Arteries Femoral


Profunda femoris 

Arteries of lower limb Explanation Origin : behind the inguinal ligament Ends : by passing through the adductor hiatus Chief artery of the lower limbcommonly used for CARDIOANGIOGRAPHY Continuation of the external iliac artery Continues as the popliteal artery Major relations: ( lateral to medial) y Fem NV, Fem art,Fem vein, Fem canal Artery of choice for insertion during catheterization and angioplasty Largest branch of the femoral artery Supplies all three compartments of thigh

Branches  Superficial br. y Superficial external pudendal y Superficial epigastric y Superficial circumflex iliac  Deep br. y Deep external pudendal y Muscular y Profunda femoris 

Perforating arteries  Muscular arteries  These two supply hip joint y Medial circumflex femoral art. y Lateral circumflex femoral art.  Anterior and posterior tibial art. ( terminal )  Muscular and cutaneos  Genicular y Supply several branches to knee joint  Malleolar  Muscular


Anterior tibial 

Origin : behind the adductor hiatus Ends : At the level of the lower border of the popliteus  Continuation of the femoral artery behind knee  Major relations ( knee joint) (lateral to medial) - Nerve (Tibial) ,Vein (popliteal) Artery  Origins : lower border of popliteus Ends : midway between two malleoli  Main artery for the anterior compartment leg  Smaller terminal branch of the popliteal artery  Continues as the dorsalis pedis artery  Origins: midway between two malleoli as anterior tibial art. crossess ankle Ends : proximal end of 1st metatarsal spaces - Passes inferiorly to sole of foot  Main artery for the dorsum of foot  Continuation of the anterior tibial artery  Joins Lateral Plantar art-Complete DEEP PLANTAR ART ARCH

Dorsalis pedis 

1st Dorsal metatarsal art  Arcuate artery ±3 Dorsal metatarsal arteries  Lateral & Medial Tarsal arteries

Posterior tibial 

Origins : lower border of popliteus Ends: deeps to flexor retinaculum  Larger terminal branch of the popliteal art 


Peroneal artery Muscular branches Calcaneal and malleolar branches Medial and lateral plantar arteries (terminal)

Medial plantar Lateral plantar 

Arteries of sole of foot  Both are terminal branches of posterior tibial art.  LATERAL PLANTAR Art forms DEEP PLANTAR ARCH in deep part of sole on Interosseous muscles, which joins with terminal part of DORSALIS PEDIS Art. In 1st Inter-metatarsal space.

Peripheral pulse Radial pulse

Location y Anterior to wrist, lateral to tendon of flexor carpal radialis y Also inside anatomical snuff box y At cubital fossa, medial to tendon of biceps brachii y Just inferior to inguinal ligament, midway between anterior superior iliac spine and pubic symphysis\ y Deep in popliteal fossa in back of the knee just medial to midline y Proximal end of 1st intermetatarsal space between tendons of extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum longus y Posterior inferior to middle malleolus y Anterior border of sternoclaedomastoid at upper border of thyroid cartilage

Brachial pulse Femoral pulse

Popliteal pulse Dorsalis pedis pulse

Posterior tibial Carotid pulse