Sales & Management

1. d a. b. c. d. e.

In order to improve the profitability of an organization, sales manager shoul Identify unprofitable sales unit Reallocate sales personal job more effectively Break down of the costs All of the above Selection of right candidates

2. To withstand foreign competition, domestic businesses must make conscious eff ort to develop____. a. Top quality products b. Cost competitive products c. Market innovation d. Expansion e. Co promoting the brands 3. of a. b. c. d. e. 4. a. b. c. d. e. The communication between a sales person and the potential customer or group customers is described as Direct marketing Personal selling Advertising Publicity Event marketing â Buyer â Interaction Interaction Interaction Interaction Interaction Seller between between between between between dyad can be described as two people salesperson and the customer sales person and the prospective customersâ customer and customers. families

5. Which of the following indicates customer satisfaction that results in repeat orders? a. Prospecting b. Order taking c. Selling d. Re-selling e. Marketing 6. a. b. c. d. e. Situation response theory is also known as AIDS theory Right set of circumstance theory Buying formula Response theory Satisfaction theory

7. Identifying the prospective customers through referrals, sales records, etc i s known as _____. a. Targeting b. Prospecting c. Blind prospecting d. Calling e. Source 8. An increasing shift from local to national to international selling is descri

bed as ________. a. Geographical expansion b. Local expansion c. National expansion d. International expansion

e. Divisional expansion

9. Analysing the opportunities to develop new product for new markets is known a s _______. a. Marketing penetration b. Market development c. Product development d. Diversification e. Expansion 10. The maximum possible sales in a particular market over a future period of ti me is referred to a. Forecasting b. Market potential c. Sales potential d. Sales forecast e. Sales development 11. Through market identification, a firm can identify a. Buyers and sellers b. Buyers and prospective buyers c. Buyers, users and prospective buyers d. Buyers and family e. Buyers and decision markers 12. An effective sales executive of an organization is involved in a. Managing sales personal and making decisions b. Long term planning c. Both (a) and (b) d. Short term planning e. Strategic planning 13. Sales executive undertakes only a. Long term planning b. Short term planning c. Medium term planning d. Very short-term planning e. Strategic planning 14. Sales executive performs operational functions that deal with a. Sales program, the sales organization and its control b. Achieving sales goal c. Formulating policies and strategies d. Sales force management and handling relationships e. Objection handling 15. Apart from managing sales force, sales executives are also involved in formu lating a. Product planning b. Pricing decisions c. Promotional policies d. All the above e. Strategic planning 16. A good sales organization facilitates the implementation of ________________ .

a. b. c. d. e.

Marketing strategy Growth strategy Personal selling strategy Turnaround strategy Strategic planning

17. Which of the following result if a well organized sales department avoids un necessary movement and duplication of efforts? a. Maximizing cooperation b. Minimizing friction c. Maximizing friction d. Both (a) and (b) e. Only (c) 18. How should a sales management extend its effort towards the organization? a. Formal b. Informal c. Both formal and informal d. Line e. Staff 19. In a large organization it becomes difficult to maintain close contacts with customers. Then organization should assign the responsibility to an executive w ho has a. Large contact with customersâ b. Specialized in customer relations c. Good communication d. None of the above e. Publicity 20. A good sales organization can achieve harmony through a. Co-ordination b. Free flow of communication system c. Both (a) and (b) d. Communication e. Cooperation 21. Effective coordination restricts the number of subordinates who report direc tly to an executive. This phenomenon is known as a. Span of control b. Specialization c. Delegation of authority d. Reporting e. Communication 22. Organization, which deal with variety of product lines over a wide geographi cal area, tends to follow certain organization structure. Identify it. a. Line b. Staff c. Line and Staff d. Committee e. Matrix 23. If an organization has more local customers, it can adopt a. Staffing b. Centralized staffing c. Decentralized staffing d. Line e. Line and Staff 24. A firm can recruit qualified candidates through

a. b. c. d. e.

Advertising Firmâ s present employees Voluntary applications All the above None

25. If organizations aim to test its applicants interest, willingness and effect iveness of the work, then organization should conduct a. Personality test b. Knowledge test c. Aptitude test d. Interest test e. Capability test 26. Most of the companies define sale as a. At the time an order been received b. When the order is shipped c. Payment for the order d. Profit e. Growth 27. To attract more customers and generate high sales volume, retailers tend to adopt. a. High quality merchandise b. Increase in customers services c. More to more desirable locations d. Sales promotion e. Events 28. Shopperâ s Stop is able to provide modest supporting atmosphere in terms of exter ior and interior facilities. In which phase do you categorize Shopper Stop? a. Entry phase b. Trading up phase c. Vulnerability phase d. Events e. Initial phase 29. Wholesalers can reduce the investment costs and risks of suppliers and custo mers by performing the functions like a. Assembling b. Warehousing c. Transporting d. Stocking e. Inventory 30. Middlemen who perform limited marketing activity without possessing the titl e of the goods in exchange for a commission are referred as a. Merchant wholesalers b. Sales ranches and offices c. Brokers and agents d. Channel partners e. C & F