Employment Contract Form

First Name: _______________________________________________________________________ _ Last Name: _______________________________________________________________________ _ Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ Postal Address: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ __ Elements of the Contract
1. Position; Employment Period:

The Company hereby employs the Employee as its [Operation Manager], and the Employee hereby agrees to serve in such capacity, for the period beginning [September], 2011, and ending on the date on which the Employee's employment is terminated in accordance with Element number 9. 2. Performance of Duties: The Employee agrees that during the Employment Period he shall devote his full business time to the business affairs of the Company and shall perform his duties faithfully and efficiently subject to the direction of the [President/CEO] of the Company. The Employee shall not be assigned duties and responsibilities that are not generally within the scope and character associated or required of other employees of similar rank and position. 3. Compensation:

Probation Period: The Employee will be required to serve a probationary period of three months during which the Company will provide ongoing training and during which the Employee's performance and progress will be monitored. of which he / she is aware that would impede his / her performance on the job. The Company may. If there is any doubt about whether any disclosure or use is for an authorized purpose. the Employee is to obtain a ruling in writing from the Company and is to abide by it. 5. or hold an actual potential risk to the health and safety of the Employee himself/herself. 8. unless for a purpose authorized by the Company. require the Employee to undergo medical examinations from time to time should this appear necessary or justified. in an amount which shall initially be [120. Competing Businesses: During the period of his employment under this Agreement. The Employee consequently agrees that during the period of employment and thereafter. at its discretion. the Employee shall not be employed by or otherwise engage in or be interested in any business in competition with the Company. (d) He shall be entitled to such other perquisites as may be customarily granted by the Company to employees of similar rank and position. Medical Suitability and Testing: The Employee hereby declares that there is no medical condition. any confidential information of the Company or confidential information of a client of the Company or of others who have disclosed it to the Company under conditions of confidentiality.000] per annum.(a) Subject to the following provisions of this Agreement. 7. 6. the Employee will become familiar with its confidential information including commercial and technical secrets and / or the confidential information of clients of the Company. (c) He shall be entitled to vacations of not less than [25 days] per year. a fellow employee or a member of the public. either physical or psychological. Security: . during the Employment Period the Employee shall be compensated for his services as follows: (b) He shall receive an annual salary. the Employee acknowledges that during the course of employment with the Company. the Employee will not disclose to others or make use of directly or indirectly. Confidentiality: During and after the Employment Period. 4. subject to such increases as may from time to time be determined by the [President/CEO] of the Company. payable in monthly or more frequent installments. or with any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

ii. In terms of the disciplinary code. vaguely or falsely in regulation to his / her employment application. vii. four weeks written notice by either party. the Employee expressly agrees to be subject to surveillance whenever the Company deems it necessary. Failure to sign any reasonable restraint that the Company feels necessary.The Employee expressly agrees to submit his / her person and personal belongings to a search by any person designated by the Company. v. under normal circumstances. The Employee will be under a Company obligation to report to the Company any dishonest or fraudulent acts witnessed by himself / herself in the course of his / her duties for the Company. After six months of employment and within one year of employment. intentionally. iv. viii. Notice of Termination: Termination of employment shall. fully understands all clauses and is signing this contract under his / her will. 10. Failure to disclose relevant material information pertinent to the job requirements. During the first six months of employment. be subject to one or more of the following stipulations: i. or does so incorrectly. 9. iii. one week written notice by either party. two weeks written notice by either party. whenever the Company deems it necessary. After one year or more of employment. vi. Signed at ______________________on this ______day of _________________20____ SIGNATURE _____________________________ (for and on behalf of the Company) Employer's Full Names: ______________________________________________________________________________________ WITNESS 1: _____________________________ WITNESS 2: _____________________________ SIGNATURE _____________________________ (Employee) Employee's Legal Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ . For justifiable and / or persistent breach of employment duties due to incapacity or poor performance is convicted of any criminal offence. In addition. Guilty of any other conduct which will justify dismissal at common law. No Duress: The Employee acknowledges that he / she has read this employee contract in its entirety.

WITNESS 1: _____________________________ WITNESS 2: _____________________________ .