SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10

SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10

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Thanks for the response for the new laptop info, original email was −−− snip −−− Has anyone run Solaris 10 − 01/06 on a Dell Inspiron 9300? And dual boot with XP.... Any other suggestions for a reliable laptop with a decent sized screen? −−− end snip −−−
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Thanks to Richard Skelton, Hicheal Morton, Pat McAleavey, Paul Greidanus, Mohammad Rafeeq, Dan O'Callaghan, The Hatter, Hamidi for the info supplied in summary −− a new tool is available for x86: Installation Check tool. Verifies what drivers are going to work. −− try with liveCD first (see links below) −− use the HCL on Sun website, and there is also a list on bolthole (see links below) −− for multiple os', use VMWare <> −− for 64 bit performance, use AMD, eg Acer Ferrari 4005 (popular with Solaris dev team) −− it works on a Dell Inspiron 2200 with the help of some free drivers −− maybe wait for Intel−Apple stuff −− there are a few sparc notebooks It looks like I need to do a heap more analysis of the hardware features of each computer now (can it run dual external monitors, docking stations, screen size); and decide if I would like the 64bit option or not. Also need to review the tadpole and similar.... And the last option is do I run Solaris, with XP running in VMWare, or do I run XP, with Solaris in VMWare, or do I run dual boot????? [please excuse me while I sit in the corner and scream! :−)] Links − Installation Check Tool to_work.mfg.page1.html − hcl − Naturetech in Taiwan − SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 1−laptops.sarovar. but it's viciously expensive..SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 Another NatureTech http://www.html − live cd http://www. which seems pretty popular with most of the Solaris dev team. and across a range of laptop−laptops. Given it's likely to be similarly specced machines (in terms of chipsets for features) in production for a long time.. the solaris HCL on the bigadmin site is also a good resource. I will be trying solaris on it when I get it) − open solaris based distribution http://www. (I don't have the ferrari yet. I've already done this (though the first ones are only shipping as of a couple of days back − but then one of them is coming my way) =================================================== there's a list of laptops built with solaris and install hints at: <http://www. =================================================== SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 2 . =================================================== I have installed nv 22 on a Dell Inspiron 2200 and with the help of some free drivers everything worked :−) Best to try one of the LiveCD first =================================================== Not so useful for buying something − list of hardware compatibility http://belenix.bolthole. it would seem a great− − gnu open solaris Full emails in no particular order =================================================== Normally I used vmware simulation software so I can run more then 1 operating system =================================================== I just ordered a Acer Ferrari − Tadpole http://www. but you might wish to email sun and suggest they consider the intel−apple stuff for the HCL.html#list> http://www. but. Sun has a sparc laptop these days with a 17" monitor. including Casper Dik.html#list Insprion 9300 isn't listed though.bolthole. and easily available across the world.

the manufacturer others. My units spend alot of time out on the road and have held up well..... and end users still SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 3 fact I have five (5) of the Naturetech units that we use for teaching. They make a good product.. sun verifies some. Back in 1998 we bought 5 Tadpole laptops.naturetech.have you looked at a Sparc notebook? There is Tadpole: <http://www.Z60t .com/powerblade.naturetech.almost three (3) years> http://www...tadpolecomputer. I have used both. =================================================== sun hcl has a listing of laptop that work with solaris 10 x86.. These are excellent machines.nextcomputing... Tadpole was the only game in town for a long time and their prices reflected the situation.htm> and there is the NatureTech line: <http://www.. but it's 14" WXGA TFT Display (1280 x 768) =================================================== Really depends on what you're doing with it...tadpolecomputer. I have 20%off if you ar interested from IBM. I went with the ferrari because it's the same architecture as the cluster I am running. it shows who verified the solaris 10 x86 load.nextcomputing.. you need the AMD for now.. They put me in touch with NextCom. if you need 64−bit stuff.the Go−Go 90s when money was no object! Those laptops were extremely I'm sure if you contact them directly they can put you in touch with a vendor in Oz. With the competition from Naturetech Tadpole's prices dropped dramatically.SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 hey try IBM> http://www. =================================================== Just a thought....htm Both of these are true UltraSparc machines. I'm not sure what the prices are like anymore but last I checked they were pretty competitive with a good x86 laptop. That's what I had to do. =================================================== Naturetech is a company out of Taiwan: <http://www.Thinkpad . a distributor here in the US.each unit went for US $15.ahhh.I think a bullet would have bounced off the case. if you check the page for each [Note: I have now subscribed to the newsletter!!!] =================================================== _______________________________________________ sunmanagers mailing list sunmanagers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www. I choose the dell inspirion 6000. =================================================== See the latest bigadmin newsletter for a link to :− Solaris Operating System for x86 Installation Check Tool <http://www. from those that sun SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 4 .4" and will drive an external monitor/lcd.SUMMARY: Laptop for Solaris 10 others.sunmanagers.sun. (it was the cheapest on the sun verified list.) the on my dell 6000 is> http://www.