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The food at Quivey's Grove is as authentic as the decor.

Preparing the wholesome food of our forebears requires sweet butter, fresh potatoes, and heavy cream. We do our own baking and cooking from scratch. To maintain freshness we prepare limited quantities and sometimes can't anticipate the popularity of an item.. Enjoy your meal.

Trout Blackhawk
Smoked trout cakes, with spicy remoulade sauce, honors the Sauk Indian Chief who fought the Battle of Blackhawk near Prairie du Sac in 1832. $8.95

"King" James Strang Tarts

Cheese pastry baked with onions, leeks, scallions, cheese, and cream, commemorates the founder of a Mormon community on Beaver Island in 1847 where he declared himself king. $6.95

Madison Mushrooms
Mushrooms stuffed with Westphalian ham, served with Madeira cream sauce, honors the US President whose name was given to a patch of Wisconsin wilderness in 1836, the year of his death. $7.50

Strudel Gorst
Duck and dried cherries in phyllo, served with port wine sauce, celebrates Robert Gorst, founder of a utopian commune in Dane and Green counties in 1850. $8.50

Raclette Cheese Hazen

Roth Kase raclette cheese melted and served with Bavaria Weisswust, boiled potato, and pickled vegetables, honors Chester Hazen, who built the first cheese factory in Wisconsin in 1864. $9.95

Appetizer Sampler
A taste of our unique appetizers, to be shared around the table.


Serves 2-3 $19.95


Serves 4-6 $29.95

Tomato Bisque
Rich with chunky vegetables, finished with cream and served with garlic crouton and parmesan cheese. $4.95

Romaine & Blue

Chopped romaine with Roth Kase Buttermilk Blue Cheese dressing, red onions, croutons, applewood smoked bacon. $5.95

Evening Soup
Chefs nightly special, always made from scratch with lovingly simmered stocks, the old fashioned way. Cup $3.95 Bowl $5.95

Winter Greens
Tender leaves of radiccio, endive, escarole and napa cabbage, with raspberry walnut vinaigrette, garnished with orange. $4.95.

Main Courses
Include fresh fruit muffins.

Beef Barstow*
Ten ounce New York Strip Steak, with Madeira cream sauce, pan roasted mushrooms & onions, and Dairyland cheese potato, honors Governor Barstow who gracefully resigned when the Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated his 1856 election because of votes from non-existent precincts.* $23.95

Lamb Doty
Syrah braised lamb shoulder, rich and meltingly tender, served with pan roasted carrots, onions, turnips, garlic, rutabaga, potatoes, and pan juice reduction, honors James Doty, who platted and named a town on the1200 acre isthmus he'd acquired for $1.25 an acre. $18.95

Pork Dewey
Nueske smoked pork chop, pan roasted on apple cherry kraut, with bacon and gruyere potato cake, commemorates Nelson Dewey, elected first Governor of the state in 1848. $19.95
An 18% gratuity will be added to parties of eight or more.

Beef Lathrop
Boneless short ribs braised in dark beer, served with pan juices and roasted root vegetables honors John Lathrop, the first chancellor of the University of Wisconsin in 1849, when the class numbered 20 men. $19.95

Chicken Bond
Pretzel crusted boneless breast, stuffed with Wisconsin Gruyere cheese and smoked duck breast, with a dried cherry sauce, served with oven roasted cauliflower and broccoli, celebrates song writer Carrie Jacobs Bond, whose turn of the century hits include "The End of a Perfect Day", and "I Love You Truly". $17.95

Trout Phoenix
Boneless fresh Rushing Waters Rainbow Trout filet baked with a smoked trout crust, served on sauted kale, with fennel cream sauce, and crispy carrot ribbons, honors the 250 Dutch immigrants, who went down with the steamer Phoenix in Lake Michigan on November 21, 1847. $18.95

Veal Vilas
Parmesan crusted veal cutlets on spaetzle with a mushroom sour cream sauce, and sweet and sour red cabbage honors the Madison mayor, who in his 1861 inaugural stated "People have been swindled so often by those elected... it's not surprising that some look at government as a means by which the few can rob the many".

Crepes Leopold
Delicate crepes with a goat cheese, spinach, and roasted red pepper filling, served in a tomato cream sauce with Parmesan cheese, honors Aldo Leopold, Wisconsin's champion naturalist. $14.95

Duck Wilcox
Semi-boneless roast half duck with a port wine cherry sauce, served with wild rice, and sauted apples, honors Westport poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who coined the oft repeated phrase, "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone." $22.95

Apple Crisp
Baked fresh daily with an oatmeal crumb crust and served warm with vanilla ice cream.


Turtle Pie
Bavarian chocolate cream over caramel and pecans, a Quivey's original, now a favorite.

Chocolate Steamed Pudding

Traditional English rich cake served with Ellie's Mom's sauce with ground walnuts.

Pear Strudel
Pears, golden raisins, and black walnuts, in flaky pastry, served with crme anglais and whipped cream.

Other restaurants are in Wisconsin, Quivey's Grove is Wisconsin!