaur]
Automatic Machines were the first fascination I had during my child hood. Growing in a small village never limited my thoughts. From the day I was in total se nses, I started dreaming, bigger and Innovative. By regularly observing machines in daily life, my dreams became more important for me, and to make them true I started working on one target, Innovation. I always wish to innovate and then implement that innovation in daily life. I always used to dream about these. And these dreams lead me to what I have become today, where I stand today, of course without the support of family all was impossible. I am on the way to complete my under-graduation period i.e. 4 year course of Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication from BKBIET*, Pilani, expected by July 2011. The aim of my life is to “Give back to society in whatever form I can.” And that also kept me always motivated. Masters and PhD are my future plans for academics. I wish to be a part of Research or in my words I wish to innovate and implement. I think that I am ready for that. As I have already stated, My Interest in Embedded Systems and Robotics was from my child hood. But the real journey started from the day I attended a Robotics Session during my senior education and from that I decided to be an Engineer. My Technical Life started from the day I joined BKBIET Pilani, and it was a great start with an environment full of enthusiasm. The curriculum, pushing me more into Electronics, full of basic concepts of Electronics and Communication to the Depth of same, but it was not that what I required. My institution was also newly opened so there were no such opportunities of Research. Although I kept my self motivated and with a great dedication I found a way to introduce myself to what I wanted i.e. Robots. I got an opportunity to attend workshop in IIT – Kanpur, one of premier institutes of India, and my interest in robots was uplifted to another level. I believe that robots are best replacements for human for many dangerous or precise works. Being always excited towards Robots I came to make a line follower robot using Atmel microcontroller at IIT-Kanpur. That was a great and learning experience for me. It gave me technical details about a robot. After getting back from such an institute I always tried to do new. And then I choose to make a robot with better qualities than earlier, I tried and I failed many times but I was never disappointed. At last I succeeded in making a robot with more qualities than just following a line like avoiding objects, following light, wrestling etc. Till now what I was doing for making robot is to program a microcontroller and putting it with some motors, sensors etc. Now I was curious to know more about microcontrollers which are called as “Brain of Robots”. Then I got the opportunity to work under a very good teacher and writer Dr. Raj Kamal on microcontrollers. It was my 6 week internship during which I was kept with few best minds of a university pursuing Masters. At that time I explored Microcontroller 8051 in each and every way possible. At last of my internship I was totally familiar to 8051. After coming back from such a great experience I decided to work on this further. But lack of resources stopped me by doing so. At last I and my excitation found a way and I decided to write a paper on microcontroller. In November 2009 my paper “On Switching of AC devices using 8051” was published in a National Conference organized by BITS-Pilani.

my primary and current object is to gain knowledge and find out new solutions as much as I can. skills and exposure to give a contribution to my chosen field for the society. Came to our college for their internship as our college runs a collaboration programme with French government. Currently I am doing my Masters in Embedded Systems at ECE Paris and I am also recipient of prestigious Ile de France Scholarship award for my higher education. Auckland. I am also head of recruit project of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. New Zealand in July 2011. Somehow I found their way of working very interesting and I completed my project successfully. It would also be wonderful to have the opportunity to share with others that feeling of pleasure and joy. During Past 2 year I did many implementations in my society. A man can be a good researcher through good education.After that I also attended one more workshop on ’Embedded Systems’ by a company named Embedded Systems. For me. Currently at my school I am involved in many projects including Software Defined Radio. in making their summer project on ‘Robots following the Traffic signals’. I am very confident about that I have the required aptitude. With this experience now I am more interested to work in research area. studying about Embedded Systems is a great experience. I organized the first ever technical workshop in my institute. Due this opportunity I came to know about the professional world and the way of working in industries. I organized many events and major meets at my Institute. After these experiences I decided to get involved in industry. My trip was fully supported by IEEE. I also represented Engineering 4 Change at IEEE R10 Student Congress. unequalled by anything else. After working one year hard I got a promotion and was included in GINI PWC few months ago and I have represented Rajasthan in IEEE Delhi Section. I believed higher education will lead me towards a great research. With my life time goal in my mind. I founded IEEE Student Branch at my Institute and served as Chair for the same for 2009-10. I started working for Birla Museum at Pilani and made few exhibits for them. One of them was a Microcontroller based sound operated switch. It would be immensely gratifying for me to be able to contribute something to the understanding of a subject that has given me so much pleasure and joy. I would like to . During my job as Chair of branch of such a great society. Having completed Bachelor of Technology at a very good institute. I came to work in such an environment where everything was new but I never gave up and always worked hard. Bangalore where I came to know about the ARM microprocessor. Thats why I decided to pursue higher education except doing a job. With Academics. like I helped some of students of France universities. I’ve been good at all fronts. After this work I realized what really research is and for that I do need to study and go more in deep. So I decided to start from Pilani only. I got an opportunity to work on an international platform on Software Defined Radio. but due to my Bachelor's curriculum and schedule it was difficult for me to go and work in an industry for a long time. After all this I can surely say that I have the ability to make the commitment and accept the challenges that a career in research involves. Paris under my college's exchange programme. These opportunities lead me to more skilled in research as my project was totally new in its field. Impressed by my work in this field I got an opportunity of 3 months internship at ECE. motivation.

B. I would feel great privilege to devote my time for the . Birla.devote my time to do research in Embedded Systems fields.bkb ietpilan i. I am confident that I would be able to make contribution in ongoing research work in these fields. K. Shashank Gaur *BKBIET stands for B K Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology. The website for institute is http://www. It is an Engineering Institute led by Mr.