Washington Latin Public Charter School is proud of its academic program and what we have been able to achieve

as a school in our five and a half years of existence. Our school provides a challenging, classical education that is accessible to students throughout the District of Columbia. Challenging, classical, and accessible are key words in the mission of our school. Our talented and caring faculty and staff challenge students from all eight wards of the city with high academic and personal expectations. Our classical curriculum provides a strong foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and critical thinking, and it gives each student an understanding of the basis in history for western democracy. We at Washington Latin take pride in the academic success of our students. This year both our Upper and Middle School campuses were named Tier 1 schools in the Public Charter School Board’s Performance Management Framework. On the 2010 DC-CAS, our middle school students had a proficiency rate of 82.43% in reading and 81.08% in mathematics. On the 2011 DC-CAS, our middle school students scored the highest percentage of all charter schools in reading with a proficiency score of 83.9%. Our upper school students scored the second highest percentage of all charter high schools in reading with a score of 71.1%. We have all of our ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders take the PSAT. Student scores have increased each year, and the aggregate scores put Washington Latin above the goal range possible on the 2011 Performance Management Framework. In 2010 the school offered one Advanced Placement course: American Government. This year Washington Latin students will be taking AP Examinations in English Language, Calculus, Biology, Statistics, Environmental Science, French and Latin. Fifteen of our students participated in the Washington DC Science Fair in 2011. Three Middle School students scored 1st place in their divisions for their projects about magnetic attraction on rust, on household pollutants and a study on vitamin C concentration in orange juice.

All of our students study Latin beginning in fifth grade and begin a modern language, either French or Chinese as early as 8th grade. Some of our high school students study Arabic as well. Our graduation requirement in world languages goes beyond that required by the District of Columbia. Latin provides a strong foundation not only for vocabulary acquisition, but also for grammar and syntax, which can help students to become stronger writers of English. Exposure to world languages helps students to gain a perspective on other cultures, which is important to global citizens of the 21st century. Our students take the National Latin Exam and other assessments to show their success at learning languages. • 38% of the students who took the National Latin Exam last year earned recognition for their scores, including 9 Gold Summa Cum Laude awards, 17 Silver Maxima Cum Laude awards, 16 Magna Cum Laude awards and 14 Cum Laude awards. • 21 students are presently enrolled in our Arabic Language and Culture Program afterschool. Washington Latin is one of the few schools in the nation to receive a grant from the Qatar Foundation International to offer Arabic. In June, Washington Latin will graduate its first class of seniors. Thus far 48 colleges and universities have accepted our students; 22 scholarships have been awarded to WLPCS seniors totaling $1,089,432, and 2 students have received POSSE Scholarships for full tuition to Bucknell University and Pepperdine University. In addition, 2 students received Beat the Odds $10,000 Scholarships. This is the first time that the Children’s Defense Fund has awarded two of these scholarships to the same school in one year. The autonomy afforded us as a charter school in the District of Columbia has allowed me to hire a wonderful team of faculty and administrators and to structure an academic program designed to support students throughout this city in preparing for success in college and beyond. Martha C. Cutts, Head of School, Washington Latin Public Charter School 2/8/12